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A Mirror I Cannot Avoid

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The Titans very rarely found themselves in battle nowadays. With Kori being a bounty hunter, she put foes into the ground regularly, but being a fireball shooting alien, she didn't have any issues doing so.

But sometimes Kori got in over her head, as rare as that may be. Sometimes the Titans stumbled upon a crime in progress, and just can't stand to not step in.

But only Dick had armor. Not even Wally had a costume that fit anymore. And his new family jumping in harm's way without any protection was completely unacceptable to Dick. But there's only so many places a person can get specialized costumes for superheroes…

And Dick was absolutely not going to contact Batman. Because yeah, he'd matured a lot over the past year, but still… Fuck Batman.

Time for plan B.

"Does Barry know about us?" Dick asked Wally one night.

Wally cocked an eyebrow at Dick from the other side of the couch. As was pretty common for weekends, the two were splitting a six pack of crappy gas station beer and watching garbage television. Though some nights Kori would join them, she had crashed pretty early after a mission gone rough.

Which is what had sparked this train of thought to begin with.

"He knows I'm living with you," Wally answered after a long pull from the bottle, "But he doesn't know we're dating and I never mentioned the kids. Why?"

Dick shrugged, knocking back his bottle as well. "Just taking mental inventory, I guess. I'd rather stay out of the superhero community as much as I can, but seeing Kori tonight…"

Dick trailed off, but Wally nodded in understanding. The whole family had been distressed when Kori came home. Sure, she'd come home exhausted before, but not bloody and bruised like tonight. Kori had insisted that she was fine, but seeing her in that state had shaken the Titans to their roots.

"You looking for backup? Barry'd come in a heartbeat if I called, but I don't know if Kori would care for that." Wally answered skeptically.

Dick shook his head. "No, no. I was more thinking it's time for this team to formally suit up. Kori might be more willing to call us for backup if we had more than my stolen Robin suit between the four of us."

Wally's eyebrows shot up, and he eyed Dick down the neck of the bottle as he drained the last of it. "Dude. As much as I'd love for us all to be crime ready like the old days, the League is a gossip mill. Once we make contact again, The Bat will be on our doorstep in no time. Are you really ready for that?"

Dick let out a long sigh, popping the cap on his second beer. "I don't know," he answered truthfully, "But my family's safety is on the line here. So if I have to confront my daddy issues to keep us all safe, than its something that's gotta happen."

Wally smiled fondly at his partner. "Seeing you act like a real family man makes me all mushy inside." He teased.

Dick stuck his tongue out at Wally. "Like you're any better! You're just as much of a dad as I am!"

Wally laughed, scooting closer to his lover to wrap an arm around him. "Papa Robin and Daddy Roadrunner, huh? Just the two of us and our nest of misfits."

Dick stifled a giggle. "Please don't ever call yourself "daddy" again."

Wally nearly snorted beer out his nose, doubling over in laughter.

Several hours later, the two laughed themselves to exhaustion, and fell asleep on the sofa. It was a good Saturday night, in the end.


Dick had had the contact info for several members of the league the entire time, but there were reasons he'd kept them in the dark: Barry was as much of a motor mouth as his nephew, Diana would immediately make it her duty to repair Dick and Bruce's relationship, and Hal and Arthur were likely places a cell phone couldn't reach them anyway.

But Dick almost felt bad about how long it'd been since he'd spoken to Clark. Superman was almost like an uncle to him, he'd even playfully called him "Uncle Clark" when he was a kid. He truly cared about and trusted the man. But he knew Clark wouldn't have taken the rift between Dick and Bruce well; Clark would feel like he had to take a side, and Dick didn't have the heart to put him through that. He knew Clark and Bruce had become close (if rather awkward) friends over the many years they'd worked together. Sure, the two men never really saw eye to eye, but they'd been on the same team for too long to hate each other anymore. And Dick didn't want to be the spark to reignite their feud. 

But now Dick needed Clark's help: without Bruce, Clark was Dick's only access point to the League's resources, and to get what he needed, he had a lot to tell Clark.

Dick scrubbed a hand over his face as he looked down at his cellphone. This shouldn't be this hard, he and Clark had been close once. But Dick hadn't spoken to any of the League since his falling out with his adoptive father. He didn't even know what Bruce had told them all about Dick's disappearance.

It was the reminder that this was about the Gar and Rachel's safety that gave Dick the resolve to pull up Clark's contact. He typed out a message quickly before he lost his nerve.


Hey Clark, it's Dick.

I know it's been a really long time, but I was actually hoping to catch up. A lot has changed on my end, and I don't know how much info has made it your way. Maybe we can grab some coffee? Talk shop, if you've got the time?

Let me know.


Dick got a response within ten minutes, though he guessed he shouldn't be surprised, Clark wasn't a man to leave people on read.


It's good to hear from you, Dick. Bruce won't tell us what happened or where you went, so I'll admit I was somewhat worried.

But I've always got time for my nephew. Just give me a when and where.


Dick smiled to himself. He could always count on Clark.


Wally and I were hoping to get you and Barry together at the same time since we have to catch you both up on so much. Wally and I are living together in Bludhaven right now, but it's a very long story so I'll save it for when I see you.


Making plans from there was easy, since Barry had wanted to come visit Wally for a while.

All that was left to do was wait.