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The World Begins Behind Your Neighbor's Wall

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A letter postmarked sometime in mid-August, 1975:


Dear Roger


I’m writing because I don’t believe you and I have corresponded directly in a long time. We have obviously done so indirectly, and needlessly cruelly. I’d like to remedy that situation, and offer my sincere apologies.

I never intended for you to take those comments in the NME to heart, or anything I’ve ever offered up to an inquiring journalist in the heat of the moment. I get ahead of myself sometimes. I have the unfortunate tendency to say exactly what I’m thinking when prompted to do so, even if it only represents a fraction of my feelings on the matter at hand, or if those feelings are liable to change on a whim. I spoke offhandedly and callously, without regard for the consequences. For that I am sorry. This was my fault.

It occurs to me that much of our difficulty lately stems from the fracture between the band and its soon-to-be-former management. You must understand the loyalty I have felt to Kit and to Chris. They were our very first advisors, true creative counsel, and I think you know as much as I do that without their support we wouldn’t be here. Or at the very least, we wouldn’t be the same. They encouraged me, encouraged us, and it blinded me to their misdeeds. I still love them, and don’t believe they ever truly meant us harm. But to your judgment, I intend to yield entirely. Whatever decisions you make as this all progresses, I will throw myself behind them fully.

YOU have encouraged me. You have been loyal to me, always. And I suppose it is high time I returned the favor, because I know you have consistently kept the best interests of the band at heart, myself included, and you are objective about all this in a way I am incapable of achieving.

Are we friends? I’d like to think so. I hope so. There was a time many years ago when I wasn’t sure. And then there were times where I was certain we were something much bigger than that. I don’t know if there is a word for it yet. I’ll have to think hard on that one. You can let me know your thoughts. I’d look forward to hearing them.

Karen and the girls and I will be en route to the States very shortly, for a long-neglected and proper vacation in Myrtle Beach. You know how to reach me.

Speak soon.








CHAMPION, I think, is somewhere in the realm of the word I am looking for. That is what you have been for me.