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The day was dyed of a dusty pink that made Jimin think about his next poem's concept.


The idea he painted in his head was of one heartwrenching breakup scenery and he kept envisioning this mellow mauve merging into a pale pink sparkled with silver glitters – he loved attaching colors to the emotions before translating them into words.



But as Yoongi started coughing at his side, before cynism colored his tongue to paint a rather grey picture of their new every day reality, Jimin realized that everything was indeed a matter of perception.



That everyone had their own canvas they chose to color differently,

sometimes in a palette he was oh so familiar with, others in a range he could never even grasp.


Jimin had chosen words as his tool of choice when it came to depicting reality. Or maybe was it the art of poetry that picked him, the sleepy boy with furrowed brows, bleached hair and crude words slipping off his tongue – but never slipping off his ink.


The blond was one of those interesting people, the ones made out of constant paradoxes, ever so reckless in the real world yet even more tender and delicate in the one he made up with his pen.


Yoongi liked to joke that he was a reincarnated Rimbaud of some sort, blessed and cursed with the burden of writing their generation's rises and falls. He was subtly aware that one of these days, once they would all go back to ashes, the only thing that would be left behind would be this : the art that tore apart hearts before putting them back together again.


The beautiful and torturous mastery of turning a lifetime of scars and miracles into words, fitting everything into the thin lines of a short poem.


Oh, how Jimin was thankful for the ability of touching souls with the tip of his fingers, how fascinated he had always been by words and the power they held, and yet.


Yet he swore to himself that never would it be a day where another pair of eyes would lay on them. Because the Jimin that was resting through the pages of his silver notebook, cigarettes burns and spilled coffee stains and doodles making it more personal, was nothing like the Jimin he portrayed every day.


The Jimin in the notebook was the best version of himself, graceful in the heartaches, fierce in the face of fear. He was the ugly truth made a tiny bit more beautiful by the curvy lines laying on paper. And deep down, Jimin knew it : he was afraid of letting it out.


The outpour of emotions, the vulnerability, the authentic humanity.

Instead he preferred.

The freedom and its extremes, the unapologetic behavior and its echo in the city.


Jimin had decided to write and not tell. So as he was looking at Yoongi sitting next to him on the concrete in front of the convenience store's backdoor, Jimin refreined himself from saying too much.


After all, Yoongi was like half of his soul, one of those friends that destiny stuck with you since the beginning of times, to make sure you'd be alright, to keep you safe in your darkest nights – especially the ones in the mind.


The amount of words Jimin could find to describe their bond was as endless as the milky way, although Jimin hated any reminder that there were bigger, stronger things than him in the Universe.


But how was he supposed to say any of them out loud when he was already so embarassed to do as much as writing them down ?


33. Those were the numbers of ripped apart pages ever since he tried to dedicate at least one poem for his dearest friend. Well, not like he would have ever read it – Yoongi would have had to walk over Jimin's dead body for that – but still, for the gesture.


A 'thank you, bro' that was a little more than, well, just a 'thank you .. bro.' One day maybe, Jimin hoped, and thought that no matter what, their souls would always be bound together.


Even when Yoongi was exhaling his horrible smokes right at Jimin's face, as if he had not tell him three hundred times that he would knock him out for it, one of these days.


He guessed that that day was not today.


'I don't even know why I'm friend with you. You suck so. fucking. much.' Yoongi breathed out, still coughing on those strong smokes he stole from his father. A small smile drew itself at the corners of his thin lips and his eyes were sparkling.


Jimin found it funny, how Yoongi could only show his affection through sarcasm and stupid bickering. They were a pretty good match : two jerks throwing their middle fingers at society's standards, unafraid to be who they were yet not brave enough to be more than that : the cliché put on them by the same society they despised.


In their eyes, Jimin was nothing more than a college dropout embarking in a neverending journey filled with too many part-time jobs, only to end up working at a factory where he would despise each waking moment until his very death.


And Yoongi, he was this lost kid stuck in a major he clearly did not care for and who would, at best, land a carreer that would be successful but unfulfilling. The very definition of living but not being alive, of getting by, the passion buried six feet under the gound.


'You've known me since we were 5 and if you could be my friend when I peed myself in 4th grade, then you can be my friend forever.' Jimin retorded, the palm of his hands facing the ground and his legs spread wide.


The black hood covering his face was making it look smaller than it was and Jimin hoped that the owner of the store would not spot him smoking cigs when he was supposed to clean up the floor.


The convenience store was your typical place except it was selling pratically everything under the moon as the owner was quite the specimen. Jimin once dared to ask why they were suddenly trying to sell real mini cactus and grilled worms and he had received the longest, most dramatic rant on the importance of 'true nature' surrounding us.


That day Jimin had stared at the fake golden clock on the wall that was not even on the right time and he had figured it lasted for thirty minutes. He made a mental note that day not to ask anything about anything anymore.


'You left me all alone with those people. Do you know how hard it is for me to not scream that, no just because someone decided that so and so wrote a book with this message does not mean it's the truth ?' Yoongi complained, his hands frantically looking for his lighter, another of those strong scented smokes Jimin wanted to erase off the face of the World in between his lips.


Before Yoongi got the chance to light it up, Jimin snatched the smoke from his friend's mouth before throwing it away as far as he could.


Yoongi whined, Yoongi threw a death stare at him but Yoongi still ended up smiling when Jimin put one of his personal favourites in between the black haired's mouth. Exchanging smokes, revolted opinions and shitty plannings was what had brought them together in the first place.


One was a complete anarchist ready to break anything to keep his freedom and the other one was vowing for reformal change in a very crude and blunt manner. The two of them together ? Lethal threat for the old broken systems.


Yet here they were, sitting on the floor of an empty parking lot, despising the place Jimin had gladly left and where Yoongi was still dragging himself to like an old habit. If not school, then where ? For what ? Yoongi had a lot of opinions but not enough structure to figure out anything tangible yet so he decided to give himself some time to figure it all out.


Jimin laughed anytime he mentioned this to him because they both knew that 'figuring out' your life is not something that can be defined by deadlines, it is a lifelong process of doing and undoing, of birth and being reborn again.


Beautiful, painful but certaintly not restrained by meaningless numbers such as age. Besides, they were all going to live up for at least one century, what was the rush ?


'Like who do they think they are to pin their own interpretation on the artist's behalf, Nostradalus ?'

There was very little things that the blond despised to the core and Yoongi's terrible choice in cigarettes and lack of interest in names were definitely one. Jimin was a pretty calm guy, although rapidly heated by two things : disrespect and bullshit. He had managed to find both at one unique place : his former University.


He came in like a breath of fresh air, bringing up new theories and seducing every professor with his original point of view on works of art. Everyone loved him there, except himself. He did not love himself there, so he left. Without a plan but with his heart in his pocket, holding it as his compass in life.


