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"Today Motteiru Banji has been tried for his crimes. Originally a worker of the Japanese government, Motteiru was found to have been conducting Human Experimentation on children. When interrogated about the reasoning, he was surprisingly forthcoming."

[A clip of a video of an interview with Motteiru was displayed. In it, he states the following: "Those children will be the most efficient task force the world has seen! They each have the ability to take down Armies singlehandedly! They could very well replace the Military!"]

"The children had been genetically modified and experimented on, altering their physical states and abilities while also making them susceptible to certain commands directly from their creator and those they have been ordered to listen to their 'creator'.

According to Motteiru, each child was known as a Nomu. They are known to have identifying Numbers and Code Names as well.

The method by which Banji had obtained each child was especially horrific. It was said that he had taken each child from their parent at birth via having lackeys steal them from Nurseries in hospitals around Shizuoka Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Mei Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture and other places at the day of their births, making their kidnappings spaced.

For his crimes against humanity, Motteiru Banji will serve life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.  

As for the children, their locations will not be discussed in public but it can be assured to the public that they will be free to live normal lives without obligation to go through with the intentions put in place by Motteiru."


The age-old recording of the news broadcast was replayed on the television, giving way to a news broadcast. The headline read: "Motteiru Banji escaped from prison."


Izuku watched the program with mounting interest.




"Yes, Izuku?" 

"When did Motteiru go behind bars in the first place? The footage seems old."

"Twelve years ago, honey. Why do you ask?"


Izuku shrugged, picking up his bag.


"He seems familiar? It's weird. Did I watch the first broadcast?"


"I'm not sure Zuku. You were only four, maybe you had seen it somewhere? Would you like more Onigiri in your bento, sweetie?"


Izuku peered over her shoulder and shook his head, hugging her from behind and nuzzling into her.


"It's perfect! Thanks, Mom."


Inko giggled, rubbing her son's hair fondly, handing him the bento carefully.


"You're sweet, heart!"


Izuku groaned as Inko snickered, leaning down to receive a kiss on the cheek and reciprocating through his own pout.


"That pun was awful! You didn't even try!"


"Yet you still complain every time! Have a good day, Izuku. Love you."


"Thanks, mom. Love you too!"


Inko continued giggling and waving at her boy even as he stepped from the threshold of the door. She made sure to tack on a "don't forget to remind Katsuki-kun to remind Mitsuki it's their turn to come over today!"


Her eyes crinkled happily as he stopped and leaned backwards to peeped back at her.


"I will! Kacchan won't get out of it like last time!"


Inko snickered at the memory even when Izuku was long gone.





Her smile faded to a blank expression when the phone rang.






"Inko Midoriya?"


"Yes, this is she."


"You are aware of the situation."


"I am."


"Has A-1R left?"


She paused as her phone pinged. A quick glance told her all she needed.


"Yes, he is at school. You will make sure he is safe, yes?"


"Of course. Aizawa and Yamada are prominent in their field and they will be well cared for."


Ink looked to the walls lined with photos of her baby.


"I know, but a mother worries."


"It is entirely understandable. He will not be retained under our watch."


Inko nodded, exhaling shakily.


"It's all I can ask. Keep my baby safe. Keep them all safe, I beg you."


"We will. Goodbye Inko."


Inko let the phone go to the dial tone, the device held with a white-knuckled grasp. She stared out into her apartment.


"Please be okay, Izuku. I don't think I or anyone else can take another separation."