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Big Brother Shouta

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A boy with tired eyes and shoulder-length black hair trudged towards the door of his home. Sliding his keys into the lock, he opened the door, greeted by the vast loneliness of the home. Placing his shoes neatly against the shoe rack as he proceeded to his room.

His mother had been at the hospital for the past week, leaving Shouta Aizawa alone.

Shouta missed his green-haired mother but today a soft smile dawned on his face. She was coming home and bringing a guest.

Three hours passed before there was a soft click that ran through the silent flat as he watched the door open.

He was greeted by the smiling face of his mother, Inko Aizawa. He watched her place a baby carrier on the floor before shutting the door.

Shouta rushed over, hugging his mother after a long week. 
"Shouta, meet your baby brother, Izuku." His mother spoke as they separated the hug.

Shouta tucked in his knees as he crouched in front of the sleeping baby. Just by looking at his brother he could see that unlike Shouta, he had taken after his mother rather than his father. He was infinitely grateful that his mother had kept her maiden name.

He stared at the sleeping baby; fluffy green hair lay atop his head, light freckles dusted his cheeks and light snoring emoted through the room.

Shouta smiled.

"Hi there Izuku, I'm your big brother, Shouta. I promise to protect you." Shouta spoke quietly, holding his brother's soft, delicate hand.

Life was going to be a lot more interesting now.