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Fujiwara Chika Wants It After All

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“Say, Hayasaka-chan…”

Hayasaka Ai suddenly found herself trapped, slender arms blocking her escape from both sides.

“I may want to try that kiss after all…”

The blonde gulped. She messed up. Now she found herself nearly nose to nose with none other than the dreaded Subject F herself. Fujiwara Chika’s breath tickled Hayasaka’s face as she closed the distance…

Now, let us rewind time an hour back to see how she got here…


“Okay Hayasaka, I need you to infiltrate the student council room before the council meeting and slip this into President’s coffee.”

“And so begins another scheme…” Hayasaka sighed internally as she looked at the item her mistress placed into her hand. A small pink bottle of liquid sat in her palm. She realised with a sinking stomach what it actually was; she was the one who helped commission its creation, after all.

“Slip this aphrodisiac into President’s coffee, then I will arrive early and pretend to have made the coffee for him and administer it,” Kaguya puffed out her chest (or what little she had, Hayasaka thought quietly) and explained her plan.

“Um, Kaguya-sama,” the blonde maid began in her usual monotone. “Why is this necessary?”

“Oh, Hayasaka,” Kaguya put on that smug tone she’s been using since she got with Shirogane, which made Hayasaka twitch slightly in annoyance. “When you become a couple, you would naturally want the other party to desire you, no?”


“But! As a dignified member of the Shinomiya family, I would never bear such vulgar thoughts. But President is a healthy young man, and so I shall make him take the first move!” The heiress declared proudly.


Every high school couple always progress to one thing: sexual relations! It was the natural conclusion of being addled by hormones in one’s teens, and a stage every couple marks as a relationship milestone!

However! There exists a power dichotomy between the two parties! The one to initiate first is the one who loses to their desires, and therefore in a position of weakness! Therefore, this was a war of wills! Shinomiya Kaguya absolutely had to remain in her position of power!

“So, you’re sending me to drug your boyfriend with an aphrodisiac…” Hayasaka stared at the bottle and seriously weighed the consequences of flinging the bottle at Kaguya’s head, but decided against it.

“Now, don’t put it so vulgarly. I just need you to line his cup with a drop of that. That would be enough to give President a little push.”

Hayasaka quickly gave up. She knew her mistress was unstoppable when it came to such things. “I trust that Shirogane will hold out if it’s just one drop…”

“We initiate the plan tomorrow, understand?”


The plan went smoothly in the beginning, since Hayasaka had feigned illness to give herself leeway before everyone went to their club activities to carry out her plan. She finished wiping down her fingerprints just as the bell went off for last period.

“Now to leave before anyone gets here…”

“Whooooaaaaaaaaaaa!” A voice made her freeze. Someone was approaching the council room, and from the screaming voice, she could easily guess who it was. “I messed up…”

The door to the council room opened with a slam, revealing an out-of-breath Fujiwara.

“Wow~ I only took 2 minutes to get here~” she cheered in her usual carefree tone. “Hm~?”

Hayasaka knew there was no way to escape, so she could only quickly change to her usual school get-up.

“H-Heya, Secretary-chan.” Hayasaka kicked herself for losing composure, but then again Subject F has always been very good at messing up her pace. She checked the bottle concealed in her hands behind her to ensure it was capped.

“Hayasaka-chan!” Fujiwara quickly covered her mouth with her hands. “Are you here to kiss me again?”

“Wha-” Hayasaka instantly lost her recovered composure again. “Oh, Secretary-chan, you’re such a joker~”

“Muu…you’re hiding something behind you, aren’t ’cha?” Fujiwara pointed at her dramatically.

“Why is she only sharp at times like this?” Hayasaka cursed.

Fujiwara quickly pounced on her. “Gimme! I bet it’s some kissing drug!”

“What does that even mean?” Hayasaka dodged the pink-haired girl’s slam, but Fujiwara quickly whirled around and grabbed her arm.

“Now! Let’s see what you have!” The student council secretary seemed slightly excited at playing out this scene.

Hayasaka struggled against her grip, which was surprisingly strong. As the two tussled, Hayasaka felt the bottle slipping out of its hiding spot in her fist. “Crap…”

Before she could react, the bottle slipped out from her sweaty palm and flew high up into the air. It bumped the ceiling and the cap loosened, then dropped straight into Fujiwara’s mouth that was hung open in surprise, emptying its contents down the girl’s throat.

“HOW?!” Hayasaka screamed internally. This was officially the worst day of her life. There was no telling what was going to happen now that Fujiwara ingested the rest of the aphrodisiac.

Hayasaka watched as Fujiwara dropped to her knees, her head hung low.

“…Uh, Secretary-chan…?” she called tentatively after a few seconds.

Fujiwara’s head snapped up and the girl once again pounced on Hayasaka. The blonde ducked and tried to slip away, but Fujiwara caught up to her with unnatural speed and cornered her.

Hayasaka heard a ‘DON’ on either side of her, realising that her back was now against the wall, Fujiwara’s arms trapping her in.

“Say, Hayasaka-chan…”

Hayasaka gulped. She messed up.

Which leads us to the present.

In Hayasaka’s reverie, she failed to realise that Fujiwara had closed the short distance between them, pressing her lips against hers. She gasped and tried to struggle, but the secretary quickly grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the wall.

Hayasaka’s head was spinning. Now she’d done it. She lost her first kiss to Subject F.

Fujiwara deepened the kiss, her tongue taking experimental licks at Hayasaka’s lips. The blonde kept her mouth firmly closed, but her brain started noticing little details against her will. Like how Fujiwara’s lips were soft, how her tongue was surprisingly thin, how she was slipping in some sweet liquid into her slightly parted lips…wait, what?

To Hayasaka’s horror, Fujiwara had managed to slip her tongue into her mouth, the residue of the aphrodisiac coating her own tongue. The medicine worked its magic immediately, making Hayasaka’s body heat up as her resistance slipped away. Fujiwara’s tongue was now exploring her mouth in intimate detail now, caressing her tongue gently and probing around. Hayasaka felt light-headed. She was…enjoying it? “No, no, this is the aphrodisiac talking. I need to stop her-” Hayasaka’s thoughts were cut off as she felt Fujiwara’s hands creep up her legs, gently rubbing them.

A shock tingled through the blonde’s body as Fujiwara explored her mouth and thighs more. She had long lost strength to struggle and was melting into the secretary’s embrace. The fingers tickling her thighs became squeezes and gentle strokes, sending wave of heat up to her brain. A sudden contact at her crotch made her jump, bringing her senses back.

Fujiwara finally broke the kiss. Her blue eyes were hazy and her breathing was heavy, a blush dusting her cheeks. Hayasaka realised that the sensation was Fujiwara grinding her knee under her skirt.

“Hayasaka-chan…” Fujiwara’s breathy tone sent another tingle up Hayasaka’s spine. Seems like it’s not just the aphrodisiac talking after all.

Once her mind admitted that fact, Hayasaka felt herself melt, sinking into Fujiwara’s embrace as they kissed again. A tiny moan escaped her throat as the two of them continued to explore each other…


Outside the council room, Kashiwagi covered her mouth to supress her voice.

“Oh my god! So Fujiwara-san and Hayasaka-san are…” She giggled softly.

“I guess I’ll leave them to it,” she mused softly as she skipped off.

It would be 10 minutes later when Kaguya and Shirogane stepped into the council room to catch the two in the act.