'Nostradamus. And yeah, I wish I could tell you I'm sorry but I've never felt more relieved in my entire life.' Jimin winked at Yoongi, causing him to fake vomit all over his new shoes, not a fan of the blond's charming ways.


Jimin was this bad boy personified, the kind of guy that people were fanning over although he was just in the corner of the room breathing, standing still. He captivated everyone's attention and in retrospect, it might had something to do with the fact he did not belong there. It was obvious he did not, yet he was still thriving.


Jimin was a college dropout formerly known as the top of his literrature class.


'What are you gonna do now ?' The question rolled out of Yoongi's tongue cautiously but it still hit Jimin with a bang, a little taken aback by it.


He had not thought of if and if he were to be honest, he would answer that he refused to look into it. He was evolving in a toxic environment, he left and found better somewhere else. Or maybe it was just an act ? What if he had gotten out of a tedious place just to stumble into even worse ?


Those thoughts immediately froze Jimin's brain and as Yoongi was still waiting for an answer, he understood that the blank look on his friend's face meant that he should not count on one just yet.


As the heavy topic got brought up, the sky turned a textured grey and dark blue, clouds forming rapidly and thunder resonating. Stormy hours were to be expected and, the moment the first few drops of rain fell on Yoongi's face, the boy was up and ready to run.


Yoongi hated the rain and Jimin hated dull colors and maybe their common hatred of ordinary things made them the inseperable duo that they were.


As Yoongi became a small running dot in the horizon before he finally disappeared out of Jimin's sight, the blond slowly got up, a long sigh accompanying his movement.


What was he going to do now ? Apart from working at a convenience store owned by a maniac.


The wizard of words bumped into a real life blank page and Jimin understood that silence was louder than any words.




Jungkook had a fascination for the Universe as a whole, finding comfort in knowing that there were millions of souls like him and countless planets for a strange kid like him. He found solace gazing at the galaxy. That is when the skies were not threatening to fall on his head.


Jungkook's sneakers were white off their box and they were already getting ruined by the abrupt change of weather, soothing pinkish hues giving way to heavy rain. His feet were stomping hard into the puddles in his way, staining his black denim jeans and soaking wet both ends of his body. Brown locks of hair were falling over his face, sticking to his features because of the rain.


Jungkook was the new kid in town, losing his way back home each time he would be too shy to ask his way around. He was tall and fit but discreet and reserved, eyes only looking for the reassurance of the dreamy clouds or the shimmery stars.

Jungkook liked the possibilities of a life on another planet and he used to say that maybe, one of these days, a being from another would stop by to get him.

Maybe they would say 'sorry, we mistook you for someone else when we sent you out here, you're coming home now.' If so, Jungkook would gladly give up anything to go.


To see what it's like to be who you can be to the fullest potential.

To be you, unapologetically.


Yeah, for that to happen to Jungkook, some miracle like an alien descended on Earth would have to do.


Jungkook was the new kid in town, getting lost at every single turn, yet for some reason he could only associate to fate he kept coming back to the same place : the mint convenience store with the cute cashier.


As he rushed to get to the doorbell, smashing it repeatedly with the palm of his hand, hidden under the long sleeves of his black shirt, Jungkook remembered what his horoscope said this morning.


'A pleasant and surprising surprise is about to happen to you.' Mr Kavry had said, the medium that Jungkook had entrusted with every important decision of his life for a couple of wons.


The long sleeved boy did not know what it could be but if it was worth having the word 'surprise' twice in the same prediction, then the Universe was probably on some epic shit.


The door slammed open on Jungkook's 48's try at ringing the bell and what he found there definitely confirmed the unlimited power of Mr Kavry. Cute blond cashier, ethereal as ever, beige oversized hoodie thrown over his shoulders and wet locks of hair barely covering his piercing gaze.


Jungkook was not exactly sure if he had a type before but since the first time he had seen the cashier, it appeared clear to him that it must had been him. He was shorter yet more charismatic, a little bit less muscular than Guk yet still very menacing.

He had that aura that was so enticing about him, the kind that screamed like a puzzle dying to be solved. The only puzzles Jungkook liked were the ones in video games that he found at the arcades near his new apartment but the blond cashier was one he would have not minded in real life.


Except if he was not so damn difficult to talk to.


After the door had slammed opened, making Jungkook stumble backwards as it looked like a storm had interfeered, the cashier made eye contact for a total of 0.01 second before disappearing back inside of the store.


Jungkook looked up at the sky and let the rain wash away the anxious throughts that were starting to cloud his judgement, him the boy head in the clouds, too busy imagining other worlds to fully exist in this one.


He sighed, closed and closed his right fist in a nervous fashion – annoying but familiar, maybe even more annoying because it was so familiar – the moon boy stepped inside of the convenience store, proceeding with caution.


Jungkook was a little scared of the blond cashier, if he really had to admit it. He was afraid of standing in front of any crush he's ever had, from elementary school all the way to the last girl he dated. He made a mental note that if she had never came up to talk to him about her love for astrology, at their tenth encounter at the planetarium, they would have never ended up together.


There was no way in hell Jungkook would have ever made the first move. But he had been lucky enough to meet a gentle one, willing to help him out, to make him comfortable before they could, well, get really comfortable.


The brown hair boy slowly walked around the store, his hand brushing with the weirdest stuff that no longer surprised him anymore – not after coming there every other day to not so subtly admire a certain cashier. A safe distance was kept between himself and the blond who had rapidly walked back behind the counter, picking up a bunch of pages scattered on the floor.


Chocolate eyes followed each of the cashier's movement but no words decided to fall off his plummy lips and this was no surprise either for the moon boy.


Jungkook relied on the other party's to make the moves he could never even dream of making : challenging his professor's opinion in astronomy class when he was obviously wrong, saying no to Namjoon when he decided to drag him around the city to record sounds for his asmr channel, doing as much as spilling out some flirty words to his love interest.


Scratch that, even being near them made his skin crumble and electricity run down through each bone of his body. He felt like he was about to melt down at any given moment so he chose the safety move : silence.


It worked on everyone, but the cashier of the convenience store, blue gum in his mouth and venom dripping from his blunt words.


'What do you want ?' Jimin inquired, flat tone but furrowed brows, not making eye contact – he was never making eye contact, at Jungkook's relief – and sorting through the papers he had now picked up from the ground.


An awkward pause filled the store and it never seemed bigger to Jungkook.


'I, uh.. It's raining so I-' Jungkook tripped over his words and he hoped that Jimin would not catch up on that as he was still pacing around trying to clean up the mountain of papers falling off his hands.


'No, I mean what do you want from me ?' Jimin stopped in his tracks, finally gazing at Jungkook for more than a second, his eyes a darker shade and more expressive than the moon boy's.


