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Intro: Girl Meets Evil

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“Have you seen this man before?” Officer Dongbang tosses a picture of a dead body in my direction.

I pick up the picture, three months ago this picture would have left me throwing up my lunch. I look at the face of the man in the picture “Yeah, I’ve seen him.”

“Explain.” He says harshly as he paces in front of the table.

I cross my arms, “I believe that file on the desk tells you how I know him.”

“Why is it that not even two weeks after you report him for…” he checks the file and raises his eyebrows “stalking… that he goes missing Miss. Hwang? Then three months later he turns up in the river dead.”

“I don't know, three months is a pretty long time, listen.” I say as I sit up in the chair “I barely knew the guy, all I know is he would follow me home, call me, and wait for me to end my shift and go through my things. I remember your office saying since he didn't touch or physically assault me there was nothing you guys could do about it and told me to leave so I left and continued on living with mace in my bag.” I scan his round face for a reaction.

“You don't seem to shocked that he is dead.”

“Sorry I’m not grieving that my stalker is dead.”

At that moment the door clicks open as Jin opens the door and walks in. Jin is above average height with black hair, he was arguable one of the prettiest men I have seen. He walked in with a brief case and was wearing a perfectly tailored suit. I try not to smile at seeing Jin, I continue to stare at Officer Dongbang with a smirk on my face. Jin sits in the seat next to me and sets his brief case on the metal table with a clank that fills the now silent interrogation room. He clears his throat and says “I believe this accusation is a stretch even for you Officer Dongbang” as he opens his brief case. He pulls out a stack of photos and hand them to Officer Dongbang.

Officer Dongbang studies the pictures.

“As you can see from those photos and the time stamp that my client was in fact at work during the time of death, seeing that you have no reason to hold my client any longer so we will be leaving.” He starts to close his brief case.

Officer Dongbang mouth tightens to a scowl. I try to suppress my excited energy but I just love how Jin is able to talk himself out of any legal issue but still gets speechless when he has to do the dishes. Officer Dongbang look at the photos again and studies them. “That doesn’t mean that she didn’t pay anyone to do it.”
“My client works at a minimum wage coffee shop, have over $20,000 of student loans debt, no way she had that kind of money, if we are done here my client and I will be leaving” Jin says as he stands up scrapping the chair against the floor with a horrible screech sound. I stand up fast and we both start to walk to the door.

We walk out of the police station and I have to stop myself from sprinting out. We walk to the car and Jin opens the door as I slip into the passenger seat, he walks to the driver seat and immediately starts to drive away from the station. We sit in silence for a while Jin starts to drive us back home. I stare out the window and look as the station starts to become smaller.

I walked out of that station agree as ever. ‘He follows me home, how is that not a threat’ I mumble as I walk to work, Kim Coffee Shop. This guy started out as a regular costumer, he’d come in every day and him hitting on me always came with that then it escalated to him watching me during my shift to him following me home. He started to follow me home and stalking me, so I went to the police, but they sent me away.
One night I was closing up the shop, I turned off the lights and locked the door. I started to walk home, I only lived about a 10-minute walk from the shop. I could feel him behind me, so I started to walk faster. I kept my head straight and then he grabbed my shoulder. I pushed him off me and he started to come at me again. He grabbed my arm and started to twist it. He made it so my back was to him. He then slammed me against a wall causing it to cut my face. I was screaming for help. He whispered about how much he wanted this, and that if I just accepted his date request he wouldn’t have to do this. Before he did anything else, I felt him ripped off from me. Another man came up and started to punch him and push him. He fell to the ground unconscious and the man came up to me.
“Are you okay?” he asked and looked at me. He touched my face and I saw blood from my face on his fingers and I blacked out.
I went to work a couple days later and the guy who saved me walked over to the counter, “I would like a large coffee – to go.” He then looked at me in the eyes and mumbled “If that guy ever bothers you again… call this number. I’m Jung Hoseok.” He slides a card to me and I put it in my apron pocket.

I was deep in my thoughts until Jin just starts to laugh. “You were the last person I expected to be calling for bail.” He continues to laugh as we started to pull in to the property. The house was was big enough to hold 7 men and have extra space. It was owned by Hoseok and his pain “business partners” lived there with him and now me. It was made out of marble and had black roofing. Jin pulled up to the front of the house and we both got out. I struggle to pull open the huge door and let Jin walk in first.

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After Hoseok left with his coffee Soohyeon came up to me. “How are you?” she asked as she started to make a hot chocolate for the next costumer.

 “Who is Jung Hoseok?” I asked ignoring her question.

 “You don’t know? He runs the bar chain Hope World, he’s like a millionaire…” She answers and starts to talk about her boyfriend.

 I look back at the door where he just left. Why are you helping me? I shrug it off and finish my shift distracted, I walk back to my apartment and unlock the door. I open the door to my apartment a mess. I run to the kitchen and grab a knife and hold it out. “Hello?” I call but no one answers. I walk to my bedroom and shutter. He was here. It had to be him, nothing was stolen everything was just looked through. My dresser had drawers sticking out and clothes hanging off of it and thrown on the floor.

I grab the card and my cell phone and dial the number with shaking hands. It takes me three tries to get it right. It rings four times and I almost give up, but then I hear a raspy deep voice “Hello”

  “J-Jung Hoseok?” I ask the caller, “I’m… Hwang Mina f-from Kim’s coffee sh-“

 “I know who you are” he interrupts me, his voice annoyed.

 “I walked home after my shift – Tuesdays are the only days I don’t close the shop - and I opened my apartment a–“

 “I didn’t give you my number for you to tell me about your day.” He was defiantly annoyed.

 “My apartment was broken into” I mumble and hold the knife’s handle until my knuckles are turning white, I stopped shaking when he snapped at me. “It was him, he broke into my apartment and went through my things… I grabbed a knife from the kitchen but what if he is still here?”

 “Smart girl…” He sounds a little intrigued that I went for a knife as my first instinct. “Stay where you are, I’ve sent my men to get you. Sit outside your apartment, if you think he is still there.”

 "Thank you, Jung Hoseok.”

 “Call me Hobi.”

“Thank you so much, you are my hero” I say before I realized he hung up.

I grab a bag of clothes and sit outside my apartment. I wait for what seems like eternity. I hug my knees and try not to cry. I sit there chanting “I’m okay” to myself to stop myself from shaking.

I feel someone staring at me and I jump and hold the knife out “W-who are you? I’m not scared to use this.” I say trying to intimidate but I’m still on the floor. I look up and scan the man. He was average height and had broad shoulders. He was wearing a suit and sunglasses and his hair was platinum blonde – clearly not natural – and his face was almost perfect. He had earrings in and looked down at me slightly amused. 

“I don't doubt that, but you are holding the knife wrong, your attacker could easily disarm you…” He crouches down to my level and adjusts my grip on the knife “see? Much better.” He straightens himself up. He looks down at me and says “I’m Jimin… Hoseok sent me, now let’s go.” He says as he starts to walk down the hall and I rush after him.

I walk behind him as we pass 6 other men in suits and he nods at them “5B” he says and they all walk back to my apartment.

“What are they doing?” I ask and keep looking back at them as they walk to my apartment. He ignores my question and holds the door for me to exit. He then holds the door to the car open and I slide into the back seat and he follows.

“To the bar” He says to the driver who nods and starts to drive in the direction. We sit in silence as I study the knife.

“Did you grab the knife or did Hoseok tell you to?” he asks as he watches me study my knife.

“I did.” 

“You have the mind of a fighter.” He smirks and stops talking.

20 minutes later we reach our destination. We walk out of the car and I see a red sign that reads ‘Hope World.’ We walk into the bar and I am still clutching my bag and knife. Hope World is a popular bar at night, with music flooding out the doors and people waiting to get in but during the day it is dead. We walk past the bar and into a back room.

“We are here boss.” Jimin says with a blank face then leaves the room. Leaving me with three men. Hoseok is sitting in the middle, with a tall man to his right. Did you just have to unbelievable good looking to work for Hoseok? The man to his right had blue hair and was standing there with his arms crossed and an intimidating stare. The man to Hoseok’s right had brown hair and was about the same height as the man on the right. He had muscles you could see through his suit jacket. I look back at my hands. 

“Please sit.” Hoseok breaks the silence and gestures to the seat in front of his desk. The blue hair man was behind me fast and grabbed the knife from my hand and sets it in front of Hoseok as he grabs the knife and starts to play with it. “You may go” he says to the two men at his sides and they leave without a word.

I sit down and look at the knife. “Tha-“

“The same guy was in your apartment as the one who attacked you?” he asks not looking up from the knife.


“I can get him to leave you alone but it’s going to cost you.” 


He looks shocked and smirks. He stands up and walks up to my chair. He puts the knife under my chin and forces me to look at him. His gaze was pure evil and mischief but I could still see some sympathy. I stare back with what I hope is an intimidating gaze. “Never say that, Princess.” He leans in close and I can feel his breath on my lips but I never break eye contact. He chuckles and walks back to his chair. He sits down and puts his feet on the desk and leans back.

“I like you Mina, you got a fighting spirit.” He smiles and looks at me. “So you will be under my protection and this guy wouldn’t bother you, that's what you want right?”

I nod and start to second guess my decision on coming here.

“Alright, and in return… you must work for me.” He says and he sits back up and leans on the desk. “Deal?”

I hesitate to take his offer. I will no longer have to worry about my stalker… but I have no idea what working for him will entail. “You don't even know me.”

“Actually, Hwang Mina, I do. Foster kid, couple of theft charges, nothing too serious. College dropout, no social media, your only call in this past week was to me. You moved here a couple of months ago, work at a coffee shop oh and your completely alone.”

I am shocked by the amount of knowledge he knows about me, maybe I was in over my head. “D-deal” I say and look back at him. 

He looks at me and nods “good, you may leave.” He dismisses me and I walk out I look at the bar. Jimin is sitting there with the blue hair boy and muscular man and they are laughing and goofing off. They see me and immediately become hard faced again. Jimin looks at me and nods “Let’s go.” He says. We walk out of the bar and Jimin waves bye to his friends.

We are in the car in complete silence as we drive to who knows where, 25 minutes pass as we pull up to a mansion. The white marble sparkled in the sun. The car started to drive on gravel and circles a fountain. We leave the car and walk to the entrance. The door is made out of wood and with golden handles. Jimin opens the door and lets me in. We walk into a room that has a huge chandelier from the ceiling. It has a grand staircase that leads upstairs.

“Follow me” Jimin says as he starts to walk up the stairs. I follow as I keep looking around.

‘What did I get into?’ I ask myself. We walk down a hallway with lots of doors all are shut except for one. We walk into that room. The room was bigger than my apartment, it had a balcony and heavy red curtains. It had a fire place and a sitting area. It had a desk facing a window, I walk over to the desk and see my notebooks. The room has a big bed that is filled with my stuffed animals…? I look around the room and see mostly familiar decorations from my apartment…

“Here's your room. We got your stuff from your apartment, you should be all settled. Dinner is at 6, someone will come and lead you to the dining room - It’s easy to get lost here. I remember I had to draw a map when I first got here. Just get settled.” Jimin says and walks back to the door “It’s nice to have you here Mina.” He smiles and shows a hint of the guy I saw laughing with his friends.

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Present Day:


It’s been two weeks since I was arrested, I have officially been put on leave… that means bar duty until its clear. I hate working the bar, all I can do is wait for news and serve patrons who want more than alcohol.

I trained for most of the day, after I went to my room and flopped on my bed. Namjoon really beat my ass with training today. I don’t remember closing my eyes but I wake up and the sun is beginning to set. I shrug off the sleepiness and change into my bar clothes – a black tank top and a red skirt. My shift at the bar starts in an hour and a half. I walk down stairs and see the boys all sitting in the living room with guns filling the coffee table. I walk down and sit next to them “Pay day?” I ask.

Jimin turns and smiles “yep! And we also have to go rough up someone who has been ditching our payments, we are just waiting for Hobi. Do you have a shift today?”

“Yes, all day everyday” I look down, I know being arrested put me on probation, but it sucks waiting here. It’s strange to thing that three month ago I would have begged to be at the bar instead of in the action.

“Don’t be too sad, they almost closed the case” Jin says as he walks into the room with a sandwich and a glass of milk. Jin doesn't go on missions so he is in for the night.

“He is moving to East Street and 99th.” Suga yells from his computer. Suga was our tech guy, he was rarely in the fights.

 “Let’s go.” I hear Hobi yell from his office. He walks in front of the gang, “everyone to positions.” He looks at everyone and looks back at me. His gaze studies me and I fidget with my skirt and stand up.



I get up and walk to the car and the driver takes me to the bar.

I am on edge, I always am if I’m not on the mission with them. Hopefully they return with nothing serious. I make it not obvious that I’m nervous. I walk into the bar and am greeted with cheers from the patrons. I smile and walk behind the bar. “What can I get you handsome?” I ask the guy leaning on the table. Flirting with costumers always made tips higher.

“Two shots” he orders and hands me one shot. I grab it and we cheer and drink.

I make my rounds and talk to my regulars and make sure the new guys remember my face. When I was training this bar was used as my practice tests. Teahyung or Jungkook would come with me to the bar just in case some guy got too close. Then I would walk around and serve customers while learning the art of seduction. I was a little awkward at first but when I got the hang of it, I started to become really good at it.

After doing my rounds I decided to stay behind the bar for the rest of the night. I was not in the mood for flirting around, I really just wanted to spend the night with Hobi or at least know if he was okay.

Around 1am the bar starts to dial down so I start to close the bar. The last guy leaves and I flip the sign to “close” and start to set the chairs on the tables and wipe up the tables. I start to sweep the floors and turn my back to the door. The door clicks open “Sorry we are closed” I say without looking up.

“It’s my bar, Princess.” I freeze at his voice.

“Hobi” I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders, he is here, he is okay. I drop the broom and walk to him, crossing the distance in three steps I hug him tightly “I’m glad you are okay.” I whisper and give him one last squeeze to make sure he is actually okay. I immediately walk to pick up the broom and to the back of the bar before he can hug me back “What can I get you, sir?” I asked even though I knew his order by heart.

He stands there shocked at how fast my demeanor changed but he sighs at me calling him ‘sir,’ “Whisky, neat.” He says as he sits on the bar stools, I start to grab his drink. I hand it to him and look at him. He had some blood on his cheek, but at closer inspection I realized it wasn’t his. His knuckles have several deep cuts and he had a bruise forming on his jaw. He always did favor his hands over his gun which was why most of the time his knuckles were what needed most attention. I look at him and look for any other signs of pain. I grab the first aid kit I keep under the bar and walk around the bar to him. I set the kit next to him and grab his hand. He takes this moment to hold my hand and lifts my hand and places a kiss on my knuckles. I blush and look at his knuckles and start to clean it. He doesn’t even flinch as I address his cuts. “How was your shift?”

“Fine” I say trying to keep it vague. He gets jealous if I tell him about the guys and their attitudes towards me. “How are you, anywhere else you’re injured? How are the others?” I keep asking him questions that he just ignores, he takes another sip of his whisky and looks up at me with a smile on his face.

“Keep talking about your day, I haven’t seen you in a day or so, I want to hear about you” He acts like he doesn’t have another person’s blood on his face. I wipe it off of him and look up at him.

“I trained for the majority of the day, then I took a nap before my shift. I am learning how to fight with a sword, I actually like it a lot. It's a little harder than I thought, I thought it would be like knifes but longer.” I was really good at talking when he wanted me to, he usually asked me to talk to help him keep his mind off things, but he also listened. “I started out as a waitress bringing drinks to costumers and stuff, but then…” I stop and act like I’m focused on his wounds. “I worked as the bartender.”

He takes a sip of his whiskey and shakes his head “why did you go to bartending?”

“I usually work at the bar” I say trying to make it seem like not a big deal but I can feel his body tense at this. He stands up and pins me to the bar. He places his hand to the small of my back and pulls my waist closer to him. He looks deeply at me. His eyes wander from my eyes to my lips to my exposed neck. He swallows and licks his lips. I can feel heat from where his hand is and want to just pull myself further into his embrace. I start to think about his lips on mine and them trailing down to my neck. I start to get red at my train of thought.

“Why?” he asks his voice was teasing. He knew I wasn’t telling him why I didn't feel like talking to the patrons, he also knew the reason was because I was worried about him. He leans closer and presses his forehead to mine. “Was it perhaps because you were worried about me?” I can't help but stare at his lips and wish for him to kiss me. I look at his eyes and they had a compassion and kindness that only I could see. He always seemed to soften around me which was why I was feeling butterflies in my stomach.

“It doesn’t matter.” I stare at his lips.

He leans his lips closer as if he knows what I want but he moves them to my ear and whispers “but it does to me, Princess.” He eyes flicker to my lips again and pulls away. His eyes shift from compassion to longing, like he wants me too. He grabs his whiskey and swallows the rest of the drink. “Thanks for the drink, are you almost done closing up? I’ll take you home.”

I nod, finish bandaging his knuckles and grab my bag. He opens the door for me as we leave the bar, then I turn and lock the door. His car is parked in front of the entrance to the bar. He opened the door for me as I locked the bar. I sit in the passenger seat and gets in the driver’s seat.

“How did the mission go?” I ask when he starts to drive

“It went very… the guy coughed up the money he owes me after a little bit of persuasion.” He flexes his knuckles “Teahyung got stabbed, Jungkook killed on of their men in retaliation, it got a little messy after that, but we all made it out” He says casually. I prepare myself for seeing my friend in pain, no matter how many times it happens I don't think I’ll ever get used to seeing one of the guys injured. He gets on the highway and puts his hand on my thigh. I kept imagining it sliding up my thigh and closer to my – I shake the thought away. He leaves his hand there and continues to talk. “So swords? I thought knifes were more your weapon of choice.” He slides his hand up my thigh and starts to trace circles on my inner thigh.

