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You Make Me Feel Good

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Harry frowned in consternation when he spotted the cereal he’d been looking for, letting out a frustrated breath. He didn’t often eat cereal but when he did, he preferred the raisin bran that was currently out of his reach.


Wade liked to poke fun at him for eating it, saying it was an old man’s food, but Wade’s tastes were so juvenile sometimes that he wasn’t really surprised. Wade was also, definitely, the one who decided to hide his stuff on the top shelf.


“Real funny,” he grumbled, considering climbing up on the counter. The last time he’d done that, Wade had come in and would not stop cooing at him and calling him cute. Harry heard someone come into the room.


“Something wrong?”


Harry turned to face Peter, arms crossed. “Wade thinks he’s funny,” he said.


“Oh,” Peter said when he looked to where Harry pointed. “Yeah.” He scratched the back of his head, something he did when he was nervous and Harry’s frown deepened. “I’ll help.”


Instead of just getting the damned cereal for him, though, Peter walked over to him, turned him around and then lifted him by the waist. Harry flailed for a second with a surprised yelp but Peter kept him steady easily. He even turned Harry around easily after Harry snagged the box. Harry’s eyes narrowed at the smile on Peter’s face as he wrapped his legs around the taller man’s waist.


“You did this, didn’t you?” He accused, shaking the box.


Peter’s eyes widened, and a blush rose on his cheeks. “No…no, of course not.”


Harry snorted. Peter was a terrible liar. He had no idea how he’d managed to keep a secret identity for as long as he had before meeting Wade and the Avengers. Harry leaned forward, resting his head on Peter’s shoulder and pouting, just a little bit.


“I hate you both,” he said, petulant. He had hoped Peter wouldn’t be pulled into that sort of stuff, although when he thought about it he probably shouldn’t be surprised. Peter had developed a real obsession with picking him up and carrying him around.


Peter just laughed. “No, you don’t.”