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icicles don't soften when they die (they sharpen into sabers and they stab you in the eye)

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'If you really want a quirk so bad, take a swan dive off the roof and hope you'll get one in the next life!'

The words reverted around in the capsule that was Izuku's head. They bounced off the surfaces of his skull, lingering in his brain and only growing more numerous by the second. Why was he thinking so much of the benefits behind that offer? Why were there benefits behind that offer?

Why was he actually listening to Katsuki, of all people?

'..want a quirk..'

'..swan dive off the roof..'

'..get one in the next life!'

Sure, they've caviled over the span of almost a decade now, but never had he been given the suggestion of killing himself. stupid kacchan, he'd be committing suicide if he did that. even if he didn't die on impact, it still would've hurt like hell to even comprehend the pain; a slow death, perhaps?

Why was he thinking about the possibilities of jumping off the roof?

This is his fault. He's the only reason that the poor boy was considering death right now.

But he wouldn't say that aloud. He couldn't.

Once upon a time, he wanted to expiate with his childhood friend, wanted to mend the shattered and mauled relationship they obtained now, wanted to be seen as an equal.
apparently that, too, was a loose dream.

Izuku had already made his way out of the classroom as soon as he was sure Katsuki wasn't there anymore. He didn't want to see the male right now.

He didn't want to see Katsuki ever again, really. This'll be the last time he's a victim to the male's behavior.

He'll rest for a while to get over it.

He wrung his fingers around the damp notebook floating aimlessly in the koi pond. The fish circled the ripples of the object when it was plucked from their environment; probably because they thought it was food, Izuku attempted to muse, but his mind continued to plague him with images of how others might react to his own death.

His mother would be the only one to attend the funeral, he supposed as he wrung out the volume 13 notebook he created.

He allowed a small sigh to rack his body; his mother was as stressed as she was. Maybe not having a child to feed everyday and worry about whenever he came home with scorch marks all over his limbs would decrease that stress? Yeah, it would.

It really would. Inko deserves the best, doesn't she?

His mother is a good woman, no doubt about it; Izuku only wants her to be happy. Her husband was abroad, but still sending money to make sure his family could stand on their feet at all times, so he was a good man. Izuku only remembers his father's face from when he was around at the age of 2; but that's not his concern anymore.
His new concern is simple, really.

"How am I supposed to take a jump from the roof without facing the prolonged writhing pain of it?" He questioned himself aloud, clutching the slightly less damp notebook to his chest. His uniform was getting soaked from the excess water, but he was going to die anyways; it wouldn't matter, he presumed as he wandered back inside of the school.

It was already time for everyone to go home, luckily for him, so the halls were completely empty. No teachers seemed to linger around, either, so that was a plus; he didn't need anyone telling him to go home or stop whatever the hell they thought he was going to do. 

He was simply taking his 'friend's advice! What's so wrong with that?

Nothing, his mind crooned, agreeing with his newly developed goal.

Izuku's mind was far too clouded to come up with a reasoning to stay alive. It only supplied him with a reasoning to kill himself. It only got worst when he merely accepted the reasons wholeheartedly.

His mother would have less weight to carry, Katsuki would be happy to be rid of this 'Quirkless loser', and everyone's lives would be easier.

Yeah, everyone would be happier without him, he reckoned as he mechanically trudged up the stairs leading to the rooftop.

His eyes lidded themselves after a while, revealing an emotion that he typically never wore; a deep, glistening pool of repression twirled aimlessly in his irises. Said irises had also managed to darken over the years of bullying, making him practically seem like his Quirk had something to do with the undead.

Maybe he'd get a cool Quirk like that in the next life!

A smile that didn't even near his eyes formed on his face, gradually getting closer to his eyes the farther up the stairwell he went. He was, for once in his life, filled with absolute glee. Katsuki actually gave him some good advice! How charming, he cooed internally as he repressed a giggle from his own happiness.