“They are, it’s just someone took my favorite knife away” technically I lost it in a gambling match but still. I just need to wait for another chance to get it back.

He smiles, “Don’t act like it was me! Suga says he’ll put it up for gambling at the next game.” I look out the window.

“Don't act like you didn’t help him cheat!” I teased back.

“Don't act like you don’t cheat. Speaking of … when am I going to get my watch back?” he asks, he knew the answer already. His fingers start to tap on my thigh and I start to think about other ways he can use his fingers – stop thinking like this. This was part of my punishment for being arrested, no sex until the case is closed, which is torture for both of you.

“When you win it back.” I say frustrated at him for teasing me physically. “But I don't know, I don't think I’ll put the watch up for grabs” I lift up my hand and look at the watch on my hand “I think it looks good on me, what do you think?” I hold it in front of him.

“I love it.” He chuckles and continues to drive, I realized a long time ago I would do anything to make him smile and keep that smile on his face. I sit and look out the window, “but I still want it back.” He says and moves his hand from my thigh to my hand and interlocks our fingers.  

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Flash Back:


            I wander my new room. I look in the closet and grab a pair of jeans and a hoodie. I change and walk to the desk and look out the window. There is a garden that seems to stretch for a while – I wonder who takes care of it – I sit at the desk. I lay my head on my desk and stayed like that until I heard a knock on the door. I get up and open the door.

Jimin is standing in front of me. He is wearing black jeans and a t-shirt. “Ready? I came a little early so I can show you around for a bit!” He smiles lopsidedly and holds out his arm. I hesitate and lock arms with him, he did a complete change from the cold guy in the suit.

We start walking down the hall but in the opposite direction of the stairs. He points to doors and tells me what they are. “The study… Jungkook’s room… Teahyung’s room…” I stop him midtour.

“Whose Jungkook? Teahyung?” I am confused by this whole situation.

“Oh! They were the guys with Hoseok.” He says and continues to walk, we walk to the stairs and walk down. He continues to point out rooms and objects but I can't keep my mind focused. Who are these people? Where am I? What does it exactly mean to work for Hoseok?

We walk into the kitchen and the room is smells like chicken and rice, “It smells so good!” I say to Jimin.

“Thanks!” a guy pops up from behind a door. He has huge shoulders and confirms my theory of needing to look beautiful to work for Hoseok. He wipes his hands on his apron and walks towards us. “Kim Seokjin!” he bows as he says his name.

“Hwang Mina.” I bow but forget I’m still holding onto Jimin so he awkwardly gets pulled with me. He laughs and I start to sink further into my mind at the embarrassment.

“Welcome! If you ever want to help me cook, kitchen is always open!” he smiles and then continues to cooking.

We walk to the dining room and already there are three guys sitting at the table. They are all talking and messing with each other. One stands up and walks up to me, he smiles and shows dimples that make him look so sweet. “Hi! I’m Kim Namjoon, you must be Mina! Jungkook and Teahyung were just telling me about you.” he gestures behind him and I see the blue haired man and the muscled man.

“I’m Kim Teahyung!” the blue haired man says. He then turns to who I assume is Jungkook and finished a round of rock, paper, scissors. Were these the two guys who had me so scared? Was Teahyung really the guy who stole the knife from me? What is going on?

“AISH” Jungkook yells, “I woke up Yoongi-hyung last time!” He says as he stands up and walks to the door. He stops in front of me and Jimin. “Sit next to me!” he leaves and I look at Jimin confused. Jimin leads us to the seats and lets me sit down.

“So I’m going to be your trainer!” Namjoon smiles as he takes a sip of his water. “we start tomorrow.” TRAINING?! Now I’m nervous.

“Training?” I look at Jimin.

“Oh – I forgot to say” He chuckles and rubs the back of his head, “Hoseok wants you to train to fight – he…”

“Fight?! What does that mean? What did I sign up for?” I basically yell and they all look at me.

“To become an assassin.” Teahyung answers.

Jungkook runs back into the room, “Yoongi-hyung is coming, and is going murder me.” He sits down next to me and smiles, “he hates being woken up” he leans close and tells me. My head feels like there is a drum line pounding on my ear drums, I feel my heart bursting through my chest. I can’t decide if I’m feeling hot or cold. Spots start to fill in every detail and my throat feels like I just swallowed sand. The room soon starts to spin.

“Mina, are you okay?” I can't focus on who asked the question.

“I-I need some air.” I stand up and start to walk out of the room, I ran into Jin who is carrying a huge chicken but luckily, he saves it. “S-sorry” I say and continue to walk out of the room. I start to stumble in the hall and make my way to a door. I open it and feel the cool air. I step outside and sit on the steps. I start to hyperventilate for the second time that day. I wrap myself up into a ball and look at the stars. I try to count them to get back to a sane mindset.

“Can I sit?” a voice asks and I absently nod. “I know it’s shocking to hear what you just did. But we aren't the bad guys. Yes we do bad things, but our actions are not who we are. I am not saying you have to lose your humanity, that would be scary. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be hard to take a life, but you need to know that every life you take has a reason to do so. Whether they were a criminal or anything, we never kill anyone unworthy of death.”

I look up at who is sitting next to me, Namjoon is sitting there looking out at the stars. “I still remember the first person I killed.” He says to the sky not really to me. “I can still remember his face and the life leave his eyes.” He hangs his head “it’s not going to be easy, but Hoseok wouldn’t have chosen you to do this if he didn't think you were able to.” He looks at me.

“I literately saw my own blood from a scrape on my face and fainted! I’m not a killer.” I admit.

He chuckles and pats my back, “Once you see the ones you love in danger or see the person threatening them, you’ll understand.” He stands up and wipes his pants off. “Now Jin made a really good dinner and it’d be a shame if it went to waste! Also you have to meet your new family!” he says and holds his hand out for me.

We walk back into the dining room and I look at the group of 7 men in front of me in a new light. They may be doing bad things, but they aren’t bad, and I guess I just got 7 new family members and I was no longer alone. I smile and sit back next to Jimin.

“Let’s all introduce ourselves!” Jin smiles from the head of the table. I look across from him and see Hoseok staring at me, his gaze is intense and I can’t look much longer without blushing. They go around the table and introduce themselves, I recognize everyone except for one.

“I’m Yoongi!” his smile is gummy and adorable.

I smile as dinner turns chaotic in conversation. The boys joke and talk about their jobs like nothing.

“You were running to help me but you slipped on the blood on the floor and just stayed there.” Jungkook said to Jimin with tears of laughter in his eyes. Near the end of dinner Hoseok quiets everyone.

“Everyone we have a new member – as you know. She agreed to work for us to be under our protection and to get a stalker to leave her alone.” Yoongi’s head goes up in interest at stalker. All the boys turn to me.

“Stalker?”  Teahyung asks me. “Did he try anything?”

“Well actually –“ I started but Hoseok interrupts me.

“Remember that night I told you guys about beating a guy in the alleyway? That's her!”

The guys all seem to get angry at the memory. “Who is he?” Jungkook asks with anger in his voice. They all seems to get worked up about the idea of a man attacking a woman.

“He’ll be taken care of” Hoseok winks and dismisses dinner. Everyone goes to be on their own. I go up to my room to get some sleep.

“Jimin will get you for training.” Namjoon says as he walks to his room and closes his door.


I go into my room and flop on my bed. I shower and try to get some sleep. I keep tossing and turning, I check the clock and it reads 1:45am. I sigh and sit up, I put on a sweater and walk out of my room. I walk down the halls and wander around. “Can't sleep?” I jump at the voice. I turn and see Hoseok sitting on a chair in one of the sitting rooms. “I saw you walk past this room now like four times.” He smiles brighter than the sun at me.

“Not really.” I walk to him.

“Something bothering you?” he tilts his head.

“I guess,”

“It’s better to talk about it.” He says caringly, where was the guy in the office? Is this house just filled with people with two personalities? Suddenly what Namjoon said popped into my head ‘our actions are not who we are.’ I sit next to Hoseok and nod.

“I am just confused, I know I’m safe, but I can't just help but think of him in my house, the one place I felt safe but he was there and went through my things” I shiver and he puts a blanket on my shoulders. “And now I’m here and I am going to start to train as an assassin. I just feel like I don't even know who I am anymore.” He sits and listens and then nods.

“You know who you are, you are just denying it, so stop denying yourself and let yourself be yourself. And with the scared thing, I can sit in your room until you fall asleep if that will make you feel better?”

I nod at his offer and advice “please?” I barely whisper.

He smiles “what did you say? I’m going to need you to speak louder Princess.” He looks at me and leans in a little. His gaze is teasing, he heard what I said.


He stands up and we walk to my room. I go and lay back on my bed and he sits at the edge of my bed. He starts to play with my hair and humming. I look up at him and he is looking at me with a soft expression. His touch starts to calm me and soon I am able to fall asleep.

I wake up startled to a knock on my door and Hoseok gone. I check my clock and it reads 5am. I open the door and Jimin is in the door way, “Get dressed! It’s time to train!”

Chapter Text

Present Day:


I wake up wrapped in Hobi’s arms, I snuggle up close to his chest and breath in his scent. He smells like sandalwood and cinnamon. I wiggle my way out of his grip and he whines a bit.

“No” he says and grabs my waist again. I look back and he is still asleep. I kiss his neck and nuzzle into him. I try to wiggle out again. I successfully leave and walk to the kitchen.

I start to make breakfast for everyone, it was around 9 am so the boys should be waking up soon. Today was a big day - the Hope World Bar is opening three more locations and it is the 10 years anniversary of the bar. The bar is having a big gala for the contributors. I couldn’t be prouder of the boys and Hobi.

I start to hum and cook eggs. I start to walk out with a bunch of eggs and Jimin is standing there, he grabs the eggs and walks them to the counter. Jungkook and Yoongi come to help too. “Thank you, guys!” I yell and walk into the dining room. We all enjoy a family breakfast everyone was there except for Hobi and Taehyung.

I walk with two plates and go upstairs. I knock on the door and open it. “Tae-“ I walk in and see him sitting on his bed. He has a bandage in his stomach. “Hey badass” I laugh as I put the plate down in front of him.

He gives me a boxy smile “it is badass! That’s what I was telling Jungkook!” He starts to eat his breakfast. “Don’t look at me like that. It was just a scrap, honestly Jungkook over reacted” he says between bites.

I sit at the edge of his bed. “Sorry, you’re like my brother to us so it hurts to see you in pain.”

“I’m okay! I’ll still be there at the gala so we can turn up!” He chuckles “also you owe me a dance” he stands up and is shirtless with sweatpants on. I nod and he kisses my head and I grab the plate from his hand.

“I promise! You’ll be my first dance!” I say as I leave his room.

“Hobi may kill me!” He yells as I slam the door. I laugh and roll my eyes and walk to Hobi’s room.

I don’t bother knocking and walk in. “I brought you breakfast-“ I stop mid-step. Hobi’s back was to me, he wasn’t wearing a shirt and his back muscles were flexed. He has several scars on his back from the several fights he has been in and a few fresh ones. His shoulders were broad and you could see the outlines of his muscles, he looked like wings would pop out of his back at any moment. His back was beautiful he had a curve that lead to his ass. His perfectly round ass that was in a pair of gray sweatpants. He turns fully and I can see his tan torso, his abs were toned in a six pack and he has the “v” that leads to his dick. I swallow and let my eyes scan his body.

He clears his throat and laughs at me “you’re staring” I blush more.

“I brought you breakfast” I say again and he walks up to me. He leans in real close and starts to lean in to kiss me but grabs a piece of bacon and takes a bite of it.

“Thanks Princess” he grabs the plate and sits in a chair. I sit on his desk near him. I watch his biceps flex as he eats, I lick my lips. “Princess, if you keep staring at me like that I may have to eat something else for breakfast.” He stands up and walks up to me and leans in, he kisses my neck and pulls away teasingly, I whine as his lips leave my neck but he leans in again and starts to suck on my neck. “But you are punished still” he walks back and I groan in frustration. I grab his plate and walk downstairs and do the dishes.


I spend the rest of my day napping and picking out my outfit. “Wear the red one!” Jimin groans as he has now spent two hours in my room as I pick a dress to wear. He flops on my bed and starts to cuddle one of my bears.


I got dressed and looked in the mirror. I am wearing a red dress with a slit in the leg and a low cut back. My black hair in a high bun with pins in it, my make-up is simple and I wear heels. I smile and walk down. I walk down the stairs and I see 7 young men in suits, each looking better than the next.

Jungkook whistles “you dress up nice” he smiles and looks over at Hobi nervously.

“Ready?” Hobi asks and leads us to the car. He holds the door open and as I’m about to go through the door he grabs my waist and says “you look gorgeous” he smiles and locks the door to the house.

We go to the party and Hobi is swept away with a bunch of people, Jungkook never leaves his side. We all go to a table and sit down. I look around and Hobi sits at a table with executives, I smile as everyone sits. The rest of us sit with each other and other minor people in the business. Hobi goes up and gives a speech, after his speech dinner is served. After dinner music starts.

“Can I have this dance?” Hobi walked to our table and asked me,

“Sorry I told Tae he gets the first dance” I smile at his face. He chuckles and sits where I was, he starts to talk to Jin and Yoongi.

Tae takes my hand and we dance “he’s going to murder me” Tae laughs as we dance, when the song ends Namjoon dances with me. I dance with everyone of the guys before Hobi’s turn, right as he is about to grab my hand another guy intercepts. I look at the guy who grabbed my hand, I don’t know his face. He was about Hobi’s height with a stern face and a hard jaw line, he had a clean shaved face and a bigger nose, he was pretty attractive.

“I’m Jung Kyusung, I work with Hoseok” he says as he twirls me around, my dress pops out and you can see how far the slit goes up.

“What do you do?” I ask innocently, I recognized the name but not his face, he has cheated Hobi in a few business deals several times. Hobi has two jobs, a mobster boss and an entrepreneur, I forget that they rarely overlap, I relax a little knowing this guy was harmless.

“Business, don’t worry your pretty head about it” he pulls me closer to him and I can smell the alcohol on his breath, “now tell me, how is it that I don’t know your name yet?”

“Because I didn’t tell you,” I giggle and flutter my eyes at him. I see Hobi from the side of my eye and he is fuming, he is sitting staring at us while Jin tries to distract him.

He puts his head closer to my neck and breaths in my scent. “Am I going to have to guess it?” He whispers.

I pull back at his closeness and smile flirtatiously, I didn’t want to make bad with Hobi’s business partner, “you have three guesses” I tap his neck three times.

“What do I get if I guess correctly?” He puts his hand on the small of my back his skin touching mine and pulls my waist closer to his. His touch felt slimy and wrong. I had to stop myself from shivering at his touch.

“We’ll see when we get there.” I look over his shoulder and make eye contact with Jimin. Jimin is laughing at Hobi’s reaction.

“Kim… Hyunya.” He guesses and leans in closer. I just shake my head. He was starting to get too close and I felt like I was losing control in the situation. His hand starts to slide down my thigh and he leads me further away from the boys. “Jung Mina.” He guesses again.

I swallow “close.” He takes my swallow as me enjoying this. He soon has me in a hall way.

“Jung Ji-yeon.” He says as he starts to play with my hair.

“Wrong, now if you’ll excuse me.” I push out of his grip and walk away, he grabs my arm and I pull it away.

“Babe we were just having fun.” He walks after me and I turn around. I stomp my heel into his foot and kick his chest, knocking the wind out of him.

“Don't call me babe, and don’t touch me.” I turn around and start down the hall way. I see Hobi and he is standing speechless at what just happened.

He walks up and wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me close “that was so hot” he whispers, “but you still need to be punished for making me jealous.” I lean into his touch. His touch felt right and was warm and calming. He led me into a side room and locks the door.

I jump into his arms for a hug, I hate not having control in any situation, he hugs me back and rubs my back. He pulls me closer and starts to kiss my neck.

I moan and wrap my arms around his neck. He pushes me to the wall and I lift my leg up and he grabs it. He pulls me up until I am wrapping my legs around his waist. He starts to attack my neck and I lean my head back allowing him more access to my neck. He bites it and pulls away. He starts to grind his dick on me. He moans at the friction. He then sets me down. He looks at me.

“You are still punished for getting caught.” He says breathless and continues to kiss my neck. I moan, “but you can help me…” He smirks and looks down at his boner. I lick my lips and start to unbutton his pants. I get down on my knees and start to lick the tip of his dick. He groans and I start to put his length in my throat. He grabs my hair and groans louder. He starts to thrust into my mouth and I gag a little bit, which makes him thrust harder. He continues to thrust and I suck. I can feel his thrusts getting sloppier and can tell he is close.

“I’m going to cum…” He groans and thrusts. I hum on his dick in response as he cums down my throat, I swallow his cum around his dick and suck it clean. I get up on my feet. He kisses my neck as he readjusts himself.

He looks at me “fuck it.” I look at him confused. He sits me on the counter and pulls up my dress. He looks at my panties, “damn you are so wet.” He runs his finger over my panties and I moan at the light touch. He pulls my panties to the side and starts to lick up my pussy. He starts to suck on my clit and I grab his hair and moan loudly. I bite my lip to stop my moans.

“Hoseok, right there.” He groans as I call him Hoseok. He starts to stick his lounge in my hole and pushes it in and wiggles it around. I wrap my legs around his shoulders and grab his hair harder. “I’m going to cum.” I moan.

“Cum for me Princess.” He continues, I moan as my legs start to shake from pleasure. I cum as he keeps moving his lips. He licks up my orgasm and starts to suck on my inner thighs. He leaves hickeys and then kisses my lips and pulls my dress down.

He helps me up and I sigh into his arms. He grabs me “I believe it is my turn for a dance.”

