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The Heirs

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Rolling up in a black Range Rover came six girls from powerful, rich families who have influence and secrets to kill.

Merida, the fiery redhead.

Rapunzel, the rough blonde.

Tiana, the artsy cook.

Moana, the water goddess.

Elsa, the ice smart beauty.

And Anna, the strawberry blonde friend.

The Range Rover came to a stop in front of the tall metal gates. Moana and Merida leaned forward towards the window to see better. However, the entire estate was completely out of sight behind the bars.

“Damn.” Merida said.

“Can’t see anything.” Moana added.

“That’s the point.” Tiana said, smacking Moana on the butt.

“So, we’re in prison now?” Anna asked.

“Trust me, when you see the inside and the plantation, it’ll be the best prison ever.” Tiana teased.

Elsa and Rapunzel smiled and giggled.

“Tiana, is that your mom?” Anna asked.

The gates opened with a loud, rusty sound echoing through the car. A beautiful woman with chocolate skin walked out in a taupe Windsor Melany Formal High Slit Dress with a tan beige lace shawl around her arms. A beauty.

“Mom.” Tiana gushed.

She smiled brightly at the sight of her mother.

“Go, go go.” Anna urged her.

Moana and Merida moved to the side letting Tiana get out of the car.

“Mom!” she ran up to the woman.
The woman smiled, opening up her arms and wrapping Tiana up in them.

“Momma.” Tiana gushed.

“Hello my darling.” Her mother, Eudora, said.

The other girls got out of the Rover and smiled at their friend with her mother again.

“Hello my sweetie, how was the drive up here?” Eudora asked.

“Long and tiring, I’m surprised I was able to run to you for the hug.” Tiana explained.

Eudora smiled as she looked up at the other girls.

“Oh my god, you girls look amazing. So beautiful.” Eudora said.

She walked up and greeted each girl with a hug and a caress of the cheek.

“You’re all so beautiful.” She said.

The girls smiled brightly.

“Holy jesus, mom where the hell is the house? I can’t see anything. We don’t have to walk right?” Tiana asked.

“No, but some walking will do you good.” Eudora joked.

The girls all giggled together as they loaded into a 6-person golf cart with rear flip seats. Elsa looked around the entire plantation site, with Anna in her lap. The plantation was one word, huge. It almost like a castle sight with large enough spaces to get lost. They drove up the small hill that lead to the main house, which looked like three houses connected to one. Big and wide.

“Mom, why do you need such wide property?” Tiana asked.

“It’s not just me, this property was bought by all our families. All of you girls own a part.” Eudora explained.

The girls all stared each other before looking on the far-right side of the plantation, it was a large area where they saw two horses and a cave.

“Wow.” Anna said.

They stopped in front of the main house, and unloaded from the car.

“All of your things are inside, and my god you girls have a lot.” Eudora said.

The girls laughed together and made their way inside.

“Ah! Ah! Before you all start racing around to find rooms, to the kitchen. Now!” Eudora said.

The girls all turned up their faces for a moment until they got in the dining room, a Versailles Antique Platinum Extendable Rectangular Dining Room for that matter set up for ten people. The dining room was connected to the kitchen where on the counter was entire buffet set up for them.

With a banquet of food for brunch. A spread of meats; smoked ham with pineapple juice, crisp bacon, and Italian sausage. Fresh bread; biscuits, brown toast with butter, pancakes with maple syrup and fluffy waffles. Eggs; scrambled, sunny side up, or over easy. Along with three types of fruits; grapes, bananas, and oranges.

“Oh my god!” Tiana bounced on her toes.

“Oh, yess I’m starving.” Elsa said.

“I couldn’t wait for your cooking.” Anna gushed.

“Great,” Eudora cupped Anna’s face, “Then grab a plate and eat up. We have orange juice and apple juice as choice from beverages so eat away.”

The girls dug into the food, and sat down around the table. Anna sipped her drink laughing at Rapunzel who was trying not to spill the yoke of the egg all over her pancakes. Elsa shoved a waffle in her mouth while Moana and Tiana were tossing grapes at each other using their mouths. Merida finished her plate first, and got up to put it into the sink.

She pushed back her red curls and looked around. She looked out the window to the larger part of the plantation where she saw the two horses again. Beautiful and majestic. She kept staring at the two until Moana circled around next to her.

“You see the two horses out there?” she asked.

Moana angled her head to see better at the two horses who took off in a dash.

“Oh wow.” She said.

“I think you’re gonna be looking for the pool, though right?” Merida joked.

“Oh defiantly.” Moana joked back.

They both cracked up.

The girls each found a room and claimed it as their owns. The girls flopped down on their beds, and decided to change their clothes.
Merida changed into a A.L.C. Titus Tiered Open-Waist Silk Maxi Dress, and jogged down the stairs from the third floor. She knocked on two doors across from each other. Rapunzel opened one door in a purple New Atelier Versace Wisteria Silk Fully Beaded Dress, she braided her blonde hair with strands poking out. Tiana came out from behind the other door in a champagne Winslow Dress.

“Ohhh well don’t you look spiffy.” Merida joked.

