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Divide And Conquer

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Amelia stumbled forward hazily and winced. She had hit her wounded left leg. Groaning she trudged on, dragging her leg behind her like a piece of dead meat. Jumping from a 79-80 ft tree was not the best idea she had proceeded with. She was surprised the fall hadn’t killed her though it never really was the fall that killed you, it was the landing. She stopped to catch her breath, her leg pulsing and throbbing with fresh blood drying over her skin. She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment before wrapping her tattered pant leg around the bloody wound, making her hiss and scream in agony. She opened her eyes again and looked around: no one had heard her. She was alone.


Throwing her bag up upon her shoulder once more she searched for any sign of others, maybe she wasn’t alone. Maybe there were people out there if she could just go on a little longer. Her face and hands were coated and smudged in soot and ash from previous battles. She looked as if she had rolled in a puddle of tar and smoke. Her battle attire was caked in mud and the blood of her enemies. Her hair was tucked up inside her helmet, giving her a male appearance.
She suddenly perked up to what she thought was the sound of men shouting. She crawled on her hands and knees carefully ducking in case these weren’t the right people. She held her breath a moment to hear her surroundings. Silence except for the people she had heard before. It sounded like a large group of men at work, probably gathering supplies and or firewood. She peeked over the bushes that hid her from view to see what she was dealing with. Military officials and cadets were everywhere. She smiled brightly realizing she had found the right people and a perfect environment. She scrambled out from behind the bushes and into view. She then screamed loudly in agony as she realized her wounded leg had caught on a branch. Two men both with green/brown uniforms on turned in her direction, eyes wide. They started running towards her, making her start struggling. The movement made nothing better, as the branch dug it’s way deeper into her wound. The men reached her, the taller one pulling her up by her arms and the other untangling her leg. The instant the branch came out of her gash she felt relief wash over every nerve in her body.


“Oh my God thank you so mu-“ She stopped as the man who had untangled her leg put a gun against her head. He was handsome, high cheekbones and pretty green/blue eyes and brown cropped hair.


“Silence. You will obey us and tell us who you are and why in hell you have come here.” The man snarled at her.


Amelia’s eyes widened. “W-what? Unhand me, Sir! I command you!” She yelped out, fussing under the taller man's grip on her arms. The man in front of her chuckled heartily and smiled.


“We will interrogate you when you are properly cleaned and dressed. Take him to my quarters, Nicholls.” He said to the taller man. He nodded in response and started and hoisted her upward so she wouldn’t be dragged. “Wait, had that guy called me...him?” Amelia thought silently.


“Sir, I don't think that's a good idea, with all due respect.” The man named Nicholls countered.


The man called Nicholls had blonde hair and startlingly large blue eyes. He also had high cheekbones and a nice jawline. He was well built too.


The pretty eyed one glared at Nicholls warily. “Take him to my headquarters.” He said through his teeth.


Amelia groaned at the numb pain in her leg as the man held his gun at the back of her head while Nicholls led her to the grouping of tents down the hill.


She was practically thrown into a tent with a metal washtub with a paper screen and a bench on the opposite end. There were some chairs around the bench as well as one next to the tub. The men sat down in the two chairs and stared at her maliciously.


The taller man barked suddenly. “Well? Get yourself looking somewhat presentable.” He snapped.


Amelia blushed heavily, not at all visible under her dirt-caked face.


“B-but-“ She stuttered.


“NOW SOLDIER!” He yelled, standing up suddenly.


“Stewart. Calm down.”
The man named Nicholls said, stepping forward. He smiled at her softly, his startlingly calming ocean blue eyes staring into her dark chocolate ones.


Stewart glared at Amelia and backed away, sitting back down.


“Young man I must ask you to unclothe yourself, we are all men here, aren’t we? Remove your helmet.” Nicholls says softly.


Amelia shakes her head and steps back from him.


“Please? We shall tell you who we are, just remove your helmet.” He says coaxingly.


She finally nods slowly as another smile spreads on Nicholls’s face. Her clasps to the helmet came off, lifting her gear over her head and letting her thick brown/black hair flowed down to her collarbone.


Stewart rolls his eyes but Nicholls is star-struck at the care that's clearly put into it.


“You have lovely hair for such a young boy,” Nicholls says softly.

Finally, Amelia has had enough. She sets down her helmet and huffs.


“I am NOT a man!” she roars suddenly.


The two men stare at her dumb-founded.


Stewart starts to laugh and he gets up out of his chair, strolling over to Amelia with cockiness...Too much cockiness.


He gets into her face, his unflattering mustache inches away from her.


“Then prove it.”


Amelia gasped. They had to be kidding, right?


“Well? Prove it! I'm waiting..” Stewart mocked cockily.


Nicholls looked at her with pity in his eyes.


“Stewart, you should go and get some air.”


Stewart huffed and sighed slightly, and stalked out of the tent,leaving the two alone.”


“I'm sorry but if what you say is true, we have to.” He says quietly.

She sighs and nods.


“Alright,but may I have a bath?”