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1000 times

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Bridget’s POV


A refreshing breeze was blowing through my blonde strands while my sunglasses were perfectly sitting on my nose. The drive along the coast highway felt like.... home? 

It has been two years since I left Melbourne for good after resigning from my job at Wentworth prison. I had to make that clean break. For my own‘s sake and.... shaking those thoughts of the past from my head, I turn the volume of the radio up and enjoy the sun whilst I drive in my new convertible. This puts a smile on my face. Suddenly my phone, which is lying on the passenger seat next to me, is ringing. I pull over to the side of the road and see the name of an old friend lightening up on the screen. I pick up overly excited: „Vera!!!“ My friend and also ex-boss is answering immediately: „Just wanted to check in with you and ask when can I expect you to be here?“ Whilst I’m about to answer I’m observing the beach and the ocean. It’s a beautiful and warm day and due to the fact that it is a Friday the beach is pretty crowded. People lying lazily on their blankets sunbathing, children playing and building sandcastles, others playing volleyball or football. „I have just a few miles left and will be there in half an hour at least“, I respond whilst I’m still scanning the scenery. I hear Vera saying something like „on my way“,  „meet you there“ and „you’ll love it“ but I’m not able to listen intently anymore when I see that red beautiful kite dancing in the sky above a little girl standing next to a man who is probably her dad. And there it is... Flashbacks invading my head...


I fuckin‘ love you.


And I fuckin‘ love you, too.


It‘s not over.


Bye Franky.


We‘re not done!


„Bridget, you there???“, brought me back to the here and now. „Yeah... yeah I‘m here!“, is my short response and with „See ya soon then, lookin‘ forward to it.“, I end the call quickly, throw my phone back on the passenger seat and inhale deeply whilst my forehead is resting against the steering wheel. How could it be that a certain brunette is still crossing my mind almost every day after two years? How could it be that I’m still wondering what Franky is doing those days? I only know thanks to Vera that Franky finally left Wentworth 1,5 years ago. It took some time to clear her case and all charges could be dropped. On one hand Vera never wanted to go too much into detail when we spoke about that topic and on the other hand I never wanted to ask her more about Franky’s whereabouts. And if it wasn’t enough that those painful memories shoot right into my head.... suddenly the radio played the next song.... THIS SONG... of all things.....


Back of the room

Looking at you

Counting the steps

Between us

A hundred and five 

Little blades in a line

From your skin to mine

And I feel it

Eyes on the ground

But I can’t look up now

Don’t wanna give it away

My secret 


In another life, my teeth and tongue 

Would speak aloud what until now I‘ve only sung


´Cause I would die to make you mine

Bleed my dry each and every time

I don’t mind, no I don’t mind it

I would come back a thousand times


Tears start to run down my cheeks before I even realize it. Wiping them away with the pads of my fingers I watch the kite at the beach again. It screams Franky. Dancing in the wind. Freedom. Be free. Climbing higher and higher with every breeze. And then this strong connection with the little girl‘s dad holding the kite tightly on it’s cords. Not letting go. Trying to navigate it in different directions. Suddenly the wind is increasing and pulling strongly on the kite.... and... the cord.... brakes. The connection is gone..... destroyed... the kite is flying away.... it’s on it’s own now..... and leaves a heartbroken girl behind...... 


You can make me wait forever

Push me away and tell me never

I don‘t mind, no I don‘t mind

I would come back a thousand times 


Kiss me goodnight

Like a good friend might

I‘ll do the same

But won’t mean it

ˋCause love is a cage 

These words on a page

Carry the pain 

They don‘t free it

In another life I wouldn’t need to

Console myself....


I have to turn off that stupid radio. I’m devastated. Tears still running down my cheeks. What the hell is going on?! I managed for so long now that the thoughts of Franky aren’t hurting so much anymore. And then, in a blink of an eye I’m literally back at the beginning. Longing for the love of my life. Feeling some kind of being close to her even if I lost her... left her years ago. I have to get the beautiful brunette out of my mind again. Get yourself together, Bridget! I fire up the engine of my car, pull back on the street, shaking my head and smiling ironically to myself. 


Pulling into the driveway of my new home I’m met by a familiar brunette sitting on the porch waiting for me. After opening the drivers door I’m welcomed by a overwhelming hug. “Heyyyy, so good to see ya, Vera”, which makes the other woman hug me even tighter. “I never thought I would say that, but I really missed you, Ms. Westfall!”, Vera says grinning. “Right back at ya, Ms. Bennett. Well, no wonder after all we’ve been through together! But how are you? You look great by the way. And how’s little Gracie?” Vera’s smile is getting even bigger by the mentioning of her 1 year old daughter. Telling me quickly about how well the little bub is growing and that she spends the day with Will Jackson and his girlfriend Rose. Both have become a big part in the life of the two Bennetts after Vera disappointingly had to find out what kind of human being Grace’s biological father Jake Steward was and what appalling things he did under the lead of Joan “The Freak” Furgeson. After the mysterious disappearance of the latter one Jake surprisingly dropped off the radar, too. Unfortunately Vera had already told him about her pregnancy and his paternity before she found out about his awful secrets. 


“Vera, the place looks great. Thank you so much for arranging everything”, I’m saying whilst we enter my new house and home. It really is beautiful and reminds me a lot of my last house here in Melbourne before I left 2 years ago. The furniture is already set up and Vera actually has bought and arranged some plants and flowers which make the place even more homely. “Well, seems like I owe you one,”, I continue turning back towards my friend who has placed herself on one of the barstools next to the kitchen island. “I won’t say no to that. Especially not today when I finally have my best friend back and my child is at my other friends’ “, Vera replies euphorically. “What about that drink you once promised me if you would ever come back to Melbourne?”, Vera adds winking. She tells me about that fancy cocktail bar in Fitzroy called “Everleigh” which she wanted to try out for so long. How could I say no to that?! I’m so grateful for everything she has done for me, so there isn’t really a question. We arrange to meet at the bar around 7, so we have enough time to catch up and enjoy our evening together. Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it? Vera became an important friend to me, who’s always honest, reliable and just there for me. And now that I’m back.... and some kind of alone.... I’m really glad to have her.