“Mm.” Tiana giggled, wiggling her booty.

All three hurried down the stairs as Elsa, Anna, and Moana were waiting for them. Elsa was in a dusty periwinkle Run Away with Me Embroidered Midi Dress. Moana was in a wood rose Love Shack Fancy Delaney Dress while Anna was in a blush pink ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Engineered sheer silk dress.

“Ready?” Tiana asked.

The girls all stepped onto the cold green grass of the night, in their bare feet. They walked across the land.

“This is so calming, at night in the cool summer breeze.” Tiana said.

“I could get use to this.” Moana said.

She looked up at the moon and closed her eyes. Rapunzel and Anna both pointed out the guest house, the cave area and saw two familiar things. There were some little furry things running around on the ground.

“What was that?” Elsa asked.

“I don’t know. I thought my mom said that the only animals on the property were the ones that we owned.” Tiana said.

“Well stop worrying about it, can we just sit down and talk for a moment.” Elsa said.

They all stared at each other and sat down on the grass together a few yards from the house.

“We haven’t talked about this at all.” Anna said.

“I’ve been too scared.” Rapunzel answered.

“Take a deep breath, all of us.” Moana said.

The girls all joined hands and took a deep breath.

“So, we are all here, at your mom’s plantation because of our parents.” Anna started.

“All of our parents are on trial for a murder.” Elsa continued.

“A murder of someone who was blackmailing all of our families.” Moana added.

“Now this guy is dead, our parents are behind bars.” Rapunzel said.

“And they think we are in danger.” Tiana answered.

“So, what about this plantation makes us safe now?” Merida asked.

“It’s guarded, tall gates, and a lot of animals.” Tiana said.

“See that’s the weird part, why all the animals?” the redhead asked.

“Maybe the man blackmailing our families, wants something to do with them.” Rapunzel said.

“I still don’t get it.” Elsa said.

“Well for right now, they say we are all safe here in another town far far away from whatever. So, let’s just roll with it.” Moana said.

“Well can we go back to the house now? I’m getting bit up by mosquitoes.” Merida said.

“Me too, let’s book it.” Rapunzel said.

They all stood up and made their way to the house, just as Eudora came into the kitchen with a tray of hot chocolate.

“Thanks mom.” Tiana said.

“Enjoy then it’s up to bed, I’ve worked too hard to get you all enrolled in school.” She said.

“School? Now?” Tiana whimpered.

“Yes, little lady.” Eudora snapped back.

“Um, Ms. Eudora?” Rapunzel asked.


“Um, what’s with all the animals on the property?” she asked.

The other girls looked at her with question.

Eudora sighed, licking her lips.

“They are here for security reasons, and money options.” She explained.

“Money?” Tiana questioned.

“Oh god no, not like that. These animals are here because each one of your families has something to do with each of them. These animals are high on the market, and we keep them here to protect them from money grubbing people who would rather kill them.” She explained.

The girls all looked at each other in concern and then nodded to each other.

“And on that note, you all will be attending school near by and working at my luxurious café.” Eudora said.

“What? Mom?” Tiana whined.

“No more discussions young ladies, besides where else would you show off your new wardrobes.” Eudora said.

The girls backed down and smiled at each other.

Elsa jogged up the stairs to the third floor of the estate, and then stopped when she noticed a slightly opened door. She leaned closer, pressing her hand on her door to open it slightly more. Inside there was a man hooked up to an IV cart, with heavy irregular breathing, and bandages wrapped around certain parts of his body. She backed her head up, and then looked to her right.

“Anna, Rapunzel.” Elsa called.

Anna and Rapunzel hurried over to her and looked into the room.

“What the hell?” Anna questioned.

“Who is that?” Rapunzel asked.

“How am I suppose to know? We just got here.” Elsa barked.

Rapunzel took a closer look at the man, before they heard someone hurrying up the stairs.

“Eudora, hi. Um, who is this?” Rapunzel asked.

“Oh, I was hoping till tomorrow to introduce you.” Eudora said.

She reached in and closed the door.

“That’s Quasimodo. He’s a boy who went to the school you all will be going to,” Eudora started to say, “Um over the summer, some of the teenagers there played a..........very cruel prank on him. Left him in this state.”

“What kind of prank leaves him in this state?” Elsa questioned.

“I can’t get into the gory details, mostly because I don’t know them. But they found him in the woods, barely conscious. And his hunchback was severely damaged.” Eudora explained.

“Hunchback? He has a hunchback?” Anna asked.

Eudora sighed, “He did......those teenagers severely damaged it.”

Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel all looked each other with complete disgust at the teenagers of the school that they would now be attending. To pull a prank so cruel? Disgusting.

Merida scratched her fingers through her red curls, and let the hot water trail down her body. She reached down and shut off the shower nuzzle from the rainfall. She stepped out of it and onto the bayona decorative ceramic tile. She reached for the dark grey towel and wrapped it around her chest. The door opened with Moana slipping in with her golden Indulgence Silk Robe on.

“Hey you done with the shower? I need a powerful nuzzle to get rid of the knot in my back.” Moana joked.

Merida giggled, “Yeah, I’m all done.”