I laugh and walk with him to the dance floor. We dance to a slow song. He holds me close, his hands are around my waist and mine around his neck. I lay my head on his chest and we sway to the music.

“You are the best thing to happen to me, Princess.” He whispers. “you are so beautiful, I don't know what I would do without you.” He kisses my forehead.

Chapter Text

Flash Back:


            For two weeks I trained. From 5:00am to 8:00am I had hand-to-hand combat. From 8:00am to 9:00am I ate breakfast, after breakfast I had mental training. I learned code words and how the company was run. I learned what we did. Not only did Hoseok run the most popular bar, he also ran the most fearsome gang, BTS. They did everything from smuggling weapons to assassinating people – and I was now a part of it. Then from 1:00pm to 5:00pm I would learn how to use weapons, I was easily able to master how to handle knifes and it became my focus area. After 5:00pm, I helped Jin cook dinner and helped around the house. Every night we had “family” dinner, it didn’t matter who you were you could not get out of family dinner, unless you were dead or bed ridden. After dinner I would climb to the roof and watch the sunset. I learned on my first few days here that if I climbed out my window I could easily walk onto the roof. I sat there and meditated. I would shower and go to bed. Hoseok never stopped checking on me to see if I could sleep, he would come to my room and we would talk about our days. He slowly became my favorite person. There were two sides to Hoseok, the gangster boss, who was cruel and manic, and the Bar owner - Hobi, who was kind and sweet. I was somehow falling for both. I would fall asleep with him by my side and I’d wake up with him gone and extremely soar every morning but have to work through the pain. I could already see changes in my body, I started to become more toned and I was able to do things I never thought I would be able to.

            Today I was nervous, after morning training I would meet with Hoseok and he would evaluate my progress. I woke up 45 minutes before my alarm and could barely move my arms. Namjoon was a sweetheart until it came to training, he made me hold 25Lb weights over my head for 45 minutes while he lectured me on proper form. I crawl out of bed and change into my sweats. I look at my stomach in the mirror. I was starting to get ab definition and I also had a huge bruise from fighting with Jimin. I got dressed and walked down stairs, I walked to the basement where the training room was. I got there before Namjoon. I stretched and started to kick the punching bag in front of me. I started picturing my stalker’s face and started to hit the bag harder and harder. I was overcome with anger that I didn't realize Namjoon walked into the room.

            “Damn, I would not want to be the face you were imagining while hitting that bag.” He whistles. He walks up to me and swings at me.

            “what the fu-“ I ducked in time and roundhouse kicked him. He backs away and kicks me in the jaw. I get into fighting stance. He punches me but I grab his hand and twist it behind his back. He groans and throws me over his back and I land on my back hard on the floor with his weight on my chest. I kick my legs and wrap them around his neck and flip us over so I am in the power position. I look at him panting, I let him go and move away. As he stands up I kick him square in the chest and the momentum pushes me down but I flip back up and sit on his chest and put my forearm on his throat, he smirks and grabs my neck and flips me to the side. He gets up and punches my stomach and kicks my feet from under me causing me to fall on the floor. I groan and stagger up, he kicks me in the ribs and I fall back down. I get up again and walk up to him, he looks at me and I just slap him. He stands there dazed so I use this moment, I grab his neck and kick his legs out from him and throw him onto the ground, I felt he wind knock out of him. He taps the mat and stands up.

            “Good job!” he smiles proudly. He shakes my hand. I hear the door open and Hoseok walks into the room.

            “Impressive,” he says in a tone that makes it seem like he isn’t that impressed. He walks in with an intimidating aura. “You are much further than I thought.” He walks up to me and touches my jaw that is now getting a bruise on it, “tsk tsk.” He sighs and stares at me for a minute he almost looks in pain at my bruise. He walks over to the side and looks at the knifes.

            He whistles signaling Jungkook and Teahyung to walk into the room they walk in with a body tied to a chair with a bag over his head. I become more confused at this sight. Jimin walks in a minute later holding a box. Hoseok walks to Jimin, opens the box and pulls out a knife. He walks up to me and holds it out for me to grab, the handle to me and the pointed end facing his chest. I look at him and grab the knife, it was light in my hand. I study the blade, it had a black handle with a ruby on the butt of the knife, it was perfectly balanced and looked as if it was brand new.

            I look between the knife and the man, I knew what I was supposed to do in that moment. If I wanted to be in the gang, and wanted to be respected I would have to kill this man, but could I really kill another person? I start to question myself, I felt like I could but now the moment is here I don't think I could. I wait for instructions, maybe if I just don't think, and do the killing it will be easier.

            Hoseok gives the signal and Jungkook takes the bag off of the man’s head. My chest felt like I was just kicked, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It was him, Hoseok wanted me to kill my stalker. After a moment, Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin and Namjoon leave. Leaving me, my stalker and Hoseok in the room. The knife started to feel heavier in my hand as I stare at my stalker.

            “Nice to see you again,” the stalker licks his lips while eying me up and down, I shiver at his gaze. Hoseok walks behind me and starts to whisper in my ear.

            “Even now he doesn't think you can do anything to harm him. He is tied up, you have a knife but he is still looking at you like you're the treat.” He moves my hair and leans closer to my ear, making my head spin with his touch. “He tried to touch you, he would have been successful had I not saved you, he was in your apartment, he went through your things, he…” I suddenly couldn’t hear Hoseok anymore, my eyes were filled with rage and my brain went blank and I ran towards him.

            I regain focus with blood on my hands, I drop my knife and back away. I look down and there was blood on my clothes and on the floor. I look ahead of me and see a body that isn't breathing, he is covered with red and cuts. He looks like he was shredded. I started to shake and back away further. “D-did I do that?” I whispered and look back at my hands. I turn to look at Hoseok and his face is hard to read, it's a mix of empathy, regret, pride and surprise. He takes a step towards me but I turn around. I run out of the room and run to my room and lock the door.


Hoseok POV:


            I had no idea she would go insane I was just trying to motivate her to kill him. When she first stabbed him, I could tell she was hesitant but by the 5th time I could tell she was enjoying herself. She kept going, I was about to step in to tell her he was dead but she stopped herself. I saw her face, I hated doing this to her, but she needed to be stronger. She looked so scared when we unmasked him that it pained me. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to save her again. She ran out of the room before I could say anything. I walked over to the body and looked at it, ‘she’s a monster’ I think before I walk out of the room. She was like me, bloodthirsty.

            “where did she go?” I asked to Jungkook. I hide the concern from my voice but Jungkook could see it in my eyes. All of the boys knew I cared for her, there was no point in hiding it. “Jungkook where did she go?”

            “Her room, she locked the door” he answers, I clear my throat and start up the stairs.

            “She’s probably on the roof” Jimin chimes in “she goes there to think, she says it helps her look at her life from a different angel.”

            At hearing she is on the roof I sprint up the stairs “MINA!” I yell and rush to her door, please don't be on the roof.

            I run to her door and ram into it, the door was locked, I knew this but I still tried. “MINA, let me in, please.” I yell. I knock again and put my ear to the door I don’t hear anything. I kick the door two times before it opens. ‘where is she?’ I start to panic. I need to find her, that wasn’t her, she is not a monster, she needs to know, it’s my fault. I turn around in the room looking for any sign of her, one word is haunting my head ‘roof.’ She’s on the roof I look and see an open window – she usually leaves it open but this is worrying me, I run to the window and look down. I smack the window frame and I look to the side. I don't see blood on the roof but I still climb to the roof. I walk to the top of the roof. “MINA MINA.” ‘please no, where is she? I can't let her go. I need her, she keeps me sane, where is she?’  I scan the roof and can tell she isn’t here. I climb back to her room and see her bathroom door is closed. I walk closer to the door and hear the faucet running, ‘please don't try anything.’

            I open the door and feel the heat from the room, I peak in and see her in the shower fully clothed. I walk in and cough at the steam from the shower. She is standing in the shower dazed and scrubbing her hands and body. “Mina” I say but she doesn't hear me. I walk into the shower with her and jump out at the scolding water, her skin in red from the hot water pounding into her clothes and skin. I turn the shower to a cooler temperature. I walk into the shower and grab her shoulders and shake her. “Mina, snap out of it, Mina” I squat to look down at her face and I pull her into a hug and start to pet her hair.

            “I’m so sorry, I should have never, I just wanted you to be stronger. Please forgive me, please. I need you, you remind me how to be human.” I whisper to her holding back sobs, I hug her until she starts to hug me back. She hugs me tightly and lets out a sob and crumbles to the floor, I hold her and we sit on the floor. I reach up and turn off the shower. I stand up and pick her up and set her on the bathroom counter, she is shivering and still looking away. “Stay here.” I say and sprint to her bedroom and try to find sweats for her to wear, I give up and run to my room, I grab a hoodie and sweat pants for her and for me. I leave a trail of water on my way.

            I walk back into the bathroom and she is just where I left her. I look at her and kiss her head. I gesture to her clothes “C-can I?” I asked her permission to change her outfit, she nods. I take her wet shirt off and take off her bra. I pick her up and stand her on her feet. I start to undo her pants and pull them down when she puts her hand on mine. I freeze at the moment and I look up at her eyes.

            “You make me human.” She says and kisses me. I kiss her back but pull away, I didn't want her to regret this later. I take off her pants and help her change into the sweat pants and I put the sweatshirt on her. I turn around and change out of my wet clothes too. I pick her up and lay her on her bed. I hum her to sleep.

            I canceled dinner tonight, I checked on Mina at 10:00 pm and she was still asleep, I left her a glass of water. I walk to my room and lay down. I try to fall asleep.


Mina POV:

            I was sitting on the roof, looking at the stars with Hobi. The sky was endless and we talked about what we would do if we could go anywhere.

            “Rome? Anywhere and you pick Rome!” I laugh at him.

            “Fine, where would you go?” he looks up at me with his smile.

            “The moon.:

            “Cheater! I said anywhere in the world!” He nudges my shoulder.

I tilt my head to the stars wondering what it would be like to float up there. I felt an arm around my shoulders and I smile at Hobi. I look at the hand and see a bloody red arm around me. I look to my right at Hobi and he is gone. I turn to my left and see my stalker, covered in blood. He smiles and licks his lips causing more blood to spill from his mouth. He leans in and starts to kiss my neck.

I scream and wake myself up. I start to pant and kick my covers off of me. It’s just a dream. I sit up and drink the water at my nightstand. I lay back down but I couldn't get the dream out of my head. I stand up and realize I’m not wearing my usual pajamas. ‘Aren’t these Hobi’s sweats?’ I smell the hoodie and it smells like him. ‘how did I get into these?’ I sigh and get off my bed. I change into a pair of shorts. I look at my bed and feel unsure of sleeping on my bed. I check the clock and see it’s 12am. I open my door quietly and sneak down the hall to Hobi’s room. I open his door and see him sleeping, I hesitate to walk in but I walk in. I walk quietly to the other side of his bed. I stare at him for a minute, he is sleeping on his stomach and is shirtless. His hair is covering his eyes and he looks peaceful. I hesitate about disturbing him I start to walk back to the door but I shudder at the thought of going back to my room. I pull the covers to his bed back.

“What are you doing?” he mumbles into his pillow his voice is deep and heavy with sleep. I jump at his voice.

“I-I thought you were asleep,” I look down.

“You’re not as quiet as you think,” he chuckles still half asleep, “Did you have a bad dream, Princess?”


He turns to his side, he pats the spot in front of him, I crawl into his bed and he wraps his arms around me and I bury my face into his bare chest. “I’ll protect you, forever and always.” He kisses the stop of my head and I close my eyes with his arms around me holding me together.

Chapter Text

Present Day:


            The party ends around 12:00 am, I am holding my heels in one hand and Hobi’s hand in the other. Most people went home, Jimin, Taehyung, Jin, Yoongi and Namjoon left around 10:30pm. Tae’s stitches were hurting and the others had work or didn’t care to be there any longer. Jungkook was having fun flirting with every girl in sight and haves to keep an eye on Hobi so he stayed behind. We gesture to Jungkook that we were ready to go and he walks up to us and whispers something to Hobi, Hobi nods and turns to me.

            “Princess, do you mind if we make a stop on our way home? It’ll be really quick.” He kisses my cheek. I nod and follow him to the car.

            “What’s the stop?” I ask in the car to Jungkook,

            “Real quick money exchange, very standard, nothing big.” He says, he was no longer happy Jungkook but now he was in work mode. I turn to Hobi and he was also in mobster mode, his jaw was tight and he kept clenching it, his eyes were now filled with anger and hunger.

            He drives with his hand on my thigh and with his eyes focused on the road. We drive in silence for 25 minutes. He turns off of the interstate and pulls over at a warehouse. The street lights seemed to avoid the warehouse, it was an old building with broken windows and not another car in sight. We wait in the car until we see another car pull up. I put my shoes on. I know Hobi doesn't want me to go there but without someone to look after me in the car I had no choice but to go with them. Jungkook gets out of the car, along with Hobi. I walk behind them and try to stand in the shadows more than anything.

            “Hoseok! Nice to see you. How was your night? Must have been somewhere fancy” A man exclaims and walks up to Hobi. He gestures to Hobi’s suit and laughs acting friendly with Hobi. They shake hands and eye each other up. The man has two guys behind him with their arms folded. I feel a little nervous about the numbers but I know Jungkook could handle those two but looking at the sizes of them. I am standing in the shadows, I don’t think Dowoon knows I’m here because he would have mentioned something.  

            “You too Dowoon” Hobi answers “You know me, always out at night, now let’s stop the small talk, where is my payment? I got your men across the border without a trace and your goods as well, I would like my payment so I could go get my beauty sleep.”

            “Aish, you see, thank you for your hard work really, helped me a lot but…

            “Don't act like you’re going to cross me Dowoon, I really don't want to hurt my oldest partner.” Hobi laughs even though there was no amusement in his voice.

“You see someone gave me a better offer,” Dowoon continues to talk. I watch as a fourth guy starts to walk out from the side of the building, going straight to Hobi, I don’t think he noticed me, I see something metallic in the fourth guy’s hand. I start to run to intercept the guy. “Have you get my men and goods across the border and I get paid to ki-“

            “HOSEOK LOOK OUT!” I scream as I push Hobi over and jump in front of the guy. He stabs me with a knife in my stomach and I scream out in pain. I fall onto the floor with a bang, a knife still in my stomach. I groan in pain as I pull the knife out of my side and blood spills from my stomach onto my dress, I try to put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. Hobi looks down at me and looks up at Dowoon and cracks his knuckles. Jungkook starts to swallow and seems to shrink back at Hobi’s demeanor. Hobi’s eyes glossed over as he made eye contact with me, I was scared – I didn’t know what he was going to do.

            “Did you just stab-” he licks his lips and moves his head to the side. “Now I don’t feel guilty as I kill you.” He grabs the knife in my hand and flips it. He throws the knife to the guy who stabbed me and it lands in his throat with a thud, the body crumbles to the floor. Hobi grabs the knife and runs to the other two guys and cuts one of the guy’s Achille’s tendon and stabs his heart. Blood sprays Hoseok. Hoseok slits the other guy’s throat and Dowoon tries to run. Hoseok throws the knife into Dowoon’s back and he falls face first into the ground. Hobi pulls the knife out and flips Dowoon onto his back. He starts to pound his fists into Dowoon’s face. Hoseok still beats on Dowoon until Dowoon dies, but he still is punching him endlessly. I lay on the floor and as Jungkook applies pressure to my wound. I wince and blink trying to get my vision to not be blurry.

            “H-hobi…” I try to yell but my voice is hoarse.

            “Hobi please stop.” I cry out. “He’s dead. I’m here. I’m fine.” I say loud enough so Hobi can hear me. He snaps out of his killing spree. Hobi stands up and runs to me, he grabs my hand and picks me up. There are tears in his eyes as he carries me to the car and places me in the backseat of the car.

            “Stay with me” His voice breaks as my eyes get heavier. I nod as Hobi starts to drive to the house. He tried to be careful but he drives fast trying to get to the house as fast as he can. Jungkook stayed back to clean up the mess Hobi made. Hobi talked to me through the car ride but I couldn't move my mouth to talk anymore, the world was getting darker and colder. He kept making me answer him but it was getting so hard, my head was getting cloudy.

            “I.. just.. let me sleep.” I whisper and close my eyes.


Hoseok POV:


            I drive to the house and pick Mina up. I hold her carefully, there was so much blood on the seat and her dress. I run into the house and scream “NAMJOON GET DOWN HERE NOW.” I start to walk to the kitchen with Mina in my arms. I hold her tightly and look at her face. Her black hair looks darker on her plae skin. She is losing too much blood.

            Namjoon runs down putting his shirt on, “What happened?” he sees Mina in my hands and sees the blood dripping from her dress. He rushes into the kitchen and clears the kitchen table and gestures for me to put her on the table. I set her down gently and try to brush her hair back.

            Her eyes open slightly “I…man…stab Hobi… jump.” Mina mumbles and closes her eyes again. I look at her face and it is twisted with pain, I start to panic. Namjoon is calm as can be – he’s done this at least once for all of us – he grabs the first aid kit and grabs out rags and a knife. Jin, Yoongi and Tae rush into the kitchen at the chaos and gasp at seeing Mina’s unconscious body on the table.

            “Get him out.” Namjoon orders them and starts to cut her dress. I gasp at the cut on her stomach, it was big it went half the length of her stomach and had not stopped bleeding.

            Jin grabs my hand and pulls me away, they close the door and pull me into the living room. I don't try to fight them, I trusted Namjoon. I start to pace. Tae went to pick up Jungkook, so Yoongi and Jin were the ones watching me.

