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Bring down the tower!

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After running for quite a while, the orcs suddenly stopped, giving the shaking that Victoria was going through a rest. She let out a very soft groan, getting a headache from hanging upside down. She heard Pippin calling her and Merry and slowly looked up a bit to reassure him that she was awake. Pippin tried to wake Merry up, but to no avail. He tried pleading with the orcs, only for them to pour the disgusting water, or whatever it was, down Merry's throat. 

The orcs all laughed as if it was the funniest joke in the world, before the leader walked over to Victoria and lifted her head up by her hair. She desperately fought the urge to wince in pain as she kept herself limp. "She's a pretty one, isn't she boys?" The orc asked, the others roaring in agreement. The orc let Victoria's head fall back and walked past her. A few seconds later, he smelt something.

"What is it? What do you smell?" Another orc asked. "Man flesh. They've picked up our trail." The leader said, before ordering to move. Victoria groaned as the shaking picked up again. 'Why can't I be as small as a hobbit.' She thought as the orcs carried them further. Pippin grabbed the leaf shaped clasp of his cloak with his teeth and dropped it on the ground in the hope that his friends would find it

Grace James and Eva.

For three days, they had chased the orcs that had taken their friends. Gimli could barely keep up and even James and Eva were getting tired, but they couldn't give up. The three humans from earth wondered why Victoria hadn't escaped with Merry and Pippin yet, but figured that the orcs were with too many. They found the leaf clasp that Pippin had dropped. Realising that their friends could still be alive, they continued on.

They arrived at the border of Rohan. Legolas squeezed Eva's hand, before going forward to scout. "Legolas, what do your Elf-eyes see?" Grace asked before Aragorn could, giving her soulmate a smirk at his unamused look, knowing that he had been about to ask the same thing. "The Uruks turn northeast. They're taking the hobbits and Victoria to Isengard." Legolas answered and the humans from earth had to suppress their smirks. 

"Kind off a different line than what we're used to." James muttered to Eva, who quickly shushed him. They were about to continue on, when Gimli spoke up. "I don't understand. Why does Grace not just fly over and get our friends back?" He asked, making Legolas and Aragorn stop in their tracks. Grace simply sighed. "Gimli, did your father tell you where we actually come from?" She asked.

Gimli nodded. "Yes, he did. Just before we left. Something about a different world where we are fictional characters, which is nonsense if you ask me. I'm as real as you are." He stated, patting his arm. Grace smiled at the dwarf. "You are real here, but you were a fictional character in our world." She said. "We aren't doing anything to save them, because we promised the Valar to make things go as close as they're supposed to as possible, no matter how much we want to change things." She told him.

"Besides, in the long run, the capture of Victoria. Merry and Pippin might just turn out in our favour." She continued as they started to run again. Gimli frowned at her back in disbelief. "How?!" He asked loudly. "Spoilers!" Grace called back over her shoulder and Aragorn sighed at hearing the familiar word. "Better get used to that word, Gimli. She uses it a lot." He advised as they ran on. 


That night, Victoria, Merry and Pippin were finally put down on the ground and the two hobbits quickly crawled to their friend. "We're not going no further, until we've had a breather." One of the orcs complained. While the orcs were busy getting a fire going, Victoria looked down at the hobbits. "Are you alright?" She whispered, looking at Merry in concern as he had a small wound on his head. 

"We're fine. What about you?" Merry whispered back. "I'm fine." Victoria replied with a smile, thinking of what Gandalf once said: "hobbits never cease to surprise you." They heard the groaning coming from the nearby trees as the orcs were cutting them down. Merry talked about how some people believed that some trees could talk and move. Victoria had to suppress a smile, knowing that those stories were true. 

Merry looked up at his friend. "Victoria, can't you get us out of here? Can't you burn through the rope or something?" He asked and Victoria sighed. "I could, but there are too many orcs. We would need some kind of distraction for us to get out of here." She whispered. "I'm starving. We ain't heard nothing, but maggoty bread for three stinking days." One of the orcs complained loudly, throwing such a piece of bread on the ground. 

"Yeah! Why can't we have some meat?!" Another orc asked, before noticing the trio on the ground. "What about them? They're fresh." It leered, looking down on them. Despite being bound, Victoria growled loudly. "Back off, ugly Nori!" She hissed, before the leader interrupted. "They are not for eating." It told the second orc, before Victoria, Merry and Pippin were pulled back by their cloaks.

"What about their legs? They don't need those." Another orc commented, trying to get closer, but the leader stopped them. "The prisoners go to Saruman. Alive and unspoiled." It said. They believed that the two hobbits had the Ring. Ugly Nori tried to sneak up the trio from behind, but the leader cut its head off, before it could attack the trio. "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys." The leader said and the orcs dove on the carcass. 

The trio was pushed down and they quickly started to crawl away. One of the orcs grabbed Merry and went to kill him, before Victoria surged forwards, burned rope falling from her wrists and grabbed its head. She harshly twisted it, breaking its neck. Just a few seconds after that, riders on horses entered the scene and started to kill the orcs. Victoria quickly burned Merry and Pippin's ropes.

She burned the grass in a certain pattern, lifted the hobbits up in her arms and ran into the forest, now that the orcs were preoccupied. She knew that the riders were on their side, but it was important for Merry and Pippin to be in this forest. She looked around and saw one of the orcs following her. She put the two hobbits down. "Find a tree and climb it. Quickly!" She ordered, the hobbits quickly obeying. She had no idea which one of the trees was Treebeard, so she hoped that the hobbits would pick the right one in all the commotion. 

"Hey, ugly head!" She called, blowing a raspberry at the orc and running away, keeping its attention on her. The orc followed her, until she tripped over a root and fell. She rolled over and saw the orc standing over her and above it, a worried Merry and Pippin in the tree. 'Please be Treebeard. Please be Treebeard. Please be Treebeard.' She whispered in her head, before focusing herself on the orc. 

"Victoria!" Pippin shouted, only to see eyes in the tree that they had climbed. Realising that the tree had a face and was moving, Merry and Pippin almost fell from their spots, only for the moving tree to catch them. The orc standing over Victoria hadn't noticed anything yet. "Say goodbye, pretty girl." It leered, raising its weapon. Victoria simply grinned. "Goodbye." She said with all the calm in the world. 

This confused the orc, until Victoria silently told it to look over its shoulder. Doing so, the orc saw its fate, right before it was stomped on by the moving tree. Victoria quickly stood up. Holding Merry and Pippin in one hand, Treebeard leaned down and grabbed her as well, looking at the three creatures that it had in its hand. "Little orcs." It growled. Pippin looked at the creature in shock. 

"It's talking, Merry, Victoria. The tree is talking." He said, freaking out. This angered their new captor. "Tree?! I am no tree! I am an Ent." Treebeard told them. "You're Treebeard, right?" Victoria asked, surprising him. "How do you know how some people call me?" He asked. "We're no orcs, master Treebeard. I'm a human and Merry and Pippin are hobbits. We're friends of the White Wizard." She told him. 

"What?!" Merry and Pippin said at the same time, Victoria quickly hushing them. "Hmm, never heard of a hobbit before. Sounds like orc mischief to me, but if you say that you're friends with the White Wizard, then he will know the truth." Treebeard said, before suddenly dropping them on the ground in front of a man in a white robe. Merry and Pippin were shocked, but Victoria simply smiled. 

"Hello, old friend."