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David and Matteo Make a Playlist

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Then you take my hand
Finish my drink, say, "Shall we dance?" Hell, yeah
You know I love you, did I ever tell you?
You make it better like that ~ I Don't Care by Ed Sheeran (with Justin Beiber)

Somehow, Matteo had no idea how it happened, but he was roped into having an after party after the abiball had started to wind down. Of course, Hans didn’t care, telling Matteo he had swiped right and gotten lucky, Linn was somewhere - all he knew was she wasn’t home, and Mia was going back to Alex’s place. He thought about lying for a second and telling Jonas and Abdi that Hans said no, but one look at his best friend looking at Hanna and Stefan, made him cave.

“You sure you’re okay with this?” Matteo asked, unlocking the door to the WG.

David nodded, “We’ll just leave whenever we get up tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I think Jonas needs the distraction,“ Matteo shrugged.

“He’s your best friend. He needs you,” David smiled as he and Matteo pushed into the apartment. “When are they coming?”

“We’re here!” Jonas’ voice rang out behind them, as if he had heard David’s question.

“Sorry,” Matteo mouthed to David just to say it again. He watched as their friends flooded into the apartment, most still covered in paint. Hanna and Stefan had changed, but other than them, everyone else had flecks of color that flashed in the light.

It didn’t take long for beers to show up, the lights to dim, and where the hell did they come up with glow sticks?

“Tomorrow, breakfast? I’ll make pancakes.” Jonas threw his arm around Matteo.

Matteo shook his head, “Sorry, bro. Me and David are heading out tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah,” Jonas laughed, the high pitched laugh that only came out when he was drunk, “Forgot about that! Betcha wanted to sleep!”

“We’re fine,” Matteo promised, “How are you doing?”

Jonas took a sip of the beer in his hand. Matteo wondered where it came from because it wasn’t anything he or anyone in the WG bought, “Great! Really great! The girl I love is with some dude named Stefan.”

“Sorry, man,” Matteo apologized, feeling for his best friend. Even though Hanna had assured him that it wasn’t really his fault, okay a little his fault, that she and Jonas were no longer together, Matteo still felt responsible.

“Yeah,” Jonas took another sip of his beer. “Hey! When you said you’d fuck me, did you mean it?”

Matteo sputtered, “Dude! How much have you had to drink?”

“Am I just unfuckable?” Jonas groaned, “What does she see in him?”

Biting his lip, Matteo looked around for David, spotting him in a conversation with Leonie and Sara. He tried to wave for some back up from Abdi, but he was doing God knows what with Sam on the sofa. He quickly scanned the room for Carlos, hoping he had decided to come with Kiki. No go with that.

“Like, I’m good looking, right? Girls have sex with me, so I can’t be all that bad!” Jonas went on. “Like you said you’d fuck me. Right? Right?”

“Okay!” Matteo exclaimed, pulling his friend into the kitchen. “I’m only telling you this because you’re drunk and won’t remember this tomorrow.”

Jonas blinked a few times, “What? You wouldn’t fuck me?”

“Jonas, shut up for a few seconds, “ Matteo took a deep breath, “I, uh, I did like you.”

“Bro, I like you too! Luigi!”

Matteo laughed in frustration, “No! I liked you, liked you. I don’t any more, but you…Jonas, you’re one of the coolest guys I know. You actually care about people and the environment and politics and shit.”

“You do?”

“I did,” Matteo groaned, “I don’t any more. Not like that.”

Jonas shook his head. “Because you have David,” he mocked.

Feeling anger at Jonas’ tone, Matteo exhaled slowly, “No. I mean yes, I love David, but no.”

“So if you weren’t with David…”

“Don’t even go there,” Matteo shook his head, “You’re not…are you trying to tell me something here?”

“No,” Jonas stated defeated, the beer bottle dangling from his fingers, “it’s just nice, you know? Nice to know someone likes you that way.”

“Okay, I think…” Matteo pried the beer gently from Jonas’ hand. “You’ll find someone. Maybe at university. Or maybe Hanna will break up with Stefan.”

“Or maybe they’ll get married and have little Stefanna babies,” Jonas pouted.

Matteo rolled his lip into his mouth, “Or maybe they’ll have little Stefanna babies.”

“Fuck, don’t say that,” Jonas mumbled, “Maybe we can have Matteonas babies.”

“Yup, you’re definitely drunk.” Matteo announced, pulling a glass from the shelf and filling it with water. “Here, drink.”

Jonas smiled brightly, “My little Luigi, always taking care of me.” He reached up and tried to ruffle Matteo’s hair over his newsboy cap. “Why can’t I share your bed?”

“Because I’ll be in it.”

Matteo was startled to see David coming into the kitchen.

“Na?” David said softly too Matteo.

“Hanna and Stefan,” Matteo relayed, noticing David eyeing Jonas. “He’s drunk.”