Moana reached in turning on the water, while Merida sat down on the toilet seat to dry off her legs.

Tiana crawled into her brown Morrigan Luxurious Traditional Upholstered Standard Bed, and shut off the light in her room. She laid her head down on the pillow and tried to fall asleep. For about twenty minutes. She turned on her side and then back on her back to look at the ceiling. Only to see a cute but deadly red furry little fuzzball looking down at her.

“AHHH!” Tiana screamed.

Merida jumped on the toilet seat, while Moana quickly shut off the shower. Elsa looked up from a book. Anna and Rapunzel looked up from washing the dishes. They all took off towards Tiana’s room.

Tiana jumped up and quickly turned the light on. The little fuzzball quickly made it’s way to the door as Tiana was shaken.

Her mother hurried in and held up her hands at the fuzzball.

“Leroy! Leroy! Hey hey hey.” Eudora shouted.
The little red fuzzball hissed at her, until Eudora pointed that ‘mother’ finger at him. He hopped down and scurried out of the room past the other girls.

“Who? What? When? Where? WHY?!” Tiana shouted all at once.

“Ms. Eudora what-?” Elsa started to ask.

“Okay, um that little fuzzball is another part of the property.” Eudora said, “Another part of these families.”

Tiana slapped her hand to her eyes.

“Another secret!” Elsa barked.

“Elsa!” Eudora snapped, making the blonde hush up, “Look, along with these animals. There are these.....experiments. Aliens if you will.” She explained.

“Aliens?” Tiana questioned.

“You saw him, there are more. And I’m tasked with keeping them safe and alive. So were you parents.” She snapped.

Anna and Rapunzel looked at each other with question.

“Why were our parents protecting these aliens?” Moana asked.

“They are pretty large on the market, and a family member named Lilo, found one. Then it multiplied. Now she’s in danger, and our families promised to protect these experiments. And I will continue to do that.” Eudora explained, “And so will you.”

She walked away as Tiana licked her lips. The other girls stared at each other. Moana looked over her shoulder towards Leroy in one of the other rooms with his bright yellow glowing eyes in the dark.

The next morning, Eudora was cooking up breakfast, but she was rather quiet that morning. The girls all walked over to the counter top and took seats. Eudora however remained quiet.

“Mom?” Tiana questioned.

Eudora didn’t stop whisking the pancake batter.

“Mom. Mom.” Tiana said, reaching over the counter to stop her mother.

Eudora stopped, leaned over the counter, and kept her head down.

Tiana and the others waited for a moment.
“Mom, we’re sorry.” Tiana said.

Eudora looked up, “I understand that you all have been kept in the dark about these secrets. But things are delicate, and we have to keep you girls safe. At all costs. I will not apologize for protecting these animals and you girls.” She snapped.

“Mom, mom no no. We get it.” Tiana said.

Eudora turned to the other girls, who nodded in agreement. She wiped her nose quickly and served the plates of food.

“Okay well eat up, and wash up after you’re done. Anna pull your shirt up, too much boobies.” Eudora said quickly.

Anna giggled.

Tiana adjusted the zipper on her black Don't Rush Mini Dress with a red velvet lace tank underneath it. Matching red knee-high socks in lace and light blue DEDICATE 14M THIGH HIGH BOOTS. She reached into her black Fendi Zucca Ff Monogram Leather Canvas Shoulder Bag to pull out her cellphone.

Elsa walked up to her in her white ROCKING OUT PU FAUX LEATHER SLEEVELESS V NECK ASYMMETRIC ZIP BELTED MOTORCYCLE MINI CASUAL DRESS, her black Plain Flat Round Toe Date Outdoor Thigh High Flat Boots, and dark blue Lace Trimmed Utility Jacket.

“Ready for the first day of school?” she asked.

“Nope.” Tiana answered.

Elsa giggled and reached for her green Vintage Style Handbag. Anna looked amazing in her white Balanla Lace Trim Patchwork Blouse, a brown SHEIN Button Front Skirt and black Journee Collection Baylor boots. She threw on her red and black plaid jacket, and dropped her phone into a white and black BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE small Lucent crossbody bag.

Moana emerged from the back with her multi blue Venus COLD SHOULDER WRAP TOP, black booty hugging skinny jeans and a pair of black AZALEA WANG BELTED THIGH HIGH CHUNKY HEEL CHAP BOOTS. She pulled her red Faux Patent Leather Satchel on her shoulder, and then looked over to Merida hurrying over. Merida had her red curls pulled back into a ponytail. A Venus SEQUIN DETAIL LACE TOP, skinny jeans, taupe LACE UP TALL BOOTS and a black Metal Decor Shoulder Crossbody Messenger Bag.

“Wow, you girls defiantly know how to slay.” Eudora said.

“Mom, you did not just use that ‘word’, no.” Tiana said.

Eudora giggled and lead the girls to the range rover.

The school looked like a college campus, rich and luxurious. How was anybody suppose to get work done there anyway. There were a bunch of teenagers walking around in expensive wear and fast cars.

“My god.” Tiana said.

“I don’t wanna be here.” Elsa said, sliding down on the chair.

