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Here it is everyone, the chapter one rewrite! Proofread by… Claz7960! Monkey dad wanted another month, so we'll have my good friend help for now.

After the writer's note at the end is the original chapter 1, Just so I remember where I came from.

The morning sun had just started to rise, bathing the land in its orange hue as a new day approaches. The great Gum War was only yesterday, including the incident with GOLB… and the smashing of Finn the Human's beloved home. Speaking of the hero, he begins to stir amidst the remains of his destroyed home, mumbling a little as he wakes up to the sun shining in his eyes. He opens them, taking one slow look around at the shattered remains of all his belongings, 'This is going to take some getting used to…' Despite waking up to that gloomy thought, he springs out his damaged bed, stretching his muscles with a small smile. "Jake you hear man!?" He cries as he stretches his legs, only to be met with silence, 'He wakes up earlier than me, so he is most probably already doing something… probably hanging with lady.' He looks around at the rubble, 'What means I get first picks on what to keep!'

He excitedly pushes some broken items aside, creating a small clear spot in the house's remains for him to start placing items. With a happy nod of approval, he immediately starts collecting small trinkets and memories, placing them in a pile to be collected later… and quickly starts collecting a horde. "Man do we have a lot of junk…" Finn says, staring at a damaged, destroyed hat in his hands. With a shrug he throws it somewhere behind him and continues digging. He shifts some large broken wood and spots some bright colours underneath it, instantly locking his eyes onto it, squinting in effort, "... My Ble comics!" He shouts in surprise, shocked that they survived. He instantly goes to reach for it… with his stub.

He looks down at his missing arm, then up at the wood his other hand was holding up. "I actually forgot about that… guess I'm getting used to not having an arm." He pulls himself back, letting go of the wood gently, placing it atop the comics to protect them once more, "I'll be back for you." Before turning around and sprinting out the wreckage of his home.

Nearly two hours later, he slows his run to a halt, looking at the scene in front of him. The site of the Gum War, massive craters dotting the landscape, creating massive boulders of torn up rocks. He shrugs and whistles a small tune, his eyes scanning the ground, 'It has to be around here somewhere…' He suddenly stops whistling as he sees a massive shiny object lodged in the ground, thicker than any spear would be. He rushes over to it and quickly crouches, then grins at what was before him. His robot arm, semi buried in the ground and covered in dirt. His smile disappears, for it was heavily dented as well, smashed and bent in the shapes of foot prints, 'It was trampled on… oh well." He pulls reaches down, grabbing a metal lip and yanking it up, prying the arm from the ground. Pebbles and dirt falls from its insides as he stares, slowly reaching into his bag and pulling out his phone, calling a well remembered number, "... Hey PB?..."

Finn sighs in boredom, staring up at the pink ceiling above him, a constant cranking sound next to him as he lays in the hospital bed. Bubblegum stands by him, humming in thought as she adjusts a nut on Finn's robotic arm, the metal frame torn and dented from its ordeal. They both came to the same conclusion that it was fubar, but since they didn't exactly have another laying around, they were forced to having to fix the metal limb.

When he had called her, he expected her to help him whenever she had free time. She told him to return to the castle immediately. The candy royal had abandoned all her other plans to help the teen as he now lays in the hospital bed, "Thanks for doing this PB, but shouldn't you be taking care of the candy peeps?"

"They can handle themselves for now Finn, as right now this arm does require me." She explains as she attempts to unbend a piece of metal, what it finally does with a squeak. Grinning, she tightens one final screw, before lowering the arm down to Finn's stub, and pushing it on. Finn idly grabs and holds the grey limb as she starts to tighten it to firmly attaches it, his eyes looking at the room around him. Or more accurately, the candy people as they run around with construction materials and tools, when one trips on a small piece of debris and crashes to the floor. Then a domino effect occurs, the other dumb sentient candy tripping up on him and falling as well, quickly creating a groaning pile of colours, making Finn wince.

"Are you sure?" He turns to look at her, finding her completely focused on his arm,

"Yep!" She says with a smile before frowning, turning to look him directly in the eyes, "Though you really should take better care of this! I thought I told you it was really is sensitive, what in techo language, means really easy to break!"

Finn chuckles nervously, looking away from the royal, "Ok! I promise I will try to not let it get too dinged up." He jokes, but Bubblegum sighs, grabbing the reflex hammer,

"Finn, while I don't want this arm being damaged, I also want you to return safely. What means no jumping in the mouth of a chaotic god!" She yells, making Finn wince, "I mean, what were you thinking!?"

He shrugs, "Saving Simon. I mean I kinda have been doing this stuff for a while now, walking towards danger to help peeps." Bubblegum wacks his metal arm with the hammer, "Yep I felt that, it's good." She nods, dropping her tools as Finn wiggles his reattached arm.

"I know Finn, but that still doesn't change the fact you nearly died back there." She rests a hand on his shoulder, "And I don't know how I'll handle the fact if you ever died."

An awkward silence fills the air as Finn looks down at the ground, causing Bubblegum to laugh nervously, "Anyways Finn! I have a favour to ask you, if it isn't too much trouble that is." Finn snaps his head at her,

"Sure! I'm always ready to help anyone PB, what do you need?"

"Can you keep your eyes open for anything weird?" Finn looks around in slight confusion, then back at her,

"Erm… could you be a bit more specific than that?"

"Not really, just anything unordinary. We have no idea if there are going to be consequences of GOLB suddenly appearing in our world, like aftershocks of chaos. If chaotic stuff goes down, let me know immediately, got it?"

Finn nods determinedly, "My eyes will be peeled!" She smiles, sighing in relief,

"Thanks Finn… everyone is currently stressed out like crazy! In fact I'm going to a meeting in abit to discuss with the other princesses, try to get some details on the situation of OOO and calm them down at the same time."

"Calm them down?"

"Yeah, I thought they would all be worn out after the fighting, but it seems all it takes is one night's worth of sleep to refill their panic banks." Finn looks down at the candy people as they run, finding a few looking at him and smiling before they continue their work,

"... What if I went with you? I'm pretty sure having me around will put some at ease." Bubblegum looks at him worriedly,

"You sure Finn? It will be mads boring."

He nods, "Yeah, besides as a hero I think I should know of any threats or problems as soon as possible." She sighs,

"Alright, you can come… like right now." She gets up, making Finn's eyes widen,

"Oh!" He hurries out of the hospital bed, grabbing and sheathing the sword resting against his bed before standing next to Bubblegum. She opens the hospital's door for him and they both exit it, quickly making their way to the damaged candy hall where everyone was gathered.

A minute later, they walk through two massive doors into the room, which was filled to the brim with chatting princess, all of them having bags under their eyes. They all snap their attention to Bubblegum, then Finn, causing the hero to speak, "Hey guys." A murmur of tired responses comes from the crowd, making the hero smile.

Bubblegum wastes no time, immediately making her way through the crowd as Finn follows, reaching a stage in front of them all. She hurriedly stands in the middle of the stage while Finn stands a bit back, letting the focus be on her and her words, "Sorry for the delay everyone, I was attaching Finn's arm back on." The hero waves stiffly yet with a smile at the crowd, who return the smile with tiny ones of their own before focusing back on Bubblegum. "Alright, let's hear it: What is the damages or casualties?" Immediately the crowd became alive with reports and complaints, making Bubblegum sigh and Finn wince.