“Hmm,” David nodded, plucking the beer from Matteo’s hand. “This his or yours?”

Matteo nodded in Jonas’ directions.

Downing the little that was left in the bottle and setting it on the counter, David turned to Jonas, “Let’s take it easy, okay?”

“I’m good. I’m good.” Jonas held up his hands and did a little turn. “Bad idea,” He whimpered, covering his mouth and running in the direction of the bathroom.

“That shit was nasty,” David gagged when he and Matteo were alone. “He was drinking that?”

Matteo nodded, worried about his best friend, “Don’t know where it came from.”

“He’ll be okay,” David reassured, noticing Matteo wasn’t completely with him. “Hanna and Stefan left anyway. I guess he has to drive back or something.”

“Do you think it’ll last?”

“No clue,” David shrugged, “It’s like asking if we’re going to last. No one knows what’s going to happen.”

Matteo smiled and shook his head, “But we are, Mr. Schreibner.”

“Is that right?” David smiled back.

“Fate,” Matteo nodded, “Destiny. Whatever shit you want to call it. But even if we don’t, I don’t really care about the future. I wasn’t lying when I said things are pretty good right now.”

David nodded back and grabbed Matteo’s hand, “Well then, right now I want you to dance with me.”

“Lead the way,” Matteo allowed himself to be pulled into the living room, where the their friends had moved the furniture so there was a makeshift dance floor.

Amira and Kiki were the only two swaying gently out of sync to the music. Everyone else looked pretty far gone from the long night of partying.
Wrapping his arms around Matteo’s waist, David set his own rhythm. Which was just them lazily leaning against each other. Every so often one would pull the other in for a brief kiss, too tired to do anything more.

“What time are we leaving tomorrow, again?” Matteo asked softly.

David lifted his head from Matteo’s shoulder, “Whenever.” He chuckled softly.

“Right,” Matteo laughed along, kissing David’s forehead when he laid his head back against Matteo’s shoulder.

Out of the corner of his eye, Matteo saw Jonas stumble into the room and throw himself down on the sofa next to an otherwise occupied Sam and Abdi. “Na? You okay, man?” Matteo asked, eyeing the boy.

Jonas wordlessly nodded, looking rough.

“You’re staying here tonight,” David called out without looking up. “On the sofa,” He added on for good measure.

Jonas gave a weak thumbs up.

Matteo shook his head in slight amusement, before turning his attention back to David. “Bed?” He asked.

“Hmm,” David nodded, feeling Matteo start to half dance them towards the bedroom.

Once the door was shut, they both practically collapsed onto the bed, not bothering to even care that their paint splattered clothes were probably ruining Matteo’s blankets.

Fuck,” David whined.

“What?” Matteo asked, from where he was smushing his face against his pillow.

David groaned, sliding out of bed, grabbing one of Matteo’s t-shirts from a laundry basket full of clothes sitting in the middle of the room. At that point he didn’t really care if it was clean. Matteo heard shuffling before the bed dipped again.

“All good?”

“Yeah,” David nodded in the darkness. “I just like breathing,” he tried to joke.

“Yeah,” Matteo echoed, “Air is good,” he reached out blindly to touch David. His hand landed on his shoulder, “Need you at your best tomorrow. Need you cute and sexy to get all the cars to stop.”

David lightly smacked Matteo’s hand before rolling over to face his boyfriend. “Oh, fuck you.”

“I wish. I’m just too tired to even get it up,” Matteo lifted an arm, only to flop it back onto the bed. He turned his head to face David and paused for a minute. David could tell he was done joking for now. “I love you. You know that, right?” His voice was barely a whisper.

When Matteo got like that, gentle, almost vulnerable, it made David fall for him even harder.

“I know,” David smiled, leaning over to kiss him softly. Matteo deepened it, rolling onto his side and bringing a hand up to cup David’s jaw.

It didn’t last very long as Matteo yawning broke their lips apart. “Sorry,” he mumbled, heat flushing his cheeks. “That was not a comment on you.”

David chuckled, giving Matteo a few more quick kisses before turning over with his back to his boyfriend. A few seconds later an ankle hooked onto David’s. It had become a thing for them. Neither were huge into cuddling in their sleep, only occasionally tucking themselves against a back or a chest before drifting off. But, regardless, they both still craved a connection to each other.

“I Love you,” David called out softly.

Matteo smiled, gently elbowing David in the back, “Love you, too.”


When David opened his eyes he almost let out a shriek. In front of him was a sleeping Jonas, no more than a foot away from his face. He quickly grasped the blanket, pulling it up to his neck.

“Matteo?” He called out softly, just as Jonas let out a loud snore, a residual effect from his drunken night.

“Hmm,” Matteo yawned. “I’m up.”

Untangling his foot from Matteo’s, he rolled to face his boyfriend. Matteo did the same. “Why is your best friend in bed with us?”