If eyes were truly a window to the soul, Guk figured that the cashier's must had been a very rich and vibrant landscape, painted in warm hues and unconventional combinations.


A beautiful, reckless mess he could not stop himself from falling into.


Jungkook cleared out his throat, too hard to make it seem natural, and proceeded to walk closer to the cashier. Talking five feet apart from each other would have been weirder, right ? Right.


Fuck. So he had been nothing but weird for the past two months.


How come Mr Kavry did not let him on on that important info : don't be weird.


Jungkook thought to himself that even then, how could the kid fallen from the moon, obsessed with mysteries of outer space and so uninterested in the wonders on the ground could ever be anything else than weird anyway.


'I heard you were giving out your literature notes ? Since you don't need them … anymore.' A moment of bravery arose and Jungkook almost immediately regretted it. He had heard from Taehyung that the former top of his class had suddenly walked out of college for good and that, ever since, he decided to sell the notes he still had.


A 'fuck you' to the patriarchal grading system and how it absolutely wanted to box people him.

How could they do that anymore if someone was giving out all the right answers before the test even came up ?


Taehyung was not exactly a fan of the whole rebellious state of mind but the moment Jungkook heard it all, his eyes grew bigger, his smile wider and that was when he understood : they had nothing in common.


If he was the moon, then the blond was mars : revolt at its finnest, chaos at its best.

And Jungkook had always been curious about what would happen if two satellites decided to collide and fuse together.


Maybe he could bring the theory up to the blond, that is if he ever learned as much as his name. Taehyung liked to go on tangent on how ridiculous the guy was but refused to speak his actual name : he said that the blond made his blood boil and that a face distorted in rage did not fit him at all.


'Not for free.' Jimin retorded, taken aback by the sudden inquiery and the curve curling his lips up almost seemed like amusement.


No, Jungkook double checked. He was definitely amused by the whole situation.


'It's not for me, it's for a friend in literature class.' Jungkook cleared the air although he was doing nothing but drown himself in more lies.


Well, he was not exactly lying about everything.

He sure happened to have a friend in literature major.

Taehyung, the current head of the class.


'As I said, I don't do shit for free.' Jimin repeated, a hint of annoyance starting to build up as he finally managed to put all of his things in this ripped black backpack he then threw at the other side of the store.


Great. The cashier boy had a temper.

And Jungkook was a nervous trainwreck.

What kind of collision would that make ?


'I can pay for him, uhm in advance.

He's not comfortable with this.' Jungkook pushed back the bangs falling over his eyes and Jimin caught himself thinking for a second that he looked more mature with his forehead showing.


But that was the thing with Jimin, everything was a matter of a second, barely even gracing his mind before leaving again. Everything was moving too fast or maybe it was just that he was too busy running around to let anything sink it.


He liked it that way : immediate but never lasting.

Inspiration, actions and above all, relationships.


'Cheating ?' Jimin scoffed, he had started to set up this little test exam sheets and literature notes business not too long ago on Yoongi's advice.


'You're a genius. A genius fucker, but a genius still. Put it to good use.' Yoongi said on the phone the first day Jimin had to clean up the toilets of the convenience store and he called Yoongi because he found four used condoms and who the hell would stop by a mint convenience store to – oh. Nevermind. The owner.


'It's more like, asking for a little help from the Universe ?' Jungkook smiled brightly and his eyes turned into moon crescents and Jimin felt this warm fuzzy bullshit feeling he used to be so skilled at suppressing until, well, moon boy fell in the middle of the mint convenience store, innocence in his eyes and a faith so big Jimin could have been blinded.


He was nothing like the bitterness in the blond's view, ever so made a tiny bit better through poetic words. That was a breath of fresh air, coming in unexpected, coming out the same way and leaving behind a Jimin with his eyes locked on his broad back as Jungkook would leave the store.


Yes, there was something sort of magical about the kid but Jimin was crude and straightforward and tactless and even if all he ever wanted to do was hold magic in his hands, all he ever seemed to do was blowing it away.


A clear laugh filled in the convenience store and the longer it lasted, the more faded Jungkook's smile got. What was so funny about his belief after all ?


'What a load of crap.' The blond's voice was cunning and Jungkook suddenly missed the flat tone he was so accustomed to. He was holding his ribs, half of his body hidden behind the counter and Jungkook could not help but pull at the fabric of his shirt.


'Do you know how insignificant we all are for the Universe ?' The question echoed in the store the same way a faint cry for help would in the galaxy : tragically and aimlessly.

Jungkook found it so bitter that it was written all over his candid face, him who was so skilled at hiding his true thoughts – too afraid someone might ask him to elaborate on them and if there was something Guk really disliked it was to be put on the spot.


'That's kind of the point.' Jungkook answered almost immediately, louder than he expected and he made a mental note to clap for this sudden urge of standing up for what he believed in later.


It was small, it was just a question of opinions.

But it was too meaningful for Jungkook to let it go, him the ghost of conversations, physically there, mentally gone finally matching up both in a fiery storm of words.


'We are insignificant in the Universe to remind us that we are not better than anyone else. We all are born the same, we die the same, our lives are so short and small and yet the Universe still takes pity on us. It still sends us signs and comfort in the most unexpected places.


That's why it is magical.' Jungkook trailed off, his gaze locked on a shocked Jimin, mouth wide open, leaning towards the narrator of this new perspective.


Where the hell did that come from ?

Jungkook had no idea but it felt good, for once, to state his true thoughts without holding back.

Was it the reckless side Taehyung hated so much about the cashier ?


That freedom of speech and spirit.


Jungkook was about to turn around and leave, half stunned at his own bravado and revolted that the guy he stopped by to see every other day could have such a pessimistic, small way of seeing life.


It made it clear that they had nothing in common and maybe Namjoon was right.


Maybe opposites only attract to self-destruct.


'You're staining my floor.' Jimin threw those words around as if he was desperate to call for Jungkook's attention and it seemed like he had just entered a parallel universe.


'Ah, uhm. Sorry.' Jungkook stopped in his tracks, looked at the floor and the drops of rain dripping down from him. He turned around and got graced by the blond cashier carefully placing a blue towel – matching the gum still in his mouth – over Guk's wet hair.


Jimin made a point not to lock eyes with the moon boy because that warm fuzzy feeling needed to leave his system as soon as possible so he kind of ended up aggressively drying up his hair.


But the harder you try to avoid something, the more attraction the Universe pulls in that direction.


Black eyes met chocolate ones in the middle of a quiet mint convenience store, the sound of the rain beating against the window and a comfortable silence that seemed to last a little bit too long not to be awkward.


Jimin thought that being awkward was worth it if he could decode whatever was laced in Jungkook's gaze. It was sparkly and comforting and above anything else, honest.