            40 minutes later Jungkook and Tae return and sit with us. Namjoon still hasn't come out. Is she dead? What happened? Jungkook was telling the story of what happened. The boys seemed impress with Mina’s bravery but all I could think of was my stupidity for letting her out of the car. I hang my head and try not to cry, I couldn’t lose her. I lost myself when I saw he on the floor with blood on her. I was so angry, only her voice brought me back. I would have stayed in that state killing whoever crossed me. Even when she was dying she was thinking of saving me. I couldn’t wait any longer, I stood up abruptly as Namjoon walked into the room.

            His shirt had blood on it and he looked tired. He nods and I sigh of relief. “She’s awake right now, she’s going to be okay, the knife didn't hit any major organs so she doesn't have internal bleeding. She’s going to need to sleep and will have a big scar. You can see her. I moved her to her room” I nod and look at everyone.

            Jimin and Yoongi stand up “Can we see her first?” they ask and I nod. I don't think I’m in an okay state to see her and not worry her.


Mina POV:


            I wake up on my bed. I have a pain in my stomach and what looks like bandages on it. Jimin and Yoongi walk in and look at me like I’m dying. “I’m not dead.” I laugh and look at them.

            “Hey Kid, thank you for saving Hobi.” Yoongi says and kisses my head, “I’m glad you are okay.” He says and moves to the side so Jimin could see me.

            “I love you, please don't scare us again.” Jimin says and kisses my cheek.

            For the next 20 or so minutes it was a parade of all the boys talking to me and telling me I was badass for doing it or that we were now twinning with matching stab wounds. Jungkook even gave me the knife that the guy used to stab me. I chuckled at this and kissed Jungkook’s cheek.

            Hobi is the last to see me. His eyes were red from crying and I felt my heart break. “Princess.” He breaths and walks up to me and sits at my side. He kisses my lips softly but passionately. “I thought we could have lost you, I’m so sorry, I should have been more aware and protected you, I told you I would and I failed.” He hold me and I cuddle into his arms.

            “I would jump in front of a blade for you in this life in the next and a thousand life times after that.” I sigh into his arms. “I’m tired, can I sleep?” I ask as he holds me tighter. I lay down and fall asleep easily.


            I wake up the next day and walk to the bathroom. I put on a sports bra and nothing else, it hurts my cut to put anything over it. I put on a pair of shorts and brush my hair. I wince at lifting my arms too high so I stop and settle for bet head. I brush my teeth, I try to wash my face. I walk to Hobi’s room and see him lying in bed awake. He jumps at the sight of me.

            “What are you doing out of bed?” he asks and runs to my side.

            “I…” there really was no reason for me to move around, I was just stabbed. Hobi leads me to his bed and kisses my head.

Chapter Text

Flash back:


I am painting in my room. It’s Saturday, so no training or missions today. Jin and Hobi are on a business trip for the bar, they’ve been gone since Thursday. I haven’t been sleeping well and have started to paint as a way to stop thinking. My music was blasting, my hair in a messy bun and I was sitting in a pair of sweat pants and Hobi’s hoodie. I didn't even know the time or what the others were up to. I was in my own world painting, when someone knocks on the door. I jump at the outside noise.

“Come in” I stand up and stretch a bit, I turn off the music and sit on my bed. Jimin opens the door and walks into my room and flops onto my chair by the fireplace. He was in his usual black jeans and black t-shirt. He pushes his hair out of his face and looks at me.

“The boys and I are going to a club tonight, want to come?” He moves his arms and shimmies in the chair to mock the motion of dancing.


“Come on. It helps us relieve stress and it’s a Saturday night!” He gets up and talks up to me. He puts his hands in front of him in a praying motion and gives me puppy eyes. I don't know, I haven’t drunk for a while, maybe a night out would be fun. Maybe it will help me calm down and learn how to deal with this stress of my new job.

“Okay sounds fun” I look up at him and smile. I then sit for a minute and think about what I’m going to wear, I look at Jimin again and smile wider.

“No!” He starts to back away as he guessed what I was going to ask him.

“Help me pick out my outfit!” I look up at him with doe eyes and he groans in frustration.

“On one condition, you wear the first outfit I pick out”

I nod and point to my closet. As he looks at my clothes I go back to my painting. He puts the outfit on my bed and sits on the floor with me, he grabs a piece of paper and doodles with me. There was no point in me checking to see what he picked, I had to wear it no matter what.

“When do Hobi and Jin come back?” I look at Jimin and his doodles.

“They should be back tonight.”

Tae walks into my room and sits down next to Jimin. Eventually all the guys but Jin, Namjoon and Hobi are hanging out in my room.

“Tell me someone that you know but only give me their name and don’t tell me how you know them!” Yoongi announces to the room and looks up from his computer.

“Why?” I ask

“I want to see if I can find them!”

“Is that what you do in your free time? Internet stalk?” The boys laugh as Yoongi nods his head. “Um… Lee Nara” I finally say after I thought for a minute.

“That’s a unisex name! That’ll be hard even for Yoongi!” Tae and Jungkook laugh at Jimin’s comment.

We sit listening to the music for a while, Yoongi typing on his computer, Jimin, Tae and I were painting, and Jungkook playing a game on his phone. I don't know how long it took Yoongi but he looks up from his computer with a smirk.

“Found her” I look up at Yoongi and tilt my head. He probably did find her, but I still wanted to see if he was right.

“How do you know it’s a her!” Jimin presses.

“Because I found her!” He looks at his computer and starts to read the article he found. “Lee Nara Throws Foster Child Out of Her House.” He starts with the headline and I know what article he starts to read. “Hwang Mina, 13, was charged with theft and assault on a Saturday morning at the local grocery store. Hwang was taken into Lee’s care after Hwang ran away from two other foster houses. Hwang stole a loaf of bread from the grocery store and pushed the cashier on the floor on her way out. She was then caught by the police on the corner of 12th Street and Harington Street. Hwang claims she only stole the bread because she was starved and beaten at Lee’s house. Police are looking into allegations. Store clerk decided to drop charges after hearing Hwang’s story.”

I blink as everyone is staring at me. “Y-yep you found her” I clear my throat. I look back down at my painting and keep painting.

“You were an orphan?” Jimin asked me. I look at Yoongi, he knew this from day one, he did the background check on me.

“Yeah, my parents were druggies and so the government took me away, my parents didn't put up a fight, they didn't want a kid to deal with.” I shrug, I never felt sad about that, it was just the way my life was, I learned and adjusted how I had to live.

“Park Hajun” Tae says to Yoongi, mostly to change the subject.

“I keep finding Park Hajun but I can’t find one that links to you.” Yoongi groans in frustration. He continues to search on his computer for 30 minutes.

Tae is laughing, and crying “you wouldn’t find her.” Tae winks at Jungkook. Jungkook and Jimin start to laugh hysterically when they understood what Tae did. 

“Well unless you are talking about a stripper I give up!” Yoongi slams his computer shut.

Everyone is on the floor rolling of laughter “oh my god,” he wipes away a tear and looks at Yoongi.

“Who is she?!”

“She’s ...” he stops to breath “not real.”

Yoongi stands up and starts to walk to Tae. Tae scrambles to stand and sprints out of my room yelling. We follow them to see what goes on.

“HE’S GOING TO KILL ME! NAMJOON” Tae knocks on Namjoon’s door frantically as we are all laughing at the scene. Yoongi walks slowly to Tae, like a cat walking to his prey.

“You made him angry why must I deal with it?” Namjoon yells back causing us to laugh harder.

Yoongi catches up and grabs Tae into a headlock and drags him back to my room. He throws him onto my bed and goes and grabs his computer. Yoongi looks at the time. “We should get ready to go soon.” He comments and makes a quick move to Tae that causes Tae to throw my stuffed animals in defense.


I got out of the shower and dried my hair. I put on my make up and walked to my bed and grabbed the outfit Jimin picked out. He picked a shear black top, I wore a black bra with it and you could see it. I groan because I have to wear it. He also picked a light pink pencil skirt for me to wear and a pair of heels. I put my hair down, praying it would cover my breasts a bit but it didn't help. I grab a bag and put my phone and lipstick in it and some cash as well. I walk down stairs and wait at the door

Jimin walks down and laughs at me. “You look hot, but you look like you want to murder me.” He tries to hug me but I push him away. We wait for the others and start to go. We go to the club called Wings.

The club was hot and smelled like alcohol. The music was loud and pounding in my head. There were people dancing, girls were either grinding on guys or with their friends. I walk to the bar with Tae and we grab drinks for everyone. We find a table and sit for a bit. The boys were looking at the girls and seeing who they wanted to ask to dance with. I finish my first drink and stand up. “I’m going to get another drink.” I yell over the music. When I come back most of the guys are gone and dancing with any girl.

I sit with Jungkook, “why aren't you dancing?”

“I don't think anyone will want to dance with me.” My jaw basically drops, did he not see himself, any girl would want to dance with him.

“That's not true! Go dance.”

“Come with me.” He grabs my hand and pulls me onto the dance floor. We both start to awkwardly dance but then a girl came over and started to dance with Jungkook and he smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. I roll my eyes and grab another drink. I stay at the bar for a while now and start to feel tipsy.

I walk back to the dance floor to find one of the guys. I tap a guy I think is Jimin on the shoulder but he turns around and I realize it wasn’t him. “s-sorry, you aren't who I was looking for.” I try to walk away but he wraps his arms around my waist and starts to dance with me. I don't mind at first because I am at a club and I will be able to pull away if I want. He starts to pull me closer and tries to grind against me. I push him away again and try to get out of his grip. He holds tighter.

“Come on love, let me buy you a drink.” He pulls me to the bar and I try to shake him off of me. I push him away and walk away from the bar. I sit at our table for a minute and take deep breaths.

‘I need more drinks’ I go to the bar and drink another rum and coke and then another. I was drinking to get drunk. I knew this, but I felt comfortable with the guys. I get back on the dance floor and make friends with a girl dancing. We soon start to dance together and grind against each other. The guys start to whistle at us and watch us dance. We giggle at each other. Two guys try to dance with us and we pull away from each other, we nod that each of us is okay and kept dancing. I look up and the guy was the same guy from before. I roll my eyes and try to get away again. I see my friend making out with the guy who grabbed her. I look for any of the other guys but there weren’t anywhere. I try to get out of the guy’s hands again. He grabs my butt and starts to move my hips, I push him hard from me and storm out of the bar. I was drunk and my head was spinning. I start to cry and I grab out my phone. It was already 2am, and I had 6 unread messages.

Jimin: I left with someone

Namjoon: me too

Yoongi: emphasized Namjoon’s text

Jungkook: emphasized Namjoon’s text

Tae: emphasized Jimin’s text

Tae: I wanted to be unique

These messages made me cry harder, did they forget I existed? They left me in the city with no car and with barely any money. I frantically look at my phone and think of who to call. I stop at Hobi’s contact, maybe he was home. I take deep breaths and calm myself before I call him.

The phone rings three times before he answers my call, “Hello? Do you know what time it is? You could just walk to my room.” His voice is tired

I sob into the phone at his voice. “I went out with the guys and I don’t know where they are, can you come and get me.” I speak quickly and can hear him rushing around his room.

“where are you?”


He hangs up and I sit on the curb waiting for him. The bouncer asked me if I was okay and I nod. I hug my legs and try to stop the world from spinning, I felt like I was going to be sick. I felt a jacket land on my shoulders and someone sit next to me. I look up and see the same creep from before.

“How many times do I have to say leave me alone?” I stand up and throw his jacket at him. He looks back up at me and stands.

“Come on baby, I felt that your hips know you want me.” He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me close, he seems more drunk than I am.

“Leave me the fuck alone,” I say and struggle against him.

“I believe the lady told you to get off her” I hear Hobi’s voice and he pulls my arm and get me out of the guy’s arm. Hobi puts me behind him and stands in front of me.

“Shit she didn't tell me she had a boyfriend.” The guy put his arms up and backs away. I hug Hobi. I start to walk to the car but I stumble and almost fall.

“Easy there.” He chuckles and helps me into the car.

He gets in the car. “did he do anything?” he asks and grips the steering wheel.

“He just tried to dance with me, he kept grabbing my waist and butt, just being really creepy.” I shiver and us his coat as a jacket.

“How drunk are you?”



“Did you know when you are angry your eyebrows do this think?” I try to mimic what his eyebrows do and I couldn’t. he looks at me and laughs. “Also I didn't tell him I had a boyfriend because I didn’t know I had one.” I gesture with my hands out. “I wouldn’t have gone if I knew, who lets their girlfriend go out to a club dressed like this?”

He glances at me, “you are really drunk, but I wouldn't let my girlfriend go to a club alone, I didn't know my girlfriend was going to the club.”

“You have a girlfriend?” I gasp and cover my mouth. I start to cry.

“Why are you crying?”

“Because I want to be your girlfriend.”

“You are now my girlfriend, Princess.”

I gasp and smile. “Good.” I blink a bit and feel a little better. “Now why were you gone for so long? I missed you and-couldn't-sleep. Also-you-look-very-hot-right-now-and-i-really-want-to-kiss-and-cuddle-you. You-can-tie-me-up-any-time-daddy.” My words start to slur and I close my eyes. I feel Hobi put his hand on my thigh and chuckle to himself. I fall asleep in the car.


I wake up with a dry mouth and not feeling my feet in my room. I stand up and try to find any water. I brush my teeth and end up walking to the kitchen and chugging four glasses of water. I see the windows and can tell its midday. I walk back up the stairs and head to Hobi’s room. I open his door and crawl into his bed, he isn’t there but I wanted to be surrounded by his scent and his bed was much better than mine. I close my eyes and curl into a ball, Hobi walks out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and looks at me.

“Why do I always find you in my bed?” he laughs and puts on a pair of shorts.

“Your bed is better than mine.” I whine and curl tighter onto his bed. “sorry for being drunk last night, I only remember fractions of what I said.” He walks to the side closer to me and I look up at him.

“Not a problem, just don't go clubbing next time without your boyfriend.” He kisses my forehead. I nod in agreement.

“Wait boyfriend?!” I jump up and groan at the sudden movement. Then the conversation comes back to me. “Oh boyfriend” I smile and lay back down on his bed and cuddle into his comforter. He chuckles from the bathroom and walks back out. “Did I say anything embarrassing?”

“Nothing really”

“What did I say?”

He sits down next to me and pulls me onto his lap, he kisses my lips and pulls me close to him. “Just that I looked hot and you wanted to kiss and cuddle me.”

“Oh, thats not to bad at all.” I smile proud of myself for not saying anything that bad.

“And I quote “you can tie me up anytime you want daddy.”” He laughs and bury his face into my neck and I gasp at his touch and what I said.

“I didn’t!” I exclaim at him.

“Oh you so did Princess.” He starts to suck on my neck and pulls me closer to him. I moan and start to kiss him, he leans back and we start to make out.

He flips me so he is hovering over me. He takes off my shirt and bra. He starts to suck on my nipples and bites my body. I moan and he pulls down my pants. He starts to rub my clit and curls his fingers into me. I moan louder and roll my hips to his movements. I look down and see his bulge and smirk. He moves his fingers faster and I moan and cum on his finger. He pulls his fingers out and looks me in the eye as he sucks on them. “you taste good” he puts his fingers back and grabs some of my cum. He puts his fingers in my mouth making me taste myself. He moans as I suck on his fingers. I pull his pants down and suck his dick. I deep throat him and moan on his dick/ I have wanted him for so long and he taste like I dreamed he would. I suck hard on his dick and he moans loudly.

“Princess, I wanna fuck you.” He moans and pulls his dick out. I whimper and lick my lips, I try to go back to his dick to suck him again. “Oh you are hungry” he laughs and I nod my head.

He shakes his head no, not letting me taste him now. I groan as he lays me down. He spreads my legs and lines himself up to me. I moan as I feel his tip at my entrance, I wiggle in anticipation and try to push him further. He grabs my hips and slides his length in. I moan loudly at his size and wiggle to get comfortable. He grips my hips harder and starts to thrust deep into me. I moan as he starts to speed up, his thrusts were careful and planned not sloppy. I felt a little plain but the pain became pleasure as he kept moving. I moan louder as he starts to attack my neck. He starts to rub my breasts and my clit as he thrusts. He moans and kisses my lips. I start to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning.

“Moan my name.” he thrusts hard

“Hoseok, I’m close.” I moan loudly and scratch his back, he starts to go faster and harder and I scream in pleasure. I cum on his dick and he keeps thrusting causing me to ride out my orgasm. He thrusts deep and cums inside of me. He pulls out and kisses my lips.

He pulls me into his arms and kisses my head. I snuggle into his arms and we fall asleep.

Chapter Text

Present Day:


            For a week Hobi barely let me out of his sight, except for when he was at work but even then, someone was always with me. Namjoon frequently checking on my wound and after 15 days Namjoon took the stitches out. And about two weeks after I was training to fight with Namjoon again.

            I lean against the wall panting after a 45 minutes workout, I drink water and Namjoon is standing by me, we both are catching our breaths. “How’s your cut?” he gestures to my stomach and puts his hands on his knees, he sits down on the floor and lays back.

            “It doesn't hurt.” I sit against the wall.

            “You seem… antsy”

            “I just want to go back on missions, I hate that Hoseok is treating me like I can break at any minute, Tae keeps looking at me like I’m a kicked puppy, and I just want to fight, or break everything.” I hit my hand against the wall.

            Namjoon nods and sits quietly, he looks like he is contemplating what to say but doesn’t know anything to help me. “I have an idea! You are going to love this!” he sits up and looks at me with dimples.


            “I’m going to sign you up for a fight club. It’s perfect, you can fight people and get your anger out, prove to Hoseok you aren’t fragile and I’m sure Tae will not look at you like a kicked puppy anymore!” he stands up and has a new burst of energy.

            “How do we do that?” I smile at the idea.

            “There is a fight tonight! It can be your debut!” he laughs and starts to pull me up.

            “You need another name though… how about Blade? Cause you like knifes.”


