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Have you ever fought the urge to send nudes? Neither has Jimin. He had never, and never will, send nudes.

But bless. He's always down for sending lewds.

Nudes? Out. They never were in. Lewds? Hell yes.

Why the sudden urge? Well... sometimes... you gotta..? Also like. #loveyourself. Okay, yeah, if he had to admit it, it boosts his ego on both sides. He likes the way he looks on occasions, and the people deserve to see what they maybe can't have (read: tease the ever loving fuck out of a certain boy that maybe might be chasing him).

He pulls his pants down to lay on the V of his hips. His happy trail led the eyes to just where it starts to flare, teasing even the grooming.

His shirt was see-through from finishing up at the gym, nipples hard and dark and practically begging to be played with.

Girls have it so easy with lewds, he thinks. Guys don't have bras to cover up their nipples. And then he thinks, that's some twisted fuckboi thinking, and he takes it back, maybe even calls his mom on a later date to thank her for giving birth to him and generally everything.

Jimin lifts his t-shirt to cover his nipples in the crinkles. And then raises one side ever so slightly to show off the tiniest bit of areola. God. He's an artist. And also, art.

Phone in hand and camera already loving him, he twists his body juuuuust a few degrees to show off how hard he worked his obliques at the gym today. Anticipation grows in his shorts, and the bulge that get captured in shot speaks for itself.

He can't wait to see what the people ( ;) ) have to say about it.


Jungkook practically drops a whole chopstick full of ramen onto his lap, hopping up from how hot it burns his knee, but never even thinks of dropping his phone or looking away from what seems to be the hottest thing he's ever seen in his life.

Holy shit? Did Jimin really? Is he dreaming? No, the spicy breeze on his knee says it's real. Well, if he doesn't see this forever in his wet dreams from now on, he might just consider his dick broken.

loljeonjk: you are. quite literally. Art.
damn. you didn't set a timer for the snap soooooooooooo I'm assuming I can screen this??

jijisdeliveryservice: lol, you'll never hear from me again if you do

loljeonjk: respect
I have a lot to say about this but like first and foremost
I'm tryna maybe have you show me a little more nipnop

jijisdeliveryservice: everyone's a critic.
you first.


Jungkook is Not shooting down this (perhaps once in a lifetime) chance to exchange raunchy lewds with Park Jimin, The One He Won't Let Get Away. That's his whole title. He literally (eehhhh) calls him that.

He immediately downs what's left of his ramen, cleans it all up by maybe accidentally throwing his chopsticks away with it, and runs upstairs to his bathroom. And if his roommate asks about what's going on with his shorts he promptly moves along with his life and will definitely maybe explain later if Namjoon is down to listen.

Now. He isn't trying to say he's hot, but if Jungkook was in ancient times and maybe happened upon a lake, he'd take a peek. He wouldn't stay, of course, but he'd definitely appreciate.

Jungkook pulls his shirt up and holds it with his neck, a little clumsy, but it's worth it, right? Yes. Don't even think of an answer. It's a yes.

He imagines that maybe it's Jimin's hands running up his over his abs and leaving goosebumps to dot his skin, he maybe even makes a quick detour to grab at his junk for the tiniest bit of relief. Jungkook lays his hand across his chest, nipple casually sitting pretty between his fingers, and drops his shirt for his thumb to catch.

Simple, easy, one shot, one kill, send.


Jimin bit his lip. Wow.

Well like, it wasn't much. Jeon Jungkook always found an excuse to get shirtless or always found a way to assert his stature around him (i.e. pressing up on him). But damn if he doesn't drool over a solid chest and arms.

jijisdeliveryservice: that all you got?

loljeonjk: would you believe that I'm shy

jijisdeliveryservice: lmfao no. not at all

loljeonjk: I just didn't wanna keep you waiting
actually I'm pretty sure there's a line of people at your door waiting for the lucky chance I was given today

Jimin's thumb hovered over the send key. That was kind of sweet. In fact, Jungkook was sort of a sweet boy in general. He always makes him laugh, always notices if something was harshing his mood, was always the right kind of clingy...

He hit send and ignored any inkling of what meaning could be attached to it, like hitting accept on the terms and conditions without really reading.


Jungkook dropped to his knees and prayed to every higher being there was. Right on the bathroom floor, in front of his sink. Jimin's picture had Jungkook kneeling. If Jimin knew, what would he do? He can imagine that expression. The devilish smirk, his head tilting up in satisfaction, his eyes lighting up with fire...

He's absolutely sure that he's never wanted to have his mouth on someone more than he does now.

In the picture, Jimin's plump, pink lips are visible, tongue peeking out. Maybe it was an accidental snap when he was just licking his lips, but the fact remains that it was still there. There was a sheen of sweat Jungkook was familiar with, the one you get when you go ham in the gym. The most important detail of all, of course, Jimin's nipple. Rosy. Pierced. Pert. Pierced. The caption read: lucky indeed.

loljeonjk: I just came my pants

jijisdeliveryservice: lmao shut up
you better not tell anyone about it, or I'll have yoongi kill you violently

loljeonjk: I mean. this death was a pretty good one
honestly tho, what else do i have to live for after this

jijisdeliveryservice: maybe actually getting to play with them?
or maybe this

Jungkook's hands were shaking. The red square was calling for him. Okay Jungkook, a bit dramatic, don't we think? But well, who wouldn't be at this level if they were getting lewd pics from Park Jimin, The One He Won't Let Get Away?

The absolute devastation hits Jungkook so hard that he groans in pain. Why isn't he there? Why isn't he licking up on Jimin? Why isn't he groping Jimin's ass? His beautiful, perfect ass? His magical, holy ass? Why isn't he pulling Jimin closer by the small of his waist and running his hands lower, over the fabric of his briefs, feeling up on his thick, so thicc, thighs? For some reason he pictures his fingers under the legs of Jimin's briefs and Jimin melting under his hands and he so desperately wants it to be so. Why isn't he there trying to dip his hands under his briefs, only to be stopped by Jimin for some stupid reason, if not only to tease him to insanity?

And for some reason, the only thing he could type out at the time was--

loljeonjk: daaamnn without me?

Yeah, pretty much an idiot.

jijisdeliveryservice: stop that right now or I'm never sending you anything ever again

loljeonjk: how about. I'm so fucking hard rn

jijisdeliveryservice: strike two lmfao???
also, I need the proof for my ego

Jungkook wastes no time in throwing his pants aside and grabbing his dick. The lack of attention has him straining against his own briefs, so hard that he might rip through them. He grabs the head once, and huffs through his nose. What is it? Relief? Frustration?

His hand moves down his clothed cock, and if he imagines Jimin mouthing at him as he presses against himself he never tells a soul.

jijisdeliveryservice: wow. I mean I heard a few people talking but you really do have a big dick?

loljeonjk: i havent told anyone tho?

jijisdeliveryservice: stfu yes you have

loljeonjk: tbh

What Jungkook's hand didn't cover, his briefs did, but neither hides the fact that Jungkook... is... veryyy... blessed. His hand cradles most of his shaft. Most of it (they did that shitty gross flirting thing where they compared hand sizes, and Jungkook's hands... Ouch Our Feelings). So if the drool is dripping from his mouth, please forgive him.

Above the (ahem) centerpiece, was the caption: I sent you my dick pls respond

jijisdeliveryservice: would it be too lewd to say I want your dick between my cheeks

loljeonjk: which cheeks

jijisdeliveryservice: does it matter

loljeonjk: now it's too lewd
I can be there in
8 minutes

jijisdeliveryservice: make it 5