The honesty that was stuck at the tip of his tongue could be found in the depth of his eyes and there was something so beautiful about that that it took everything in Jimin's body not to get his notebook out of his bag to wrtite about it right away.


The warm fuzzy feeling started to burn up and when he realized that Jimin let go of the towel, leaving it above Guk's head.


'You're going to catch a cold if you stay like that, y'know ?'


'Oh really ? I did not know you had to be the top of your class to have some common sense.' Jungkook spat back, still not swallowing Jimin's earliest statements about the Universe and its fuckery.


Jimin was taken aback by the sudden change of attitude but he could not say he disliked it either. Guk's hands were now inside of his jeans' pockets, blue towel sill falling messily over his face and a stern look all over his face.


Jimin fucked up and he was not mad at it at all. At least he got to see a new side of the guy.


'I know and I don't care.' Jungkook finished, reaching for the towel to try and dry out his clothes.


Jimin did not know if Jungkook did not care because at least he would have an excuse not to attend his classes or if he was not so subtly telling him that their little exchange meant more than that.


Either way, Jimin smiled at the thought and made a mental note to himself : moon boy is nerves and stuttering but fiesty and opinionated. What kind of beautiful, chaotic combination was that ?


'YOUR FLOOR ?' Talking about chaos.


'What do you mean your floor ? Who is the owner of this shithole ?' Jin blasted the door open in such a way that it made Jimin's look almost delicate. He was holding two painting pots and was completely soaked, leaving a puddle of water behind each of his step.


'You can't say that in front of a customer.' Jimin rolled his eyes at him. It was true that Jin was the owner of the convenience store but usually, when you own a place, you try not to sabotage its reputation any chance you get.


Jin was skilled for a lot of things : he was resourceful and hilarious and knew how to make a room fall head over heels for him – he might had been the one to pass it down to Jimin – but there was one thing he sucked at and it was numbers and business.


He ended up getting the convenience store out of a bet with the previous runner, who was, if not even worse than Jin himself at handling things. Thank god his aunt was still here to stop by every now and there, gladly yelling at Jin to teach him a 'thing or two about accounting'.


'He's not a customer.' Jin stopped in front of Jungkook, looked him up and down, turned to Jimin before adding. 'He's your date for the night, isn't he ?'


'No, I'm Jungkook.' The latter answered immediately, still petty over the nonsense he had heard moments ago and high off this adrenaline rush that kicked in. He probably would regret it all tomorrow but at this point, storm was raging outside so it might as well start in the inside of the store as well.


'I'm Seokjin. He's Jimin. As you guessed he's not exactly... civilized.' Jin presented, gesturing at Jimin as if he was more a thing than a human being.


Jimin it was then, Guk immediately liked the fact their two names started with a J. He attached that as a sign from the Universe as there was like twenty-five other letters and yet, it had to be a J.


He wondered if he would be caught if he carved down on the wooden tables of university 'J+J' but then he remembered that he was still in the convenience store, in the middle of a random bickering he did not ask to be a spectator of.


'Just go ahead and say I'm a savage freak.' Jimin snapped back, positioning himself in between Jin and Guk, his aura more menacing than his actual appearance as he was buried under this oversized beige hoodie that Jungkook already liked a little too much on him.


'Okay then. This kid is a savage freak. Don't say I did not warn you if anything goes a little too-' Jin completely overlooked Jimin – literally – and focused his attention back on Jungkook who nearly choked at the sound of what came out of the owner's mouth.


'Hyung.' Jimin shouted, taking a step closer to Jin to the point where he was completely in his face at this point. Jin still looked extremely unbothered and Jungkook could not lie, he enjoyed the scene quite a lot.


For once he was not the one being tossed around in every direction, by words at least.

Not that he wouldn't have liked being pushed on by Jimin but- Nevermind.


'Don't you have some painting to do ?'


'I thought you hated my paintings.' Seokjin yelled back, in such a dramatic way Guk could not help but let go of a clear laugh.


The two guys in front of him both turned back at him wondering if he had a death wish or something. Guk smiled brightly again, Jimin looked away and the moon boy took a few steps back to give them their space.


'Yeah, I'd rather bleed my eyes out than look at them. But there's one thing I hate even more.'


'Illogical bullshit.

Why are you spilling out so much of it then ?' Their bickering lasted for a while and Guk decided to look up those candles that supposedly clear out the negative energies and tension off a room. He contemplated lighting one of them right now.


'So you're really not his- Nevermind. That's a shame.' Jin firstly adressed Jungkook before stopping himself, looking back at Jimin to whisper to him : 'Glitter boy is kinda cute.'


Jungkook had this habit of his to put purple and silver glitters at the tip of his fingers, a constant reminder that he was a kid from the stars or something. The blue towel that he let on the counter was full of them.


'I'm not really a fan of the cute type if you had not figured it out yet.' Jimin whispered back but Jungkook had already made his way back to the both of them and the blond got so flustered he tried to disappear inside of his hood.


'I'm still here you know.' Jungkook stated, an amused look on his face.


How funny was it that the situation had changed to quickly. Guk was no longer stuttering over his words and the venom in Jimin's words disappeared.


'Don't listen to him, he's been in denial ever since he fell for this Bangchan dude.'


'Hyung if you don't stop talking right now.'


'Don't forget to clean up 'your' floor before you go home.' Jin made his presence known for the last time, going towards the backdoor of the convenience store, sounds of sneakers hitting the puddle of water echoing as he went.


Silence fell back in the middle of the store and Jimin quickly got back behind the counter, gesturing that he needed to get something done.


'Your number ?' Jimin voiced, eyes fixed on the counter and the small bottles of Coke lined up there. Jungkook did not reply at first, settling for observation for now.


'For the notes.' Jimin cleared out his throat, too loudly to be natural, and he lended a piece of paper to Jungkook.


The moon boy put it in the backpocket of his jeans, nodded at Jimin and proceeded to exit the store. He turned around and Jimin was watching, before diverting his gaze over whatever he was supposed to 'take care of ' on the counter.


He turned around. Why would he turn around. He never turned around before.

Ok why was it even a big deal anyway. Jimin looked, Jungkook caught him, so what ?

Right. So what.


He might need to call Yoongi after his shift.


Guk certaintly did not expect any of this when he first read Mr Kavry prediction. Surprises like that were closer to the level of the big bang happening than anything else.


Jungkook had no idea what he was getting himself into but as he found himself outside of the store, met by the rain and the wind, it suddenly semed not enough to tear his smile off his face.




Jimin's room was, to say the least, quite unorthodox. It was both messy and neat, dark and light, polar opposites colliding into an explosion of surprise as Jungkook discovered it for the first time.