It didn't take a long time to reach the roof; a wind blew by, calming Izuku but only enhancing his overall glee. He had never up so high before! It was thrilling! Is this what All Might felt like when he was jumping through the sky?

Izuku practically scampered towards the railings and peered down; roughly a three story drop, he calculated as he hopped over the railings to stand on the very ledge. He then crouched down to sit casually, tore out a piece of paper from his hero notebook, and fished out a black marker.

'sorry to anyone who cared. i just hope the disappearance of my own body might make this world a better place. besides, i can't be a hero. a useless deku can't do anything right, huh? so i'm following ka cc han's advice; maybe i'll get a cool quirk in another life! all i can be is hopeful, if not a little guilty for my mother. mom, i'm sorry, but i can't do this anymore. i want to be a hero, and if killing myself allows me to do that, then i'll gladly do it. ka cc h an wouldn't lie to me about getting a quirk in the next life, right KAT SUK I? - Izuku Midoriya'

He threw the marker aside and allowed it to fall to the ground below, humming in interest when it merely landed on the ground with a faint 'snap'. He saw how it practically snapped in half, the top splatting it's insides across the pavement below and leaving a long black streak in its wake.

That'd be him soon, he trilled mentally in excitement. 

He was going insane now, but he didn't care. The sweet release of death would give him a Quirk in another life, just like Katsuki said!

Even though Katsuki is a good-for-nothing jerk, he never lies.

Not wanting to waste another moment or get caught by someone [who'd probably call the police or something], he tugged off his red sneakers; once they were off, he put them on the other side of the railings he had leaned back against, soon reaching for the suicide note he managed to come up with on a whim.

Izuku had purposely left his old friend's name in a more crude hand-writing, spacing it out and even abandoning his little nickname of admiration. Can't admire someone you'll never see again, he reasoned somewhat darkly with a growing smile.

He shouldn't be happy about this, but he is.

The green haired male peered lifelessly at the setup before turning to face the ground again. With a sigh, he propped himself up with the railing and glared at the ground.

This is harder than he thought, looking down at the ground now.

He inhaled before brainstorming how to properly jump without getting scared.

Izuku perked up before imagining it was someone with a Quirk to give him. Not out of pity, but out of the reasoning/thought that he could do something.

His eyes widened gradually at the thought, his mind immediately supplying an image of someone practically handing him a free-Quirk. One that he could use freely to bring smiles to everyone's face and keep everyone he loved safe.

Izuku swore he never jumped off something that high so quickly. He even thought he heard someone yell something, but he had lost consciousness whilst falling.

He'd be able to rest at last.

Wouldn't he?

Alas, someone is always dwelling about to see a suicide. No matter how foolproof the plan seems, someone is always there.

This someone just so happened to be Katsuki, of all people.

The blond has been on his way home when he realized that he had left his own possessions at the school; already looking forward to see if that damn nerd Deku was still hanging around so he could vent his anger out physically on the poor thing, he marched there in an all too orderly fashion, cracking his knuckles absentmindedly as he walked.

Sure, Deku's obviously a pretty nice person, but his eagerness to get into an academy for future pro-heroes; U.A, to be exact; really pissed Bakugou off. He was the only one going to U.A, and god forbid that damn nerd get in his way of becoming number one and surpassing All Might.

A crude grin slithered onto the male's face at the outline of someone sitting on the ledge of the rooftop; they seemed to be scribbling away at a notebook, which dripped fat drops of water to the ground with barely audible splashes.

Of course the fucking idiot would be sitting in a place he thought he'd be safe in, Bakugou comprehended as he readied himself to yell at the male.

That is, until he stood up, removed his shoes- oh my god, he's going to fucking jump.


Bakugou panicked. So, like anyone else would do, he ran.


He's not going to catch him, is he?


No, of course he's not.




Here's the beginning of something nobody wanted, but everyone got.


Just because of a simple misunderstanding.


If you'd call telling someone who's obviously breaking inside to commit suicide via jumping off a high platform a misunderstanding, that is.