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Letters From Your Least Favorite Glitch

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I've left.

I know how much you all hate me. No bother trying to deny it. You all make it so obvious already.

This black sheep is well aware of how much of a disappointment I am to this 'family', and how much you all absolutely loathe me, so, don't even bother trying to find me. Not that you would, anyways. I doubt anyone will even come looking for me, so no one will even find this note.

Anyways, I hope all you fuckers have a great life without me. But, when things get nasty and you need someone like me, don't bother trying to find me, or contact me. You're on your own. I won't just be a tool that everyone hates and only looks to when it's needed - when things get nasty and no one else wants to do the dirty work to solve the problem. I won't be a part of it any longer.

I already hate myself enough as is, I don't need it from you twats.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find somewhere to seclude myself, and die from alcohol poisoning.

Your least favorite Glitch Bitch