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Our Beautiful Partnership

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                               Our Beautiful Partnership

 Abbie was beautiful, Ichabod could never take his eyes off her. He watched as she said goodbye to a girl, she had helped a few times. The young woman was going to Cuba with her school band. At 17 years old she had saved up enough to go and was hugging Abbie almost in tears.

Abigail spoke up,” Wear sunscreen, you are extremely pale and that’s what we want to keep.”

Chloe, Ichabod reminded himself, had started laughing,” I will Abbie. I won’t come back a burnt chicken nugget.”

Abbie nodded wiping Chloe’s eyes and telling her to go get on the plane with her class. Soon after Chloe left Ichabod hugged Abbie turned and hugged back,” Thank you for coming Crane.”

“Anything for you Abigail. I know about the adoption papers.” He smiled and she just nodded. Abbie wanted Chloe to feel loved, so she started the adoption process but hadn’t told Ichabod.

“I was going to tell you, but it was getting kind of stressful. Now they want a second guardian and I have no clue who to ask.”

Ichabod grinned,” I will be her second guardian.”

She looked in eyes trying to see if he was lying and when she couldn’t say he was she asked if he was serious. To which he only nodded. She kissed him and he held her close surprised, but he kissed back. When they pulled apart, they decided to drive back to the cabin and get everything about what they just did into words. They sat down and talked about what they wanted from it.

“I love you Ichabod and I want to be with you, I don’t know how you feel about this though.”

“Abbie, I love you more than life itself we have been through so much together and I want you and Chloe to be happy with your lives.” He held her hand but gave her space. She nodded and he looked at the time mentioning that it was already late. She asked if she could stay and he offered to sleep on the couch.

“Ichabod jut come share a bed with me. We’re going to have a child soon.” Abbie Joked. The gentleman nodded and led her to his room, he simply got undressed to his underwear, tossing Abigail one of his most frequent sleeping shirts. She called Chloe’s teacher asking if she could speak to the young woman.

“Hey Abbie, what’s going on?”

“Well kid, you know how I was going to need a second guardian before I adopted you?”

“Of course. It was my biggest worry about the whole situation. Why did you find someone?”

“Yeah, I did. Ichabod is going to be your other parent if that’s okay with you.”

“Of course, it is! Abbie, please tell me you told him how you feel. Also please say you guys will have all the papers sent through when I get home!”

“Yes, Chloe we will. Now enjoy your vacation. Ichabod and I will be at the airport next week.”

Abbie hung up grinning and curling into Ichabod’s side, he kissed her forehead. She yawned and soon fell asleep.


Ichabod and Abbie were watching as Chloe’s plane landed watching out for the teenager. Holding a teddy bear and a bag of different foods for her first week at the cabin. They decided it was a nicer place to live and a bit more secluded for their research. Chloe ran up to them and hugged her new parents,” I love you both so much! Thank you, guys.” They nodded and each kissed her hair. Ichabod took her bag and led the girls to the car. They got curled up on the couch watching movies, Ichabod kept questioning most of the ideas in the movies and Abbie just kissed him laughing. Chloe fell asleep in between them, Ichabod carried her to bed and tucked her in kissing her forehead,” I love you, dad.” She said in a raspy sleepy tone.

“I love you too sweetheart. Now get some sleep sweetheart.” He left and went back to Abigail a large grin on his face. He sat down with her and kissed her," Let us go to bed treasure."