The next few hours were spent taking notes, Bubblegum giving suggestions whenever she could regarding anything that could help the other Kingdoms. Finn did his best to think of suggestions as well, but he quickly came to a realisation that the only problems the princesses were suffering from were fires and destroyed buildings. Something that he couldn't really help in. He looks down a little, 'Man, I really need more skills than being able to use a sword… I wonder if PB can teach me in science… or maybe doctor princess in medicine! That's still helping people!... But I wasn't very good at either.' He looks up, finding Bubblegum staring at him as servants fill the room, all carrying dishes with a variety of candy on top. "Huh? Did you say something Bubblegum?"

She smirks at him, "Yes I did Finn. I said you want anything?" Finn was about to decline when a servant walks straight up to him carrying a pile of bright sweets.

"... Ok, one." He grabs one, quickly popping it into his mouth and walking towards the princess at the front of the stage, before promptly sitting down, his legs dangling off the edge. Bubblegum joins him and the few princesses around also face the hero,

"Everything alright Finn?" Bubblegum asks, making him raise an eyebrow at her,

"Yeah... why?" She shrugs, looking away,

"Just checking up on you that’s all… you know... Fern, your house…"

"... To be honest I'm fine with the house being destroyed, prefer it being mine than someone else's… but Fern?..." Bubblegum instantly notices his mood lower and immediately regrets asking, quickly trying to change the topic,

"Erm!... Wait if your home has been destroyed, then where did you sleep last night?" Finn shrugs,

"In the rubble." He notices their worried expressions, and panics, "No it's fine! Pretty comfy actually! I had found the remains of my bed and slept on it, it's cool!"

Suddenly Flame Princess walks towards him, splitting the crowd, "Finn… you should have said something, I've got a guest room in my palace. My whole Kingdom was spared of any damage so I don't have to worry about rehoming anyone. You could stay there until you find a new place to live… heck you could actually live in a flame house as well, with your flame suit and everything." The other royals quickly come to him with offers as well, what causes a commotion and drawing in more royals, dominoing in more offers.

"No really! It's fine guys!" Finn says with a blush, but Bubblegum giggles,

"Finn, I think it's safe to say we owe you." But then she becomes serious, "And I also don't mind you staying here until you find a home either. At least choose one for tonight, as it is going to rain later. You and jake will be soaked." Finn sighs,

"Alright, we'll stay here for tonight." Bubblegum nods, "Good, and you can move your belongings here in a couple of days, the vault should be cleared of debris by then." Before he could turn the offer down she claps her hands, "Alright everyone! Back to work!"

The meeting continued for another few hours, and since it was all talking that Finn couldn't help in, he quickly became bored. Still, he stuck around with a small smile, using it as an opportunity to think of some new possibilities, 'I could be a monster teacher! No… A normal teacher? While I got those marshmallow kids learning and out of crime, I don't think I can actually teach anything… What am I going to do if there are no more adventures?'

He hurriedly abandons the thoughts, leaving them to be a future problem, and focuses back on the present. As Bubblegum wraps everything up and decides a day for another meeting, the hero leaves the stage and descends into the crowd, waiting to leave like the rest of them. Yet as the doors open, nearly all the royals head towards him, reminding the hero that they would gladly accept him into their kingdoms. They do not give the hero time to respond before hurriedly walking towards the door to leave, allowing another royal to take their place to shout their offers at the hero.

As the last one leaves, Finn stares in confusion, before looking at Bubblegum who was now getting off the stage "What was that all about?"

She sighs, "I'll admit it Finn: They're scared. They've usually been spared of any carnage or destruction because of you. So now that it happened right before them on such a large scale, it has them a bit spooked about their own safety. So, having you close to their kingdoms helps put not only them, but their people as well at rest. That and I think we all feel a tad in debt to you." Finn sighs,

"They don't owe me for anything, it was my job…" He looks up at Bubblegum, "... But thanks for the offer. I'll stay here tonight, but I will find a new home as fast as possible!" He says determinedly, making Bubblegum nods,

"I like the enthusiasm Finn, but you don't need to rush. Take your time and find one that you and Jake will actually like." With that she walks away, heading deeper into the castle. Finn looks around, trying to figure out what to do next, before simply shrugging and walking towards the guest rooms.

Arriving, he opens the door to the sweet smelling room, plops down onto the bed that feels like cotton candy, and sighs in relief, relaxing a little. Taking his bag off his back, he pulls out his phone and calls his brother. "... Hey this is Jake! Who's calling?"

"Just me man!"

"Hey man! Anything happen today?"

"Eh, not much, but I did get my arm reattached! But that isn't important, where did you go this morning man?"

"To Lady's place. After that big fight they were worried about me, so I decided to spend the day with them… and had a chat with Lady about something, but we'll talk about that later when we're face to face!"

"Right. Anyways I just called to let you know that PB is letting us stay in the castle tonight because of the incoming rain and that we can move our stuff to her vault in a few days until we get a house."

"Oh that's nice of her. But I err… will probably stay with Lady Rainicorn tonight, but I promise to see you tomorrow!" Finn dismisses the bad news with a roll of his hand,

"Nah it's cool, spend as much time with lady as you want."

"Thanks man, see ya!" "See ya." Finn ends the call, then takes his sword off his back, laying it to rest against his bag on the floor, before laying down on the bed and closing his eyes, going to sleep early with the lack of things to do.

When his eyes next open, it was a new day. He immediately hops up, energised for anything the world could throw at him, 'Alright! What have I got planned!?...' He stands still in the room, lost in heavy thought, 'Erm… nothing, apparently… not until Jake arrives at least… what to do until then?' After waiting a few seconds, three bangs suddenly pound his door, making the hero jump.

After recovering from being startled, Finn strolls over to the door, opening it to be greeted by the sight of a random female candy citizen. "Hey Finn. Got some letters for you." She informs him, causing him to blink, not expecting any,

"Oh thanks!... Where are they?" The sweet stands aside, presenting to something by the door. Curiously Finn sticks his head out, and goes wide eyed at the massive pile of letters, sitting in a large bag. "Whoa! What the glob!?"

"Ok see ya!" The candy person spins and walks away before the hero could ask them anything.

He watches her leave, then stares down at the massive bag of letters. He takes one from the top, quickly opening an envelope covered in green moss, 'To Finn, blah blah bla-! Here's a list of available housings!?... From Jungle Princess?" He looks away, from the letter to the rest of the pile. All of the letters were in high-quality envelopes, making Finn stare, 'Did they all give me recommendations?... Guys…'

With a small smile he grabs the bag, and starts dragging it inside, trying his best to not tip the pile of overflowing letters over. He sits down, then with a sigh looks at Jungle Princess's letter again, '... I do need a new home… and I actually don't know how to get one.' So he gives her letter a re-read, actually writing a note of houses she was offering on a piece of paper he finds slightly crumpled in his bag. Then he halts, taking a look at the pile again. 'I should probably just take note of the ones that look the best, not all of them.'

He slowly starts going through the massive pile, not making much progress in an hour when his door got more knocking. He stands up from his massive pile of paper, walking over to the door and opening it. To be enveloped in a massive yellow hug. He and Jake fall to the floor as they both fall into a laughing fit, "Hey bro! Sorry I was at- Whoa!" Jake exclaims, his eyes locking onto the letters. Finn pushes him off with a smile,

"Yeah I had the same reaction. They're all from the princesses with houses for sale in their Kingdom."

