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Hold Me Down

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You did not want to go out.

In fact you were more than tempted to stay right where you were in bed.

Your mountain of pillows and many blankets were far more tempting than going out to some bar.

Of course you knew that Lisa would murder you if you didn’t show up. You knew that she wanted you to come out more. The two of you worked together. She seemed to have taken you under her wing from day one. You knew that she worried about you more than she let on. That was the main reason you forced yourself to crawl out of your bed.

Your gaze traveled towards the calendar that you kept in your bedroom. Your gaze traveled to the big red X that represented when you were expecting your heat. You had at least one more week before it hit. That was also why you knew you better go out that night.If you didn’t go then Lisa would hound you to go out that next Friday. Of course you knew there was no possible way for you to go out when you were in that condition.

You knew that the main reason that Lisa wanted you to come out was to meet her new beau.

You were a little fuzzy on the details as to how they had met. All you knew was that she seemed like she was walking on air. That meant that she wanted him to meet her friends.

You being one of said friends. It was almost strange for you since you weren’t all that social. That was due to what your parents had instilled in you. Due to the fact that you were an omega you tended to keep to yourself. It was just safer that way for you and you knew it. That was why you had been surprised when you met Lisa and she insisted on spending time with you. Of course her situation was different since she was a beta.

She had no idea about the things you had to deal with.

That didn’t mean that she didn’t try to at least.

Your shower was quick since you were already on the verge of running late. Since you knew it would be casual you had tons of options for what to wear. You landed on a simple black wrap dress that had been living in the very back of your closet. It was held in place by a simple black belt around your waist. The sleeves were short and the skirt came just a few inches above your knees. Since it was finally starting to feel more like summer, you chose a pair of black sandals. It was so different from the clothes you had to wear at the office.

On your way out the door you made sure that you had your keys and your wallet. The bar was not crazy far from your building so you decided to walk. It wasn’t often that you would do such a thing. You just felt like you could stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Plus it was a nice night out so why not take advantage? There were a few other people milling about but none of them really took notice of you.

You knew you were close to the bar when you heard the sound of live music playing.

It was a local band from what you remembered being told.

They were up and coming according to the other girls in the office.

There were some people sitting outside and they had the type of windows they could take out. There scent of alcohol hit your nostrils and almost made you freeze. You shook your head before you were heading inside. The bouncer at the door waited patiently for you to produce your ID. It was something that you were used to since you knew that you looked a bit on the young side. You showed it after rummaging a bit to produce it.

He waved you by and went to check the people waiting behind you.

You were relieved to be inside and found yourself looking around to spot Lisa.

She was sitting at one of the high top tables towards the windows. You knew that a few other people from work would be joining. Though your stomach dropped when you realized that Ruby was one of them. There was just something about her that you didn’t like. For some reason Lisa and her were friends which you doubted you would ever understand. She seemed to merely tolerate you but also treated you like a fly she wanted to swat at.

You almost wanted to stay at the bar but knew that would be wrong.

That was why you put on a brave face and weaved your way over.

“Hey,” you chirped the moment that you felt like you were within ear shot,” Sorry I’m late!”

Lisa practically squealed as she bounded off her chair to pull you into a bone crushing hug. It took you a few moments to actually wrap your arms around her in return.

“I was starting to think you had ditched us!”

You almost felt bad that the thought had crossed your mind.

“Just running a bit behind,” you told her with a small laugh as she pulled away from you,” But either way I’m here!”

“You weren’t exactly missed.”

Lisa and you both glanced towards Ruby who was smirking. You almost wanted to say something but found your attention drawn to the man standing beside her. He was quite possibly the tallest guy you had ever laid eyes on. He had a mop of brown hair that came just to his shoulders. He had broad shoulders and almost seemed to be pure muscle. He had one of his arms draped over Ruby’s shoulders. You also took note of what he was wearing. He had on a button up flannel paired with some faded jeans. It took you more than a few moments to realize you were staring. Everything about him basically screamed alpha which was dangerous for you.

You forced yourself to look towards Lisa.

“So where is this new guy of yours?”

“Dean? Oh he’s getting us drinks! I figured you would be cool with lemon drops?”

You nodded before glancing around the bar once again. Though you were trying to see if you could figure out whoever Dean was. Since you knew Lisa you knew that he had to be a looker. All the while you were trying to ignore the fact that the guy with Ruby seemed to be staring directly at you. You already knew that Ruby, like Lisa, was a beta. Omegas had become extremely rare as time had gone on. You had been born to a beta and an alpha. Needless to say your parents had been shocked when you presented. Your father wanted to do everything he could to keep you safe.

“Here we are!” bellowed a voice as you and Lisa went to join the table.

A man was walking over with a tray of shot glasses. He slid right between you and Lisa to place it on the table. It took you all of five seconds to figure out that it was Dean.
“Dean! This is my friend that I was telling you about!”