“Me neither.”

“Too bad, suck it up. Go to school.” Eudora said.

“Mom.” Tiana whined.

“Go, now.” Her mother snapped.

The girls groaned in annoyance together, and got out of the Rover. They pushed back their hair and looked around. However, the school was taken aback from the girls. The students all stared at them, as the girls huddled together. Rapunzel pushed back her blonde hair and adjusted her multi black CHOKER DETAIL FLORAL DRESS and twisted her ankle in her camel Chic Camel Caged Wedge Sandal. She started digging into her purple CHRISTIAN DIOR Patent Cannage Large Lady Dior bag.

“What are you digging for?” Anna asked.

“An aspirin, my head is gonna explode.” She responded.

“Breathe. After breathe. Take a breathe.” Merida said.

They all walked together, side by side, into the building with all the stares.

“We’re not doing that for the homecoming! Are you insane!” shouted, student council leader, Belle.

“Why not? It’ll be fun.” John Smith said.

“A homecoming float with skimpy cheerleaders in barely visible outfits. That’s not what our school is about?” Belle barked.

John Smith settled back into his seat while Belle turned to her younger sister, Jane.

Jane shook her head and threw her pencil down on the table. She looked across the table to Kida. Kida turned away from Jane and over to Aurora. Aurora rolled her eyes, and looked down at her cell phone. She then raised her eyebrows.

“Hey hey,” she double tapped the table, “Looks like the carriage has landed. All those rumors we heard about the South families’ heirs or heiress were moving here. They are here, in the school, and they’re all girls.”

“Well this just got more interesting.” John Smith joked.

Belle rolled her eyes and loaded up her beige LE PARMENTIER Atlanta Genuine Leather Top Handle Satchel Bag.

“I’m not going to do this. I rather see them for myself.” She said.

Belle stood up, smoothing out her Acid Wash Overall Dress with a white T-shirt underneath. She left the room, with her sister following her.

They all gathered in the hallway to see the six girls walking side by side down the hallway. They kept looking around the hallway to the people who were staring at them.

Belle leaned on the lockers as Jane was clutching her binder. Everyone watched the six teenagers walk down the hallway until the principal intercepted them.

“Ladies,” Governor Ratcliffe came out of his office, “Welcome to our school. Now besides the piercing eyes from my students, I’d like to see you girls in my office.”

The girls all looked at each other and then followed him into the front office.

“Please, take a seat.” He said.

They all sat down on the three couches, and faced the principal.

“So, welcome all, we’re glad to have you here,” Ratcliffee started to say, “But just so you know. No one here knows all the details about your families. Or any personal information.

We want this to be a safe environment. So, if there are any details, you’re welcome to say.”

The girls all stared at each other with questionable faces.

Creepy principal! Why was he trying to butt in?

“Um, I think it’s better if we keep our private lives under wraps. That includes our parents.” Elsa spoke up.

Ratcliffee’s face dropped a bit like he was disappointed. He reached into his desk and pulled out a few papers.

“Here’s your class schedules.” He said blankly.

Not as cheery.

The girls took the schedules as he pointed to the door for them to leave. The girls looked at each other and then got up to leave.

Anna, Elsa, and Tiana had first class together. They sat down in the 2nd row, near the end.

“Oh, um welcome our new students here; Anna, Elsa, and Tiana.” The teacher read from a sheet.

Everyone turned to the girls, who were now growing uncomfortable.

“They are in this class?” asked Pocahontas, to Kida.

Kida shrugged, “It’s only three of them.”

“There’s six.”

“Belle.” The teacher said.

Belle made her way to the front of the classroom, and took the stand.

“Um, well welcome our new students. And I’ll go over the morning annouc-“ she started to say until the classroom door opened.

In walked.......Phillip. Aurora’s brother.

“Phillip?” Belle questioned.

He licked his lips and quickly went to take his seat.

Elsa and Anna both heard some people from the back of the classroom chuckling. Both girls turned around to see a few meathead jocks laughing and pointing out Phillip.
Anna rolled her eyes, bullies. Elsa turned away and checked out Phillip from the back. He set his Aldo Eddies Messenger Bag down on the floor and kept his head down.

“Um, as I was sayin-“ Belle continued to say.

“Faggot.” Gatson coughed out from the back of the classroom making everyone giggle.

Belle rolled her eyes and slapped the table, “Gatson!”

“Fairy.” Hans chimed in.

Phillip closed his eyes and tried to take a deep breathe. He sniffed. Tiana heard him and looked to her two friends. Creeps. Bullies. The jocks chuckled in the back of the classroom.

“Fairy Faggot.” Proteus added.

Anna had enough of this. She turned around in her seat to face them.

“Hey, a faggot is a box of sticks. So, it sounds more like your brain, a bag of sticks. Low and hollow, kind of like your IQ.” She barked.

The class erupted in laughter.

Gatson and his friends all looked shocked at her come back, but Anna didn’t tolerate bullies. She hated them.

Belle covered her mouth, trying to conceal her laughter.

“Belle!” Gatson barked, she shrugged.

Phillip looked behind him to Anna, she stared at him and gave a slight smile.