"Damn, there's a lot of them..." Then his body stiffens up, before he slowly faces Finn, "... Oh yeah… this reminds me of something…" Finn stares inquisitively. "... Ah it's nothing! We'll talk about it later!" He says, laughing nervously, causing Finn to raise an eyebrow but ultimately shrugs it off.

"Alright then, want to help me through these?"

"Sure do!" Jake says hurriedly, making Finn stare with slight concern at his brother, but again, shrugs it off, 'I'll ask after the letters.'

The duo quickly sit down and continue opening the letters, writing quick notes on Finn's paper. Finn eventually has to get some more paper, stapling it all to the original sheet to hold all the information. Jake eventually huffs, dropping his letter, "Man… so many details… ahhh! I'm getting a headache!" He grabs his head as Finn sighs,

"Yeah I hear ya, it's nice that they are doing this for us and all… but man is this a lot!" His eyes drift to his sword still resting against his bed, "I mean I'm still waiting for a phone call about some danger that I need to save everyone from. It's… boring without anything to do." He stares at his bag, as if expecting his phone to ring with some quest for him to go on, but nothing happens. Finn sighs, "… You think we will have another adventure anytime soon?" Jake shrugs,

"I don't know man, maybe? I mean if this was like some videogame, then GOLB was the final boss. So shouldn't it be the happy ending?"

Finn sighs again for, grabbing another letter, this one’s from Raspberry Princess, "Or a sequel."

"Yeah but they are never as good as the first." Finn nods in agreement, scribbling a house's details down.

"Yeah. But still, think we will spend the rest of our lives opening these letters? I mean it might take us that long."

"Certainly feels like it, but I guess we now have to get jobs… like actual jobs…" Both boys stop what they're doing, staring into nothing in shock at the realisation. Finn returns first,

"Whoa… I was thinking about that earlier, but I have no idea what I will do now!"

Jake falls on the floor, "Me neither… maybe I'll be a postman, I know kim would love me getting a normal job." They glance at each other.

"... Talk about it after the letters?"

"Yeah… Wait I can't actually! I'm going to Lady's after this." Finn stares at him,

"Again? I was hoping we could find something to do together."

"Yeah sorry man, already made plans with her… and I don't know anything we could do together, not until something pops up."

They both go silent. They've run out of adventures. That thought actually scared Finn a little, and he immediately wants to change the topic, "So how do we actually choose a house? I've so far chosen the houses with the most stuff… but money might become a problem until I get a job." Jake notices his worried expression, and quickly grabs an envelope, presenting it to Finn while pointing at a line with a grin,

"Well Engagement Ring Princess here wouldn't mind you living with her permanently!" Finn bursts into laughter, causing Jake to continue,

"What's so funny? Rent is free, you get paid, and there will be a bunch of food!" Finn shakes his head,

"Jake… you remember what I said, I'm saving them now, not dating them. I doubt I will ever date a princess again… but have you got any other funny ones?" And that was how they spent the next few hours, opening more letters to either make a note of a house or laugh. But eventually, Jake leaves to hang with Lady with a sad farewell, causing Finn to sigh and spend the rest of his day opening the letters. 'Man… this is boring…'

He eventually writes the last house, then collapses onto the floor, the hard candy replaced entirely by paper. Groaning, he gets up and walks to his bed before flopping into it, closing his eyes in an attempt to sleep, but he couldn't. He hasn't done anything today, especially compared to his average day, and was just too filled with energy to sleep.

He sighs, looking up at the ceiling, 'Man, I thought it would be nice to relax after everything, but without an adventure for two days, I'm already bored.' He looks down at his sword that he hasn't used at all, grimacing, 'I would seek to do something, but what? I've done all the dungeons Jake and I have ever found! Bandits have been quiet lately, what is good! But boring!' He groans, trying to sleep again. He was torn between wanting something to do, and everyone finally getting to live their lives in peace. He gives up, 'I'll get a house first, then see how things go from there.' With that, he forgets his worries, and forcefully closes his eyes for the night.

The next morning he walks down through the candy castle, flexing and rolling his robot arm as he gets used to having it again, "It's good to have you back buddy." He stares at it, then eyes widening a he comes to a realisation, "You're like Billy's gauntlet!" Laughing that he was more and more like his inspiration, he continues onward deeper into the castle, heading for Bubblegum's labs, 'Maybe she has an idea for something I can do as a job…'

He eventually walks into a large metal room, filled to the brim with broken glass, damaged machines, and an annoyed Bubblegum. Her lab was destroyed. He cautiously walks towards her, careful to not step on any glass, "Hey PB!" She jumps in surprise then spins to face the hero, gaining a small smile.

"Hey Finn! What are you doing here?" She asks as he finally makes his to her, standing before the royal.

"I'm here to help you in… cleaning up this glass?" He suggests awkwardly, making Bubblegum raises an eyebrow,

"Any particular reason?" Finn sighs, "Not really… it's just that nothing is happening that I can do anything about, and I'm trying to find some other way to help people. I mean, I sat and opened letters all of yesterday!"

"Letters?" She questions.

"Yeah turns out every princess sent me a letter, saying that I am welcomed to live in their Kingdoms and offered a bunch of houses. Some even offered to live with them in their castles!"

Bubblegum laughs, reaching down and grabbing a dustpan and brush, handing it to the hero, "Let me guess, one was Engagement Ring Princess?"


"Called it!" Bubblegum turns from the hero and hums in thought, staring at her wrecked machine while Finn begins sweeping. He stops and looks at her, remembering all that she has helped and guided him with,

"... Thanks for this PB, but I have a question." She leans into the machine, fiddling with some wires,

"What is it?"

"Well… what do I do now? I mean life and job wise?" She stops what she is doing, and quickly pops her head out, staring at Finn as he drops his first load of rubble into a metal bin.

"What do you mean?" He sighs, giving her a slightly worried look.

"I have no idea what to do now."

"Oh boy! Get here, my stuff can wait." She says as she rest against the machine, patting an empty spot next to her. Finn drops his dustpan and brush and quickly joins her, resting next to each other as she stares down at him. "So what exactly are you worrying about? And actually think deeply about it."

He looks down at the ground in thought, the room becoming silent.

Then, he looks up at her, "I guess I'm afraid that I'll become useless, that I won't be able to help anyone… that I don't have any skills other than fighting and won't be able to get a job to pay for a house-"

"Finn, I'll tell it to you straight: your over worrying. Everything will click into place, and if things don't, I will help, I owe you that much." Finn sighs,

"I know, but I refuse to be a leach. Besides I need something to do or I'll get bored. Heck I'll be honest with ya PB, it's only been two days and I'm already bored." She nods,

"I understand Finn, I hated doing nothing as well." She points at the machine they were resting on.

"Yeah but the question I have is: what can I do? I mean what am I good at other than fighting?"

"Erm… it doesn't matter! Because I could easily teach you to help around the lab!"

