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Emerald Fire

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Tremors was an up and coming hero in Japan, with a bright personality, a brighter costume and a powerful quirk. Most of the general populous was betting she would be in the top ten Hero rankings within the next five years.

For now though she had to deal with the grunt work that every hero had the joy of doing; patrol. The district she was in had a relatively low crime rate compared to some of the more densely populated areas of Japan. She would come to regret letting that fact affect her guard.


Instantly alert, the brightly colored heroine turned quickly turned in the direction of the distress call and tapped her foot onto the ground. Almost imperceptible, a small wave of earth rolled down the street, cutting through every alleyway untill it covered almost a full mile in every direction in less than twenty seconds.

“Gotcha” The Earthquake Hero smiled as she took off down the street.Her quirk was excellent for situations just like this. Using small shock waves in a similar fashion to echolocation Tremors could easily scope out entire blocks, making her one of the best search and rescue heroes.

Ducking into a series of alleys off the main street Tremors slowly weaved her way towards what her quirk identified as a single female, young judging by her size. She quickened her pace as she took in the prone form the shockwave was leading her to.

Rounding a corner she took in the scene in front of her. A girl no more than sixteen at the most, lying on the ground, her blonde hair covering half her face.


Tremors sprinted the rest of the way down the alley and knelt by the girls side. Quickly turning her onto her back and searching for any obvious injuries.


“Hey, hey kid, come on wake up!” The earthquake hero spoke gently, as she checked the girls vitals. The girl was breathing and there wasn’t any blood, ruling out most physical attacks. Though in a world of quirks physical attacks are not the only ones you have to look out for.


Pulling out her radio she tuned into the line connecting her directly to the Hero Agency she was currently under.

“Tremors checking in, anyone there?”

Static filled her line till a voice crackled over “HQ to Tremors. What’s your status?”

Speaking quickly and efficiently she replied “Single civ, no obvious wounds, uncou-ACHH”

She was cut off as a body barreled into her from behind, quickly taking her down to the floor and subduing her.

“Tremors? HQ to Tremors, report Tremors.” A panicked voice sounded from the discarded radio. The only reply was the sound of terrified screams and tearing flesh.

“HQ to all open lines, report to Hero Tremors location ASAP. Hero down, I repeat hero do-” The radios sudden silence left the alley feeling empty and cold. Stepping off the now shattered headpiece the seemingly “unconscious” girl turned back to the scene in front of her.

Tearing into the victim beneath him sat what looked like a small child. Large wings flared from his back as his claws and fangs tore past the defense of the hero beneath him. Caught off guard as she was the Hero barely had enough time to hold her arms in front of her as the person above attacked in a frenzy.

The “fight,” for what it was, didn’t last very long. Soon the former earthquake hero lay motionless and bleeding beneath her smaller asaliant. The attacks didn’t stop however, as the maddened frenzy the boy was under wouldn’t allow him to do anything other than attack.









The mantra repeated itself on an endless loop in the boys head, beaten into him time and again until he acted as ordered. Attacked when told, killed when commanded.

The body beneath him suffered as his continued rampage took its toll. Then, almost too soft to make out, a song began to drift across the alley. It was an old song, a nursery rhyme that spoke of a loving family, a safe home, a peaceful life.

The blond girl continued the soothing song as she walked slowly forward. Watching as the boy in front of her paused, head cocked, his arms slowly lowering as her quirk took effect. When she was sure that the rage left him she let the song fade. Leaving the alley quiet, as if nothing had happened at all.

Trembling above the shredded body of the former hero stood the small frame of someone who was obviously a child. Dirt and grime covered his body and clothes, making his green curly hair even more of a mess. Emerald eyes and a dusting of freckles on both cheeks would have made the boy adorable were it not for the blood on his face.

Blood dripped from the claws on his hands as they shrank back down to normal fingernails. The large wings on his back slowly settled down to a resting position as the boy sank to his knees next to the dead Hero. His shoulders shook as sobs racked his body.

The girl approached cautiously, making sure all the rage had left him, before kneeling by the boys side. Her arms wrapped around him, which only made the sobs hit harder and the tears flow faster.

“M-Mesmer I d-don’t wanna do this anym-more.” The boy choked the words out. The pitch of his voice further proving his youth as he buried his head in the girls shoulder.

Carding her fingers through the wild mess that was his hair, a soft strained smile showed on her face “I know Izuku, I know. But we have to go okay?”
Looking around, Mesmer knew it wouldn’t be long before other heroes arrived. As much as she wanted to comfort the crying boy in front of her she knew that if either of them were seen there would be hell to pay. Standing quickly she tugged Izuku up with her.

“Izuku” she spoke quickly, watching the boys eyes stay riveted on the body, showing no signs of hearing her. “Izuku!” She said, shaper this time, hating the way the boys shoulders flinched as he tore his gaze away and met Mesmer’s eyes.

She knelt to be eye level with him as her eyes softened. “Izu I know it’s hard, I know and I promise that I will get us out of here, but right now we have to go ok!?” She pleaded hoping that she wouldn’t have to use her quirk on him again.

Mesmer had little to fear though, as the boy nodded, tears still falling down his face. Regretting what she had to do now she continued “Ok, finish the job and we can leave ok?” She hated watching the tears flow faster as the boy nodded again and stepped away from the body.

To an outsider it would appear as if the night sky was suddenly ripped in half as a column of green flame rose from the alley. Heroes and civilians alike knew what that pillar of fire meant, they’d all seen it too many times before.

The Emerald Flame had killed again.