His attention was instantly on you and you shot him a smile.

“Pleasure to meet you Dean,” you told him, holding out your hand,” It’s nice to put a face with the name!”

He grinned as he went to shake your hand,” Likewise, Lisa’s told me a lot about you but I was starting to think you were a bit of a hermit.”

A guilty expression appeared on your face.

“Work keeps me busy,” you explained, shrugging,” But I’m here now!”

Everyone was reaching to take a glass. You were a bit unsure since you tended to not drink all that often. You preferred to be clear headed just to be on the safe side. It was also your first chance to see who else had joined you. There was Ruby with the mystery guy, Dean, Lisa, Jo, Chuck and Becky. You nodded to each of them as you went to pick up your own glass.

“Should we toast?” asked Jo as she moved so that she was standing beside you,” How about we toast to the fact that we got this one out of the house?”

She playfully bumped her shoulder against your own which made you laugh.

“Why does everyone act like I never go out?”

“Because you don’t?” answered Ruby, a deadpan expression on her face,” Honestly I don’t see why we still invite you since you never show.”

“She did this time!” piped up Jo quickly,” Besides better late than never right? So! A toast?”

You forced yourself to shake it off as everyone toasted and knocked back their shot. You nearly groaned as the liquid traveled down your throat. It really had been a long time since you had even consumed booze. Everyone seemed to fall into their own conversations. You were talking with Jo and Chuck about the new project you were all working on. The entire time you felt like you were being watched.

“So who is going to dance with me?” announced Dean suddenly, making everyone stare at him,” Come on, someone has to since Lisa won’t!”

She merely held her hands up as if in her defense,” I’m not drunk enough!”

You went to set your purse on the table after a few moments went by. Quickly you slid from your perch to hold your hand out towards him.

“Come on,” you told him with a laugh,” I won’t leave you hanging!”

He was grinning as he took your hand only to pull you towards the makeshift dance floor. All you could do was giggle as the two of you began to move to the beat of the song.

“Why are you staring?” hissed Ruby the moment that you were out of earshot,” Sam, you haven’t even been introduced to her and you are staring at her like a piece of meat!”

It had been a few months of the two of them hooking up. Needless to say she was feeling a bit threatened. Even if you were absolutely clueless.

“You didn’t tell me that there would be an omega here,” he hissed, going to pull her away from the table,” An unmated omega at that!”

An expression of pure horror appeared on her face and she was shaking her head. She should have known better but she hadn’t given it that much thought. After all she liked to think of you as a mere mouse. One that wouldn’t be noticed by anyone. Then again, it had been a long while since she hooked up with an alpha. Plus you were the only omega that she knew of since there were few left.

“Why does it matter? She’s nothing!”

His expression darkened but he couldn’t bring himself to respond.

Instead he merely watched as his older brother twirled you on the dance floor. The skirt of your dress billowed out as you spun. You seemed a bit breathless as you were pulled back towards Dean. He knew that he was not acting like he usually did. It had been a long time since he had come across an omega. Honestly he hadn’t given it much thought since he knew how rare they were. Even if he knew it was dangerous for him since he was unmated and his age.

His ruts had become harder to deal with the past few months.

Ruby had been his relief but she was starting to drive him insane.

A beta could never satisfy an alpha the way that an omega could.

Ruby couldn’t satisfy him the way that you could.

You were like a breath of fresh air for him and he didn’t know how to deal with it. There was a pull that he felt deep in his belly. He had been trying his damnedest to not go near you. He knew what most people thought of alphas. Plus he didn’t even know that much about you besides the fact that you were good friends with his brother’s new girlfriend. Lisa was nice from what Sam could tell. He knew that Dean was happy which was rare.

It had taken a long while for his brother to find someone to make him settle down.

You danced with Dean for a few more songs before heading back towards your table. By that point your group had sort of dispersed. Becky and Chuck were on the dance floor themselves. Jo was at the bar and Ruby was right beside her. Lisa was at the table with the man that you had yet to meet. Dean was right behind you as you went to reclaim your spot.

Lisa was going to scoot closer to you, leaning in,” Thanks for taking one for the team, I’m not drunk enough! “

You merely laughed, your nose wrinkling a little bit,” Then I would say you probably need some more liquid courage,” you paused to look towards Dean,” Want to get us another round? I’ll pay.”

He nodded but refused your money when you were trying to hand it over. Instead he winked at the two of you before he was heading off. That left you to turn your attention to Lisa.

“So are you going to introduce us?” you asked, motioning towards the guy who you knew had to be someone to Dean.

“Oh!” she exclaimed as if she had just realized her mistake,” This is Sam, Dean’s younger brother!”

Younger brother?

You were almost surprised considering the differences in the two of them.

Sam was going to hold out his hand and part of you was worried. Though you timidly reached to place your smaller hand into his own. The moment your skin touched something seemed to spark inside of you. Your body jolted as you forced yourself to not pull away abruptly.

