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All For One's guide to a peaceful retirement

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Izuku Midoriya is perfect.

All for One counts his fingers again, just to be sure. He isn’t sure what he did to deserve this (short answer: he doesn’t deserve it), but he’s a selfish, greedy man, and he soaks in every detail of his son. If All Might drags him to Tartarus tomorrow, it will be bearable, because he’ll be able to spend his eternity in a cell reliving the best moment of his life.

“Hisashi, you can hand him back,” his wife huffs, and All for One glances over to find her watching him with a faint smile on her face. That’s good; it means he can hold Izuku a little longer. Which is fantastic, because…

“He blinked!” All for One, greatest villain to have ever lived, informs his wife with awe.

“Yes, Hisashi, babies tend to do that,” Inko answers with a sigh.

All for One doesn’t pay her any mind; she’s obviously still tired. And overemotional. She was in labour for hours, after all, and needs to rest. So, as the wonderful, caring husband he is, he’ll just hold Izuku a little longer.

Perhaps Izuku’s Quirk has already manifested? It’s certainly possible, considering some people are born with their Quirks, although All for One isn’t entirely sure how a perfection Quirk would work. Perhaps Izuku’s Quirk is more along the lines of inspiring love in anyone who sees him? If so, it would most likely be one of those freak mutations that are so fascinating. (All for One is fairly certain he never took any sort of love-inspiring Quirk; and besides, he does not think Izuku would be able to inherit any of the Quirks he wasn’t born with.) Whether the Quirk is environmental, with a limited radius, or perhaps optical, would have to be determined…


Something thumps into his shoulder and he looks up with a frown, though Inko appears distinctly unimpressed. She simply huffs as she folds her arms.

(Was he muttering? He hopes he wasn’t muttering; he’s trained himself to suppress the habit, but he’s exhausted. He always knows he might slip up, and he’s not quite sure what he’d do then. He can wipe Inko’s memory of course, but it seems so… dishonest. He does not want to lie to his wife.)

“Your phone’s ringing,” Inko informs him, and sure enough, she’s right. Huh – he could have sworn he turned it off.

“I’ll get it later,” All for One shrugs, because it can’t possibly be more important than this. After all, he’s holding his son. Who has freckles. All Might can attack his main base of operations for all he cares; there is nothing more important than this.

“Hisashi Midoriya,” Inko growls, and All for One stiffens, because he knows that tone. (He fears that tone.) “Give me back my son and answer your goddamn phone!

All for One is the modern boogie man; whilst the public might not know about him, every law agency in the world whispers his name in fear. There is no one else that can send a shiver down All Might’s spine. But centuries of battles, of planning, of scheming have honed his instincts until they are razor sharp.

He hands Izuku over and legs it from the delivery room.

Apparently, doctor Ujiko does not understand the sentence ‘Do not call me’, All for One reflects as he sees the five missed calls. He’s almost tempted to ignore them, but there’s always that faint possibility that the authorities have noticed something strange about Hisashi Midoriya. So he bites back a sigh and hits the call button.

(He swears, if All Might is responsible for this, he will level New York.)

“Yes, doctor?” he prompts when his call is answered, though his thoughts are already occupied with more important matters.

Will Izuku like the toy rabbit he picked out for him?


All for One never really planned to have children.

He considered it for a time, much the same way he considered killing the prime minister, but eventually rejected the idea. He has no intention of dying, after all, and so has no need for a successor. A child would require far too much attention, effort and time for an uncertain payoff.

Inko had been… unexpected. He had chosen to take a step back when All Might returned to Japan. With enough time, the latest holder of One for All will undoubtedly lower his guard. But that could mean several years, or several decades, and dating seemed a decent enough way to pass some of that time.

He had never intended to fall in love with Inko, but would always be glad he did. Having a home to return to is a strange, heady feeling. The apartment might be small, but Inko could turn even a tent into a warm, welcoming home. And so, he made sure to construct the perfect fantasy for his wife; the hardworking office drone, who may sometimes have to stay late, but never forgets their anniversary. Who sometimes brings home a bouquet of flowers just because, and takes her out to dinner, and sometimes calls her from work just to hear her voice.

He almost had a panic attack when he returned from a ‘business trip’ and Inko presented him with two positive pregnancy tests.

A baby was (and still is) a risk, especially a baby that might one day possess the ability to steal Quirks. He might not be proud of it, but he considered inducing a miscarriage. But Inko was so happy to share the news and begin preparing for the new arrival. Her joy at becoming a mother far outshone her happiness at being married, and he could not do it. He could not take something so precious away from her, because even if he wiped her memory, even if she never remembered it, he would.

And now, as he watches Izuku sleep, All for One is so achingly grateful for those last few morals. Because Izuku is unpredictable, and a risk, and exhausting, and All for One has never been happier. He will always carry the guilt over what he considered doing deep in his soul.

And he will always protect Izuku.