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Magalicious Mavis Drabbles

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January 11,2057

Until the last possible moment,she can’t believe it. Oh,it’s not like millions of people haven’t gone into space,she reassures herself,but on the Tyrion Kills Tywin? She has to ask someone at Customs what the ship’s name means.

Apparently it refers to a fantasy series from earlier in the century. Oh.


The takeoff isn’t as hard as she expects. It’s rather like the carousel at the Lake Success fair. Mag,in a kinda way. At least she has a window to look out of.

A minute in,the sky begins to darken. After four minutes,she can see all the stars. Nine minutes in,when the engine burns out,the curvature of the Earth is clearly visible. The same view Titov and Glenn had.


The ship takes half an hour to glide to its maximum altitude of about 600 miles,so Mavis unbuckles and floats to a viewport. Next to her is a young-ish family from somewhere in the South,judging by their accents. The mother is pointing out to the little son the planet Jupiter,rising over the horizon.

Not too far away,she can see space stations. Another shuttle,snub-winged and stainless steel,flies by.


The return to Earth isn’t very bumpy. The maximum she feels is 3 gs. 

An hour after launch,the sky is again blue. The ship backs onto its landing pad with a roar and a bump.

Dallas is there to pick her up. When she asks her how it went,all she can say,between gasping breaths,is ‘Mag-a-licious,girl!”.