            “Alight I’ll sign you up for tonight… Ruby.” He winks and walks to the door.

            “Don’t tell Hoseok, I don't want him to know.” He nods and leaves

            I walk upstairs and help Jin make dinner, I’m so excited I ate my dinner fast and cleaned the dishes. I sprint to my room and run to change. I put on a pair of leggings and a sports bra with a zipped hoodie. I lay in my bed, Hoseok checks and sees that I’m asleep. He lets me sleep. I wait until he leaves to jump out of my bed. I add ruby lipstick to add a little flare. It’s around 10:00 pm and Namjoon knocks on my door. We sneak out of the house and he drives me to a ware house.

            “Now when we are in here, I will only call you Ruby, and you can only call me RM.” He taps the wheel, I can tell he doesn't like hiding something from Hoseok but I wanted to get a few fights in before Hoseok knew.

            We walk out of the car in the cool night air, I zip the hoodie and follow behind Namjoon. He walks up to the bouncer and the bouncer lets us by, Namjoon must have been known here. A guy runs up to him and smacks his back.

            “RM long time no see! You have a new fighter I see, I miss the days when you were in the ring, my money is on your fighter,” he smiles encouragingly at me and I nod, Namjoon grabs my shoulders and leads me to a corner. He turns me around and faces me.

            “Now, just kick some ass…” he looks at me “and don’t lose too much control of yourself.” There was a little bit of fear in his eyes, I knew that when I was really fighting or on a mission I tended to lose myself. I nod at his words and hand him my jacket. I walk to the middle of the circle and wait for my opponent.

            “We have a new fighter in the ring! Her first fight every, Ruby!” the announces gesture to me. Some people in the crowd cheer, some boo but I start to feel adrenaline in my veins that I no longer cared.

            “And we have the rough, the tough, the mighty Rib-breaker” the announcer gestures to a girl walking towards me. She is taller than me by a few inches, she also had biceps to spare. I was intimidated and nervous from my first fight but I felt ready.

            “Ready? FIGHT”

            She swings the first punch and I roll out of the way. I kick her feet under her but she slams her foot on my ankle and I scream. Shit we are playing dirty. She grabs my hair and starts to pull me up by my hair. I hold onto her hand and kick her chest away from me. She falls down and I sit on top of her and start to punch her repeatedly. The crowd roars. She grabs my fist and twists it so I fall to the side. She gets up and I get up. We face each other and raise our fists. I roundhouse kick but she moves out of the way. I kick again and again but keep missing her. She grabs my foot and throws me to the side. I get back up but struggle a little bit. She charges at me but I jump and wrap my legs around her neck. I use my momentum to throw her to the ground. I land on her and start to hit her endlessly. She tries to grab my hair but I pull back. She shoves me off her and stands over me.

            “Rib-breaker! Rib-breaker!” the crowd starts to chant. She walks up to me and puts her foot on my chest. She starts to apply pressure and I can feel it getting hard to breath. I try to lift her foot up but she applies more pressure. I can feel myself getting lightheaded so I push harder. I then swing my arms at her ankle and kept punching it, I shift all of my weight to the side, causing her to get off balanced. I grab her arm and hold it in mine with her body on the ground. I was in position to break her arm. I ram my elbow down and hear a crack, she yells in pain and falls down. She taps out and the announcer comes over. He grabs my hand and holds it up “Ruby wins! Who will challenge her next?”


            This went on for a week, every night I would fight, I would win some and lose others. I started to get bruises and cuts but nothing too bad, I try to avoid catastrophic injuries. It was Saturday night and I was lying in bed. I have been sleeping in my room and avoiding Hoseok because I ddin’t want him to worry or yell at me. Someone knocks on my door and I can tells its Hobi, I pull my blankets up higher and yell for him to come in.

            “Is everything okay?” he walks to me and sits on my bed. “Did I do something to hurt you?”


            “Then why are you avoiding me? Why aren't you sleeping in my bed?”

            I don't answer him.

            “Is it because I wouldn’t let you go on missions?”


            “Why? Stop ignoring me and tell me what’s the issue.”

            I roll over and don't even look at him. I had a black eye and I didn't want him to see it because if he did he would know something was up.

            “fine. Be that way, I’m going out with Yoongi and Tae, don’t wait for me, but we are going to talk about this” He slams my door as he leaves and I sigh. I get up and put on my lipstick and get ready for Namjoon to signal me to leave. I put my hair in space buns and leave. My iconic style is now red lipstick and buns. The buns make it hard for my hair to be pulled, I learned this in my first fight.

            We get to the warehouse and I smile as I enter. I walk to my corner and Namjoon follows me. “You need to tell Hoseok soon.”

            “I know, I will after tonight.”

            “He will defiantly learn after tonight” he points into the crowd and I see Tae, Yoongi and Hoseok. I stand there shocked and shake off the feeling.

            “Everyone welcome the best season, Summer!” the crowd cheers but dies down fast. I see Hobi, he looks angry after our fight and he drinks his beer and ignores Tae and Yoongi.

            “She’s hard to break, everyone welcome our precious Ruby!” The crowd cheer loudly, I quickly became a crowd favorite and I walk to face my opponent. I can feel Hoseok’s eyes on me but I shake the feeling off. I crack my knuckles and shake hands with Summer.


            I wait for her move. She tries to kick me but I slide under her and punch her thigh. I’ve fought Summer before, she was an easy win. She was unbalances and unfocused. She gets frazzled by not getting the first hit in. I pop up behind her and put her in a choke hold. She struggles and scratches my arms to make me let go of her. She kicks me in the side and I fall down. I flip myself up and kick her in the chest. She lays down and grabs her chest. I turn to the crowd and gesture for them to cheer for me.

            “Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!” I smile and look down at her. I ram my elbow into her stomach and she punches my in the mouth. I spit the blood out and grab her neck. I pull her to the floor and twist so she is under my weight. I punch her in the stomach repeatable and then I stand up. She is still on the floor and I pull her hair. She hits my hands and keeps struggling. I let go of her hair and she crumbles to the floor. She taps the floor and her trainer helps her out of the ring.

            The crowd cheers for me and I laugh. I grab some water from Namjoon and we wait from the next fight.

            “Hoseok is going to murder me.” I whisper to Namjoon and he just nods.

“Ruby’s challenger is the Ringmaster!”

            I walk up and freeze. This girl was at least a foot taller than me and was muscles everywhere. I was in for it. I look at the crowd and see Hoseok lean in closer to the fight and I swallow. He laughs and whispers to Tae. I shake her hand and wait for the announcer.


            I kick her chest but she doesn't fall. She grabs my ankle and twists it and I hear a pop. I wince in pain and punch her jaw. She releases my ankle and I can't put pressure on it. This is going to be a painful fight. I sigh and look at her. She charges me but I jump and wrap my legs around her neck and pull her onto the ground. She shoves me off of her and punches my jaw and I groan. She wraps her arm around my throat and starts to tighten around my throat. I leverage my body up and flail it down to the floor causing her to lose her grip. I crawl away from her and try to kick her ankles. She keeps walking up to me and I slide under her legs, punching her thighs and knees. She grabs my arm and pulls me up. I struggle against her and she pulls me to face her. I slap her and she just looks at me. My eyes widen in fear, she pulls me over her head, acting like I weight nothing. She then just drops me onto my side, I stay on the ground trying to breath, I am running out of a plan. I look at her and she is looking at the crowd. I stand up and jump on her back. I wrap my arms around her neck and pull her down to her knees. She scratches my arms leaving gashes on my arms that are bleeding nonstop. I pull tighter and she taps out. I pant and fall to the floor.

            “RUBY WINS.” I stand on my good leg and smile at the crowd. Namjoon runs to my side and helps me walk out. He sits me on a chair and looks at my ankle. Tae walks up and claps.

            “Good fight!” he smiles and high fives me. “why didn’t you tell us you were fighting? We would have supported you earlier.”

            “You didn't even bet on her winning.” Yoongi says to Tae.

            “Did you see the size of that girl!” Tae exclaims.

            “What did Hoseok whisper to you?” I hiss as Namjoon wraps my ankle up.

            “That I should have put my money on you.”

            Yoongi nods toward the corner. “Hoseok went to collect his money, he’ll be over in a minute.”

            “Is he mad?”

            “I don't know, he was happy he won” Tae laughs and looks at me impressed.

            I lay my head back in pain. “You’re ankle is sprained, you should be good.” Namjoon says. “Are you done fighting tonight?”

            I nod and drink my water. I wait for Hoseok to walk up to me, I’m nervous for what he will say. He walks up with a bunch of cash in his hands and a smile on his face. The guys leave us alone. I am still sitting in the corner. “I am so sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I just didn't want you to worry about me and I was so sick of being treated like I was fragile because I was stabbed.” I just spill my guts frantically and speaking fast,

            “I mean it was hard seeing my Princess get hit, but watching her win was hot. Also you could have told me earlier, I would have been supportive, I know you are strong I just was scared when you got stabbed. But seeing you like this reminds me that you are stronger than you let others believe.” He leans in and looks at me. He rubs my lips and whispers “now I think that lipstick would look wonderful around my dick.” He smirks. “Ready to go home?”


            We get home and I hobble to Hobi’s room. I grabbed a pair of pajamas and sit in his room. He walks in a minute later and smiles. “I’m going to shower.” He says, I can tell he was a little hurt that I kept a secret from him but I knew he would forgive me soon. I suddenly got an idea on how to get him to warm up to me sooner. I hear him turn on the shower and wait a second. I walked to his bathroom and striped my clothes off. I step into the shower with him. He turns around and looks at me and smiles, he pulls me close to him and starts to kiss my neck slowly, he pulls away and scans my body. It is filled with bruises and a scar from being stabbed and several newer ones. He bites his lip as he looks me up and down. “The scars are rather hot.”

He goes back to my neck and I pull myself close to him. I can feel his dick getting hard so I start to kiss his neck and he moans and starts to kiss my lips. He pushes me against the wall and lifts one of my legs up. He starts to grind his dick on my slit. I moan into his kiss and he groans. He lifts me up and turns off the shower. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He walks us to the bed and sits on the bed so I straddle his lap. He moans and I pull away. He flips us over to he is hovering over me. He starts to suck on my nipples and bites at them. I moan and grab his back.

He starts to kiss down my stomach avoiding my bruises. He starts to leave hickeys on my inner thighs. I arch my back as he starts to lick my clit. He moans into my slit and starts to lick faster. I grab his hair as he starts to move slowly and sensually. He moves his tongue in slow circles on my clit and drags his tongue to my hole. He licks it softly and then goes back to my clit.

“I’m going to cum..” I sigh as he keeps moving his tongue slowly. I cum in his mouth and he comes up licking his lips. I pant and look at his dick. I lick my lips and get on my knees in front of him. I grab his hand and put it on my hair and I start to lick the tip of his dick slowly and teasingly. I start to put it in my mouth and I feel his weight on my tongue. I taste his precum which drives me crazy. I start to suck on his dick and he groans and pulls my hair. I start to take his whole length and he pants.

“Princess… I want to cum in your pussy…” he groans as I know he is close to coming. I pull his dick out of my mouth and lick off my saliva from his dick. I stand up and lay on the bed. He spreads my legs wide and starts to slide his dick in, but he only puts the tip in. I moan at his teasing.

“Please don't tease” I moan and wiggle under him. He smiles at me and starts to slide his length into me. I moan loudly and he groans.

“Shit you are tight Princess.” He moans loud and waits before he starts to thrust. He starts to thrust slowly at first because he seems scared of hurting me. I moan loud and my moans make him start to thrust harder. I moan as he starts to hit me in my g spot. He starts to go harder and faster. I moan his name loudly and he starts to go faster. He puts his finger to his lips to tell me to be quieter, I try to bite my lip to hold back my moan but he keeps hitting my g spot hard. He puts his hand on my throat and starts to choke me so I couldn’t make a noise. I felt myself getting closer to my climax as he choked me. My legs started to shake from pleasure and I started to climax, my pussy walls clenching and unclenching around his dick. He thrusts a few more times before he releases in me. I moan as his cum fills me.

He kisses my head and cleans us up. He puts on a pair of shorts and I get in my pajamas. He lays down and I crawl into his bed. He sighs and pulls me closer. “I missed you in my arms Princess.” He whispers and we fall asleep.  

Chapter Text

Flash Back:


            I walk into the back room of the bar before my shift starts, I got here earlier than usual, mostly because Jin dropped me off today and wanted to get to bed early. I open the door and put my bag down on the counter, I sit at the desk and pulled out my phone. I still had 10 minutes before I was supposed to clock in. The computers made it so I could only clock in at the time my shift started or when the bar opened, so they didn't have to pay me for overtime. I started to play a game on my phone when I hear the door open but ignored it.

            “Aren't you clocked in?” I look up and see Hobi staring at me irritated.

            “No, my shift doesn’t start until 11:00pm.”

            “It’s 10:50pm” he checks his watch and looks back at me.

            “The bar doesn't open until 11:00.”

            “But you need to be prepared, people are already lining up.” He seemed extra on edge, I was getting annoyed at him for his tone. It’s his dumb rule that makes it that I can’t clock in before the bar is even open, you would think he would know it.

            “I’m not clocked in, also I’m not even late to my shift” I still look at my phone and don't bother with him, there was no point in getting an argument over this.

            “You are wasting company time.”

            “No, I am not, I am not clocked in, so you aren't losing money over this.”

            “Why can't you do the simplest of things? Like clock in.”


            “I let you work at my bar when you had no experience, I let you into my house and you can’t even respect me as a boss.”

            “Let me work here? You forced me to work here and to move to your house. You have been forcing me to do things all the time!” I gave up on controlling my temper. I was pissed, how dare he act like he was better than me and hold those things over my head.

            “Oh have I? What have I forced that is so horrible for you?”

            “Well working at this bar, living in your house, training so you would accept me…” I couldn’t be as clear as I wanted to be given we were in the bar. “and… being your girlfriend!” I stand up and start to leave the room. I open the door and start to walk out.

            “You can leave when I say we are done with this conversation!” He snaps at me. I look at his eyes, I can see the hurt in them but they also were angry. His jaw was clenched and he looked like he wanted to punch the wall. I look at him and hold onto the door handle. I thought about closing the door and finishing this conversation, I already regretted saying what I said.

             “You don’t own me and also…” I hold up my phone and it reads 11:01pm. I look at it dramatically and look at him “I believe you are wasting company time.” I slam the door and walk to the bar. I start my shift furious, but also guilty. But I was too mad to care if I hurt his feelings, he was being arrogant and an ass.

            The bar got really popular around 11:30pm. Hobi was in the office, he would occasionally walk out and check to see if things were in order. The other waitresses were on edge because he was there.

            “He is so hot.” One of the waitresses whispers to me as he walked out. I pretended not to hear. I carry a tray of drinks to a table that has been extra flirty today. I check to see if Hobi was watching and chatted to the guys for a bit. His gaze was hot on me. One of the guys wraps his arms around my waist and I giggle to him.

            “I don't pay you to flirt with costumers.” Hobi announces to the table. What an ass. I look at the guys and raise my shoulders, I grab my tray and walk back to the bar. Hobi went back to the back room. I was getting angrier as the minutes went by.

            The bar closed at 1:00 am. I was in charge of closing – as usual –I was cleaning the bar when Hobi walked out. “I’m leaving.” He walks to the door.

            “Are you going to take me home?” I look up “I’m almost done just wait 5 minutes.” I start to hurry.

            “Don’t rush.” I smile thinking he was softening up. “I’m not taking you home, wouldn’t want to force you into anything.” He slams the door as he walks out. Are you serious, did he just. My face drops as I finish cleaning the bar.

            I walk outside and shiver at the cool night air. I start to walk to the bus stop and hopefully will be able to catch a ride this late. I look at the schedule and the buses already stopped running. I groan in frustration as I start to walk back to the house. Taxis stopped after 1, my phone was dead so I had no choice but to walk. I keep replaying our argument in my head and get more worked up at him leaving me to walk home alone. A car pulls up to me, and I walk faster. I hear the window pull down and a guy yell at me.

            “Get in the car.”

            I ignore and start to walk faster. I hear the door open and I start to run. I sprint as fast as I can but I felt the guy catching up quickly. I run right into another guy and they both surround me. “So this is the girl? She’s not that pretty.” The guy comments before putting a bag over my head and putting me into the trunk of the car. I pound and scream but I know it was useless. I had to think this thru. It slowly clicked to me that these guys were trying to get to Hoseok through me. They either wanted to lure Hobi to them or get information, so the only way to get out of torture was to betray Hoseok or act like I didn't know anything.

            The car slows down and they open the trunk, they take the bag off of my head and lead me into a warehouse. I stay quiet and try to think of what to do. They sit my down on a chair and tie me up. I don't try to struggle, I look down and take deep breaths. I then look back up at the guys with what I hope if a crazed look in my eyes. They pull a gun on me.

            I look up at their gun, “I haven’t seen one that big! Oh I can just imaging it now, I can feel it. Imagine the high you get right before BANG….uh” I squirm in the chair. “I bet its euphoric, I can just imagine it now, can you?”

            “What?” the guys look at each other confused.

            “Your gun exploding on my face.” I laugh hysterically and lick my lips. “but I bet you haven’t had your gun shot on a lady in a while.” I tilt my head and smile innocently.

            “You’d be surprised with what people are willing to do if you threaten them.” One guy remarks and then turns to his friend worried about my sanity and if they grabbed the right girl.

            “You see, most girls wouldn't want a gun… that small.” I widen my eyes.

            One guy comes over and kicks the chair over. “was your other gun getting excited?” I laugh into the ground.

            “She’s crazy.” they leave me, tied to a chair and on the floor. I groan and pray Hobi will come to help me.

