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A Fully Fulfilled Request

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“Are you absolutely sure about this honey?” Daiji asked, his voice full of love and concern in the way that usually makes Itzuki’s heart melt. Unfortunately for his heart, tonight he was just trying to get fucked within an inch of his life so he nods enthusiastically.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a really long time.” Itzuki confirms confidently, a deep flush long since making home on his cheeks. Too long he might say in fact, he’s been wanting this pretty much as soon as Daiji joined their relationship but been too afraid to bring it up until recently. And thankfully both his boyfriends were all over the idea.

“Ya know the word to make it all stop, don’t be ‘fraid to use it yeah?” Shiko says coming up from behind to put his arms around him and kiss his cheek. Itzuki again feels himself practically melting into a gooey puddle in his boyfriend's arms, why do they have to be so sweet dammit. Daiji leans in to kiss him as well, the familiar warmth of their arms around him soothing anyway any anxiety he may have been feeling.

“Ready to wreck our little nerd then?” Daiji says to Shiko when he pulls away from their kiss and Itzuki can practically feel the wild grin spread across Shiko’s face.

“Oh fuck yes.” He responds and all at once it’s like a switch has been flipped. He loving boyfriends replaced with feral animals whose grip he willingly walked right into, a shiver of excitement runs up his spine. Then Daiji is grabbing him and pulling him into a much rougher kiss and Shikos teeth are at his neck, sinking into the soft flesh there.

Itzuki doesn’t know which sensation to focus on which excites him even more as he moans into Daiji’s mouth. Shiko’s teeth bite into an already present mark and if he hadn’t been sandwiched between the two of them he’s sure his knees would have given out. After giving Itzuki a few new marks Shiko grabs a fistful of his hair pulling his head back, the sharp pleasure/pain eliciting a gasp from the DM.

“Strip.” Shiko all but growls as Daiji goes off to some other part of the room. Immediately Itzuki goes to do as he’s told, never one to disobey an order. As he’s trying to tear his clothes off as fast as he can he watches the other two. The way they seem to go in sync makes Itzuki think they’ve spent a lot of time planning this so they know exactly what to do. He watches Daiji pull a length of silky red rope out of their designated toy drawer with a shiver before he hands it over to Shiko. Once Itzuki has all his clothes off they come back to him.

“Hands behind your back babe.” Daiji says and takes the DM’s glasses off setting them off to the side, Itzuki can still see everything it’s just gone a little blurry. The pink haired boy folds his arms behind his back and Shiko starts tying them with practiced ease. Daiji is kissing him again, the dark haired boys hands roaming his body. Soon Itzuki is pulled out of the hypnotizing hold his boyfriend seems to have on him by the other one giving him a hard slap on the ass. He jumps, his now tied arms tugging at their bonds and Shiko chuckles lowly.

“Not goin anywhere now nerd. We’re jus’ gettin started.” Shiko says right into his ear and he can’t help but let out a soft whine. Being completely at the mercy of the two people he cares about most in the world is without a doubt the hottest thing that’s happened to him thus far in his life. It makes his brain, already going into the fuzzy warmth of sub space, extremely pleased.

“Bend over the bed sweetheart, feet on the ground and ass out.” Daiji orders him.

“Yes sir.” Itzuki responds immediately, Daiji smiles reaching out to run a hand through his pink hair.

“Good boy.” The street rat responds, sending another shiver down his spine. Itzuki lived for the little praises he revived from his boyfriends, they were also the easiest and quickest way to get him hot and bothered.

The DM does exactly as Daiji had told him and makes his way over to the bed. Getting into position without the use of his arms proves to be more difficult than he expected and ends up basically flopping face down onto his soft comforter, just the tips of his toes touching the ground. (All of his plushies had already been moved away to a safe space before they even began of course.) Laying there with his cheek squished against the mattress he can’t see what the other two are doing but can make out sounds of clothes being removed and the wet sound of kissing. Not being able to see what’s happening only heightens his anticipation for when they finally return to him.

“Which end do you want honey?” He can hear a now slightly out of breath Daiji ask. Shiko seems to think about it for a minute before responding.

“You can take ‘is mouth.” The delinquent finally answers and then they’re quiet again aside from the shuffling of their footsteps.