“Lisa never told me that Dean had a younger brother,” you said with a laugh,” But it’s nice to meet you, how long have you been dating Ruby?”

It was your way of trying to ignore whatever it was you were feeling.

Every single warning signal in your head was telling you to high tail it out of there. They were telling you to go back to your apartment and lock yourself in for the weekend. Instead you seemed to be unable to move and you knew you shouldn’t be rude. Sometimes you loathed the fact that your mother had instilled such manners into you.

“We aren’t dating,” he told you after taking his hand back and to your surprise he was going to move around the table to stand right beside you,” Just messing around.”

His scent hit your nostrils for the first time and you nearly gasped. He smelled different from anyone else you had come across. His scent was anything but subtle. It was sweeter than anything else you had come across. It smelled like a mixture of vanilla and apple. You actually had to grab onto the table to stop yourself from sliding off the chair.

There was a noticeable change in the air between the two of you. Even Lisa was staring at you with a look of shock on her face. You knew already that you needed to go. You forced yourself to clear your throat and reached to grab your purse.

“I think I need some air.”

You didn’t wait for a response and went to hurry outside. You were doing your best to take deep breaths the moment that you were on the sidewalk. One of your hands was clutching at your chest as the other pushed your hair off your neck. You felt like you were fighting a losing battle. One side of you wanted to go back home and the other knew that you should stay. Plus you already had the feeling that you had worried Lisa enough. She had been watching you closely and you knew that look on her face. It was one you had seen a few times before.


You whirled around in surprise to see Sam was standing right behind you.

“What are you doing?”

“I wanted to make sure you are okay,” he explained, going to take a step towards you,” You just sort of took off.”

You held out your hand to prevent him from moving any closer and even took a step back for good measure.


“Don’t what?”

“Don’t come any closer.”

He held out his hands at his sides as if to show you that he meant you no harm. All the while he was still closing in on you as you continued to back up. More than a few people that were outside were staring at you in confusion. You could only imagine how comical you looked given the height difference.

“I am just making sure you are okay.”

“We both know that I’m not.”

Your words actually made him pause.

“You feel it too don’t you?”

You knew what he was talking about but shook your head. You did not want to give him any sort of false hope. You knew that you were fighting pure biology. It was something that you had done everything to avoid. You didn’t want to be claimed by some brute of an alpha who only wanted you for breeding. The horror stories you had heard were enough to steer you away from the idea of being claimed.

You were too lost in your head to realize that he was mere inches from you. You couldn’t even get a single word out before his hands were grasping at your hips. He was propelling you towards him and you felt like the wind had been knocked out of you. A sharp gasp escaped as your body slammed into his. His frame was practically rock hard and your head barely reached his chest. One of his hands was planted on your hip and the other was pushing your hair back from your neck.

“Sam-please, don’t.”

Your words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

His head swooped down and you knew instantly he was scenting you. The tip of his nose dragged across your exposed neck. Even that touch caused shivers to shoot up your spine. Your hands were clutching at his biceps as you tried to remember how to breathe.

“So sweet,” he whispered against your skin before pulling his head back to look towards your face,” You are unlike anything I’ve smelled before.”

You were trying to shake your head as you went to begin to push at his chest. He didn’t move an inch which was expected. That was never going to stop you from trying. All you knew was that you needed some kind of distance. His hands were moving along your dainty frame. A squeal of surprise ripped from your throat when he began to scoop you up. Your feet left the ground as you held onto him for dear life.

His move forced your legs to go around his middle. One of his hands was resting against your lower back but the other slid towards the back of your head. He was guiding your head down towards the crook of his neck. You felt helpless as your face came to press against him. His scent was overpowering as you took small breaths. Every single part of you was shaking and you wanted to get away from him.

You wanted to get a clear head.

“What about Ruby?”

Your voice was meek but you wanted to make him remember he had come to the bar with someone. You already knew that Ruby would want to kill you if she saw the two of you. That she would somehow think that you had done something. His fingers were threading through your hair as if to soothe you.

“She doesn’t matter,” he whispered,” No one else matters.”

“Please,” you choked out,” I don’t-we shouldn’t, please.”


His head snapped up at the sound of his brother’s voice. Dean was standing right outside of the entrance with a bewildered look on his face. Lisa was right behind him and she looked just as shocked. You could feel their eyes on you but you kept your face pressed into Sam’s neck.

“What are you doing?” choked out Dean who was moving towards the two of you,” You just met her! You barely know her and she’s scared!”

How long had they been watching?

“She’s meant to be mine.”

Those words caused your insides to twist. You wanted to groan but held the noise back. It was your body reacting and your mind was clouded. It was you fighting your base instincts even with just a vocal claim. It made you worry about what would happen if he actually did claim you, mark you.

“Sam,” you choked out,” Not like this, please, not like this.”