            I don't remember falling asleep but I woke up, I was still tied but no longer to a chair, but my arms were tied to chains. Hobi should realize I’m missing by now. I look around and no one is in the room, but I hear footsteps coming in. I start to swing on the chain and kick my feet crazily. I laugh and giggle and act like I’m having so much fun.

            “Good Morning.” I flip so I’m hanging upside down for a minute. “How’d you sleep? I slept wonderful, I always love being tied.” I giggle and swing over their heads. I kept swinging and they got annoyed.

“Do you want to play a game?” I stick my tongue out and swing closer to them. “It’s really easy! I promise, even you can get it!” I look down and swing faster “WEEEEEE” I twirl and twist and spin on the chain, this is actually kind of fun – the swinging. “So we take turns counting except you can't say any number that ends with 2! You have to say…” I act like I’m thinking for a minute. “Sugar!”

“I’ll start 1” I look at them expectantly.

They come with a bat and smack my legs with it. I try not to wince. “it’s only fun if you play along!”

“Let’s play a different game, for every question you don’t answer you get hit. Sound fun right?” They wanted information, not for Hobi to come save me, which meant there was no ransom. My phone was dead so Yoongi couldn't track it down, I was as good as dead now.

I don't answer and stop swinging. He hits me again with a bat and I bite my lip. “Come on it’s only fun if you play along.”

I got hit 4 times with the bat before got bored. They haven’t fed me or give me water for one day now. I was still hanging from my arms and can feel my arms getting sore and feeling like they are slowly being ripped off of my body. Hobi either doesn't care that I’m trapped here or doesn’t know. I start to think of what he said to me when I had my nightmare. “I’ll protect you, forever and always.” Then he wrapped his arms around me and I could almost feel it. But where was he now I was starting to doubt him. I know we had an agreement but I didn't mean those things I said, and I may never get the chance to tell him. I can feel tears on my eyes but try to not cry.

“Oh is something wrong Toots?” a guy asks and I twist my face into a grin. There were two guys torturing me, and 2 guys watching.

“I just missed my friends! But you’re back! Let’s continue to play, but let’s play a different game! That game was no fun.” I act cute, furrowing my brows and pouting my lips.  

            They laugh at my comment and grab a whip. I look at it and start to laugh in fear. “Kinky!” I yell and flip my legs around and spin again.

            “The bat wasn’t working so we thought maybe spice it up.” One of the guys comments, I smile at them.

            “You two know how to treat a girl!” I giggle and look at them. I look down at them and the one guy cracks the whip but misses.

            I look down and breath happy they missed but I laugh “Guess you aren't able to handle something that long!” I stick my tongue out and move it to the side of my mouth and smile widely.

            I swing faster and start to go in circles. I spin and twist and laugh hysterically. This was taking a lot of energy out of me and I was running on no food but pure adrenaline.

            “Same rules as last time.” He says sharply.

            “Where does his business run?”

            “His? God? He runs everywhere!” I laugh and he whips me on my back. “That's against the rules! I answered the question.” I scream.

            This goes on for a bit, I start to feel faint at the whip and lack of energy, I think I got whipped 4 times now.

            “Where can we find him?” they whip me before giving me a chance to answer.

            I scream out in pain and bite my lip, I then laugh and look at them. I swing my legs up and giggle crazily.

            “Right behind you.” Hoseok says and punches on of the guys and grabs the whip from his hand. He starts to whip the guys over and over again. I see Tae, Jungkook, Jimin, and Namjoon run in and kill the rest of the guys with them. Is this real? Is he here right now? I felt myself being lifted up and untied. I keep my eyes half open as my body collapses onto the person’s arms, I look over the person’s and don't see Hoseok, maybe this is a dream. I sway as I stand up and I fall back into familiar arms. I feel him wrap his arms around me and I get his scent, I immediately start to cry at this. He walks with me out of the warehouse and into a car. I sob the whole way in his arms with him soothing me.

            “I am so sorry, is shouldn’t have said anything that I did. You haven’t forced me to be your girlfriend.” I kept saying over and over again. He was petting my hair and held me tight.

            “I should have driven you home, I should have been there, I promise I’ll always protect you.” He whispers and I close my eyes.


            I learned they saved me at 8:00am, I slept through the whole day, but woke up in time for dinner. They all were sitting at the table eating quietly and awkwardly. I walk into the room and sit next to Jungkook. I grab some rice and chicken and beef. I pile it all onto my plate and start to eat like an animal. I stop when I realize they all were staring at me.

            “What?” I really didn’t want them to give me these looks, I would rather forget this happened.

            “D-did you actually enjoy being tortured?” Namjoon asks.

            “You were acting really weird.” Jungkook adds.

            “It was entertaining.” Tae says.

            “But like kind of scary.” Jimin says with a worried expression.

            “And you gave no information up.” Hobi adds.

            I look at each of their faces, I must have been a better actress than I thought. “No, are you kidding me? I was acting, it was the only way I could think of to… not give up any information.” I hesitate and look back at my food. I take a bite and don't make eye contact.

            “You should have seen it Jin and Yoongi, she was hung up by her arms on a chain, she was swinging around and doing acrobatic tricks.” Tae starts to laugh.

            Yoongi looks at me surprised but chuckles. “You didn’t see it all!” I smile, “I may or may not have made a comment about his gun being a little small…” I laugh as everyone laughs with me.

            “You looked at a man holding a gun to you and commented on his length.” Namjoon says impressed, “Hobi where did you find her?” he laughs.

            Hobi doesn’t answer, the air was still awkward around us. I look down and finish eating fast. “I’m going back to bed” I stretch my arms and put my plate in the kitchen. I walk up to my room and walk out to the roof. I sit in the cool air and let it fill my lungs. I look at the garden and watch as the wind causes the flowers to dance. I lay back and loop at the stars and take in the calm night air. I still feel stiff and sore, but the bruises aren't as bad as I thought, and my swinging actually helped because the whip couldn't hit me as deeply. The only think that hurt really was my arms and heart.

            “Can I sit?” I see Hobi staring down at me and I sit back up and nod. He sits next to me close enough that our shoulders are touching. “I am sorry, I didn't mean what I said at the bar. I was frustrated.”

            “You meant them, you were angry, I haven't been respecting you are work, I will try to respect you when we are in a professional setting.” I answer and stare at the garden.

            “Did you mean when you said I forced you to be my girlfriend?”

            “No, I was just angry, I wanted to hurt you.” I answer honestly because I saw no point in lying, being tortured to near death really makes you have a new outlook on life.


            “I’m sorry, I was mad and angry, I felt like this whole time you weren’t respecting me so I thought hurting you was the best way to be respecting.”

            “I forgive you” I felt a weight lift and I felt better that he forgave me. He leans in and whispers “I know it was an act, but seeing you act crazy was kind of a turn on.” He starts to nibble my ear. I giggle at his comment and kiss him.

            I kiss him like there was no tomorrow, like there may not be a next hour, because in our line of business there may not be. He pulled me onto his lap and I straddled his torso. He puts his hands on my butt and squeezes it. I push myself closer and start to attack his neck, leaving marks up and down his collar bone. He moans and pulls away from me. He looks at me and smiles, he lifts my shirt off and takes off my bra, he starts to suck on my nipples and I moan loudly. A gust of wind comes and causes me to shiver. We laugh realizing we were still on the roof. I grab my shirt and crawl off his lap.

            “So Princess…” he says as we crawl off of the roof. “Is it too soon to tie you up again?” he winks and helps me through the window. I laugh and look at him seeing if he is serious. I stop for a minute and think about it.

            I lean in to him and grab his crotch and start to palm his dick, I hear him groaning and smile at him sweetly. “No.” I run to his room, making him chase after me. He closes his door and grabs my waist. He kisses my neck from behind and slides his hand into my pants. He starts to rub my clit as I moan and move my hips to get more friction. His touch becomes lighter at my motion and I whimper.

            “Stripe and lay on the bed.” He orders as he walks to his closet. He grabs a tie and puts it around my wrists, then he ties me to the bed. He looks at my body and starts to kiss it everywhere. I moan as I am very wet and want him to touch me there. He looks down and starts to finger me deeply and I arch my back. He watches me and groans. I can tell his dick was getting uncomfortably hard and was going to need attention. I lick my lips again and watch him move around my body. He stands up in front of me and pulls off all of his clothes. He lines himself up with my hole but starts to tease me. He puts the tip in but then pulls it out. I moan in frustration.

            “Beg for me Princess.” He continues to tease me.

            “P-please, I want you in me so bad.” He pushes a little further in and looks at me. “I want your cock deep in me, only your dick gets me so wet.” I moan as he goes an inch further, he doesn't thrust of move, he just leaves part of his length in me. I try to wiggle but he doesn't let me.

            “Do you want more?”

            “Yes. I want your whole dick please, pound me. Make me scream your name.” I pant helplessly, he groans and slams his dick into my pussy. I arch my back and he thrust deep into me and I scream.

            “Scream my name.”

            “Hoseok” I scream as he rams into me hard and fast with no hint of letting up, I become a moaning mess as he pounds my pussy. I bite my lip as he sucks on my neck. I moan and pull against the ties. He watches me struggle and continues to pound into me.

            “I’m going to…” he watches my face as I come closer to climax.

            “Cum when I say you can.” He groans as he keeps going, his thrusts become sloppier. I try to hold back on cumming and moan at the pleasure and want to release so bad. He keeps thrusting as he cums in me. He looks at me and keeps going “you can cum now.” he thrusts through his orgasm as I start mine. I pull tightly against the ties and moan loudly.

            He unties me and grabs me a pair of pajamas. He crawls into bed and we cuddle into each other. He pets my hair and looks down at me. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I smile as I fall asleep.


Chapter Text

Present Day:


            I wake up in an empty bed, this is not unusual for us but it felt weird today. I stand up and walk down the hall.

“Hello?” The hall was quiet and all the doors were open. I could look into everyone’s room and saw no one in their rooms. I walk down the stairs and feel the silence. I walk into the dining room and see chains dangling from the ceiling. I look around and start to back away from the room. A cold bloody hand grabs my arm and ties my hands behind my back. I can't see the face but he leads me to the chains. I try to resist his grip but he was too strong for me to fight him. He ties my hands to the chains and leaves me in the room. I scream for help but no one comes.

The door opens slowly and a man walks into the door. He carries a bat that is filled with daggers, I start to scream more. I thrash against the chains and then feel them tug up so I am no longer on the floor. I feel my shoulders pop and right before the man swings his bat, I wake up.

I sit up shaking, “It was a dream, just a dream.” I whisper to myself over and over again. I look over and see Hobi is asleep, I get up out of bed and walk to the chair. I sit in the chair and try to calm down. I eventually go back into the bed but I don't sleep. I feel Hobi wrap his arms around me and he holds me close but I still couldn't calm myself down. I have had nightmares on and off throughout this time and each got more and more disturbing to me.

The next morning, I was sitting in the living room waiting for Yoongi and Hoseok to come in. We had our weekly team meeting today, the room had excited energy and I couldn’t tell why. Jungkook was bouncing his leg while Tae was drumming his fingers on the table. I sat with my head on the arm of the couch, resisting the urge to take a cat nap, it was early in the morning and I was up every night this week with nightmares. I hang my head and yawn. No one was talking, which made it so much easier to fall asleep.

“Morning! Let’s get to business.” My head shoots up at Yoongi’s voice. I look at him and blink slowly and nod.

“This week’s agenda…” Yoongi lists everyone’s responsibilities and duties for this week. Mine is the same as always, bar duty and fightclub.

“Also tomorrow, everyone prep, we are hosting a gambling night.” I lift my head and smile.

“Everyone?” I ask.

“Yes.” I smile widely and wait to hear the rest of the information.

“Friends and enemies will be there. It will be at the warehouse on 19th street, we will have blackjack, craps and the main game… Poker.” Yoongi continues. “Jimin, Tae, Namjoon and myself will be dealers. Jin and Hoseok will be playing. Mina, you’ll be our eyes and ears, as the waitress.” I roll my eyes… of course I was the waitress.

They dismiss the meeting and I go upstairs to take a nap. I lay on the bed and wake up 20 minutes later because of a nightmare. I groan in frustration. I get up out of bed and walk around the room for a minute. I get dressed into a black t-shirt dress and walk out of the room.

“You look like you a raccoon.” Jungkook laughs as he walks by.

“Thanks, you look like you got attacked by one.” Jungkook and I have really become siblings, it was nice at times but now wasn’t the best time. He laughs and walks down stairs. I follow him.

“Where are you going?” I ask as I catch up to him.

“Groceries, I lost a bet to Jin.” Jungkook holds a list and I turn to go to the basement as he walks out the front door.

I walk to Hoseok’s office and knock on the door.

“Come in.”

I walk into the office. It was pretty spacious given it was in the basement. He had a wooden desk with two computer monitors on it. He was typing on his computer and barely looked up. Behind him was a bookcase and a couch. I walk over and drape myself dramatically on the couch.

“What’s up, Princess?”

“Can I take a nap in here?”


I close my eyes and try to fall asleep, I listen to the clicking of his key board. I start to doze off again.

I am sitting in the training room with my hands and legs tied, I look down and there is blood pooling around me. Whose blood is this? I look around and then feel blood dripping on my face. I look up and see a body hanging over me, spilling blood.

I wake up with a jolt and Hoseok’s face in front of me.

“Nightmare?” He looks concerned and I just nod and sit up. I rub my eyes, and try to get the image of the body out of my head. “when was the last time you slept through the night?”

I shrug my shoulders, “Maybe a week ago.” He sits next to me and plays with my hair.

“Why didn't you tell me or wake me up?”

“You need sleep more than I do.”

“We all need sleep.” He kisses my cheek and gets back up. “Let me finish a few things then we can nap together.” He starts to type on his computer faster.

I watch him and blink. I yawn and stand up, I stretch my arms and back, I touch my toes and start to walk around the room.

“You are distracting me” he says not even looking up from his computer. “Can you sit still?” there is laughter in his voice. I nod and sit back on the couch and start to fidget around.

“Jeez why are you so anxious, are you worried I might bite during our nap?” he laughs and then looks at me. “You usually like it when I bite.” He smirks and gestures for me to come over to him. I walk to him and he puts his arm around my waist and makes me sit on his lap. He continues to type on his computer and I lean my head into the curve of his neck. I kept moving and readjusting myself and getting comfortable.

Hobi clears his throat “I’m REALLY going to need you to stop fidgeting now.” he whispers in my ear and I smile. I get an evil idea in my head and I continue to move my butt against his crotch. I move slower and more often now, I even let out soft moans as I was starting to get wet. He grabs my waist tighter, he flips me so I’m facing him and only straddling one of his thighs.

“If you are going to be a bad girl, get off on my thigh, I need to finish this.” He bites my ear before he starts to focus on his computer again. I groan as he starts to move his thigh back and forth and up and down. I start to move myself on his thigh. I moan in his ear and grab his shoulders for leverage, I start to move faster and harder. He helps me take my panties off. My clit rubs against his jeans and I moan louder at the rough feeling of them. I start to move slower, I was getting closer to my climax.

His hands grab my hips and move me faster again, “who said you could go easy on yourself?” he says and starts to kiss my neck causing me to moan louder. I keep going faster and faster until I finally cum. I collapse onto his upper body panting, he rubs my butt and hold me.

“Look at the mess you made Princess.” He puts a finger in my hole and I moan slightly at the pressure. He looks at my eyes and moves his finger to his mouth, “such a mess.” He licks his lips and starts to kiss my lips. He bites my lip and I moan into his mouth. He pulls me up so I’m straddling his lap. He starts to undo his belt but I stop him. I get on my knees and pull his dick out. I start to lick the tip of his dick and tease him. He groans and I lick up his length. I put his dick in my mouth and start to suck him off. He runs his fingers through my hair and I deep throat him.

“Fuck” he moans and clenches my hair tighter. I hum on his dick and bob my head. I lick his dick as I deep throat him and he moans more. “I’m… close” he says panting and I keep going. He pulls my hair as he cums in my mouth. I swallow and moan at his taste. I look up at him.

“Have I been a good girl?” I lick my lips and smirk. He smiles and nods.



            The next day everyone was running around getting ready for the gambling night. The preparations took all day, I was exhausted by the time to came to start the event. I was wearing a black dress with a white apron for the waitress uniform and I wanted to punch Tae for picking these out. The skirt puffed out, the top was low cut and barely covered anything. I managed to cover the bags under my eyes to make me look like a person. I walk out of the bathroom and run into Tae.
            “You are so dead.” He laughs and fixes my apron, “like seriously I’m going to murder you.” He walks away and ignores my threat. I walk to the front of the warehouse and wait for the people to come to gamble. I pull my skirt down more so I feel a little bit better.

            A man walks up and nods at me, I look down at the list “Name.”

            “Lee Hayeon.” I check the list and nod.

            “Right this way.” I lead him to one of the blackjack tables and get him a drink. “It's a $1,000 buy in.” I inform him before I leave.

            I kept doing this until there were about 20 or so men gambling. All the guest arrived so I was focusing on getting drinks. I walk over to Jin’s table and circle around. I leave a yellow chip in front of Jin and one other guy. The yellow chip means you were invited to play poker with Hoseok. I walk around all of the tables and leave chips in front of guys Hoseok told me to. 6 people have been invited to play poker.

            The rest of the gambling is over and those who weren’t invited leave the area, the rest go to the back. I lead a group of men to the back room.

            “$25,000 buy in, please pay before you go in and you will get your chips when you sit.” I stand in front of the door and each guy pays me. I walk into the room after the guys. I give the cash to Jungkook and he gets the chips for everyone. Yoongi shows that he is opening a new deck of cards. Namjoon, Tae and Jimin check the guys for weapons and takes all of the weapons that are on the guys. I get drinks, Hoseok and Jin start to chat with the guys at the table. I look at the table and study each guy.

