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Kissing the Night

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Yamanbagiri gets up from the bed, feeling his hip slightly ache. Even after the clean up, he can still feel liquid dripping down his inner thighs from his exposed crotch – or is it just his mere imagination? Either way, it feels uncomfortable. He ruffles his hair as he picks up his underwear that was pitifully tossed to the floor earlier and puts them on. He does the same with his now wrinkled shirt. Even if winter hasn’t come yet, the weather tonight is chilling enough for him to stop being lazy after sex, even though all he wants to do now is sleep.

To be honest, he has no idea how things came down to this – he randomly met Souza on the way home and let him stay the night in his house when his brothers were away, had a normal dinner, then they had sex as though it was the natural course of action.

The vibration of his phone on the bedside table breaks his train of thought. He hasn’t even finished buttoning his shirt, but he picks it up and sits on the bed.

“Are you messaging your boyfriend?”

Suddenly, two slender hands catch him from behind, wrapping around his shoulders. It’s Souza, still naked with only his lower body covered in blanket, shooting him a mysterious kind of smile. It creeps him out.

“What do you mean? I got an email from the professor.”

“No need to lie. We’re in that kind of relationship, after all.”

Tons of question marks appear in Yamanbagiri’s slow mind. The gears in his brain can barely move when he’s this tired and sleepy. It takes him a few long seconds before he recognizes these words. “Why are you talking like I’m cheating? You’re my boyfriend.”

“Are we? I’m surprised.” For some reason, Souza does put a shocked expression. A genuinely shocked expression. He is good at acting at the stupidest times. “I thought we were just friends with benefits.”

“Who gave me a bouquet of roses, recited a poem, then tripped when he was about to confess, I wonder? That’s you when we were in high school.”

“I’m joking, so please don’t dig up that embarrassing memory.” Souza hisses as he shakes his boyfriend slightly, his cheeks slightly puffed out in annoyance.

“You were so...  back then,” Yamanbagiri chuckles when he remembers the past. Not so distant, yet feel so far away – when they were young, full of dreams and idiocy. “Almost chuunibyou level.”

“You were my first love. I didn’t know how to confess, alright? I only followed Kasen’s advice.”

“And following someone who was equally at loss for actual, realistic romance was a mistake.”

Souza falls silent for a moment. “You have so much energy to tease me. How unusual.” He blows in Yamanbagiri’s ear and whispers as his fingertips gently run down his smooth chest and thigh, “How about a second round? I’ll make sure you can only moan out my name again with that sweet voice of yours.”

Yamanbagiri shudders from the touch, trying to stop a yelp from leaking from his mouth. He hates how sensitive his body had become just from the slightest, seductive touch. “Please don’t do that. I have a class tomorrow morning. You have a class too tomorrow, right? We should sleep now.”

“You are much more important than a class,” Souza replies, resting his head on his boyfriend’s neck, slightly shaking his head. His pink hair tickles Yamanbagiri, but at least he hugs him normally, just a bit tighter, as if clinging to him – an action he does whenever he’s being weirdly stubborn and asking for attention.

Yamanbagiri places his smartphone on the bedside table then holds Souza’s hands on his waist. “If you want to be spoiled, I’ll do it as we lie down. Come on, stop hugging me and get dressed already. It’s cold tonight.”

“It’s fine. Your body is warm. Better if we have second round to warm ourselves up.”

“You’re usually so quiet, so why do you always get fired up over something like – aahh?!” He yelps when he feels something touching his nape. “W-What are you...? Stop!” He turns around when he realizes his weak spot was being kissed, protecting his nape with his hand.

“That’s a sweet reaction. Are you sure you don’t want it?” Souza smiles. No, he grins, clearly amused, much to Yamanbagiri’s annoyance. And yet, no matter how much he hates it, his heart pounds crazily at the sight. This guy is such a tease. Evil. “Your red face is cute. I want to see more of it.”

“S-Shut up. Didn’t you see enough earlier?”

“It isn’t enough. No matter how many times I see it, no matter how many times we do it, I’ll never be satisfied...I’ll keep craving more and more of you.”


His gaze full of passion is intense; enough for Yamanbagiri to feel like shrinking in size. This isn’t the first time this happened – for the usually reserved Souza Samonji to so easily throw embarrassing words to him is not unusual at this point, but he is still unable to take it. Having no idea how to respond and out of sheer embarrassment, he immediately lies down and covers his face with the thick blanket.

“Oh my, are you embarrassed? You haven’t gotten used to it even after 3 years, huh?”

“...You am I supposed to respond to that?”

He hears a chuckle and a creak on the bed as Souza lies down next to him, pulling the blanket to cover his skin. “You always end up trying to hide yourself. It’s very much like you.”

“Is it...good or bad?”

“Good. It’s adorable.” Souza pats his head. Liking his gentle touch, Yamanbagiri pulls down the blanket and a bit and looks at his gentle, affectionate face in daze.

Sometimes he wonders how this man with otherworldly beauty came to like him. He asked it once before, when they just started dating, but the answer is far from satisfactory, even if it might come from his heart. At the end, he never understands the charm in someone like him. He doesn’t see himself in a very light way, after all – though the same goes for Souza as well. Having known each other since childhood, they know each other very well – depreciating themselves are their specialty, though in different ways.

How can they end up and stay together like this, then? Life is sure strange and mysterious.