He turned back and grinned to himself.

~~~~~Welcome to Highschool girls, and welcome to a whole new journey......with blood, sex, love, friendships, and a whole lot of secrets. ~~~~~~

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Their first day of school, and the girls were already not feeling some of the kids there. The same rowdy, privileged teenagers who were responsible for what happened to Quasimodo. Along with picking on another male student.

High school, right?

Tiana scanned the parking lot for the Range Rover.

“I don’t see mom yet.” She stated.

“Mm, hopefully she’ll get here soon because I don’t wanna be here any longer.” Elsa said.

“I don’t wanna be here at all.” Rapunzel added.

Anna and Merida giggled until they looked over their shoulders to see someone jogging down the front steps.

“Hey.” Anna said, tapping Elsa and Tiana.

They all turned to see that Phillip hurrying down the steps, searching for something in his bag.

“That’s the guy those jocks were picking on. Calling him names.” Anna explained.

“What names?” Rapunzel asked, her voice hardened.

“Faggot. Fairy. Princess.” Elsa listed.

Rapunzel shook her head, “What a bunch of jerks.”

“This school is full of them.” Tiana said, returning to look around.

“When you have rich parents who teach you skills that go beyond basic high school banter, it’s easy to read people.” Moana said.

Anna turned and jogged down the steps, with Elsa following. They walked slowly over to Phillip.

“Hi.” Anna said.

He looked up at her, almost like he was frozen. Anna pushed her orange strands from her eyes, while Elsa crossed her arms behind her sister.

“Um, are you okay?” she asked.

Phillip arched his eyebrow with some question.

“Sorry um awkward. You don’t even know me. Um, I’m Anna. I was just asking if you were okay from class today.” She clarified.

Phillip straightened his posture and nodded.

“Yeah, thank you for.....for what you didn’t have to do that.” He explained.

“I don’t like bullies,” she shifted foot to foot, “And those jocks were classic bullies.”

He nodded, “You’re new here and you noticed already?” he asked.

Anna gulped, looking to Elsa. Elsa then came closer.

“I’m Elsa, I’m Anna’s older sister. I’m sorry those jocks were picking at you. Seemed......personal.” she said.

“ is,” he shifted a bit, “If you didn’t notice, the perky dirty haired blonde on the side of the hallway is my sister.” He pointed towards Aurora.

Elsa and Anna both turned around to see Aurora, who was surrounded by Snow White, Vanessa, and Megara.

“Classic mean girls.” Phillip shook his head.

“Your sister doesn’t have your back?” Elsa asked.

Phillip scoffed, “She’s the opposite. She helped those jocks......” his voice trailed off.

Elsa and Anna both licked their lips, and looked around just as the Range Rover was pulling up.

“Doesn’t matter now, it’s already out. My so-called sister helped those jocks ‘out’ me.” He explained.

Anna and Elsa faces turned up in disgust, as they looked back at Aurora who looked them in the eye. Some sister!

“Wow.” Anna scoffed.

“Great sister.” Elsa said.

“Mm, this was also my first day back here in two months, couldn’t take the bullying. Guess it's a double.” He explained.

“I’m sorry.” Elsa said.

“It’s okay,” he shook his head, “Use to her ‘bitchy’ ways as this point. But I didn’t think she’d go that far.” His voice trailed off.

He grabbed his bike and took off from the school. Elsa and Anna shook their heads and rejoined their friends.

“Is he okay?” Tiana asked.

“Apparently, the bitchy girl up there on the top of the stairs with the blonde hair is his sister and the jocks who were picking on him ‘outted’ him. His sister helped.” Anna explained.

Tiana, Moana, Rapunzel, and Merida all turned up their faces at that. They all shrugged.

“And now I don’t wanna go here anymore.” Tiana said, “If that’s the clientele that we have to do deal with then I’m not for it.”

The girls walked down the steps and towards the Range Rover.

“Hey, how was your first day of school?” asked the driver.


“These teenagers suck.”

The Range Rover made its way to Eudora’s Café. Which was located about twenty minutes from the school. The Rover pulled to a stop, and the girls piled out of the vehicle. The café was huge, it was shaped almost like a theater with a dome. On the inside, there were fancy tables set up with red cloth over them and Aryan Abdullah chairs. Walking in from the front double doors, there was red cushioned leather velvet wallpaper until entering the main dining room. Where there was sets of duo tables set up in the shape of a U. While in the center, down the steps, were the red leather circle booths that sat in front of a stage. Like an old century club where gangsters would hang out. The stage had red curtains pulled to the side where one person could hog the spotlight.

“My god, this is a café?” Elsa said with a smile.

When they entered the dining room further, they saw that there was a second balcony where it looked like a private section. Also there were two sets of bars on either side of the doors that lead to the back kitchens.

“Mom!” Tiana called out.

Eudora came around the corner with a tray in her hands.

“Ah, my beauties!” she giggled.

“Mom, my god. How do you call this a diner? This is amazing.” Tiana said.

“Well during the day, it’s dimmed down a bit, but at night. We glam it up.” She explained.

“Well done.” Rapunzel giggled.

They all giggled.