The bed was made, the clothes all hanged, not a single sign of dust to spot yet it still gave off this chaotic vibe. Mainly because of the provocative posters on the walls and the polaroids near the dark red dresser.

All of them showed him with someone else in the middle of marches holding signs covered in slogans. The one that caught Jungkook's attention the most was : 'I can't believe it's 2019 and I still have to protest against the same things my grandmother did.'


It was piercing and raw and full of rage and it said much more about Jimin than he would ever care to say himself. His eyes were narrowed and his mouth opened, probably chanting the main slogans of the protest, and Jungkook found it beautiful on him : the need to make people's voices heard.


'You said you needed the notes for your friend.' Jimin cleared out his throat, coming back from the kitchen with two black coffees held in endearing pastel cups with animals on them.

The blond must have grown up with those cups, happily drinking his cold chocolate milk in the middle of the summer heat. He probably still had a soft spot for the nostalgia it brought to him and Jungkook had to make a conscious effort not to smile at the thought.


'Yes, he is majoring in literature.' Jungkook responded, as if it was not already the third time he was mentioning this, still refusing to give out any names because said friend 'was not comfortable with the whole cheating your way through thing'.


The moon boy could have used Taehyung as a cover up, or at least as an element that made his blatant lie a little more credible. But he knew the Universe had a way of always showing the truth, sooner rather than later, so he decided against it.


That and the fact Mr Kavry said in his personal horoscope of the day that it might be better for Cancer to stay as authentic as possible.


So Jungkook showed up at the door of the apartment Jimin asked him to show up to, barely sending out the address and an hour with it. He came with a stack of papers, a pencil that did not work anymore, a video game he just bought in his bag and silver glitters at the tip of his fingers.


What could possibly be more authentic of him ?


Jungkook was looking around while Jimin was looking for his literature notes, complaining that his brother was 'always, like, always borrowing his stuff'. Jungkook was younger than the blond but he was not exactly a fan of the whining.


He did not have a brother and he was pretty sure that having one could not be as bad as being an only, lonely child.


After observing that fact, Jungkook went back to examinating the whole room.


The windows were letting in the shining ray of a pinky sunset and the shades were bouncing over both of their faces. It was the only thing contrasting with the somber look of the room, walls painted in black and furnitures all of darker shades.


Stepping into Jimin's room was like stepping into another World completely and, even if it did not seem welcoming at all, something said to Jungkook that it was still worth the discovery.


'But, do you like reading ?' Jimin suddenly asked, sitting in front of Jungkook with the papers he was looking for in his hands, all of them highlighted in every color under the sun. It screamed dilligence and organization at Jungkook's face and he was not sure how he was supposed to link those words back to Jimin.


The blond was wearing ripped up jeans, the kind that got ripped because of time and not fashion trends, a stained white shirt and his messy bed hair and raspiness in his voice signalled he had barely just woken up.


Jimin's image was the complete opposite of neat and organized but everything he seemed to do hinted that way.


Guk found it fascinating : the constant paradox.


'Yes, I'm obsessed.' Jimin was the kind of guy who could see pass anyone's mask from miles away. It was so easy for him to spot that it almost would have been scary to him, that if he was not a smartass that loved calling people out on their own bullshit.


Like those professors who were trying to tell him that his life would be miserable if he actually decided to drop out, as if their life had been a dream come true for their own selves.

Jimin hated a lot of things : injustices, Yoongi's horrible smokes and above anything else, the masks that people loved to wear.

But he decided to let that one slide, for some reason that eluded him. 


'It's supposed to be super free since that's creative writing. But really, they're still expecting something that's pretty conformist : loads of images to show you learned and you executed.' Jimin tried to explain as simply as he could so Jungkook could later on do the same for this friend he was helping out.


The blond could not help but to do so on this bitter tone that seemed to slip off anytime he was mentioning education. It was so stupid to him, how any system proclaiming to shape the next generation was trying to do it with the exact same methods and knowledge it had shaped the last ones with.


As if the World was not constantly changing and demanding people to adjust with it.


How could anyone expect someone to be happy when they were forced to fit the old system's mold, only to realize that it was not equipped to thrive on this new one.


'Why are you writing down 'hyperbole ? It's an oxymoron.' Jimin pointed out, slightly annoyed after he kept repeating the same things over and over for what seemed to be two hours.


Jungkook was trying hard to keep up with every word coming out of the blond's mouth but it soon became apparent that if anything, literature was not his thing at all.


As the younger one was still frantically trying to sort through his notes, crossing-out everywhere on the pages, Jimin let his head rest inside the palm of his hand, an amused look flickering in his black eyes.


'For someone who's oh so 'obsessed with books', you don't seem to know much.' Jimin let out on a lighter tone, his sight locked on Jungkook, eager to see what kind of reaction he could get out of him.


Jungkook immediately stopped writing things down, slowly closed his eyes before sighing deeply. He really hated books with a passion but when your crush threw a chance at you, you could not really do much but take it.


Except when said crush decided not to mock you for it, but for your efforts.


'For someone who's such an expert, I don't see any best seller with your name on it.' Jungkook spat back, letting the words lingering in the air for a bit. He was not sure he was flustered by Jimin's words or down right annoyed but the blond definitely had a way about him that made even the calmest of moonchild quietly rage.


'To perfect writing you need to perfect reading first.' Jimin retorded, slowly losing his amused smile to give place to irritation. He straightened his back to look directly at Jungkook who was not budging at all.


'I thought you didn't like it anymore and that's why you left.' Jungkook spat back almost immediately as Jimin barely had the time to point at the books over his bed. They all had a tag on them : the one from their university's library.


'You're right. I did not like university anymore.'


'You're still reading the university's books, though.'


'As I said, to write better I still need to learn.'


'But you dropped out ?' Silence followed. Tension started to build so suddenly and out of nowhere that maybe both of them needed a moment to take it all in.


Jimin was not used to being challenged. By authority, yes. By his elders, all the time. But by people his age ? Never. Most people were either too scared to start a debate with him or simply too uninterested. Jimin made a mental note : Jungkook was neither of those.


'Just because I'm a dropout does not mean I plan on staying uneducated.' The blond breathed out and Jungkook's face softened.


Something about the statement hit Jungkook, maybe it was the determination behind it or maybe it was the fact Jimin's image clearly did not match up with his thought processes and values, but whatever it was it hit Jungkook and it hit him hard. Hard enough to leave him speechless.


'And knowledge is not only found in universities. Only entitled fuckers think like that.' Jimin scoffed, shaking his head at the thought. What kind of backward mentality was that.


'I'm not an 'entitled fucker'.' Jungkook jokingly answered after feigning to think hard about the possibility. They both exchanged a look that did not scream opposition and tension anymore and the rays of the sunset seemed even more beautiful to Jimin, suddenly.