He only knows one thing for sure – just as Souza makes him happy, he wants to make him happy as well. Without a word, he pulls himself closer and pecks his boyfriend’s lips, catching him off guard. He smiles in satisfaction when he sees Souza’s shocked face mixed with joy and embarrassment.

“You can dish it out but bad at taking it, huh?” He says as he puts the other’s hand on his cheek as they face each other on bed.

“You are the same.”

“Ah, I guess you’re right.” In fact, he’s even worse at doing both. He chuckles at that realization.

Suddenly, Souza pulls him closer and licks his lips, before prying it open and enters his mouth. This surprises him, but he accepts it wholeheartedly as he embraces his boyfriend’s slender body, letting their tongues meet in a frenzy and wet kiss.

“I thought you don’t want a second round,” Souza says, his voice rasp. There’s a clear hint of excitement from his face. “Yet you don’t refuse me.”

“That’s just a kiss, and this is just an innocent hug...okay, not so innocent since you’re wearing nothing. Please stop being lazy and get dressed already.” Not that hugging him like this is uncomfortable, of course. It’s just a bit bad for Yamanbagiri’s poor heart and he is worried since it’s cold tonight.

“It’s okay, I’m wearing skin.”

“You’re so skinny you might as well only have bones.”

Souza strokes and gropes his butt. “Sorry for not having as much meat as you do.”

"W-Wah?!” Yamanbagiri gasps at the sudden action. If he doesn’t wear pants, the damage can be more devastating. “Stop that, pervert.” He pinches Souza’s nose after shrugging his hands off his butt. “Anyway, you know that’s not what I mean.”

“Why do you always insist on it whenever we finished having sex? You know I’m healthy while you get sick easily. I’d be fine.” Souza  brushes him off and rubs his aching nose, before his lips twist to a smile. “Oh...don’t tell feel hot whenever you see my bare body? It bothers you that way?”

Yamanbagiri pinches his nose again, but hard enough to take out a squeal out of him. “Enough of that already.” He huffs as he turns around, annoyance rising up. “B-But...well...I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t bother me...that way at all.”

He immediately regrets being honest when Souza hugs him tightly from behind while letting out a weird, yet joyous sound. “You’re unusually so honest tonight. I’m so happy. Ah, even your ears are red.”

“S-S-Shut up...let’s sleep already.” Yamanbagiri gives up on pushing him to get dressed. It is a hopeless battle since the start.

“With the lights on?”

“The switch is right next to you.”

“Ah. Right. I forgot about that.”

With the sound of a click, the room turns dark, and silence falls upon them. Drowsiness comes back to hit Yamanbagiri almost immediately. Now, it really feels like night has come. He closes his eyes, ready to let go of his consciousness when he feels something crawling on his chest. No...something is groping his chest, meticulously unbuttoning his shirt. There can only be one culprit.

His voice trembles. “Souza...what do you think you’re doing?”

“Stripping you off, what else?”

“Don’t say it as if it’s natural!” He turns around and pinches Souza’s cheeks as hard as he can. “Why did you do that?”

Souza rubs his pained cheeks with an annoyed yet childish expression, saying, “Because it’s unfair that I’m the only one naked.”

“That’s why I told you to wear something.”

“Why should I, when you can get naked instead? Even in the dark, I can see it...” He slightly pulls Yamanbagiri’s collar to show more of his neck, “...The marks I gave you. It turns me on.”

Yamanbagiri’s heart thumps hard at his remark as he recalls what happened earlier. Even though Souza doesn’t have the face of a hungry beast anymore, he can tell his remarks are genuine. It makes Yamanbagiri both happy and embarrassed. Now too tired to be angry, he takes Souza’s hands and intertwine their fingers as his eyes try to avoid his gaze.

“S-Stop teasing me already. Do you want to kill me?”

Souza chuckles. “I’m sorry. It’s been some time since we last spend time together like this, I can’t help it. I miss it.”

That’s true, Yamanbagiri thinks. They’re both busy with college. He’s even too busy to play games. “Don’t tell me you planned to meet me today?”

“No. It really was a coincidence. I’m happy, though.”

“Mm...I’m happy too.” He closes his eyes, finding comfort in their joined hands. The warmth of the body he longs for. “...I love you.”

Unfortunately, he has no way of knowing that Souza’s eyes snap wide open and his face turns red, at loss for words. It’s rare for the blond-haired man to say something like that, and it’s even rarer for Souza to blush so hard that it’s visible in the darkness. It is an achievement to make him feel genuinely embarrassed more than once in a day. Unintentionally or intentionally, for someone extremely dense, Yamanbagiri sure knows how to play with his heart.

“Geez, Yamanbagiri...I...huh?”

Hearing the sound of rhythmic breathing out of his boyfriend and seeing his chest going up and down, Souza realizes Yamanbagiri has fallen asleep while holding his hand. “...Well, that was quick.” He must be tired, Souza thinks. He feels a bit guilty for teasing him a lot and thus preventing him to sleep earlier.

He brushes Yamanbagiri’s bangs with his fingers, basking in the sight of his beautiful face, filling him with the desire to kiss and hug the man. His fingers then slowly trail down to his neck, filled with kissmarks that stand out even in the dark. Opening up his shirt slightly, he can see another marks on his shoulder and chest. He pinches his cheek, but there’s no reaction. He is now in deep slumber, waking him up will be a hard trial.

See, this is why I can’t hold myself back, he thinks inside his heart, sighing. “You’re so defenceless, it’s dangerous.”

Perhaps he should tell him to be more careful tomorrow morning. He is a hungry beast, after all.