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Hot Soup for the Soul

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Kenji turned his attention briefly to his other siblings. Nori setting an unconscious, bloodied and bruised Saki against the wall, with his feet and legs bounded. Probably for the best, Saki being the unreasonable hot-tempered dickhead that he is. He was always thrashing first, explanations NEVER type of guy. Truthfully, he had that beating coming for years. No doubt, he was going to have an attitude about it later. But, they’ll cross THAT bridge when they get there. Neither he nor the others expected the fat rat man to pummel the daylights out of Saki. Nor did he expect said rat man to be his younger brother Yoshi, who he helped escape Japan and their overbearing father. As if Kenji wasn’t surprised enough to see walking, talking, man-sized turtles. But to see that Yosh-er, Lou Jit- no, SPLINTER was a large TALKING RAT, this was a whole new shock. After restraining Saki, Splinter (That will take some getting use to) was ambushed with questions and tears. Their siblings poking and prodding every inch of him as well as the turtle creatures. Speaking of which… “So, you’re my nephew, huh?” Kenji sighed, glancing up at the giant red turtle, (NOT a Kappa, like he thought). Raphael, he said his name was. ‘Nice name, fits him rather well.’ Raph nodded sheepishly, rubbing his head. “Not the family reunion you had in mind, eh?” Kenji couldn’t help but let out an amused chuckle, carefully patting the reptilian teen’s spiky shell. “Not the reunion I expected, but certainly not unwelcome. We are a family once more. Nothing can change that. Hard to believe it was because of some yokai scientist. This…Baron Draxum sounds like a REAL character.” Kenji thought Saki was awful at times. But this Draxum fellow is on a whole new level. At least Saki had SOME morals and honor. What Kenji wouldn’t give to get his hands on him. Kenji’s heart ached for what his little brother and nephews went through at the hands of that monster. He should’ve gone with Splinter. This could’ve been prevented. No. Let’s not think of this negatively right now. “I’m happy to have met you and your brothers, as well as my brother once again. I’ll talk to Nori, maybe we can stay for a little while and get to know each other a little better.” Raph jumped up with an excited squeal. (Yes, Raph would squeal. Shut up) He got up right in Kenji’s face, “REALLY!?!? AW MAN!!! This is going to be awesome!!! We’ll go on patrols, beat up bad guys, I’ll introduce you to our friend April! She’s a human too! Do you guys have pizza in Japan? Don’t worry, the four of us can show you, Auntie Nori, and the others the BEST pizza join-” Kenji had to put his hand over the excited youth’s mouth. Good lord, and he thought Yoshi, I mean Splinter could run his mouth. “I look forward to it. I can’t wait for us to bond better as a family. I wasn’t there for your father much when we were children. I plan to make up for it, if he’ll let me.” Raph grinned, throwing his arm around his uncle, nearly knocking over the poor man. “Don’t worry about that! Out of all of you, Pop’s spoke of you the most. Mostly good things. He owes you so much. WE owe so much! We wouldn’t be here, have you not helped him escape from Japan.” Kenji relaxed after hearing that, “Well, I owe him a lot too. He just doesn’t know that yet. So, anything bad Splinter told you about me?” Kenji questioned with a smile, staring at his oldest nephew. The red turtle teen scratched his head in thought, “There IS this one thing. Did you really crap your pants during a training session when you were 13?” Goddamn it, Yoshi.