Itzuki feels someone lay something on the bed next to his thighs and waits for more contact but receives nothing. Then he actually jumps a little when he feels two big hands grab his ass and squeeze, clawed fingers digging in lightly. With Shiko continuing to knead the soft flesh under his hands, Daiji appears in front of him now fully naked. The dark haired boys erection hangs directly in front of his face and out of instinct his mouth starts to water. The pink haired DM loves to give oral as much as he likes receiving it and with what he requested the two to do to him tonight, he knows what’s coming next.

“I’m gonna go over this one more time before we start okay? I’m going to fuck your face while Shiko gets you ready and then fills up your cunt real good. Green if you’re feeling okay, yellow to slow down and red to stop. You can use your word at any time too. That sound good to you?” Daiji reaches down and cups his face, making Itzuki look up at him. Itzuki, knowing that his boyfriend has just described exactly what he had asked them to do, nods as best he can.

“Yes sir.” The pink haired boy says with lust and adoration dripping from his words. Daiji smiles at him again, running his thumb over his lower lip causing Itzuki to close his eyes.

“Perfect. Now, I wanna see those pretty little lips wrapped around my cock. Open up sweetheart.” The dark haired boy takes his cock in hand. Itzuki can’t comply fast enough, wiggling further down the bed to open his mouth and sticking out his tongue. Daiji rubs the head of his cock against the DM’s tongue, threading his unused hand through the others hair. Slowly he slides just the tip of it into Itzuki’s mouth who eagerly starts licking at the slit.

Though soon Itzuki’s hyper focus is gone as he feels Shiko’s hands leave his ass and suddenly two of his other boyfriends fingers are running through his folds spreading his slick. Then, with carefully practiced motions the delinquent starts slowly rubbing his clit in gentle circles with his roughly calloused fingers. Itzuki moans around what of Daiji’s member is in his mouth, causing him to groan in return.

“Must really be excited ‘bout this ‘Zuki, you’re soaking.” Shiko says and though Itzuki can’t see his face he can tell he’s got that sharp toothed grin that he loves so much on his face. The DM would have responded in the affirmative if he didn’t have his mouthful of his other boyfriends dick. As Shiko continues, Daiji starts to slowly slide more of his cock into Itzuki’s mouth who struggles to lick along the underside of it. Then he starts slowly thrusting his hips with a muttered curse. Itzuki whimpers in the back of his throat, loving every second of it.

Shiko removes his hand and the DM nearly whines, still trying to focus most of his attention on Daiji. Then all at once without warning, Shiko is shoving two of his now lubed up fingers into Itzuki’s wet cunt. Another long, muffled moan comes from the pink haired boy, his thighs starting to shake both from the effort of standing on his tiptoes and the pleasure.

“It’s almost a shame we can’t hear how good you sound sweetheart but I’d like to hear you choking on my dick more.” Daiji says sounding much more out of breath than before. As he does he thrusts in deeper, cock hitting the back of his boyfriends throat. Daiji moans roughly as Itzuki tries to not gag, tears start to form in the corners of his eyes. As he starts to thrust faster, Shiko follows his example and soon Itzuki is already close to coming. Then they’re both almost simultaneously pulling out and Itzuki whines at the loss of contact, pulling against the binds around his wrists. Daiji grips his hair tighter forcing him to look into his eyes.

“Color?” Daiji asks him quietly. Itzuki clears his throat trying to catch his breath.

“G-green.” He finally says shakily and Daiji smiles down at him before putting back on his ‘dom voice’.

“If you want more, beg for it. Beg Shiko to fuck you like a good boy.” He says, caressing his cheek gently.

“Please. Please, Shiko!” Itzuki whined, still wiggling in place trying to get some kind of contact again. He hears his white haired boyfriend chuckle, giving him another smack across the ass causing him up gasp and arch his back.

“Please what nerd?” Itzuki hears the familiar sound of a condom packet being ripped open as Shiko speaks only adding to his excitement. The white haired boy presses just the tip of his cock against the DM’s hole and just rubs against it without ever going in.

“Fuck me, please! Please Shiko, I want your cock.” Itzuki begs, his eyeliner tear streaked cheek pressed against the comforter. Shiko leans over his back and sinks his teeth into his shoulder, causing him to cry out again. The delinquent licks over the spot before leaning further and kissing him softly on his cheek.