'I know. You don't strike me as the most grateful either.' The blond reached out for the smokes in his back pocket, barely sticking out, and offered one to Jungkook who refused it. Jungkook raised his brow at the phrase, intrigued to know where this all thing was going.


'I welcome you in my room, trying really hard to teach you a thing or two so you can explain them back to your guy and how am I thanked ?'


'With honesty.' Jungkook responded, with this tint of confidence that was so new to him but so alluring to Jimin.


Jimin picked up the cold coffee from his pale yellow cup while staring hard at Jungkook, as if breaking it would mean he let the debate's win to him.


He gulped the drink once, twice, and his features transformed.


'It's disgusting.' Jimin coughed, quick to put back down the cup in between their crossed legs, never understanding how his roomates always managed to buy the shitiest of coffees.


'Why do you drink it if you hate it ?'


'It fits my aesthetic.'


'You know, for someone who hates illogical bullshit-' Jungkook was quick to recall the blond's statement back at the convenience store from a few days before while imitating Jimin's voice.


'I know, I know, I'm full of it. Did you and Jin had a secret club meeting or something?' Jimin snapped, seemingfully annoyed and pouting.


'You mean the 'let's call Jimin out on his bullshit' club ?' Jungkook rectified, stretching his arms up to the ceiling after he's started to grow tired of sitting straight for hours.


'To be fair, you're a libra. You're all about indecisions and paradoxes.'


'You believe in that shit ?' Jimin's eyes widened, clearly not expecting that to come out of Guk's mouth. The blond was not, to say the least, the most easy to convince that outerspace and destined events actually existed.


If anything, he was the first to claim that it was just a bunch of nonsense told to reassure kids that at some point, life would stop spinning around and things would be alright.


'So that's what you really are into ? Since you're clearly not that into books.' Jungkook would have liked to answer something sassy, like that he was into Jimin, but his level of bravery lately had been through the freaking skies and he did not want to push his luck.


'That, astronomy and video games.' Jungkook yawned, the whole 'let's study something we totally hate' thing starting to take a toll on him.


He thanked the Universe mentally that he chose a major he was in love with. What would have been the point of doing it, if it did not come from a place of love anyway ?


'I'm into tattoos and poetry.' Jimin answered on this flat, monotonous tone and the duality of the two 'worlds' merging into one place, his heart, was a concept he liked very much.


He just did not like the idea of things being written out for him in advance because it meant that he had zero control things in his life. Most importantly, it meant he had no freedom and Jimin without freedom was not Jimin at all.


'And marches.' Jungkook added, nodding at the polaroids next to the bed and Jimin's gaze followed. His eyes flickered in this hopeful, tender way that had Jungkook made a double take but he blinked and it was already gone.


'And pissing off hierarchy, yes.' Jimin sheepishly corrected, his rebellious nature something he was proud of.


A memory of Yoongi and him flashed in his mind, the one of the day they both had 'joined' this anti-feminist group only to read some of their favourite Simone de Beauvoir's 'The Second Sex' quotes.






Yoongi had picked something that fit him well : tactless and blunt, unapologetic and raw. Fire burning under his skin and a smug on his face as he could sense it : the revolution was coming.






Jimin, on the other hand, had picked something more poetic, beautifully said but also tragically true.


As he had read this passage to the group, his heart beat faster and his fingers gripped around the paper. It was not rage, it was sadness.


That what he was reading had been written in 1949 yet it still applied to today's World.


It made him sad before it made him sick. It made him sick before it made him think. And in the thinking came the revolt.


They had ended up running away from a horde of guys ready to rip them apart after their little reading session, and they were both laughing. Because they knew, in that instant, that the truth had come out.


Ever since Yoongi dragged Jimin to all kinds of organizations, growing into liking the help he could provide directly to the people touched by the causes he was defending.


Jimin, him, was calling Yoongi anytime a new march was about to get organized, more keen on the rageful protest of a generation against the result of the old ones' actions.


Jimin was more interested in changing things, going to the roots of the problems so that people like Yoongi would not have to 'heal' its aftermath.


As he was looking at Jungkook, he wondered in which side of the fight he would fit best.


Jungkook had this thing in his eyes Jimin had not seen in a while, this sort of naivety, this blinded faith in humanity. Something Jimin wished he still had.


But something he clearly did not wish for was the entire cup of coffee Jungkook had just swallowed in a shot. Jimin was bewildered at the scene and all that the youngest answered his surprise with was a shrug and a low : 'What ? I'm not a kid you know.'


Jimin wanted to answer something but that was until he heard boxing sounds echoing in the apartment.


'Hyung, would you mind keeping the fucking noise down for once in your fucking life ?' He rolled his eyes, got up in the blink of an eye, and was through the door in mere seconds.


Jungkook was left sitting there with his empty cup of coffee, eyeing at Jimin's. He contemplated it for a moment before thinking that it would be a shame if his cup went to waste. As he was about to drink from the yellow cup, his eyes lingered on the paper about to fall off Jimin's bed.


He caught it by reflex and, before he knew it, he was already reading the bits of short poems written in curvy black lines, until someone snatched it from him.


'Don't touch that.' Jimin mumbled, blushed cheeks and a fidgeting habit that Jungkook did not recall seeing before.


'Well you said-' 'I'm into poetry. As in writing poems, not sharing them.' Jimin trailed off, looking directly at the wall behind Jungkook, too flustered to look at him in the eye.


Jimin did not have much time to be embarassed as the boxing sounds started to echo again.


'Hoseok- Hyung.' A shout resonated in the whole entire apartment and Jungkook wondered how Jimin's voice could be so loud.


He clumsily caught himself thinking than maybe, after spending years chanting slogans and screaming his point of view at the top of his lungs, it did that to him.


'Oh, didn't know you had a guest, sorry.' A man not much taller than Jimin hastily appeared at the bedroom door, panting and holding his ribcage.


He was wearing all black, a long tee-shirt and shorts only. He had long black hair going down his neck and drops of sweat were dripping down his forehead.


'Where is Jin ?' 'Your brother ? I think I saw him throwing paint at something in the balcony.' Hoseok quickly answered, wiping away the sweat on his face with the bottom of his shirt.


'My fucking signs. I swear to god if he's ruining my fuck-' Jimin disappeared in a mist of rage and sheer fear and Jungkook made a mental note to never come near the blond's signs, ever.


'He's got quite the temper but he's really not that bad.

I mean, he kinda is bad but you know. Not bad, bad.' Hoseok felt the need to speak out, holding onto the door with his right hand, still exhausted from his boxing session.


'And he's going to yell at me for hours once he knows that I embarassed him again.

Ok then, time to exit.' He realized as his jaw dropped and worry started to color his eyes.


'Can I try it out ?' Jungkook asked, almost whispered, eyeing at the boxing glove still on Hoseok's left hand. The latter followed his eyes and soon enough, a huge beaming smile appeared.