            Lee Hayeon, a short man, with a balding head. His stomach sticks out and he is slimmy looking, he runs the biggest oil company. Park Yooheon, handsome, but has too much gel in his hair and very nervous, he is an heir to a jewelry company. Choe Dongil, an older man in his 50s, mild mannered, owns half of the land in Korea. Hu Jitae, a scrawny boy man, his hair is in a bowl cut, he runs most of the banks. Kim Seokjin, the most beautiful man ever, tall and broad, he is a high up lawyer who represents Hope World and BTS. Jung Hoseok, a handsome man, with a perfect jaw line, he runs BTS and owns Hope World. It was hard to decide who were the friends and who were the enemies in this game but I knew there was going to be a devastating amount of money lost today.

            The game starts, it is quiet but soon as more alcohol is consumed the air becomes livelier and happier. 45 minutes later it is only Lee Hayeon, Hoseok, and Choe Dongil left in the game. Everyone lost a lot of money and had to pay out. After they pay out I escorted them out. Jin is so lucky he gets to go to bed. I walk back into the room.

            “Sweetheart, I need more gin.” Hayeon gestures, his words a little slurred. I nod and walk around the table I study everyone’s cards. I pick up the cup with my middle finger and thumb. I walk to the bar and pour the gin. I walk back and place the drink in front of him.

            “Thank you,” he smacks my ass and laughs. I walk away quickly. Jungkook immediately walks to him and stands behind him.

            “If you would treat my staff with respect it would be better for your health.” Hoseok says without looking up from his cards. His jaw was clenched, the only sign we was angry. I look around the room and almost all of the guys were eyeballing Hayeon and were waiting for Hoseok’s orders.

            “Let’s finish the game.” Hoseok says to Yoongi. Yoongi nods and continues the game, Dongil folds. He was out of money. He goes to Jungkook and pays him his debt. I walk with him to the exit with Tae behind us.

            I walk back into the room and all of the joyous feeling was gone. It was now scary quiet and everyone was staring at the two players. Hoseok gestures for me to get him another drink. I grab his glass and walk around the table. I pour his whiskey. I walk back around and put his glass down with my index finger and thumb holding the glass.

            “Sweetheart, more gin.” I grab his glass and walk back to the bar. I walk back and place his drink on the table. He grabs my waist and pulls me down to his lap. If he wasn’t an enemy before this game, he is working his way to being one.

            “Look at my cards, aren't they good?” he laughs into my ear and holds me close. “I said look!” I look at his cards, he had four of a kind - a decent hand - I try to get up. He puts his hand on my thigh and I squirm at his unwanted touching. Jimin walks over and grabs me. He pulls me away and pulls me by him and Jungkook. Hoseok’s face is tight and his eyes are focused on the cards.

            “Ready?” Yoongi asks. Hayeon places his four of a kind on the table, Hoseok places his cards on the table. I bite my lip hoping he wins. Hoseok has a straight flush meaning he won this round.

            Yoongi reshuffles and then deals. “Place your starting bets.” Hayeon places a chip in.

            “Come on it's a high stakes game.” Hoseok smiles at him. “It’s only fun if you risk big.”

            “I’ll risk big if you put her on the market.” He chuckles. I look around and squeeze Jimin’s hand. Hoseok wouldn’t, right? Maybe, he was being cocky now.

            “I’m not in the prostitution market.” He replies coldly. Thanks? God I hate men sometimes.

            “First for everything.”

            “Place. Your. Bet.”

            Hajeon goes all in. Hoseok matches his bet. Hajeon adds his watch. Hoseok adds more chips.

            “Hajeon, match the bet or fold.” Yoongi smiles.

            “I’ll put 10% stake of my company on line.”

            Hoseok puts more chips in, and then more.


            Hoseok nods and Namjoon brings out a contract. Hajeon signs the contract and the game starts. I hold my breath. I walk around and take Hoseok’s glass. I grab it with my index finger and thumb.

            “Show your cards gentlemen.”

            Hajeon places his cards first, he had three of a kind. A very bold bet for such a mediocre hand, but then again he was very drunk now. Hoseok places his hand, he had a full house and I try to hold back my smile.

            “Hajeon, I believe you are out of bets. Please pay your debts and go out.” Yoongi says as Hajeon stumbles up. He pays his debts and Jungkook escorts him out instead of me. We sit in the room and Hoseok chugs the rest of his whiskey.

            “Well our plan worked.” He laughs and nods to us. “Smart, Mina.” He tips his head to me. If I grabbed the drink with my index finger it meant Hoseok had the better hand, if I grabbed it with my middle finger it meant someone had a better hand. I smile and we start to clean up.

            It was 3am by the time we were able to drive home. Jungkook, Tae and Jimin were in the car with the money. Namjoon and Yoongi in another car. Jin was already home and I was in the car with Hoseok.

            I yawn several times and grab his hand. “Are you sure you can drive?” I ask because I knew he was drinking.

            “I had two drinks, I’m good.” He rubs his thumb on my hand. “How are you Princess?” he looks at me.

            “Fine.” I yawn again. I watch him. His eyes were focused on the road, he has one hand on the wheel. His hair falls in front of his face and is a little messy.

            “You didn't think I would put you on the line, did you?”


            “Good, he was pissing me off. Putting his hands on you without your permission. He had no right.” He puts both hands on the steering wheel and clenches them in anger. “and he had he nerve to ask for you. Like a sleazy coward.” He kept going and I just watch him. He got hot when he was angry. “and he acted like such a big shot with his grabbing you and putting you on his lap.”

            “He grabbed my thigh too.”

            “What?!” he snaps his head to me and looks at me.

            “Road, Hobi, focus on the road.”

            He turns off the road and pulls over. I sigh, I didn't really want to talk about this, I wanted to sleep. I was so tired.

            “Hobi, it’s okay, he didn't do much, Jimin helped and I was in a room of boys who would kill him in a minute.”

            “No it’s not okay, no one can touch you without your permission, also you are mine!”

            “I know that.”

            “I know you know that! I am just furious, a man taking advantage of a woman isn't right.” He hits the steering wheel and I just watch him. I grab his hand before he can hit the wheel again.

            “Don’t.” I worry about how easily he can lose his temper over me. He nods and kisses my hand.

            “I’m sorry” he starts to drive again. He holds my hand and we drive home. He places his hand on my thigh and I lean closer to him. We get back to the house and we walk to his room.

            “Are you going to shower?” I ask.

            “I want to, but I’m tired.” He laughs.

            “I think I’m going to.” I walk to the bathroom.

            “I’ll join you!” he smiles devilishly and follows me.

Chapter Text

Flash Back:



            I wake up to an empty bed. I look around and rub my eyes, I was in Hobi’s room but he wasn’t here. I yawn and look at the clock it read 2:00 am. Where was Hobi? It was late. Did I fall asleep with him? I try to remember but I was so tired I just passed out the minute I laid on the bed. I guess he didn’t go to sleep with me. Maybe he was in my room? Maybe he didn't want to disturb me. I put on a white t-shirt and go to the door. I pull my colorful pajama shorts down a bit and walk out of the room.

            The hall’s tile was cool on my bare feet but I walked quickly to my room. I open my door slowly, to not disturb him if he was there. I look into the room and see it empty. Where was he? He usually was home by now. I was trying not to worry, I close the door and look out in the hallway. I look down the hall and squint my eyes trying to see anything.

            I walk towards the stairs when I hear a chair scrape against the floor and a grunt. Who would break into this house? Is someone breaking in? I walk down the stairs cautiously. I look over the hand railing and see a figure. He was tall and had broad shoulders. He was fixing the chair he ran into and was muttering to himself. I look at the figure but I slowly recognize who it was.


            He looks up and smiles. He walks up to me but rams his hip into a table, “ow” he groans and stumbles to me.

            “Are you drunk?” I laugh a little and walk to him to help. I did hesitate for a minute, it was Monday night, why was he getting drunk on a Monday?

            “No, I’m just slightly impaired.” He stumbles to me and bear hugs me. His sent is drowned out with the smell of alcohol and I tap his chest to get him to let me go.

            “Where were you?” I pull out of his grip and start to help him start to walk up the stairs. We start to make our way to his room slowly. “You know it’s late right?”

            “I was at the bar, is it a crime to drink my own liquor.” I ignore his tone and we get close to his bed room. He stumbles into the wall and leans against it for a minute. “woah,” he looks up my body. He studies up my legs and then my waist and up to my face. “You are beautiful! I’m so lucky, look at you, you are all mine. I’ll protect you forever. Nothing will ever happen to you I swear”

            “How drunk are you?”

            “Scale of 1-10?” I nod. “7” I pull him off the wall and we walk to his room.

            I walk him to the bed and lay him on it. I grab him a pair of shorts. I take his shirt off and start to unbuckle his pants. He shifts up, “I can do it.”

            He pushes my hands away and takes his pants off and changes into the shorts I brought him.

            He starts to curl into bed and pats the spot by him.

            “Come here Princess.” He laughs and pulls me into his arms. “I love you, you are the world to me.” He started to mumble as I crawled back into bed. He wraps his arms and legs around me and engulfs me in his embraces. “you are so sweet and caring, sexy and a bad ass. You are my best friend.” He kept mumbling and I smiled into his chest. He soon fell asleep and I did too.

            Tuesday night he came home drunk again, same with Wednesday and through the week. I was worried after Tuesday, but now that he has been doing it for a week, I felt like I needed to say something. It was Sunday afternoon and he’s been gone since this morning.

            I was sitting on the counter with a coffee mug in my hand and was staring off trying to decide what to say. I sat in silences as I tried to think of the best way to say something to him was. I suddenly felt someone sit next to me and I turn and see Yoongi.

            “What’s on your mind?” he was always quick to the point, he didn’t really care for small talk.

“Hobi.” I rub my eyes and stretch, placing the mug on the counter and I turn to Yoongi. “He has come home every night drunk off his ass and I’m worried.”

He nods and looks at his phone. He looks back at me and smiles, his gummy smile at me. “Don’t worry. He’ll stop drinking today.” He casually says and I squint at him.

            “Is this a monthly thing?” I sarcastically said.

            “No, it’s a yearly thing. Always on March 6th to the 12th. Don’t worry too much about it.”


            “You really don't know Hobi’s background do you?” he makes eye contact and searches my eyes for a bit. He scoffs at me and turn back to the wall. “Unbelievable, he didn’t tell you? I thought you two were in love” His comment stung, but I slowly realized I knew nothing about the man I was dating. I actually knew nothing about the men I was living with.

            “What’s his story?”

            “I don't tell other people’s stories.” He says in a tone that meant he couldn't be swayed in another direction.

            “Then what’s your story? How did you end up here?”

            “I was in college, I was a delivery man, trying to make ends meet. I grew up poor, I wanted to become something to help my family. College was expensive, I could barely afford it with my scholarship, so I started working more jobs. One night I was delivering to a house, on my way there a car hit me. I got knocked unconscious, woke up in the hospital, with a bill bigger than my college tuition. I broke my shoulder and the company I was working for was making me pay for the damages to their bike. I was in a lot of debt then. I was always good with computers so I started to hack into people’s bank accounts and take some money for myself. Word started to get around about a hacker who would go into banks and take money without a trace. I slowly became infamous in bad circles. People would hire me to hack into servers and steal floor plans or whatever the fuck they needed. I did anything for the money. I didn't care that I cleared a bank account of a man, or stole some technology servers, as long as I got paid.

Well one day, some guy had me hack into a government server. He said they stole a code from him or something. So he asked me to hack into the government servers. He offered me enough to pay off the rest of my debts and have some extra to buy a fancy dinner. I couldn't say no. It was the perfect deal. The day came, I was sitting in a computer café, sipping my drink and hacking into a government server, nothing big. I got the code for the guy, but when I gave it to him he ran, gave me no money. It was a set up, he wasn’t ever going to pay me. Not only did I not get my money, I got arrested for public disturbance. I got trashed that night, woke up in a jail cell. I was sitting in my cell when a guard came up to me and said that my bail was paid. I walked out confused as hell, who paid my bail? I walk across the street and I see Hoseok sitting on a bench looking at me. I recognized him immediately, I’ve heard of him and hacked into his servers a few times. He was sitting on the bench and gestured for me to sit. I sat next to him and he said to me “Three things, one – you’re welcome for bailing your ass out of jail. Two – I want to hire you. Three – never hack into my servers again.” I accepted the job, it was to get the code back from the guy who cheated me. After that, Hoseok took me under his wing, he let me live here, I can send money to my family, and I am his intelligence man. Not a bad life I live now. So Hoseok and I became friends and the rest is history.”

“That's horrible, about your shoulder and debts and everything.” He stood up and patted my back.

“If you think mine is a sob fest, you wouldn't be able to handle Hoseok’s.” He leaves me with my thoughts and I shiver a little. Who was Hoseok?

I walk upstairs to my room and I go to the roof. I lay down and look at the sky and wonder what to do. I don’t know him, I know no one here, what am I doing here? Why was I so willing to trust them? I started to question every choice I made until this moment. I decided I needed to talk to Hoseok and I was going to do that soon. I closed my eyes and I dozed off.

I woke up to Jimin shaking my shoulder. “You really shouldn’t nap on the roof!” he laughs and sits next to me.

I rub my eyes and look at him. “Jimin, what’s your story?” he looks at me a little shocked but shrugs.

“I’m surprised you never asked.” He smiles. “My parents where mobsters. They worked their way up, they had me. When they had a kid, they decided to put that life behind them, but they didn't keep it secret from me. They soon missed their old life so they went back to it. I knew what my parents were. I loved them so much, I wanted to be like them. My dad started to train me to be their assassin at 7 years old. I trained every day to make them proud. I went to school and came home and trained. When I was 16, I came back from school to my house broke into. I wandered around calling from my parents. I saw my mom and dad tied to chairs. I walked up to them and they were near death. I untied them and they told me what happened. I knew what to do. I left them to themselves and I found the people who did this to them. I murdered them and was home for dinner. I was sitting at the table and my parents were staring at me. “Son, we don't want you in this line of work, it’s too dangerous.” My dad told me as he looked at the blood that stained my shirt. I just laughed and looked at them “I was trained for this, I will protect you and mom to the death.” I think that was what they feared the most, that I would lose myself protecting them. Later that month my parents went on a “trip.” They met with a guy who was cheating them out of deals. Moral of the story was they came home that night. They told me they got me a job for someone else. That I was fired as their assassin but I was still their son. I came here and worked for Hoseok as his assassin. I still visit my parents every month or so, still check up on them. They left this life now, they are happily married and living their old age as pastry chefs.” He smiles softly and bumps my shoulder.

I sit their shocked as I realize everyone’s history wasn't what I thought it was. Then again I never actually tried to think of it. “That's rough” was all I could say.

“Could be worse, at least I have my parents.” He looks at me. “Let’s go, it’s dinner time.” He pulls me up and we go to dinner. Dinner was quiet, no one really talked and Hoseok wasn’t there. No one seemed to mention it and they left it as it was. After dinner I sat on the stairs waiting for Hoseok to return. Around 11:30pm he comes strolling into the house. He walks past the door and to the stairs, he stops when he sees me and he sits next to me.

“I guess you want answers.” He sighs and hangs his head. “Ask away.” He leans back on the stairs and seems to mentally prepare himself for my question.

His calm nature bothers me. I was scared to find out who he really was but I needed to know. “W-what’s your story?” The question hangs in the air as he adjusts his position. He looks at me and swallows a lump in his throat.

“Straight to the point. Yoongi is rubbing off on you.” He chuckles.

“Answer the question.”

“I had a good childhood I swear, I went to school, had friends and a family. I had a sister and two parents. My dad had a gambling problem, we all knew this but we never minded because we were happy to be a family together. His gambling problem soon led to a drinking problem. By the time I was 14, every night I would have to go and pick him up from the bars and take him home. Some nights he would come home by himself angry. He would hit my mother and sister. I offered myself as the sacrificial lamb, told him he could only hit me. He took that gladly, I was his least favorite in the family. Every night he would come home and beat me, blaming me for him losing his job, him losing a bet or my mom crying herself to sleep at night. I was blamed for everything.” I look at Hoseok in shock, I didn't know if I could continue to hear this story. I put my hand on his and he squeezed my hand and continues.

“One night, March 6th, Dad lost big, he bet stuff he couldn't give. He was given until the 12th to cough up a ridiculous amount of money. He didn't do it, he used whatever money he could to drink himself to near death. He didn't tell us either. March 12th came around and dad was at the bar. Someone knocked on the doors and my mother opened it. A man said “Is Mr. Jung here?” my mom shook her head and the man looked at her again. He said “His family will do” he laughs and pushes my mom inside the house. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, I snuck up to the door and the man had my mom and sister on the floor, begging for their lives. I froze, I was 14 years old, what was I going to do. The man just laughed as he took both of their lives. I then was filled with anger and I killed the man. I c-couldn’t save my mom or sister. My mom’s last sight was her son killing, my sister’s last sight was my mom being murdered” He stutters and I can see tears falling from his eyes and his voice shakes. His shoulders start to shake as he sobs over his lose. I wrap my arms around him but he stands up. He runs a hand through his hair.

“So, I went to the bar. I saw my dad stumbling home. I went up to him and I-I killed him. I was so angry with him, he failed as a father and the man of the house and got everyone I loved killed. I stabbed him 4 times. I sometimes still see his face. I went downhill from there. I lied, cheated and worked my way to the top. I gambled, I killed, I’ve done horrible things. I paid off my dad’s debts and buried my mother and sister. I swore that night, that no one I loved would be in danger, that I would protect everyone. But you see, I didn't love anyone, I failed in saving those most dear to me. Then I met Namjoon and I loved him like a brother. Now I have six brothers who could die because of my job, that would die for me. But the thing is. I could have jumped in front of my mom and sister, like I did with my dad. If I fucking moved they would be here right now.” he was shaking and crying now, he was distraught. I stood up and hugged him hard.