“Okay, well cut through the kitchen and change, I need my waitresses.” Eudora said before hurrying off.

The girls nodded, but couldn’t stop looking at....everything. They hurried into the kitchen and found the back-staff room. There were six uniforms neatly set up for them. White button down long sleeves tees, black skinny dress pants, black ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Revive chelsea ankle boots and chocolate brown aprons. They placed the golden Anthropologie pearl flutter headbands in their hairs and pulled their hair into ponytails or messy buns.

“Talk about a stylish uniform.” Elsa said.

“I’ll wear this any day.” Anna said.

“I love the headband.” Rapunzel grinned.

The girls came out of the room, grabbed some notepads, and took off on the floor. Thank god for the fast food and café positions they had when they were freshman.

Tiana looked around for her mother, “Mom! Mom! A moment.” She said.

“Sure honey. Sweetie, can I get a plate a mashed.” Eudora said, to the kitchen.

“Mom, do you know um a boy named Phillip?” she asked.

Eudora paused and then nodded her head.

“I guess you guys have already met an interesting member of that family.” she explained.

“Mom, no. No. Uh, we met him today and he hasn’t been in school for two months because some kids ‘outted’ him.” Tiana explained.

Eudora’s face rose in shock, and then disgust.

“That’s deplorable. That shouldn’t have been his choice, poor kid.” She shook her head.

“Mom, I saw his face. He’s hurting and wants to get away. He practically was running to get his bike until he talked to Anna and Elsa. I mean we all should know something about that.” She explained.

Eudora shook her head, “His father. His mother. And I’m pretty sure his sister are all the same. Ruthless. Vindictive. They always want to be seen as the perfect family. Phillip is the odd one out, and now I see why. He’s a good kid though, with a really nice soulful voice.” She said.

“Voice?” Tiana questioned.

“He likes to sing, he’s very good at it too.” Eudora said, handing a tray of food to her daughter.

Tiana took it and looked around the room, she then stared at the door. Eudora turned around to see Phillip walking in, looking amazed but also scared. Tiana turned to her mother with her ‘urging’ face. Eudora backed down and walked over to him.

“Phillip, hey honey.” She said.

He gulped, “Uh..h-hi Mrs. Eudora.” He said.

“What are you doing here honey? Looking for a bite to eat?” she joked.

Phillip couldn’t help but smile.

“Well you do have the best shakes in town.” He answered.

Eudora smiled, “What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Um, I just wanted some place to.......get away I guess.” He said.

Eudora smiled, “Getting out of your comfort zone?” she asked.

“Something like that, I kind of met...some really nice people today.” He said.

Eudora smiled, “I think I know them.” She pointed over to Elsa and Anna.

Phillip turned to the two girls in uniform and they waved at him. He smiled at them a bit and then back to Eudora.

“Phillip, honey I know you’ve always been the black sheep of your family, but if you’d like a safe spot.... I could offer you some employment here.” She offered.

His face rose in shock, “I...”

“I don’t tolerate any bullying of my staff; they are all my family members. And if you want to work here, you would be part of that too. Anyone you don’t wanna see come in, I will kick them out. None of that will be tolerated here.” She said.

He gasped, and gulped a bit. He looked around the area.

“Can... can I... think about it?” he asked.

Eudora nodded, “Sure honey.” She said rubbing his arm.

He nodded and made his way out. Eudora turned around to Tiana who smiled at her mother.

Belle was scribbling across her notebook, at her desk in her blood rose MORGAN LANE Fiona Silk Satin Pajama Set. Gatson was seated on her bed.

“Can we do something? We’ve been studying for hours.” He whined.

“I’ve been studying, you haven’t.” she snapped back with a smile.

He smiled, scooted to the end of the bed and pulled her rolling chair closer to him.

“Hey hey, come on we have to study.” She giggled.

“But why? You’ve been icing me out all day.” He said.

Belle sighed, and stood up from her chair, moving away from him.


“Why were you and your friends picking on Phillip today? And why...why did you out him?” she questioned.

He sighed and rolled his eyes, “You’ve asked me this, like fifty times.” He said.

“Well make it 51, why did you out him? Don’t you think that’s invading his life? That's his decision.” She said.

“Why? Now he can be true to himself.” He concurred.

“True? He’s still closed off; he couldn’t take the bullying you guys did. Why....why do you have to be like this?” she questioned.

“Why are you always trying to change him?” he barked, standing up from the bed.

“Cause I don’t wanna date a bully!” she barked.

He closed his eyes and sighed.

“Look, I understand that it was rude of us to force him out of the closet. But, he’s the one who didn’t embrace it now. I mean why can’t he just be happy?” he hissed.

She shook her head, “You just want to be off the hook so you don’t look like an ass. You don’t care what you did to his life.” She said.

“Oh, whatever Belle.” He barked; he grabbed his backpack.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Outta here, I’m tired of you judging me for every action I do.” He snapped.

“Because every action you do is hurting someone else!” she barked loudly.

