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Plastic and Fabric can only wear so thin

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It was just supposed to be a normal day, with Bonnie returning home from her first day of grade two, Woody reflected. Of course, he should have expected that it wouldn’t be normal. Ever since he’d settled down at Bonnie’s house, giving up on Andy, no day was normal.

Of course, Woody always consistently wondered as to how his friends were going. He’s left them in the middle of an argument, and of course Woody felt bad for that. You shouldn’t have us to leave your friends and then not talk to them again for ages. How long had it been, Woody wondered. Two, three years? He wasn’t no sure. All he knew was that it hadn’t been a long time. Bonnie had started kindergarten quite recently, and always bought a toy with her to school. Some days it was Woody, sometimes it was Trixie or Dolly, they never knew until the day started. Trixie was the one to have gone that day, and Woody knew that Bonnie was due to return home soon.

Woody wondered as to what they would play as this afternoon. Maybe they would be exploring the depths of space. Maybe they would be fighting off the evil witch, played by Dolly. Woody wasn’t sure.

“Everyone to your places! Bonnie’s home.” Woody heard Dolly call from her place by the window. He nodded at her, climbing to his spot on the chair Bonnie had let him in before he fell limp. Then Bonnie came in, placing a box on the table in front of Woody. He took note as to how delicately she placed the box down, but he didn’t need think muck of it. Bonnie then threw Trixie onto the bed, the dinosaur landing near where Buttercup was.

“I’ll be back soon! I have to go do homework.” Bonnie called out, retreating from the room. Then the toys all sprung to life.

The cowboy’s first action was to check the box, peeking in. That’s when he saw the fimiliar figure, crouched by her three headed sheep. “Bo..?” He whispered her name. He recognised the porcelain figure after all. It had been ages since he’d seen her!

“No, please leave me alone.” Bo Peep muttered in response, her voice slightly panicked. “I’ve given all I can!” She curled up by the sheep tighter, and it was only then that Woody could see that Bo was broken. There were multiple chips along her arms, and Woody noted that they looked intentional. One of her hands had broken around, the piece of porcelain sitting on the base of the box with an ear off of one of the sheep heads.

Woody was reasonably horrified to see what had happened to his old Flame. He'd loved her, once, all those years ago. How many years had it been, he wondered. 5? 10? Woody didn't know.

"Bo, it;s me. Woody! You're safe." He decided to try and calm her down, after her panicked tone. Something was wrong, he knew it. Bo Peep never panicked. Never.

The figure did turn her head, wincing slightly when she saw Woody's concerned expression. "Please don't hurt me!" She mumbled, still panicking. "Jessie said she wouldn't hurt me but then she did hurt me and I can't trust anyone now-" Bo cut herself off with a choked sob, upset.

Woody let himself drop into the cardboard box, edging closer to is friend. "Jessie hurt you?" He asked cautiously. By now, he'd figured that Bo had ended up at Sunnyside, where he'd left his old friends, hence the mention of Jessie. But Jessie hurting Bo Peep? That confused him.

Bo ended up nodding slightly, staring at the ground. She'd shifted into a sitting position, the sheep curled up by her side. She refused to meet Woody's eyes, which scared him. Something was definitely wrong.

"Jessie told me she loved me when she joined him, and told me she'd never hurt me but then she trapped be in one of those cages and took Billy, Goat and Gruff away from me and hurt them and then she hurt me when she came back, and she had a harsh look on her face and-" Bo once again cut of her sentence in a sob.

Woody went cold.

Whoever 'he' was, he clearly wasn't someone good. Had someone taken over Sunnyside since Lotso was in charge?

The thought honestly terrified Woody.

"Sunnyside's not a good place anymore. One of the toys, an old clown toy named Chuckles was telling me on my first night there, about how he and Lotso used to be friends but then they got abandoned and they ended up at Sunnyside and Lotso took over the place." Bo's voice was clearer now, though just as shakey as it had been moments before when she'd spoken about Jessie.

Woody knew it wouldn't be a good choice, going back to Sunnyside.

He knew that he probably wouldn't like what he would find.

But he had to try. For Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Slinky...

For everyone.

So woody gently gave Bo a hug, and called over Dolly. When the rag roll entered the box, Woody introduced them to eachother.

"Dolly, this is Bo Peep. She and I were close when we were at Andy's house. Bo, this is Dolly. She's the leader here at Bonnie's house, and she's gonna take care of you. I have business to sort out at Sunnyside." Dolly gently took Bo Peep's hand into hers, meeting Woody's eyes. He could see that she really didn't want him to go, but she knew she couldn't stop him. Dolly could never stop the stubborn cowboy when he had an idea.

Woody carefully hopped out of the box, gently dropping down onto the plastic table. He brushed off his outfit, and started towards Bonnie's backpack. He was a toy on a mission, and he wasn't going to stop until he saved his friends.