"I would take you up on that… It’s just that I don't think I have the brain for it." She shrugs,

"You don't know until you try!... But before we can do that, we need to get this place into working order. I'll get on the machines, you continue cleaning this place up!" Finn grins and salutes her,

"Consider this rubble defeated!" He immediately starts sweeping up, cheered up by the fact he might have found something for him to do, 'A scientist huh?... But she would have to train me…' He sighs, '... Meaning she also don't have a clue for what else I'll be good at. Man! If neither Jake or Bubblegum have an idea of what I could do, then what can I do?' He stops, watching her grin as a machine comes to life. He quickly puts some more trash into the metal bin, 'I guess she is right, I have to get trained for some other job. But do I really want to stop being a hero for a scientist?' His body dives into a war, his heart telling him to be who he wants to be, while his mind was yelling at him to be what he needs to be.

It took him the morning, but he had eventually cleaned her damaged lab, not that she noticed as she was head deep inside the machine. He simply shrugs, waiting for her to finish as to not startle her. Luckily, he doesn't have long to wait as she exits it, sighing and turning around to face the hero, "Oh you're done! Good! I could use some help." He nods, and she points to some metal, "I need you to hold that against the frame so I can weld it on… right after I check the machine works of course!"

She hurriedly rushes to the machine’s console, tapping on a keyboard, watching with glee as the monitor lights up. "Ok go grab it! There should be toe sack that should help-" Finn rushes over to the large piece of metal, lifting it with ease with his might alone, "I sometimes forget how strong monster fighting has made you… whatever, place it here."

He happily slaps it against the machine, holding it in place as Bubblegum walks away, "I always carry a spare…" She wanders back holding two welding masks, putting it on Finn for him before donning her one. Then she reaches behind her and grabs the welder, lighting it up. "Keep it still."

As she goes about attaching it, Finn loses himself to more ideas, 'A mover? Too boring. Helping PB? Maybe… A knight like CB? Also a maybe, but what would I be defending her from?…' Bubblegum looks away from her work, glancing at Finn, trying to think of ways of persuading him into working in the lab with her. 'It would take him away from danger finally. If any of my inventions go rogue then he can help slay them before they can do anything. He could help me remember to take breaks, and with Marceline too it could actually be pretty fun. Besides, I don't get to spend enough time 'chilling' with him.' She quickly adds the final touches before pulling back, flicking her mask up and nodding in approval at the machine that what was before her.

Finn pulls back as well, staring at it as well but in confusion. It was a giant metal cube, with a monitor, a keyboard, and a satellite dish, what tells him exactly nothing about what it is. Seeking an answer, he looks at Bubblegum inquisitively, making her smirk, "This Finn, is a device that allows me to record, watch, and follow levels in OOO."


"Yep, simply 'levels' because it does them all! Radiation, power, heat, oxygen etc. With this I should be able to spot threats as they are coming. Say a volcano was rising somewhere not in the fire Kingdom, I should be able to see tremors and increase of heat before it erupts, saving lives!" Finn stares wide eyed, making Bubblegum smirk. 'If I keep this up then he might stay and work with in the lab. I won't leave Finn to stumble in the world after all he has done.' "Yeah I could help save a ton of lives with my stuff Finn. And it will be pretty fun as well… I know I just offered it and you haven't had time to think, but would you be interested in becoming my... lab partner I guess? Just so you have something definite."

Finn looks down at the ground in thought, then at the machine, staring at it, "... I don't think I'll be a very good scientist…" Bubblegum frowns, "... But I will give it a try. I don't think me swinging a sword will help anyone anymore, not when there aren’t anymore adventures, but I might be able to help peeps this way… Let me get a house first, then I guess we can start?" He suggest, making her smile.

"Sure Finn, remember, you can leave your stuff in my castle until you get a home." He nods, then stretches,

"Then I probably should get started. I have a ball of paper in my bag that has all the good looking houses on it." Bubblegum smiles,

"See ya Finn! It'll be good to have you around the lab, especially after I teach you." With that, Finn waves farewell, exiting the lab and back into the castle, quickly making his way to the main doors.

He exits out the castle and onto the candy streets as more citizens run around. Most were currently resting, recovering from the Gum War and GOLB, though some were still working, either sweeping rubble aside to create a clear path or adding emergency support to buildings threatening to collapse. That was the state the majority of OOO was in, everyone licking their wounds after the battles. The hero quickly exits the kingdom and onto a wet road, knowing that his time to help will come later when official repairs start. For now, he was going home, and he was going to find something interesting to do until Jake returns to discuss houses options to, '... Man does my life sound boring!'

"Stop right there!-" Finn snaps out of his thoughts as multiple men suddenly jump out of bushes next to the road he was on, wielding weapons of high quality and armour to match. Despite this and completely surrounding the teen, it was they who freeze up in fear, realising who they were just about to rob, "Oh Finn! Erm…" Finn looks at the man who speaks, then at everyone else, 'They're on the road that refugees use!' The men were a mix of species, varying from fire people to berry folks, all covered in cuts and scars, yet none make a move forward.

"Yeah… do you guys just want to surrender? Make this easier for all of us?" Finn requests, sticking true to his latest choice of becoming more of a pacifist, despite wanting some excitement. And they comply, all dropping their weapons to the floor as they stare at the ground at defeat, preferring the humiliation of surrender than losing their lives. Finn smiles and immediately gets to work, reaching into his bag and pulling out some rope to start tying everyone up, except the fire men, who he instead makes then put their hands in the air.

Then, he marches them back into the Candy Kingdom, quickly putting them into the care of the banana guards, nodding as he watches them be taken deeper inside the castle to the jail cells. He sighs. It might be good to be pacifist, but man was it boring! Before he can delve any deeper into questioning his choices, he quickly spins around and heads back out the kingdom, and towards his home.

Traversing the green hills that his home rests on, he spots movement at his the remains of his home, pulling stuff around with some bangs, 'Scavengers?' He rushes towards his house, eyes locked onto the shape as the person places some large, sellable items of Jake's onto a wheelbarrow. "You leave Jake's stuff alone!" Finn demands with a shout, sprinting into the destroyed belongings to confront the intruder. He freezes up when he stands before a startled Jake, who drops his favourite mug. "Oh sorry Jake, thought someone was stealing your stuff."

Jake shrugs, bending it down and picking his mug back up, "Eh it's no problem, though thanks for looking out." He picks up his bed and throws it and his mug into the wheelbarrow, while Finn stares with confusion,

"So… err… what are you doing? I thought everything was getting collected and moved to PB's castle tomorrow?" Jake freezes up, awkwardly turning around to face Finn,

"Yeah… well… about that…" Finn remains silent as Jake sighs, before staring him in the eyes. "... I'm moving in with Lady! I wanted to tell you yesterday but I was scared how you would handle the news!" He suddenly yells, working up the courage to tell his bro the plan, who after a second of processing, beams at the dog,

"That's great man! You totes deserve to live with her man…" Then his smile pops out of existence at a realisation, and an expression of slight worry takes over, "... Erm… but what about me? Cause I don't think you want me barging in on your life." Jake stretches his arms, wrapping around Finn and sliding him towards himself, before pulling them both to sit on the destroyed floor of their home.

"Well… I guess it is time for you to leave the nest… you know, get your own house." Finn looks down at the ground. "I mean, you do know how to search for houses? Just keep searching for them like we did yesterday man!" In prompt, Finn brings reaches into his bag again, and pulls out the crumpled paper. Spreading it flat on his leg, he stares at the list of available housings, the majority of which had been scribbled out. "I mean everyone has been so nice! Every princess offering you to stay in their castles and houses in their Kingdom!" The hero remains silent, staring at the list in his hand.

