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seokjin slowly opened the door until he laid eyes on his boyfriend.


"hmm?" namjoon didn't even look up, too engrossed in his paperwork to even form a proper sentence.


a sniffle from the doorway made him more alert, head jerking up. he saw how seokjin was still in his pajamas, how his hair was sticking in all different directions and how his arms were clutching his stomach tightly.


"baby, what's wrong? you okay?" namjoon furrowed his eyebrows as he caught a glimpse of seokjin shaking his head.


he motioned for him to come in the room more "come here, hun" seokjin shuffled his feet on the carpet towards namjoon's desk.


the closer he got, the more namjoon's heart broke "oh, baby, do you not feel well?" he shoved all his paperwork aside as he manhandled seokjin to sit on his desk in front of him. seokjin whimpered as he clutched his stomach more "my tummy hurts" he whined.


namjoon pressed a hand against his forehead, then on the back of his neck "well, you do feel a little warm, babes..." he slowly unraveled seokjin's arms and laid a hand on his stomach "did you try going to the bathroom?"


he saw the boy's cheeks rise to a pink tint, nodding his head "I've been in bed all morning because of it, it hurts joonie, please make it go away"


namjoon shushed the frantic boy in front of him "if you weren't feeling well before, why didn't you come to me?" he pondered


seokjin shrugged his shoulders "I didn't wanna bother you, I thought sleeping it off would held but it didnt..." he began getting fidgety staying in one spot. namjoon, noticing his ansty boyfriend, placed his hand on his leg, rubbing it up and down.


"babes, you absolutely never bother me, don't ever think like that again, got it? I love my jinnie bear so much" namjoon booped his nose, giving him a reassuring smile.


jin let out a breathy laugh "okay, joonie." his smile faded as he clutched his stomach again, tears forming in his eyes.


namjoon gently maneuvered jin off the desk, kissing his stomach. "come on, hun. let's go lay down, does that sound good?"


jin nodded and held his stomach. namjoon keeping a hand on the small of his back, leading his boyfriend to their shared bedroom. he saw the bedsheets splayed all over the bed, looking like jin was fighting to get comfortable.


jin whimpered and clung to namjoon's arm, "joonie, I-" his boyfriend didn't get to finish his sentence, seeing him dash for the bathroom, barely making it as he heard him begin to gag and spill all the contents in his stomach.


namjoon ran across the room and his heart broke on the scene in front of him.


seeing his poor baby jin hunched over the toilet, tears running down his face, eyes red and puffy.




namjoon ignored the smell and knelled down next to his sweetheart, rubbing his back softly "I'm here, hun, that's it just let it out"


"I-I don't like it..." jin whimpered loudly as he continued emptying his stomach. his tears were cascading down his face and all namjoon can do was rub his back soothingly; hoping his action somewhat helped.


a few seconds later and jin was breathing heavily over the toilet, trying to catch his breath. namjoon flushed it for him, watching as jin caught his breath back to regular intakes.


all was quiet, until seokjin leaned on the wall against the toilet and began his waterworks.


namjoon's heart, once again, broke as he watched his baby broke down "oh baby, come here, it's okay..." he didn't have time to finish his sentence as the ladder slowly crawled his way into namjoon's arms, sinking into the comfort.


"I know, sweetheart, it's okay though. it's over now, baby..." he ran his palm over jin's back "let's stand up and brush your teeth, hm? so you can feel better"


he didn't even give jin the chance to answer as he began to stand himself and his boyfriend up, not without the accompanying whimpers from the other.


namjoon gently shushed his boyfriend, reaching over for the mouthwash. "open up, jinnie"


jin did as he was told and felt the minty liquid take over his mouth. as he swished it in his mouth, he watched namjoon's actions: him cleaning the toilet, opening the window, and unconsciously rubbing seokjin's back as he fixed around the countertop.


"I'll be in the bedroom waiting sweets, okay?" jin's response was a nod, turning back to spit out the mouthwash.


when he entered the bedroom, he saw namjoon fluffing the pillows and smoothing out the comforter. he waked closer so namjoon's knows he's in the room. "oh, perfect timing. here drink this, it'll help your stomach"


he was handed a glass of ginger-ale, gulping it down in mere seconds. jin placed the glass on the nightstand, seeing namjoon climb into the covers. "come here, my baby, lets go back to sleep okay?"


jin climbed into bed, shimmying his way against namjoon's chest; the ladder tucking him in from head to toe. namjoon snuck his hand under his shirt and flat on his stomach.


"do you feel better, hun?"


a small shrug "I feel the same but a little bit better"


namjoon kisses his boyfriend's forehead, rubbing his warm hand flat on his stomach. "Okay, I'm gonna stay right here until my jinnie bear feels 100% again. I won't leave your side at all, okay? don't worry, baby, joonie is here"


jin somberly nodded and he tucked further into namjoon's chest, wrapping his arm around his stomach.


within mere seconds, the pair were fast asleep, huddled together.


and if namjoon woke up a couple of days later with the same symptoms, he knew jin would be right there to comfort him.