“Good boy.” Shiko growls and then slams into him all at once and Itzuki screams, his back arching tightly. Daiji tugs his hair again making him look up at him and he opens his mouth without a word. The dark haired boy slides his leaking cock back into his mouth almost immediately thrusting into his throat. Tears again come to the pink haired boy’s eyes and the two on either end of them lean over him and share a kiss over top his body.

Shiko starts thrusting into him with a loud moan right into Daiji’s mouth, who starts fucking his face again. They both start out slow enough, savoring the quiet choked off sounds of pleasure from their boyfriend. To any outside observers it may seem like it was more for both of them than it was for Itzuki but it was quite the contrary. No one who knew the pink haired boy would guess but he was what some would call, a secret freak. And this situation was something he’d been fantasizing about for a very long time and just finally got the other two to agree to it and was loving every second of it.

After just a short while of them going slow they finally start to pick up the pace, Shiko first and Daiji following shortly after. Shiko scratches down Itzuki’s back as he starts fucking into his boyfriend with abandon, causing the pink haired boy’s bound fists to clench tightly. Daiji finally lets go of whatever reservations he had left and picks up his pace as well until he’s truly fucking his boyfriend’s throat.

“You’re doing so good honey, fuck, you’re amazing.” Daiji let’s go of his tight grip on his hair to wipe away some of the tears falling from his boyfriends lust hazy eyes. Itzuki moans at the praise from him and the vibrations from it is enough to bring Daiji to the brink. He pulls out from the DM’s mouth and stroking himself quickly, comes all over Itzuki’s red tear streaked face. After catching his breath for just a second the streetrat starts peting through his sweaty hair.

“What’s your color sweetheart?” He asks again and it actually takes a second for Itzuki to answer almost prompting Daiji to make everything stop but eventually the DM opens his mouth again.

“Ah, Green.” He says eventually, voice entirely wrecked.

“Shiko, please! Can I come please, please let me come.” He continues on, panting into the comforter below him. More whines and begs leave his now come covered face but Shiko needs no motivation to continue. Still thrusting wildly into the soft pallant body under him, the delinquent grabs the other item he’d retrieved from their toy drawer and turns on the little black vibrator to its highest setting pressing it directly against the pink haired boy’s clit.

“Come for us babe.” Shiko growls.

Itzuki comes instantly, as soon as the vibrator touches his sensitive bundle of nerves and when he does it’s with a strangled scream into his soft bed sheets, his thighs shaking violently. Shiko follows closely after, his boyfriends pulsing cunt pulling him headfirst into his own orgasam. After a second of riding out his orgasam he pulls out gently, taking the time to tie off the condom and throwing it into the little trash can by the DM’s bedside table.

Still petting the heavily breathing boy’s hair, Daiji starts untying his binds as Shiko leaves to retrieve the rest of the supplies. Once he’s got them undone he gently tips his face up to look at him.

“Can you sit up Sweetheart?” He asks and Itzuki nods briefly, turning over onto his back and sitting up rubbing his wrists. Shiko returns with a washcloth soaked in warm water and a bottle of water. Shiko sits down on the other side of the DM and starts wiping the cum and tears off his face handing the water off to Daiji.

“How’re ya feeling babe?” Shiko asks moving on to wipe down his thighs.

“Really, really good.” Itzuki says with a giggle, taking the water from Daiji and taking a few sips before handing it back.

“Do you need anything else?” His dark haired boyfriend asks brushing some of his hair out of his face.

“Wanna cuddle.” Itzuki says leaning against his dark haired boyfriend's shoulder.

“Soon as I’m done.” Shiko says with another chuckle, honestly the white haired delinquent really loved the cuddling afterwards. Getting to hold his boyfriends close to him while he slept was one of his favorite things in existence.

Once he’s finished cleaning them up the best he can without them having a shower they strip the bed of it’s top layer they all climb under the covers. Itzuki nestling in between his two boyfriends happily, Daiji spooned up behind him and Shiko with an arm around his waist. Itzuki turns to nuzzle into Shiko’s scarred chest with a smile, his boyfriend tracing small patterns onto his hip bones.

“Ya did real good babe, that was fuckin hot.” Shiko kisses his forehead as he says it and Daiji’s kisses his bare shoulder reaching down to take his hand.

“You were a very good boy for us.” The street rat adds with a yawn.

“Thank you both for doing that. I love you both so much.” Itzuki says sleepily, purple eyes already fluttering close.

“Love you too.”

“Love ya nerd.”