Hoseok lead Jungkook into what he called his 'little paradise' and it was supposedly a bedroom turned into a training gym with a mat in the center. He lended some blue gloves to Jungkook and within a couple of minutes, they ended up exchanging 'hits' as Hoseok was controlling the session the entire time.


'Your reflexes are pretty good, but I'm just better.' Jungkook ended up falling on his back, panting and sweating, as Hoseok playfully looked down at him.


'I didn't know you were into fighting, also.' The blond's voice made its way to Jungkook's ears and he quickly came back on his feet with a little help from Hoseok.


'I'm not- just into competition. Video games, remember ?' Jungkook answered, passing Jimin to exit Hoseok's room.


As he was getting ready to pack up his things and go, Jimin reminded him of exactly what he liked so much about his own self : unpredictability.


'Come with me. There's something interesting I want to show you.'




'Jin was dancing around, splashing paint on my signs saying that he was lost in 'inspiration'.' Jimin had repeated for the third time already and Jungkook was starting to get tired of having to entertain his little whining session.


'Can you believe this ? They're all fucked now.' The blond threw his hands up in the air, voice mixing disappointement, disbelief and sheer anger.


From what Jungkook could gather up from the ramblings he had heard, Jin was not exactly an examplary brother.


He had this tendancy to, what was it again ? Oh right, in Jimin's words : 'fuck things up.'


Jimin claimed that he did not know why he was even mad in the first place since he should have predicted it. He complained and complained but at some point, Jungkook caught a curve at the sides of his lips and he understood a very important thing about Jimin : he could never outwardly admit his affection for someone without bashing them.


Jungkook was certain that if the exact same words had came out from someone else's mouth about Seokjin, Jimin would have been the first to tear them apart.


With words, obviously, Jungkook noted.


He had no idea what he was getting himself into, let alone where this blind faith in people he had would lead him to.


'Where d'you say we're going exactly ?' Jungkook asked, scratching his head as he was trying to memorize the streets they hard turned right or left at, just 'in case'.


'You'll see once we're there.' The cryptic messages of Jimin continued and Jungkook started to get nervous. He bit the inside of his cheek, eyeing the scenery around him as it was rapidly changing.


The condo the blond lived in with Seokjin and Hoseok was not exactly in the richest side of the city and Jungkook actually expected it to be the poorest. He was painfully wrong.


The old brick walls written all over with rage and hatred (for society, for one's self) were looking over the damaged asphalt, holes in the pavement and majority of the shops around it being closed 'for good'.


A fire was burning inside of a crate and people were gathering around it. Jungkook did not understand it at first, the weather was pretty warm that day. His eyes lingered on the scene a little longer and that was when he saw balls of meat on a skewer.


Jungkook silently prayed for the Universe to bless them, maybe give them a miraculous shelter, but he did not say any of that to Jimin. He knew that he would just laugh at him.


'Oh surprise. We've already arrived.' Jimin suddenly alerted, stopping right at a crossroad, forcing Jungkook to catch himself on the back of Jimin's shirt to avoid tripping over.

He hanged on the fabric for a bit until Jimin's face turned to him with an interogative gaze. Jungkook quickly let go and immediately put his hands back inside of his pockets, eyes fixed on the ground.


He eyed Jimin briefly and the blond motioned to him to walk in front of him from now on. Jungkook rolled his eyes, how come he could be so annoying even without saying a single word ?


'What the hell are you doing here, kid ?' Guk went right ahead and maybe Mr Kavry was right when he kept saying in his readings that he had this terrible habit of running head first.


A man, older and much more imposing than the moon boy, barked at him from the box he was sitting on.


'Uhm, passing by ?' Jungkook gulped, eyes diverting and he mechanically looked for support in Jimin's eyes but when he looked behind him, he was already gone.


'For what ?' The man slowly got up and started approaching Jungkook. He was both confused and mad, both intrigued and scared and what rolled out of his tongue right after it was a clear sign : he really had no clue in what he was stepping into.


'I did not know you needed a reason to-' Jungkook snapped, raising his voice in the middle of the deserted street before feeling a sharp pain traveling through his jaw.


The man had just punched the crap out of him and sent him stumbling back a few steps.


' -walk in the streets.' Jungkook finished his sentence, more for himself than for anyone else as it was barely audible, before spitting out the blood in his mouth.


'What do you want ?' The man grabbed the colar of Jungkook's shirt to bring him closer to his face. He was probably trying to be even more menacing than he already was but Jungkook was terrified and yet in the middle of his panicked mind, there was still enough space to pick up on this fact : the man had a terrible breath.


'My fucking money.' A third voice echoed in the back of the man and soon enough, Jimin was over him – thanks to a cheap shot, yes, but Jungkook was too dazed to have any moral issues at the moment.


'Keep an eye on that.' Jimin shouted and an object slid all the way to Jungkook.


'The hell's that ?'


'I'm sure you can figure it out by yourself.'


Jimin managed to get to the side of the man's jeans and kicked the knife he was hiding there in Jungkook's direction. It took a moment for Guk to wrap his mind around the situation but a fourth person making their presence known was definitely enough to make him snap out of it.


'You really think you have a chance against us ?' The second unknown man punched Jimin in the stomach and he fell to his knees in sniffled whimpers of pain.


A few other kicks were exchanged until both men were towering over the blond, on the floor, coughing out blood.


'No. But it was worth the shot.' Jimin defiantly answered and Jungkook wished he was not so reckless.


He closed his eyes to spare himself the memory of such a cruel beatdown but Jungkook rapidly understood that he could not play ghost in this situation.


'Stop. Please.' Jungkook threw himself in between Jimin and the two other men and it was enough for Jimin's smug to disappear. What in the world was he even thinking about ?


'You're still here ?' The first man who was previously sitting on the box barely graced Jungkook with a look before focusing his attention on the blond.


'I'm sure there's another w-' Jungkook started, gripping onto the man's sleeve, making sure he would turn around.


Once he did, Jungkook suckerpunched him, exactly like Hoseok had just taught him.


It hurt like hell and he could not help but reach for his own hand. He was sure not giving this fighting thing another shot. Ever.


The second man got up as fast as Jimin did and Jungkook swiftly gave the knife to the blond. After all, if he was the one dragging both of them in this situation, Guk concluded that it was not his first time around.


The man still standing hesitated for a moment but he decided against it. He ran out and disappeared in the alleyway. The blond's eyes locked with Jungkook's, as he thought : this kid is really something else.


'I took a page off his book.' Jungkook defended himself before Jimin even had the chance to say anything. He smiled at him for a moment but quickly remembered, by the groaning sounds, that there was still some unwanted presence around.


