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“Pet names? What do you mean pet names?” Kaminari asked his boyfriend incredulously, not comprehending what Shinsou just said.

“Pet names as in pet names, don’t tell me you don’t know what that word means.”

Kaminari rolled his eyes. “Of course I know what it means, I’m not stupid.” Shinsou shot him a look that said he thought otherwise, getting him a shove from Kaminari. “But Aizawa actually saying something like darling?” He shook his head.

“They do it all the time.”

“I absolutely won’t believe you unless I hear it myself.”

Before Shinsou could reply, Kaminari’s eyes lit up with mischief. Shinsou immediately knew what was up. Kaminari always got this one look when he thought of an incredibly stupid idea. “What is it?” Shinsou sighed, not exactly jumping in joy, but willing to do anything his boyfriend asked him to.

“Help me trick Aizawa sensei.”

Shinsou knew it was a bad idea, especially since Kaminari insisted on recording the whole thing, but to be honest, he wasn’t completely opposed to the idea of pranking his dad and so the next day, they set their plan in motion.

It was pretty late, but Aizawa was still grading some papers. He was so immersed in his work that he didn’t notice Kaminari and Shinsou as they silently crept up to the room, hiding behind a wall. Kaminari set up his camera and sent Shinsou a thumbs-up from his position.

Shinsou nodded, going a little further so his dad wouldn’t spot him once he turned around. With that signal from Kaminari, Shinsou knew he was already recording and so he put on his artificial vocal cords and yelled. “Honey.” He was trying to be as loud as he could, trying to mimic his papa’s usual volume.

Aizawa didn’t even move, instead automatically answering back. "What is it, dear?" His voice still his usual bland one, not a single emotion in it.

This was it for Kaminari. He knew they should flee as soon as he got his proof but hearing Aizawa sensei actually saying ‘dear’ and with the most passive tone, he couldn’t hold back his laughter and burst out.

Aizawa was immediately alarmed, jumping into action. Kaminari didn’t even see where it was put away but in an instant, Aizawa’s capturing weapon was flying toward him, enveloping him and knocking the phone out of his hands.

“Dad, dad.” Shinsou dashed to the room, worried about Kaminari. It wasn’t that Aizawa would intentionally hurt him but he was probably thinking it was some criminal sneaking into his home.

Kaminari was apologizing through tears of mirth in his eyes. Aizawa would have done something if it wasn’t for Yamada arriving home at that very moment and finding it as hilarious as Kaminari.

Few days later when Shinsou and Kaminari were lounging on a couch, comfortably leaning on each other and playing on their phones in silence, Shinsou’s phone beeped.


From: Dad
16:26 you are both dead


“What is it?” Kaminari asked him as he noticed the frown on Shinsou’s face. Shinsou showed him the message, not quite understanding but when Kaminari started that awkward laugh of his, Shinsou knew it was something Kaminari did rather than him.

“Care to explain why my father is threatening me?”

“Well, I may have accidentally uploaded the video to my TikTok.”


“Yeah, of course, total accident.” Kaminari was still laughing, but there was a slight panic in his eyes. Aizawa was pretty terrifying at times. If Shinsou wasn’t his boyfriend, he would probably be shitting his pants right now.

“How does one accidentally post a video?” Kaminari was quiet, not meeting his eyes so Shinsou continued. “And why would that be such a problem that I get a text like this?”

“It may have gotten a bit too many views and someone may have pointed out that it sounded just like Present Mic and then someone else may have noticed that he man in the video has a similar hairstyle as EraserHead, not to mention the weapon and-”

“And it may have escalated before you could have done something about it?” Shinsou took a guess.

Kaminari finally dropped his nonchalant act, throwing himself at his boyfriend. “Oh my God, Hitoshi, he is gonna come for me. I’m as good as dead! You have to protect me, please tell me you will protect me.”

“You’re training to be a Pro hero, you don’t need me to save your ass.”

“No, I do. Have you even met your dad? He will just erase my Quirk and end me in like two seconds.”

“C’mon, that’s not true. It would take him at least fifteen.” Shinsou couldn’t help tease him with a grin.

“Dude, not helping,” Kaminari whined.

Within few hours, every news outlet, major or not, was running a story about the two Pro heroes. Their hero agencies kept being bombarded by phone calls, asking them for information on this matter. Everyone wanted to know why the two heroes were seemingly living together, calling each other pet names and why there was another person calling one of them ‘dad’.

In the end, the agencies decided to unite for a while and make a press conference before the theories got out of hand. Kaminari had his tv on, watching the whole thing.

Both Aizawa and Yamada were in their hero suits, neither looking too pleased to be there, not even Present Mic, known for his never ending enthusiasm. Eraser Head was looking positively murderous and Kaminari got a feeling the glare was pointed at him. A cold sweat ran down his back. He could feel the intensity of that stare deep in his bones.

“Are you two dating?” A report asked a question. Kaminari had missed the beginning, too worried about his life.

“We’re married,” Aizawa answered this one, leaning into the microphone. His face didn’t betray a single emotion, however, the reporters were something else. An uproar filled the room, one reporter yelling questions after another. Yamada had to silence them, using his Quirk to over-shout them.

After they explained about adopting a boy and how long they had been together, the press conference was ended. It was obvious they had their answers prepared beforehand, being clear but not going into much detail to keep their personal life somewhat under tabs.

Kaminari knew that next step would be dealing with him and Shinsou. He, as the person who instigated this, was going to suffer way more.

In the end, Shinsou ended up being grounded for a very long time and Kaminari, well, Kaminari just barely avoided being expelled from UA. Though from then on, he made sure to avoid Aizawa sensei for few weeks… just in case he found a better excuse to exact his revenge and get rid of him.