The dog grimaces, before jumping into his lap on his back, grinning up at the startled hero, "... And don't forget Engagement Ring Princess's offer to live with her permanently~" Finn laughs nervously, pushing the dog off him,

"Jake! Engagement Ring Princess probably meant that just as a joke! Besides, no more dating the princesses, remember?" Despite what he was saying, a small smile appeared on his face, Jake's plan of using a tease to cheer him up working.

"I know! Though jokes aside, you probably should have a thorough look at all their offers, might be some hidden disgusting trick they're not telling you about. And check it hasn't been claimed by Marceline first!" The boy laughs again, remembering his semi-rocky first encounter with the vampire.

"Alright I will… but later! If you really do plan to move now, then I want to spend some time with you man!" Finn exclaims, quickly scrunching the list back up and putting it in his bag before tackling his brother. They slam into some smashed up treasured memories, but they don't care as they start roughhousing in the remains of their home, not letting the depressing matter of their home being destroyed kill their joy. Thanks to Jake's stretching powers, he eventually ends up on top, tying the hero up who only laughs, both of them panting.

Eventually Jake untangles him as they both head out the remains of their home, before flopping onto the wet grass hills, looking up at the bright blue sky with a smile. Finn sighs, closing his eyes, "I'm gonna miss you Jake…" Jake turns his head, staring at the teen with a smirk,

"Why are you talking as if we will never meet again? We could just pop in with each other whenever we want!" Finn chuckles,

"I know, but it is going to be so weird not to have you around the house man… or not have bacon pancakes for breakfast in the morning."

"Ahh you'll be fine! Look, try to see the tree house being smashed up in a new light… instead of it marking the end of our adventures together, see it as the start of a new one! Your own adventure! One of growing up completely and becoming a proper adult. Let's see destruction as setting us free, free to take our own next steps and pursue our own paths in the greatest adventure: life." Jake suggests, making the teen stare at him, before turning to the sky again.

"Yeah… it may be weird at first but I think I'll get used to it... Thanks for the confidence boost!"

"No problem, however Lady must be worrying by now…" Jake sighs as he gets up, triggering Finn to do the same. The two brothers stare at each other for a second then Jake raises his fist, "See ya later Finn." With a smile Finn raises his own, promoting the brothers to brofist. As their hands pull back, Jake goes back to work, filling his wheelbarrow with his belongings while Finn watches, before eventually reaching into his bag and pulling out the scrunched up housing list again.

With a groan he sits down, attempting to analyse and cross reference it all, looking deep in thought, when in reality, everything just flew over his head. 'Maybe I should accept the princesses offers… No I won't leach off them!' He flops onto his back, still staring at the sheet, 'That Fire Kingdom one looks nice, but it's in the Fire Kingdom! That's way too hot for my liking, and I'm not sure I can even have any food there, not without it being incinerated!' He sighs, then moves onto the next one, looking over all its details seriously…

Then with a groan lets go of the paper, letting the brain pain wave in the air as it slowly falls onto a rest on his chest. "What am I going to do?…" Suddenly his bag vibrates, a muffled ringing of a bell coming from within it. He quickly gets up and takes the bag off, rummaging through it until he finds his black phone. Grabbing it he hurriedly answers it, "Finn here! What's going on!?"

"Hey Finn, it's PB here." She answers with a tad of worry in her voice, putting Finn on edge a little.

"Hey PB, what's the problem?" She sighs, "You remember the conversation earlier? The one about keeping an eye for anything weird?"

"Yes, I do. Have you found something?" He asks, afraid of the answer.

"Well… I have detected something odd." Bubblegum starts before sighing "I did a check on OOO with that machine we worked on, and it discovered something. Remember the spot where GOLB left? It has unusual energy readings. Normally I wouldn't care that much, after all, GOLB literally just tore a massive hole in the space-time continuum, so of course energy levels would be unusual. However, the problem is... well... it's growing."

Finn immediately snaps straight, "What do you mean growing!?" He asks frantically, "Is GOLB coming back!?"

"I don't know Finn!" She says, shutting him up before he asks a hundred questions. She sighs, "I don't know what it means Finn, all I know is that it is growing and erratically as well. Sometimes its power levels, sometimes its radiation, sometimes its size, and sometimes its position! Surprisingly it is acting chaotic...."

"How long has this been going on!?"

"Presumably awhile now! But that doesn't matter right now Finn! You should probably check it out. You'll be like a scout, and based on what you tell me I'll send things appropriately, because if this is GOLB returning or something, then there's no way you'll be able to handle it by yourself." Finn nods determinedly,

"I'm on it princess!" He goes to end the call by putting the phone back in its resting spot when her voice comes back through. He hurriedly puts it back to his ear, "What did you say?"

"I said be careful Finn…"

"Heh, I'll try princess." With that he actually ends the call, placing the phone back into his bag before putting it on.

He turns facing the GOLB spot, noticing a slight glow hidden by clouds of dust being whipped up. "That does not look good." He looks at Jake, yet finds him gone, 'He's probably taking his stuff to Lady Rainicorn's place… Looks like I'm going solo!' He stretches his muscles, then sprints towards the unknown danger with a smile on his face.

It takes him a while to cross the distance, all the while the light was growing before the hero's eyes as he stares in worry, and rushes into a forest in his path. Plants and brambles smack and whip at his body, but he ignores them as he pushes onward. When an arrow suddenly wizes by his head.

He slides to a stop in shock, looking at the arrow impaled in the tree in front of him before spinning around to face his attacker. "Now is not the time! Some serious stuff is going down and I need to be there!" He yells at the foliage where his attacker was hidden, and was about to spin around to continue his sprint when the bush shuffles.

From within the shadow of the bush two green, glowing feline eyes stare unflinchingly into his soul. "... Huntress?" The eyes rise and her head pops out the bush, revealing the wizard's smirk. She fully exits the bush, revealing to Finn that she was in her old light brown and green clothes, the very ones she wore when they hunted Grumbo and did their flute spell together. Gone was her armour from the Gum war, as while it was good for blocking blows in a large skirmish, it was not very practical for being stealthy while hunting a boar or a deer. She approaches the hero as he stares at her,

"Yep. What's going on?" The hero blinks,

"... What?"

"You just said now was not the time as something was happening. What's happening?"

"... Oh right! You remember how GOLB disappeared through its portal after combining with Betty?"


"Well that spot just gained a massive energy spike and it's acting all types of weird." She nods, walking past the hero and towards her arrow, yanking it free from the tree.

"Then we should probably check it out. Come on, hop on my back!" The hero wastes no time, quickly hoping onto her back as she starts darting between the trees, way faster than he could run around them.

"So… why are you helping? Not that I mind, I'm just curious."

"Because if this is GOLB's work, then it is likely magic related, something I'm sure you don't know anything about."

"Oh right… yeah I didn't think about that. Well thanks for coming then." She nods, leaping high over a log and landing silently, not even slowing for a second.