Jimin looked out in the distance for a moment, he hated this area of the city. He hated the terrible piss scent, the neverending fights, the violence for survival in place of solidarity and unity.


He hated the people's individualist nature and how the guy who just took off in front of his very eyes re-inforced this idea.


And most of all, he hated how low he himself had to go any time he would come back to the place he was born in.


Jimin's eyes went from the bust down car at the other side of the street to the begging man at his feet.


A spark of pity hit him for a moment and then, just like anything else in Jimin's life, it went away.


He kicked the man in the ribs with the exact same strenght and rage he himself had moments before. How sad was it that the roles could be so easily swapped and yet, even if they both had felt the same pain, the end result was no different.


Violence called more violence and Jimin knew it too well. So well that he started to believe it was just how it was, in this area of town and in this part of his life.


'That one is for lying to my face saying you needed the money for your brother's treatment.


He doesn't even have one.' Jimin looked back at Jungkook in this weird way, almost trying to find comprehension for what he was currently doing inside of his chocolate eyes. As if he was trying to find the forgiveness he did not find within in Jungkook.


But all he found was fear.


Jimin looked up to the sky. It was grey, dull and an outpour was on its way. He smiled sadly to himself, even the weather was shit around here.


He looked back at the man trying to crawl away from him, only to kick him another time. The last time, Jimin told to himself.


'And that one. That one is for the girl you tried to drug two nights ago.' Jimin spit out, his voice louder as it grew with his anger.


There were a lot of things Jimin hated in life : authority, Yoongi's horrible smokes, illogical bullshit and most importantly uncalled-for cruelty.


In a way, in a twisted way Jimin would admit that, he was only punishing the man for what he had attempted to do. He hoped it could be a lesson learned and more people able to live in safety.


Jimin let the man breathe for a moment, reached down to get the money from his pocket, before stepping out of his way and letting him leave the alleyway.


Only when he was finally out of sight did Jimin drop the knife down.


'You've been following him ?' Jungkook asked through gritted teeth, slowly but surely putting two and two together.


'This city has eyes everywhere. All the time.' Jimin coldly answered, not even bothering to look back at him.


Jungkook scoffed at the statement but he took it the wrong way : he mistook shame for indifference.


Jimin was reckless and unapologetic and everything his image screamed at the world that he was but above all, he was nothing but a sensitive artist forced to do a bunch of things he absolutely hated to the core.

Since when the savior had to beat down the villains ?

Since when blood being spilled became the only answer ?


Jimin hoped that he was just being a little cynical given the situation and he made a mental promise to call Yoongi as soon as he would get back home.


'Spare me your bad boy bullshit. You used me as a diversion.'


'You seemed to be able to take care of yourself.

I miscalculated, clearly.' Jimin ironically dropped on an already on edge Jungkook who started pacing right and left in front of his stoic self.


Jungkook abruptly stopped, head held low, before slowly facing the blond's gaze. The innocence Jimin liked about Guk was not there anymore and he prayed that it was just gone for a moment.


Not forever. Not because of him.

Especially not because of him.


Now, it was just pure animosity and distrust.


' 'sorry.' Jimin finally said after letting a long uncomfortable silence setting in. The word came out rushed and uneasy and definitely not the blond's favourite at all.


He could hear Jungkook's steps approaching and he wondered for a moment if he was about to punch him in the face. He would have deserved it, after all.


'You're bleeding.


And before you go 'yeah genius, that's what happens when people beat you up' can you please sit down and shut up for once ?' Jungkook calmly stated, leaving a Jimin with his eyes widened and heart skipping a beat.


He was not too sure why his heart was skipping a beat but he decided not to think about it.

Instead he let himself fall down on the floor, letting out a faint :


'Who are you, Jungkook ?'


'Right now ? An idiot that happens to be too nice and have a medic kit on him at all times.' Jungkook reached for his backpack and got out of the pocket sized medic kit he had decided to carry around everywhere he went.


He used to take care of kids around his former city, babysitting and stuff, and every day someone was falling or bleeding and Jungkook turned into a worried mom.


'Jungkook.' Jimin barely whispered, each syllable coming out slowy, as if he was trying to decode something there. Guk was squatting in front of him, trying to disinfect his cut open lip.


'The band-aids are kid sized. I know. Stop moving.'


'That's not that- am I really such a jerk to you ?' Jimin honestly asked, finally having the time to replay every moment they had spent together ever since the convenience store interaction.


'You're not exactly a ray of sunshine.' Jungkook smiled back, still too occupied trying to take care of a bruised Jimin to notice the tenderness laced in the blond's eyes.


'Nah, I leave that shit for Hoseok, he's better than me for it but-

But I'm sorry if I said stuff that rubbed you the wrong way.' Jimin made the statement more wholesome this time around and immediately blushed the moment he finished the sentence.


He cleared out his throat and looked at the sky, looked at the ben to his right, looked at the brick wall, looked anywhere but at Jungkook.


'You apologized twice already and you still don't believe in the Universe's miracles ?' Jungkook teased, wearing this beautiful smile that lit up his face completely and forced moon crescents at the sides of his chocolate eyes.


'I'm not used to this. I haven't let anyone near me for, what, two years ?'


'The guy on the polaroi-'

'Yoongi. A fucker. Who also happens to be my best friend.' Jimin cleared out the air immediately, almost feeling obligated to, as if clarifying his relationship with Yoongi was of utmost importance.


He had no clue why and quite frankly, he would rather not even think about it.


'You know, patching me up was not part of our deal.' Jimin let out, trying really hard to change the subject as fast as possible.


'Well, ending up in the middle of your little fight was not either.' Jungkook nodded before making eye contact with Jimin and he wished he could have looked away but there was something comforting in his eyes, something truthful, that he could not help but look at.


'Don't worry, I'll pay you.' Jungkook said, eyes going down to the money in Jimin's hands that he was holding onto so firmly.


'I might make this whole thing free for once.' Jimin tilted his head to the side as the possibility escaped from his mouth. A light orange band-aid with puffy clouds on it was now patched under his lower lip.


'And why would you do that ?' Jungkook furrowed his brows, not too sure why the sudden change of heart was happening.


' Because it's you.' Jimin said, surprising himself, surprising Jungkook and surprising his own heart in the process.


It was cliché and cringey and weird and he had no idea why it even occured to him to say such a thing but still, it was the truth so he might as well say it.


And just like that, all of Jungkook's momentary bravery completely left his body. He got back to his feet in a blink of an eye, him who usually loved to take his time and lurk around places, threw the rest of his medic kit in his backpack and when he looked back at Jimin, he was smiling.


Not the smug smile he gave him back at the convenience store after throwing a towel at his face, not the small smile he had because of their banter back at Jimin's place but a real, bright, huge smile and Jungkook could definitely affirm it : he believed in the Universe's miracles.