“It’s not your fault,” I repeated over and over again. I now understood why he was drinking this week. It made it easier for him to get through this week. It was the anniversary of their death. It was the anniversary of a boy losing his innocence. The anniversary of a boy learning what the taste of blood was. I hugged him tighter and he hugged me back.

“I will protect everyone in this house.” He puts his chin on my head and he plays with my hair. “I will protect you with my dying breath.” He whispered.

“Let’s go to bed.”

Chapter Text

Present day:


I left an unbearable pain in my arm as I twisted out of Amethyst’s grip. I rub my shoulder and she kicks me in the jaw. I look back at her and rub my jaw. Seriously? I jump kick her in the chest and push her to the ground. I look back at her and wait for her to get up. She gets up and I put her in a head lock and she taps out.

After I shake her hand and walk back to Namjoon. I rub my jaw and grab the towel he offered to me. I wipe my forehead and sit down.

“Better get up, we have a mission.” Namjoon waves his phone in front of me and gestures for me to get up. We walk to Namjoon’s car. I chug a whole bottle of water and sigh into his seat.

“Are we going back to the house?” I try to catch my breath. I put on a hoodie so I was no longer in leggings and a sports bra. I was still on a high from the fight and was trying to stop myself from shaking. I look at the mirror and see a bruise forming on my jaw. I check the clock on the car and it said it was 9pm. Not late at all.

“Yep, brief meeting back at the house then we go.” He pulls to the house and I walk out of the car. We walk into the house and see everyone sitting in the living room waiting for us.


“Finally” Jungkook scoffs as we sit down. “alright boss, what’s the mission?” Hoseok seemed distracted, he was staring at the bruise on my jaw and he clenched his jaw and looks away.

“Woosung hired us this time. Tonight we are doing recon. We need to get Hajoon’s ID badge and fingerprints. We are breaking into Hajoon’s company boys.” Hoseok smiles evilly at the mission. “Tonight we are going to the bar on 52nd.”

“Isn’t that a str-“ I start to ask

“It's a strip club and we will need a bartender and a stripper.” Hoseok interrupts me. “Jungkook you are the bartender, Mina… stripper.” He says begrudgingly. “Taehyung, Namjoon and I will be costumers at the bar. Yoongi, get their floor plans. Jin, please be on call for a getaway driver. Jimin, tomorrow you’ll be the one breaking in.”

Everyone nods in unison at their jobs. I am internally screaming at this because I have to be a stripper. “Be ready in 10 minutes.” Hoseok crosses his arms as we all rush to where we need to be. Jungkook and I rush upstairs. I run into my room and rinse my body off in the shower quick. I put make up over my bruise and get dressed. I got dressed in a red corset type thing and a pair of red panties. I put on garters and a huge jacket. I put on a pair of heels and walk downstairs. I sit in the room waiting for Jungkook.


I spot Hajoon in the crowd. I grab the pole and start to dance seductively. I look around the room. Taehyung is sitting at the bar watching me with a smirk. Jungkook is bartending and Namjoon is sitting by the stage. Hoseok is sitting with Hajoon talking to him about work. I start to crawl on the stage going closer to Hajoon. I finish my dance and walk off stage.

“Hey boys, what can I get you guys?” I walk over to Hajoon and Hoseok. I put my hand on Hajoon’s shoulder and gave him a flirty smile.

“Two beers, and my friend here would like a lap dance.” Hoseok smirks and I smile.

“I’ll get those beers, give me a minute.” I strut to the bar and order two beers from Jungkook. He hands them to me and I walk over to the table.

“Here you go gentlemen.” I set the beers on the table and start to walk away.

“Yah. I ordered a lap dance.” Hoseok says tensely. I smile shyly again and walk over.

“I’m so sorry, sir.” I look at him and then go up to Hajoon. I get on his lap and start to wiggle my hips. Hajoon puts his hands on my hips and smirks at me. I continue to move my hips seductively. I look over at Hoseok and see his jaw clenched and the beer is clenched in his hand. I slide my hand down Hajoon’s side and grab his ID card. I get off his lap and smile at him.

“She’s hot.” Hajoon laughs at Hoseok and they drink. I continue to waitress around. I see Hajoon’s finished his beer. I walk over and grab the bottle by the neck avoiding any place he touched. I give the bottle to Jungkook and he puts it in a case under the bar.

“We got what we need.” I whisper to the ear pieces. Tae stands up and walks over to Namjoon and sits next to him. He whispers to Namjoon and they laugh to each other. Tae gestures for me to come over.

“Can I help you gentlemen?” I smile sweetly at them.

“Yes, we both would like a lap dance.” Namjoon says laughing.


“Yup.” Tae smiles.

“Who first?”

Namjoon raises his hand. I roll my eyes and get on his lap. “Hoseok’s going to kill you.” I whisper in his ear and he swallows. He bites his lip as I move my hips and roll my body on his. After about 2 minutes I stand up and walk over to Tae.

I get on his lap and start to dance. I see Hoseok and see he is pissed at them. I giggle and continue to dance. “You two are so dead tomorrow.” I smirk and get off of Tae’s lap. I walk to the back room and chill for a minute.

“Ruby, you are on the pole next.”

“What? My shift is almost over.” I look at the manager.

“Costumer requested it, now get going.” I groan and walk over to the stage. The boys loved this didn't they. I walk on stage and start to pole dance. I smirk as I see Hoseok staring at me and watching me dance. I get off of the stage. Hoseok is at the table alone and gestures for me to come over. I walk over to him and smile at him.

“Where did your handsome friend go?” I ask innocently.

“He has an early morning at work tomorrow. Now I would like a lap dance Princess.” He smirks and I look at the clock. I start to get on his lap, he puts his hand on my wait but I stop.

“Sorry, sir. My shift is over.” I get up and stroll out of the room. He chuckles and leaves. I walk out of the back door and see Hoseok’s car waiting for me. I walk to the door and open it. I sit in the passenger seat and smile at him.

“Hey Princess, how was work?” he smirks and grabs the back on my head and kisses me passionately. I kiss him back and run my fingers through his hair. I pull his hair back and make him break the kiss.

“Pretty good honey,” I laugh and take off my coat so I am sitting in my stripper outfit. I liked teasing him. He puts the car in drive and immediately puts his hand on my thigh and slides it up. I bite my lip. I wanted to be in control tonight not let him make me squirm. I put my hand on his thigh and slowly slides it up to his bulge.

“Babe, I’m driving.” He gulps and moans as I start to palm him.

“Keep driving, I don't mind.” I smile and unbuckle my seat belt. He pulls onto the high way as I unzip his pants. I start to lick the tip of his dick and tease him. I can feel him tense under me. His eyes focused on the road. I start to suck him and he groans and tries to focus on driving.

“You’re that hungry kitten?” he puts a hand on the back of my head and causes me to deep throat him, making him groan loudly and me gag a little. I start to suck faster tasting his precum. He groans loudly and a car honks at him. He puts both hands on the wheel and swears. “I’m close.” He groans and I can feel him pulling to the side of the road. He puts the car in park and leans his head back as I suck him. He cums in my mouth and I swallow it. I sit up and look at him and smile.

“Still want that lap dance baby?” I laugh and crawl to the back seat of the car. He follows behind me and sits me on his lap. He starts to kiss me and I start to move my hips as he kisses my neck and chest.

I moan and start to heavily grind on his lap. He picks me up and places his dick at my entrance. He slides me down and I start to bounce on his dick. He continues to kiss my neck and I moan. One of his hands slides down to my clit and the other rubs my breasts. He takes my top off and starts to suck on my nipple. I throw my head back and continue to Bounce on his dick. I moan loudly.

“I’m going to cum.” I say breathless as I keep bouncing. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me off of his dick. I whimper as my high goes away and I couldn't climax. He smirks at me and starts to finger me slowly. I moan again as the friction and move my hips with his fingers. He smiles and starts to rub my clit in circles. I moan loudly and can feel my climax coming again. I was getting close when he took his fingers away and smiles. He puts his fingers in his mouth and sucks on them.

“This is why we don’t tease Princess.” He smiles and then starts to lick my pussy. I moan as his tongue plays with my clit.

“P-please let me cum.” I beg as he moves his mouth slowly. I pull his hair and moan loudly. He sucks on my clit hard and I moan loudly. I was getting close again and he pulls away.

“Beg for it.”

“Please. Let me cum. No one makes me feel as good as you do. No one gets me as wet.”

“Not even Tae or Namjoon?” his eyes were hooded with lust and I whimper as his fingers start to slightly rub my clit.

“No. They couldn’t” I moan as he sits me back on his dick. He doesn't move or let them move he holds my hips still.

“Hm…” he kisses my sweet spot and I moan loudly.

“Please, Hoseok, I want to cum on your dick.” He smiles at that and sucks my nipple.

“You can cum.” He orders me and I moan and start to bounce on his dick fast I can feel my high coming fast. I continue to bounce on his dick and scream as I get closer to my climax. His hand rubs my clit and I throw my head back as I cum hard on his dick. He groans as he cums after me. I slump on his chest and he kisses my head.

“Let’s go home.” He cleans himself and me up and goes back to driving.

We walk into the house, me leaning on Hoseok. He smiles as we walk to our bed room. We lay in bed and soon fall asleep.


I wake up with Hoseok gone. I check the clock and see its 10:00am. Jimin should be breaking into the building now. I rush downstairs to the basement and sit in the training room with Namjoon and Tae.

“You two are the worst.” They laugh as they recall last night.

“Don't act like you didn't enjoy grinding on my dick, sweetie.” Namjoon laughs and winks at me.

“I can kick your ass right now.” I laugh and we talk about what’s going on.

Yoongi walks out of Hoseok’s office and laughs.

“He’s in Jin’s car on his way here! We got it!” he smiles and leaves to go upstairs.



Chapter Text

Flash Back:


            I stare at Yoongi as I place my cards down. I look at my cards then to his. I groan in frustration as he raises his arms in victory. I take another sip of my gin and tonic and watch as he drags his wins to his side. He gloats as he grabs my ruby knife and studies it. I had grown fond of that knife and was sad about it’s loses. I lean back in my seat and laugh.

            “Well played, Yoongi.” I stumble up and shake his hand. He shakes mine and laughs.

            “Too much to drink, Mimi?” he ruffles my hair and I sit back down and pout.

            “Your name should be Mean Yoongi instead of Min Yoongi.” He laughs louder and Hobi walks to my side.

            “Let’s go to bed Princess.” He puts his hands on my shoulders and helps me up.

            “I’m not that drink.” I stumble again and see Jungkook laugh at me.

            “Kookie Monster!” I run to him and hug him tightly. He holds his arms up and away from me. He laughs.

            Hobi throws me over his shoulder and we walk out of the room. I giggle the whole way to our room. I close my eyes as he puts me on the bed and I fall asleep.


            I wake up in an unfamiliar room. I rub my eyes and realize I’m in Hoseok’s office. I stand up and walk to the door to find it’s locked. I pound on the door and scream for help. How did I get into here? I walk back to the computer and click it on. It had a passcode lock and I sigh. I was stuck in here for the time being. I look around the room for anything I can use to leave. There was a small vent above the couch, and a letter opener. Those were the only useful things I found.

            I grab the letter opener and then I hear a crash upstairs. I look around and walk back to the computer. I type a couple of password options but none work. I push my hand through my hair and whisper “think like Hoseok.” I type another word and the computer grants me access. I smile at my small triumph. I hear a vase smash and footsteps upstairs. I log into the security cameras. I see the boys all in different rooms with different weapons. I check the entrance and see a group of masked men walking around the house.

            I gasp at the sight. I watch as one of the masked men go to the room Jimin is in. I bite my lip as I see Jin swing at him with a baseball bat. I gasp at the impact and the masked man rams his head onto the table. The mask man grabs Jimin’s arm and flings him to the table. He grabs his head and slams him onto the table. Jimin kicks the man and grabs the bat again. He slams it onto the man’s face and blood splatters up. Jimin keeps hitting him repeatedly. The man is unconscious and Jimin looks up at the security camera. He whips the blood off of his face and smiles into the camera.

In the other room, Jungkook is struggling with his attacker. They are fighting over the knife and I can see the knife getting closer to Jungkook’s chest and I cover my mouth. I close my eyes and I look back over and I see Jungkook standing over the man with a now bloody knife.

I watch as two masked men start to walk to the basement. I clench he letter opener tighter and hide behind the door.

            I hear one of the guys grab the handle and realize its locked. He starts to kick the door and I hold my breath. I hide behind the door as it flings open. I wait as the first guy walks into the room. His back turned to me. I clutch the letter opener like a dagger and I stab it into the side of his neck. He falls to his knees and immediately another man is grabbing me. He puts me in a choke hold and I slam my foot onto his. I struggle out of his grip and I grab the letter opener. I swing it at him but he grabs my wrist and the letter opener, he slashes it at me and I feel it hit my shoulder. I wince in pain. I grab my shoulder and he stabs my arm. Leaving the letter opener in it. I pull it out and throw it at his shoulder. He falls to the floor. I pull the letter opener out of his shoulder and kick his limp body. He is at least unconscious and unarmed, a letter opener will stab you but not that deep.

            I go back to the computer and I don't see any of the masked men or BTS. I run upstairs and to Hoseok’s room.




            I put Mina in my office to be safe. Men broke into the house and we were now in defense. I checked every room and saw the masked men were dead or fled.

“Meet in A4.” I say to the earpiece. I walk into the dining room and see everyone slump onto a seat, heads on the table or in their hands. Namjoon is looking at Jimin’s neck and checking his movement. Jungkook is holding Yoongi’s arm and popping it back into it’s socket. I look at them and nod. I grab out my phone and dial the person to dispose of the bodies.

“Dinner reservation at 12 please.” I say and the man grunts and sends men over to clean the mess. 12 men, not even one of them got what they wanted. I walk out of the dining room and down to the basement.

            I immediately can tell something is wrong. There is blood leading into my office, I follow the trail of blood and see the door was kicked in. There is a pool of blood and no Mina or bodies. My heart stops, there was clearly a struggle, where was Mina.

            “Mina isn’t in my office and there is blood.” I say into the earpiece and I hear several groans.

            “I’ll check upstairs.” Jimin says.

            “I’ll take the west side.” Jungkook states

            “East” Tae follows.

            “Gardens” Yoongi sighs

            “Aish, this girl can't stay put can she? I’ll take the attic.” Jin laughs.

             “I’m going to check our room.” I run out of my office and sprint up two flights of stairs taking them two at the time.

            I fling open my door and see Mina turn around with a letter opener out and ready to fight. I sigh and hug her tightly. “Found her.” I say into the earpieces. I take my earpiece out.

I can feel her crumble into my grip. She hugs me and drops the letter opener on the floor.

            “Are you hurt?” I look at her face and study her. I grab her shoulders and she wince in pain.  I look at my hand and see blood. I groan and lead her down stairs.

            “How do you always get stabbed?” I laugh and she just shrugs. Everyone is back into the dining room and I drag Mina in.

            Mina takes her sleeve off and shows two stab wounds in the same arm. “How?”




            “I woke up not knowing what was going on. I hacked the security cameras and saw men breaking in. Two went to the basement,” I turn to Hobi. “How do you not have weapons in your office?” I wince as Namjoon. “I only had a letter opener, so I stabbed one in the neck and the other attacked me. He got the letter opener and stabbed me twice but I stabbed his shoulder.” I growl as he cleans the wounds.

            Hobi is staring at me in relief. He rubs his jaw and runs his hand through his hair. I can tell he is made that he couldn’t have protected me from being stabbed. “I’ll be back.” He walks out the door and we hear his car leave the place.

            “Also, Jimin, why were you making eyes at the security camera? Do you get off at looking at yourself after killing a guy?” I tease him and he blushes.

            “YAH!” Jungkook laughs at Jimin’s exclamation.

            “These are just like cuts, you’ll be fine.” Namjoon smiles at me. “He didn't stab you too badly.”

            I nod and put my sleeve back on. “Where did Hoseok go?”

            The boys exchange glances and smile. “He went to find who did this.”


            I am sitting downstairs, everyone went to bed early because of the long day. I wait for Hoseok to return. He walks into the house limping and I watch him. He walks upstairs and goes to our room. I follow him upstairs and sit at the door frame.

            “Are you hurt?” I ask him. He turns to me and his eyes aren't fully his. I walk up to him and look at him. “Hoseok?” his eyes were glazed over and he was looking at me but not registering it was me. His face had blood on it, his shirt was cut up and his knuckles were split open. I continued to scan his body for anything serious. “Hobi?” I touch his face and his eyes shift back to his. I sigh and he smiles at me.

            “Yes Princess?”

            “Are you okay?”

            “Yes Princess.” He walks to the shower and goes into the shower. I wait for him at the sink and he comes up to me with a towel around his waist. His stomach has a few new bruises on it and some fresh cuts. I grab the first aid kit under the sink and start to tend to his wounds. I start to put a bandaid on his cut but he grabs my hand, his eyes had shifted again.

            “Let me see your cuts.”

            “There aren't bad, Namjoon said they were like getting a scrap.” I pull my hand away and continue to care for him.

            He pulls my chin to face him. I try to look in his eyes but I couldn't. They were dark and looked like when I first met him. “I said let me see your cuts.” I nod and pull my arm out of my sleeve. He grabs my arm gently and looks at it. He studies them and nods to himself.

            “Bastards.” He whispers “Good thing they are dead.” He kisses my hand and I look at him. I pull him into a kiss and kiss him hard and meaningful. Please be Hobi again. I will into the kiss. I pull away and his eyes were back to normal.

            “Bad idea Princess.” He picks me up and walks me to the bed and throws me on it and get above me.