“Hmm?” Matteo rubbed his eyes, peering over David’s shoulder to see his best friend. “Dunno.”

“Boundaries, Matteo. We have boundaries. This was not okay,” David stated.

Matteo nodded, running his hands up and down David’s back, “I’ll get rid of him.”

“No,” David shook his head, “I’m up now. Just…just make sure, he doesn’t…”

“Look?” Matteo supplied, “I got you.”

David pecked Matteo’s cheek before scooting around until he was off the bed, “Thanks.”

“What I’m here for,” Matteo replied, waiting for David to leave the room.

He set his sights on Jonas and took a deep breath, “Hey.”

When Matteo didn’t get a response, he scooted closer to the boy, “Hey.”

“Hmm,” Jonas slowly cracked an eye, “What?” He yawned.

“Hey,” Matteo repeated.

“What’s going on?”

Matteo sighed, “What are you doing in my bed?”

“Sofa was uncomfortable,” Jonas responded, eyes already started to slide shut again.

“You can’t be here,” Matteo stated, watching his best friend’s eyes open again.

Jonas looked confused, “You never cared before.”

“I know,” Matteo nodded, “It’s just…” Matteo sat up, not wanting to have this conversation laying down. “You can’t just do that any more now that I’m with David.”

“Okay?” Jonas scratched his forehead. “But, it doesn’t mean anything. David knows it doesn’t mean shit, right?”

Matteo wanted to slap him, but a part of him also realized that Jonas really didn’t understand why him in bed with David was a problem. “That’s not why…umm, you just can’t be in bed with me and David.”

“Bro, you said that already,” Jonas sat up, rubbing his eyes.

“Jonas…it’s not that…uh,” Matteo stopped for a second, to collect his thoughts. It was up to David what to share with Jonas, and it wasn’t Matteo’s place to explain it. But he wanted to say something. “This needs to be a, uh…it needs to be a safe place for David. Okay? I need him to feel comfortable and safe in my room and, especially, my bed.” He hoped Jonas would get the point.

“Okay,” Jonas rubbed his eyes. “It’s really not that big of deal.”

Matteo knew Jonas still didn’t get it. “Uh, it is. Umm, he....we need...this needs to be,” he didn’t know how to articulate it. He never thought he’d have to explain something like this to his best friend, let alone, his very hung over best friend. “Jonas,” he tried again, “Just, uh, think for a second.” Matteo pleaded.

Furrowing his brow for a second, Matteo saw that the other boy was thinking before realization dawned on him. “Oh! Shit!”

Matteo gave him a half smile, “It’s okay for now. I think. Just…did you see anything?” Matteo asked before shaking his head, “Nevermind. Stupid question. Don’t tell me. Just, if you did, please don’t tell anyone. Keep it to yourself?”

“Dude, I was so drunk last night that the only thing I saw was him in your ugly ass t-shirt,” Jonas promised.

David choose that moment to come back into the room, freshly showered and dressed. “Hey.”

“Na?” Jonas looked sheepishly for a second, “Sorry digga. Wasn’t thinking.”

“You were pretty drunk,” David agreed.

“Won’t happen again,” Jonas held up his hands. David nodded.

“I’ll just, uh, go into the other room,” Jonas awkwardly made his exit.

Waiting for him to leave, David crossed the room and sat next to Matteo on the bed. “What’d you say to him?”

“What makes you think I said anything?” Matteo asked innocently.

“Matteo,” he stated.

“Okay...I, umm, I told him that it was really important that my room, my bed, be a safe place for you. For us. Is that okay?” Matteo asked hesitantly, half regretting saying anything to Jonas.

“You said that?” David was slightly surprised.

Matteo nodded, feeling his cheeks start to heat up. He reached up to pull some of his hair in front of his face.

Wordlessly, David pulled Matteo into a bruising kiss and wrapped his arms around the boy. “Matteo,” he breathed, a smile playing in his lips.

“Hmm,” Matteo hummed happily at the attention. Despite wanting nothing more than to lay back down, pull the covers over their heads, and loose themselves for hours, they both knew they had to leave soon.

Grunting, Matteo swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. David giggled at the popping sounds Matteo’s joints made when he stretched. "Old man."

“Shut up,” Matteo chuckled, grabbing some clean clothes.

It didn’t take long for Matteo to shower and come back into the room.

“Everyone but Jonas is gone. I think Hans might be home. Looked like his light was on,” Matteo announced watching David shove something into his backpack.

David nodded. “I think we got everything packed,” he stated, zipping up his backpack. "If not, we'll just try and get stuff along the way."

“We really doing this?” Matteo asked, his voice laced with excitement, a grin playing on his lips.

“I suppose,” David giggled.

“Well, then, David Schreibner, will you go on a road trip with me?” Matteo closed the distance, taking David’s hand into his and pulling him to his feet.

David nodded, “Let’s do this.”

And so it begins...