He shook his head, “When you’re ready to actually have fun, let me know.” he snapped leaving the room.

Belle shook her head.

Phillip finally made it home, and opened the front door. He walked down the narrow hallway towards the living room and kitchen on the right. He looked towards the living room to see Aurora sitting on the couch in a body hugging Milly Bustier Knee Length Dress and tan Top Moda Shakira Peep Toe Ankle Block Heel Booties.

“Ah, the princess returns.” She said.

“Aren’t you the princess of this depressing household?” he questioned.

“I’m not the one who you might wanna talk to.” She said, pointing to their parents coming in.

“Where were you?” their father, Stefan questioned.

“I was just out.” Phillip defended.

“Well you need to be in at late hours.” Stefan snapped.

“Why? So, the town doesn’t see your gay son?” Phillip barked.

“Phillip.” Leah snapped.

He faced his mother and then his father, backing down.

“What my son’s deplorable sexuality is, is too not be disgusted anywhere. You just keep that in your room, and if I find any more of those filthy magazines-“he started to say.

“Magazines? What magazine-?” he started to ask.

“Don’t lie to me!” Stefan barked.

Phillip jumped, and then looked over his shoulder to his sister who shrugged at him.


“And you better not dare, bring any men in this house. Or so help me god Phillip, I will send you to one of those ‘Cure’ sessions.” He snapped.

Phillip felt the tears swelling up in the back of his eyes, he sniffed and quickly made his way to the stairs. Aurora’s demeanor dropped, and she looked nervous.

“Stefan.” Leah touched her husband’s arm.

Stefan sighed and shook his head.

Phillip ran up the stairs, two at a time, threw open his door and shut it quickly. Locking it. He looked to the right to see crumbled up pieces of a magazine in his trashcan. Torn pictures of males together in compromising positions. He closed his eyes, and let the tears fall. He crawled into his bed and buried his face into the pillow. He let out an ear-piercing scream, and sobbed for about twenty minutes.


“Hi um may I speak to Eudora please?” he asked.

Eudora put down the phone and grabbed a tray.

“Eudora, do you want me to take that table?” Moana asked, pointing to a table where three business women were sitting.

“No, sweetie. It’s fine. You girls go change and get ready to go. We’re gonna close up shop after them.” Eudora explained.

“Okay.” Moana answered, moving away.

Eudora walked over to three women, “Hello welcome to Eudora’s Café, are you ladies ready to order?” she asked.

“Um, we’ll just have some coffee and a plate of biscuits please. With jam?” Anastasia asked.

She was a foreign diplomat’s daughter, the granddaughter of a queen, and now a powerful member of a company dictated to advanced technology.

“Coming right up.” Eudora said moving away.

“Why did you wanna come here again?” asked Esmeralda, another key member to the company.

“Yeah, I’ve never been here before.” Said Odette, another key member.

“I had their biscuits one time, and it’s such a quiet jazz night I thought it’d be soothing.” Anastasia answered.

Odette looked around, “Defiantly with the soothing part.” She said.

“Mm, it’s nice.” Esmeralda said, pulling up her brief case.

“Okay, so we have to get through this part of the project and then we’ll be okay to move forward with the ‘Estate’.” Anastasia explained.

“Are you still sure we should do this?” Esmeralda questioned.

“Why are you getting cold feet?” Odette asked.

“I’m not, but this project is basically an excuse to spy on private property.” Esmeralda said.

“Okay that’s not us, it’s the people who want to fund this project.” Anastasia said.

“Yeah it’s the people who want us to want to spy.” Esmeralda snapped.

“For what?” Odette asked.

“What do you think? They wanna spy on the South families’ daughters who just rode up into town.” Esmeralda snapped.

Odette and Anastasia looked over their shoulders to see the girls coming out from the kitchen and making their way to the front of the building.

“They are beauties, that’ll get them far.” Odette stated.

“Mmmmm.” Esmeralda said, leaning back.

“Okay besides that, I’ve already talked to the ‘Company Head’ and he’s on board.” Odette said.

“Wait what?” Esmeralda questioned.

“Why? We were going to do that together.” Anastasia said.

“Well we were running out of time, and I wanted to get it in. What’s the big deal?” Odette asked.

“We were supposed to do it as a team Odette.” Esmeralda barked.

“Calm down, look I just did what I had to do okay.” Odette said.

Anastasia turned up her face, while Esmeralda shook her head.

“Why do you always have to do stuff on your own? You can’t work in a team for a hot second.” Esmeralda snapped.

“Okay well, I’m an independent person and I don’t like to wait okay. I started to get away from my family’s name and you are a diplomat’s daughter. And you...well...” her voice trailed off.

“What?” Esmeralda snapped.

“Ladies please.” Anastasia tried.

“You started from a dancer’s bar and worked your way up.” Odette snapped.

“What’s that suppose to mean?! You- “Esmeralda’s voice rose.

“Hey hey, knock it off. Stop it.” Anastasia barked.

Eudora watched from the side and shook her head. Prying bitches.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t have left your mom?” Merida asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine. Her car is there so she’ll just drive home.” Tiana answered.

Elsa and Anna looked around the area and spotted a coffee shop.