"It's no problem Finn… if this is GOLB, then the magic is most probably going to be chaotic, so be prepared for anything Finn. And I'll openly admit, I'm not sure what I can do to help, chaos is kinda out my expertise… unless it is the madness that comes with magic, that I'm familiar with." Finn looks at her worriedly,

"You alright? Anything you want to talk about?"

"No. I don't need someone taking care of me Finn." He flinches back, and she looks down, "... Though thanks for checking." He smiles but an awkward silence still fills the air, causing Finn to look around.

"... So what were you doing out here? I wasn't interrupting anything?" He questions, triggering her look over her shoulder at him,

"... Hunting some food. That's all I've been doing recently, it seems that after GOLB and the Gum War, everything in the natural world has calmed down. I haven't had to quell rampaging beasts for a few days now, and everything seems to be in order, heck even the spirit of the forest hasn't asked me to do anything… it's a tad weird if I'm being honest." Finn sighs on her back,

"I know how you feel, it seems to be the time of the princesses and construction men, not me, so everything is quiet on my end as well… well quiet-ish, I've only had to deal with some bandits and thieves, but they all instantly surrender to me. What is great! I like how I can solve it peacefully, and how no one gets injured, I would prefer it over violence any day… but man can it be boring."

"I can imagine, it would suck if a hunt I was looking forward to ended up being a complete disappointment, boring and easy. I like to challenge myself so I can be tougher, harder to kill, yet nothing at all has happened recently." Finn sighs, looking up at the glow from the GOLB spot that contrasted the dark clouds around it. It was significantly brighter as they start to rapidly approach it,

"Yeah it's been boring. After GOLB was dealt with, I was looking forward to some calm, peaceful rest, but not this much." She looks at him worriedly,

"Well, you know what they say Finn: The calm before the storm. Please don't let your guard down, if you relaxed then your skills would drop, and something like this will claim you." Finn stares at her inquisitively, 'Is she worrying about me?' He casts the thought away,

"Maybe, but you know what they also say: Our efforts have bore fruit. Call me optimistic, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we prefer that."

"Perhaps, but still, don't get cocky." She warns, yet still smiles at his words,

"Don't worry I won't. Besides! I should be fine if you've got my back, you're like the toughest girl I know!" She blushes at his words, quickly looking at the ground as to hide it. They continue to run in an awkward silence, making Finn scan around for a topic before locking onto her quiver. "So… that arrow back there… I thought someone like you would never miss?" He teases, making her smirk,

"I didn't miss, my target was just your attention."

"Nice save." They burst out the forest, running onto yellow sand as they head towards the GOLB spot. Both look up in the sky as they approach, Finn's mouth open as he stares at the bright orb, while Huntress keeps her stoic expression. The duo rapidly approach it, causing Finn to jump off Huntress’s back as she skids to a halt, "That… was not there a few days ago..." Finn says awestrucken, cautiously approaching it.

The white orb of pure energy sat in the sky was massive, nearly taking up all the view of the sky as it glows brightly. Lightning strikes out of it chaotically, smashing into the ground with a roar and blinding light, leaving massive craters in their wakes. The land was heavily polka dotted with these craters, telling the hero that this had been going on for a while now. Dark grey clouds swirl above them, a deep rumble echoing across OOO as it spirals away from the sphere of magic above them. "How come no one noticed this?" Huntress questions as they slowly approach it, weary of the lightning waiting to fry them.

"Because I think we were all too focused on the kingdoms and people… but that doesn't matter! We need to find out what this is so Bubblegum can send in the chivalry to help, because we're not going to be able to do anything to that." Huntress grunts in agreement, continuing to walk forward,

"I'll start probing it with magic, see if I can learn anything about what it is."

"Alright… but be careful, and don't get too close."

Huntress sits on the floor, crossing her legs and closes her eyes, "And Finn?"


"... Watch my back." Huntress says as she relaxes, 'That isn't something I say to everyone, I usually don't trust anyone to let my guard down around them...' Losing herself to the world of magic, she sends out signals, probing at what makes the energy above them, a process that the regular eye can't see. Finn stands behind her, ready to yank her away at the first sign of danger when his bag gives a muffled ring, barely heard above the mayhem of noise around him. He reaches inside and pulls his phone out, quickly putting against his ear yet keeping his eyes locked onto Huntress. "Finn you there?" Bubblegum's voice comes through.

"Yeah I'm here, and we're also at the GOLB spot."

"We? Who else is with you? Jake?"

"No, Huntress Wizard is here with me. She decided that since this was a magic thing then she should be able to help."

"Of course! This would be a wizards expertise! Anything so far?"

"Well Huntress hasn't said anything yet, she is still investigating but I can tell you what I can see."

"Alright hold on! Let me grab a notepad…" Finn, once he got the go ahead, started rattling off the details of the state everything was in. Meanwhile, Huntress stands up, staring at the orb as she slowly shuffles towards it, bewitched by its power and the strange magic that makes it.

She suddenly halts, catching herself before she did anything stupid, 'I didn't even realise I was doing that! Did the sphere do it?' Determined to get answers, she probes it with even more magic, stronger than the one she was using before.

"Huntress?" Finn calls out to her worriedly when he realises she had moved, "Have you got anything on thi-!" A massive blast of wind smashes into the duo, making them grunt as they are thrown violently onto their backs. Huntress's magic was too much, and it disturbed the already unstable phenomenon, rocking it over the edge as it now destabilises.

Finn snaps his head up, staring at the orb full of fear as sand starts being whipped into his and Huntress’s face. The sphere of chaotic magic was growing, shifting unnaturally as it starts getting brighter, blindingly so. Lightning arcs out from it as a continuous electrical stream.

The ground shakes violently, and the clouds start to get sucked into the sphere. The hero covers his ears as a deafening roar fills his ears, yet his eyes remain open as he stares at Huntress. Suddenly, gravity is flipped, and the duo start to rise. Its new centre: the violent anomaly that aggressively sucked everything in.

Everything gets pulled towards it, the phenomenon absorbing anything it touched, and Huntress wastes no time, snapping her arm to grab Finn's before they are sucked up. Then she shoots an arrow with a vine attached to it to the ground, creating an anchor as they are yanked on by the bright orb.

Finn stares at the sphere, watching it slowly approach them as it grows as it swallows massive boulders whole. Suddenly his hairs stand on end as they become electrically charged, "Oh Glo-!" A lightning strike the line connecting them to the ground before the hero could finish his line, sending the duo flying towards the sphere.

"FINN!" Huntress screams, giving him a heart wrenching panicked look before they are both absorbed by the unstable magic. The lightning rampage stops shooting out the sphere, the ground stops shaking, the clouds start to dissipate, and the sphere itself stops growing. Then with a rumble violently shrinks, imploding in on itself with a loud bang.

Bubblegum meanwhile sat in her lab, staring at her machines with wide eyes as the phone pressed against her face remains silent. She was waiting on Finn to call back when he and Huntress Wizard had learnt something, when the readings on her devices went crazy, then nothing. They all sat at zero, "... It must of been too much for the machines! I better call Finn and-" A deep, thundering boom echoes from outside her lab, and a massive bright light flashes through her window.

