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You Bagged My Heart (amongst other things)

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“WE ARE NOT GETTING GODDAMN DEKU CHOCOLATE!” Bakugou shouted, causing people to look at him in the supermarket. 


Todoroki stood defiantly holding a jumbo chocolate bar with Midoriya’s face on the wrapper. He stared at Bakugou as he held the bar in his hands, “I. Want. Chocolate.” he punctuated each word. 


“Get fucking round face chocolate! Or shitty hair’s!” Bakugou said, motioning to the section of pro hero chocolate. Todoroki turned around and Bakugou thought he was going to put the chocolate away, but instead he turned back around with another chocolate bar and a look that said, ‘I can buy all of the Deku chocolate I want if you wanna test me.’ “We support our friends Katsuki Bakugou,” 


Oh shit. Full Name. 


“Put it in the cart,” Bakugou relented. In all of the time Bakugou and Todoroki had been together, Bakugou knew three things for certain. 


  1. Todoroki Family reunions are awkward as hell. Always show up covered in All Might merch to spite Endeavor. A pissed off Endeavor equals an ecstatic Shoto.


  1. Shoto likes neck kisses. (very important information to have if you’re Katsuki Bakugou)


  1. NEVER push Shoto when he breaks out his full name. (Bakugou did one time and he ended up sleeping on the couch for two weeks. See reason two for the reason he didn’t stay on the couch longer) 


Todoroki victoriously placed the chocolate into their no longer empty cart (yes they’re 22 year old adults who make their first stop in the candy isle. They make their own decisions. Fuck you.) and they kept walking down the isle. 




“But this one is healthier,” Todoroki said as he held up a box of cereal. Bakugou glared at the box, “Get the fuck out of here with those bitchass raisins,” and literally swatted the box out of Todoroki’s hand. The raisin bran fell unceremoniously to the floor, “Viva la sugar! Fuck you!” and with that Bakugou grabbed a box of sugar coma inducing fruit loops with dropped it into the cart. 


“We run around the city for a living! Get those tasteless flakes away from me and let me have fruit loops!” 




“Ya know, my dad is coming over next week,” Todoroki said. “Is that so?” Bakugou asked as the both of them eyed the rows of food in front of them. The two locked eyes and with almost giddy smiles, proceeding the get every all might themed snack they could get their hands on. (All Might may be retired, but Japan still loves him) They even found seaweed chips with All Might’s face on it, which just so happened to be Endeavor’s favorite snack. 




“Hey Shoto,” Todoroki turned around to see Bakugou holding an orange with his other hand behind his back. The produce section was empty with the exception of them. “I find you very appealing ,” he said with a smirk. “Kats-“ “Don't you think we make a great pear ?” he asked, pulling a pear out from behind his back. Shoto facepalmed and pulled his boyfriend over to him, “I think you’ve been sniffing too much coffee,” he muttered. “I think we’re in a very fruitful relationship babe, how about you? Or are am I too out of Lime ?” Bakugou responded as he moved closer to Todoroki. 


Without breaking eye contact Todoroki grabbed the bag of grapes from their cart, held it up, and with a deadpan deliver he said “I’m very grapeful for you Katsuki,” “I went to grape lengths to think of these puns for y- mmf!” Bakugou decided that letting Todoroki get the last pun was worth it if it meant that Todoroki didn’t plan on breaking their kiss anytime soon. 




“I want to make this,” Bakugou said as he showed his boyfriend a box of cake mix and, “Peppers? Cake mix and peppers?” Todoroki asked, looking at the bag of peppers Bakugou was holding. Bakugou just nodded like it was normal. “Do you want to tell me why?” Todoroki asked. 


Bakugou looked Todoroki dead in the eye and said, “Mitsuki Bakugou didn’t raise no bitch,” 


Todoroki just raised his brow slightly higher, “Doesn’t your old man love chocolate cake?” 


“I think I’ve fallen more in love with you. Put it in the cart,” 




“-And then he fucking told me, “Don’t worry Kacchan, you and Shoto are one of the cutest couples I know!” fucking excuse me, we are The Cutest Couple. Not one of them,” Bakugou ranted as he carefully examined what type of meat to get to make the best homemade ramen in the whole fucking world. 


“So I told him, “fuck you. Invite everyone over and we’re going to host the best fucking party because we’re the fucking best couple,’ so now we have to host the best fucking dinner party, ever.” Bakugou said. Todoroki couldn’t help himself, “Who did he say was cuter?” he asked. 


“He said it was tie between us, pikachu and insomniac and round face and leapfrog,” Bakugou answered. “But we’re better! Obviously!” he shouted as he put the meat in the cart before walking towards the noodles. 


“If we’re gonna do this,” Todoroki started, a small fire lighting in his eyes,  “We’re gonna do this right. We need homemade noodles to prove we’re the best couple,” he stated. 


“That was one of the hottest things you’ve ever said to me. Come here.” 


It took them another ten minute to make it five feet to the needed isle. 





Bakugou grabbed Todoroki’s hand and pushed the cart with the other as he ran across the store to the register. 


“Wait, I need to get something,” Todoroki said before disappearing. “What the fuc- You have my wallet!” Bakugou shouted as he got in line and started putting stuff up. 


As their groceries were being rung up, Todoroki was still nowhere in sight. The cashier stared at Bakugou as they waited to be given the means of payment. “Ground Zero can’t pay for his own groceries? Aren’t you and your boyfriend both pro heroes?” The cashier sassed as they waited. 


Bakugou glared, “You wanna see what Ground Zero can do?” he threatened just as Todoroki walked back up and threw two plushies on the belt. “Where the fuck were yo-“ Bakugou cut himself off when saw what Todoroki had stopped to grab. 


It was a plushie of him and shoto, except Shoto’s plushie was wearing Bakugou’s hero outfit and Bakugou was wearing Shoto’s. 


Bakugou effectively shut up as Todoroki paid, apologized for Bakugou’s threat, and then Bakugou proceeded to kiss Todoroki like there was no tomorrow in the car. 




“Katsuki,” Todoroki whispered. Bakugou groggily opened his eyes and checked the time. Three am. “The hell? What is it?” he questioned, looking down at Todoroki, who was laying on his chest with his arms wrapped around his torso. Bakugou’s arms were securely wrapped around Todoroki’s waist. 


“We forgot to buy napkins for Eri’s birthday party,”


“Wasn’t that the reason we-“




“And don’t we need them by tomorrow mor-“




“And it was the one thing they asked us to bri-“








“Get the car.”