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My Brother the Vampire

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Declan leans against the wall of the room of his twins, trying not to make too much noise as to not disturb his sleeping twins. His eyes squeezed shut to prevent himself from crying.

But the emotional toll hit him hard and he slid down on to the floor and hugged his knees as he began to sob quietly.

Oh who was he kidding?

He couldn't take care of them.

He couldn't take care of twins when one of them was a vampire and the other a human.

He couldn't do this, especially with how difficult it would be for Patton to hide the truth of vampires as he grew up.

Oh how did this all happen?

Oh right, with him becoming a widow a week before he and his human husband were supposed to see their twins be born from the surrogate who died during childbirth. Possibly because she was human and there was vampire DNA in her.

He covered his mouth as to muffle his sobs that were causing his shoulders to shake, tears dripping from his eyes and down his cheeks. was too hard! It was just so hard raising a vampire and human child together, especially when his human son would accidentally grab something ment for his vampire brother.

So identical yet so very much different. Something that Declan feared a little because of the human part.

After a while he wipes the tears away and with a shaky breath he stands up. He walks to Patton's crib, how odd how he would have a crib meant for a bunny in a nursery that had vampire decor. He glanced at the tiny vampire coffin Virgil was sleeping on and lifted the lid a bit to check on his vampire son.

He looked back at Patton, he gently traced a heart on the human baby's cheek as he marveled at the fact how he had his other father's skin tone. While Virgil got his, how funny that the human got a dark skin complexion while the other a pale complexion.

What did they get from the surrogate mother? Possibly just the shape of her eyes but everything about them was a mix of Declan and...Him.

Declan bites back a sob as he looked at his small human child, just 10 months old and already somewhat difficult for him.

He rubbed his eyes and checked his forehead. Good. His fever was going down.

Hopefully Patton didn't get badly sick after drinking Virgil's blood juice.

But what if next time he wasn't so lucky? What if next time it was something much worse? What would happen once they became toddlers?

Declan panics for a little before his shoulders sag as he realized what he had to do.

" Patton, put that down," he said weakly as he gently took away Virgil's binky away from Patton.

He fought down the urge to change his mind as Patton's green eyes bore into his red ones. He had to do what he had planned to do. For Patton's safety.

A week has passed since he came to the realization on what he had to do, and he was a mess. His hair was a mess and his eyes had dark circles from restless sleep.

He packed up a small bag of clothes and a few documents before placing Patton and Virgil into the car. He weakly smiled at them from the reflection of the mirror as he heard them babble on about whatever they deemed important. He first dropped Virgil off with a friend that he trusted to babysit Virgil before driving to the adoption place.

He gulps and weakly smiled to Patton as he took him out of the car seat. He went to the front desk and said the words that he was going to regret for the next few years.

Once the paperwork was done he was about to leave before pausing and taking off the engagement ring he wore that was of...Him.

He smiled weakly, "can I write down for them to give it to him when he turns 10 years old?" he asked weakly.

The person doing the paperwork smiled softly and nodded, "yes of course."

And he did so after placing the ring in a envelope. He kissed Patton in the forehead one last time before walking off.

He opens the door to the human couple that were about to walk in and smiled weakly at them. Not knowing that they would be the ones to adopt Patton.

Once at the car he lays his forehead into the steering wheel and weakly sobs. He cries for almost an hour.

He sits back up and lets out a long sigh, he now needed to leave the town, since people may eventually question why he now suddenly had one child and not two. That and he wasn't that well known, he may have fibbed a bit on who he was when he moved to town.

Good thing he had bought a home in another town a few miles away from this one.

He needed to start with a fresh start.

He drove back to the person who was babysitting Virgil and picked him up. He ignored the questioning looks he got from Virgil before driving off to their small home.

A few days later he was gone from the town and now starting new in a different one where he went forged a few papers to make it seem as if he adopted Virgil when he was 11 months old.

He made new friends with a few fellow vampires and with the skills he had he became a home decorator for mostly the vampire community in the town.

And he hid the memories he had of Patton and Virgil together in a secret room hidden away. He hid away newborn photos and anything that may blow his secret in the room. He would be the only one to go in when he missed his human son or when the guilt ate away at him.

But he knew Patton was much safer away from them, away from a difficult life he would have to keep a secret for his whole life.

Much more safe.