Bubblegum becomes a statue, knowing exactly where that came from but denying it all the same. She recovers and instantly starts to frantically call Finn on his phone, putting the phone to her ear and biting her bottom lip in worry. After a few seconds, a long, continuous beep comes from the phone, meaning no connection. Bubblegum lowers her phone robotically, pinprick eyes straight forward. She spins and sprints madly down the corridors of her castle, "MARCELINE! MARCELINE!" She slams the doors open to her room, finding the vampire on her bed fully clothed with a startled expression, "MARCELINE!" She runs at her, and the undead floats towards her, getting tackled into a startled hug,

"Whoa! Bonnie! What's going on?" The pink woman however yanks on her, tugging her towards the room's window,

"I'll explain as we go, but please! Get us to the GOLB spot as fast as you can!" Marceline stares down in worry at Bubblegum, staring at her panicked expression and desperate eyes.

She wastes no time, tightening the hug on her girlfriend as she floats backwards out the window and into the open air, then rockets towards the site of the Gum War. Marceline looks down at her passenger, "Bonnie, what's got you so worried? Was it that massive boom?"


"What was that? Some experiment gone wrong?"

"No! The spot where GOLB left went crazy and a massive energy signature grew!"

"Why are we going? Why not send Finn?" Bubblegum looks up, staring directly in her eyes,

"I did! He arrived with Huntress Wizard… just before the energy readings flatlined…" She stares into Marceline's eyes, tears threatening to spill, "... An explosion."

Marceline stares, then looks up at the GOLB spot, a massive hole in the clouds, 'As if they were blown away…' Her eyes go wide at the proof, and rockets forward as fast as she can.

Finn meanwhile floated in nothing, no gravity pulling him in any direction as he lays limply, his breath slow and calm. He was in some sort of void, a massive place of nothingness, of emptiness, with Huntress missing from him. Yet it was filled completely by colours at the same time, all spinning around him as he stares, his ears being shattered as a loud ringing in his ears become louder and louder. Soon, his body starts to rotate as well, spinning on all axes as he quickly loses all senses of orientation. Nauseous quickly overtakes him, making him crumble in on himself, holding his stomach in pain as it quickly multiplies. He opens his mouth to scream but a bright white light envelopes him before he could do so, his body freezing up as he glows like a beacon. Then his vision becomes crushing darkness, and everything becomes silent.

Sometime later, Finn groans in pain, his eyes closed tightly. Eventually, he starts to open them, and is greeted by a painful blur of colour and double vision. He slams his eyes shut and groans again, his head throbbing as if someone was wailing on his brain as he lays limply on the floor.

Despite feeling deader than Skeleton Princess, he pushes himself to a sit on wobbly arms, before using those very same arms as support. He simply sits there, letting his body recover from its experience, and only after several minutes later does he brave to open his eyes once more. Everything was still a blur of random colours, yet they weren't painful to look at anymore, and he could tell they had some sort of shape to them. Slowly, his vision calibrates itself, the world around him gradually gaining details, and in the end some blurry trees were the first thing he recognised. He was in a forest, that he was sure of.

Suddenly movement catches his eyes, making him snap his head to it, unfortunately proving to much for his still settling head, unleashing a flood of pain. He gasps, using a hand to massage his throbbing head as he stares at the blurry shape. It was a mixture of brown and green, making it blend into the environment, and was too small and moving too fast to be a tree. And last time he checked, trees don't stumble. 'A person?... Could it be-?...' He pushes his body with his arms, crawling towards the shape, "Huntwess?" He slurs out, causing the blur to freeze up,

"Fwin!?" She cries with worry, trying to locate him but ends up stumbling again, this time falling on her knees.

"Huntress… let’s… wait a minute… until we recover." He recommends, before flopping over face first into the dirt ground. Huntress groans, and slowly crawls over to him, before joining him in on resting in the dirt. Eventually they flip themselves over, staring straight up to the sky and watching the clouds above them drift on by.

As the minutes roll by, their conditions improve and the effects they were suffering were dissipating slowly, until finally, they were in a good enough shape to stand. With grimaces and groans, the duo start to push themselves up onto their feet, Finn looking over at Huntress with a wince, "Glob… that… was an experience." Huntress only nods in reply, instantly regretting it as she clutches her head in pain,

"Finn, word of advice… don't try anything right now… let's just rest some more." Taking her advice, Finn stumbles over to the nearest tree before collapsing against it, Huntress joining him a second later.

"I... know you're doing as well as I am right now, but I got to ask, do you know what forest we're in? Like, at all?" Huntress rolls her head at him, staring as she pants,

"Finn, I feel like I've just got slapped by a giant… I can't think straight right now. I'm sorry Finn, but I have no idea where we are..."

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The original chapter one:

The gum war was over. The tree house was destroyed, Betty and GOLB had merged and peace flowed through OOO for a few days now. Everyone who participated have already returned back to their homes, either to celebrate their victory, lick their wounds or rebuild what was lost. And everyone's favourite heroes were no exception.

Finn and Jake rested on their backs lazily, letting the cool wind blow away the problems of the world and the soft, green grass cushion their aching bodies. The sun that had all but been blocked during the war was making up for lost time, giving pleasant, long lasting warmth to all but vampires. With their home obliterated via giant monster fists, the brothers thought that instead of letting this disaster bind them in depressive state about the lost of their faithful home that witness many years of adventures, instead, free them to take the next steps and pursue their own paths in the greatest adventure: life.

"Well bro, I gotta go, or Lady is gonna start getting impatient." Jake says, lifting his body from the ground. He had finally decided to move in with Lady Rainicorn, and suggested that Finn find another place to call home as well, to 'leave the nest'. Just not another one that Marceline had previously owned, or as she joked she would have to kick him out again for old times sake. Despite Finn's slight worry for being on his own for the first time, Finn was still looking forward to having fresh, brand new start fo his adventures.

"Yeah man, I understand," Finn replied, rising to a sit, he then lift his hand, "Take care Jake." with a farewell high five, Jake stretched his legs to absurd lengths and begun his march home. Finn, laying back down, pulled out a sheet of paper and a pencil before putting the end in his mouth, looking over the list of real estate available. Looking lost in thought, when in reality, all the details flow over his head.

With a groan he drops the list of brain pain on his chest, before a muffled ring of a phone comes from his old green bag. Scrambling to pull the old wired phone out before putting it against his ear "Hello?"

"Hey Finn." Princess Bubblegum answered.

"Hey PB, is everything alright?" Finn asked and that was a fair question, as although GOLB was gone, the world could still feel aftershocks of the God of chaos gate crashing OOO's biggest war. Residual of chaos could be lingering, and the Princess had asked Finn to be on guard for that very reason.

"Well..." Bubblegum starts before sighing "I did a check on OOO like I said I would, and the spot where GOLB left has unusual energy readings. Normally I wouldn't care, after all GOLB literally just tore a massive hole in the space-time continuum, of course energy would be unusual. However, the problem is... well... it's growing."

"Growing?" Finn asks, standing in puzzlement.

"Yeah, growing. And not normally either, sometimes its growth in height, sometimes width, sometimes density."

"I'll get right on it PB. Wait... why are you only telling me this now? This can't of only happened a few seconds ago..."

"Like I said, I just saw strange energy readings and shook it off, it's only when I investigated did I realized how bad it was." One could almost hear her shrug at her own ignorance.

"Well I better go and have a nosy at what's goin' down. I'll call you when I get there."

"Be safe, Finn." PB warns before putting her phone down and ending the call. Finn quickly returns the phone to its home in his bag before shouldering it, stretches and start a semi-run to the spot of the battle. As he runs, he constantly keeps an eye out for danger, a side affect of fighting for the majority of his life, however he see's no threat, only the people he spent life and limb protecting smiling, at peace with the world. Following their suit, he to dons a smile, glad to see that all those adventures with Jake had paid off.

His smile lasts even as he enters a forest in his bee-line to epicentre of another grand quest. As Finn gets lost in his mind about what could happen next in this adventure, an arrow suddenly snaps him from his daydream, flying past his face and into a tree to his right. Shifting to a battle stance in an instant, instead of an attacker, all he sees is two green reptilian eyes staring at him intensely from within a bush. "Huntress Wizard!" Finn shouts, not in shock but in joy, becoming uncaring to danger long ago the arrow was already forgotten.

"Hey Finn," Huntress Wizard announced, rising from her hiding spot in the bush, a smile like the one Finn was carrying a moment ago plastid on her face. "What are you doing out here in a hurry for?" Finn didn't answer straight away, debating if he should make her worry about the possible threat, before making his decision,

"PB just rang up, said there was some business going down at the GOLB spot, large amount of energy and it's acting bodonks. And I think I could use your help a little... not that good at magic biz." Finn sheepishly asks.

"Sure, I'll come along." Answering his request for help, something neither would of done if they were back as their younger selves. "Energy build up huh? Knowing GOLB, I bet it is some sort of chaos magic, and you want my wizard skills to check it out for you." Huntress said, summoning up Finn's exact thoughts. Finn, nodding in agreement, decides to give Huntress a quick look over. Gone was her armour from the Gum war, while good for blocking blows in a large skirmish, it was not very practical for being sneaky while hunting a boar or a deer. She was, however, dressed back into her old light brown and green clothes, the very ones she wore when the hunted Gumbo and did their flute spell together.

"Finn?" Huntress Wizard asks, catching him looking at her.

"Ah, sorry H-dub, just remembering what you use to look like..." Finn says with a blush and a hand rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sure... come on, we need to check this problem out." Huntress states before turning to go deeper into the forest.

"Right." Catching up with her, they set off together. Walking side by side under the cover of the trees, soft wind whispering into their ears.

"So any forest biz gone down?" Finn asks, trying to remove the awkwardness that grew in the silence.

"No, not really, a snake bit someone, boar destroyed a nest, wolf pack too big. The usual little problems." Came the nonchalant reply.

"Yeah, the same, only small, little problems. This magic problem is the only major thing that has happened recently."

"Noticed the same thing, but you know what they say: the calm before the storm..."

"Or our efforts have bore fruit." Finn retorted, before flashing a smile at huntress. Returning with one of her own,

"yeah, maybe... come on." Replied Huntress before shooting an arrow through the forest, creating a zip line along its path. Hopping on her back like when they were hunting Grumbo, the duo set off in earnest.

"So... that arrow back there... I thought you never missed with your reputation" Finn says, a smile on his face edging her on.

"I don't. And I didn't miss, just my target was your attention" Huntress replies looking at him with a grin, not rising to the obvious bait.

"Nice save"

The duo evently end up the site of the gum war, the ground still cracked and filled with craters were the fights had scarred the land. And above them: a white, nearly blinding bright light like a second sun. Every few seconds, a lightning bolt would jump out and strike the land, polka dotting the land with burns and craters.

"Yeah that can't be good" Finn says, starring at it as he got of Huntress's back.

"Yeah... You should probably call your princess, I'll start probing it with magic" Huntress Wizard states staring at it as well. Nodding and turning around he calls PB, leaving Huntress to her work behind him.

"Hey PB, it's Finn. We... yeah 'we', Huntress Wizard is here with me, could use her wizard biz to look at this..."

While Finn talked to Bubblegum about what he walked onto, Huntress started walking closer to the bright orb, fascinated by the strange magic that made it. Catching herself before she got into trouble of getting too close, she started to use her wizard eyes. However, this had a unforeseen consequence. The presence of foreign magic disturbed the already rocky balance the strange phenomena had.

"Yeah, I'll ask if she learned anything." Turning to ask the question, a loud bang that rocked the air, a sound wave blasting wind at the duo. Covering their faces from flung up dust, the two of them are surprised to see the strange light start to expand rapidly, lighting striking everywhere constantly. Suddenly gravity was flipped, its centre: the violent anomaly that aggressively sucked everything in. Thinking fast Huntress grabs Finn's arm as they too get sucked, and shot another zip line arrow at the floor, attaching it to her clothes as a anchor.

"Oh glo...!" Before Finn could finish, a erratic lighting bolt strikes the line, sending them flying.

"FINN!" Screamed Huntress Wizard, still holding his arm, gave him a panicked look before they were absorbed by the unstable magic. The lightning stops striking before the orb suddenly and violently shrunk, imploding on itself.


PB looked at her machine, analysing the worrisome energy. She was still waiting on finding out what Huntress had learned, when it the readings suddenly spiked and then multiplied of the limits of her machines reading. Panic filled the Princesses face,

"Finn what just happened? Finn? FINN!?" Bubblegum screeched down the phone, worried for her best friend and knight. Then her machine's readings sudden halted. They read zero. Whatever happened had just finished, and quite suddenly as well.

"Bonnie? Why are you shouting Finn's name?" Marceline, the vampire queen asked with puzzlement on her face, coming into the room.

"Marceline! we've got a problem. Can you carry me?" She asked in a calm tone but fear was still showing through.

"I can, but why? Where we going?" She asked, scooping the princess up.

"I'll explain on the way, but go to GOLB's leaving site." And so Marceline carried PB out the labs window, with the princesses worry spreading like a disease.


Floating in a place of no gravity, a void, Finn could see nothing but colours spinning around him, some he has never seen before. Soon, his body too starts rotate, spinning in on all axes he quickly lost all sense of orientation. Nausea quickly overtakes him, crumbling in on himself holding his stomach in pain as it quickly multiplies. He only had a second to scream before a bright white overtook his vision, then crushing darkness.

Finn later re-awoke to a blur of colours mixed with a double vision. His heading throbbing, he slowly picks himself up with a groan feeling more dead than Ghost Princess. He sat down using his arms as supports, he let his body recover from his experience. Slowly his vision corrected itself. The world slowly gained details, blurry trees were one of the first things he recognised. He was in a forest. Movement caught his attention, a mix of brown and green, and too small and moving to fast to be a tree. And last he checked, trees don't stumble.

"Huntwess?" Voice slurred from his brain scrambling.

"Finn?" Her voice called, worry woven in. She snapped her head at the sound of his voice, only to nauseate her too and stumbling once more.

"H-dub... lets wait a minute..." Finn recommends, collapsing backwards onto his back, coming to the realisation that he was in a bush. As the minutes stroll by, the effects they suffered dissipated and they slowly rose to their feet.

"Ugh, Glob... that... was a experience..." Finn groaned as leant against a tree for support with huntress wizard joining him a second later. "I know you are doing as well as I am right now, but I got to ask, do you know what forest we're in? Like, at all?"

"Finn, I feel like I've just got slapped by a giant, I can't think straight right now. Sorry Finn, I have no idea where we are..."

So this is my first time writing a fan fic, so please give me some advice on writing techniques, no matter how little I'll always want to hear it.