“Anyone want a coffee?” Elsa asked.

“Mm, I’d like one.” Merida answered.

They walked across the street and into the shop.

“Mm, maybe this was a mistake. Too much caffeine.” Moana said, she pushed her cup aside.

“Maybe you should ask your mom to add a mini coffee section.” Rapunzel said.

“Mm, I wouldn’t mind that.” Elsa said.

Merida nudged Tiana.

“Okay okay, I’ll ask.” Tiana said pulling her cell phone.


“We’ll see what she says.” Tiana said, just as her phone beeped.


“Hmm, mom is dealing an irritate customer.” She said.

“I wonder if it’s those three business women, they were a bit sketchy.” Moana said.

“What do you mean?” Merida asked.

“Business people are.... nosey.” Moana said.

“Mm,” Anna took a sip, “Mm, no.”

The girls all laughed together. The shop doors opened with two girls walking in. A sultry girl with caramel skin tone and silky black hair, a busty chest. The other was a scarlet redhead with chocolate brown eyes. Both gorgeous and one was wearing the school’s windbreaker jacket.

They both stopped once they saw the girls.

“Um, you girls are the new ones, right?” asked the black-haired girl.

Tiana looked at the others before saying, “Ye-yeah, and you are?” she asked.

“Um I’m Jasmine, and this is Ariel.” She explained.

Ariel moved around Jasmine to show herself. She was wearing the school’s jacket for the swim team.

“ swim?” Moana asked Ariel.

“Yeah, been on the swim team for about two years. Great cleanser.” Ariel explained.

Jasmine chuckled with Ariel as Moana smiled a bit.

“You like swimming I’m guessing?” Ariel asked.

“You kidding?” Rapunzel asked.


“You’re a swimming god, you never stop. The water always calms you.” Merida added.

“Okay fine, yes I love swimming. And I don’t know, I was thinking about trying out for the swim team.” She said.

“You were?” Tiana asked.

“You were?”

“Yeah, I think we are here to stay because your mom got us jobs, so I wanna...step outta my comfort zone.” Moana said.

Ariel smiled, “Well we are having tryouts in a few days since it’s the beginning of the semester.” She said.

Moana nodded.

“Hope to see you there, we always need better swimmers.” Ariel said.

“Because you and Kida rule the pool.” Jasmine joked, as they waved goodbye and went to grab a coffee.

Back at the house, the girls were sound asleep until their doors opened with something standing in the doorway. Moana opened her eyes, cuddling her pillow, and sat up on her elbow. She steadied her vision and saw a small creature with tentacles standing in her doorway. She looked closer, one the experiments. The little creature made a cute sound, and another creature with lava black spouts on it’s back. It growled a bit at her. Moana squinted her eyes; she draped her legs over spooking the two creatures for a second.

She sat there, and stayed still to calm the creatures. She then held out her hand slowly, showing she meant no harm to the little ones. The two little ones stared at each other, until the one with the tentacles started moving closer to Moana. She kept her hand still as the first creature, nuzzled her head to Moana’s hand. Moana smiled and scratched the top of its head. It stretched out it’s back, enjoying the attention. It turned and cocked its head at the other fierier creature. That one creature walked over slowly to her. The tentacle creature moved out of the way for the fierier one. Moana waited and then it let her pet him.

A couple of polar opposite cuties.

Tiana opened her eyes to see Leroy at the end of her bed. She jumped a bit, but stayed in the bed. For some reason, Leroy wasn’t hostile or mean. He actually looked like he was whimpering. Tiana felt bad for the little one. She scooted to the middle of the bed, and locked eyes with the little creature. She held up her hand slowly to him. Leroy sniffed it and then crawled closer to Tiana. He stopped and then cuddled up into her lap like a little puppy. Tiana smiled at him, what a cutie. She stroked his fur, and his breathing started to steady out.

Elsa laid in her bed, she looked next to her on her end table. There was a cutie sniffing her.

“Oh.” She said.

She lifted her hand up, let it sniff it and then smiled. The little creature moved closer to her. Elsa petted its head and smiled.

Anna woke up to a pink cutie next to her.

Merida woke up to a sparky creature in the corner of her room.

Rapunzel opened her closet to a green cutie moving her shoes around.

“Oh.” She said in shock, but curiosity.

The next morning, the girls were eating breakfast and drinking coffee.

“Um, mom I had a little visitor last night.” Tiana said.

“Who?” Eudora questioned.

“A little red cutie, who just about gave me a heart attack.” Tiana said.

“Did he-?” Eudora asked.

“No, he was actually more friendly this time. Cuddled in my lap, and slept there.” Tiana explained.

“I had one too.” Elsa said.

“Me too.” Merida said.

The others nodded to.

“I got two. One with tentacles and the other had spouts on his head.” Moana said.

“That’s Ying and Yang. Water and fire. They come in a pack.” Eudora explained, “I’m surprised they warmed up to you guys so.... quickly.”

“Must have an allure around us. Made them...comfortable.” Elsa explained.

“They aren’t here to hurt any of you, but if you grow a bond. You’ll need them.” Eudora explained.

The girls all stared at each other in question for a moment, and then back towards the front door where the experiments were. Looking at them.

At school, Moana walked the halls in her ON TRACK MAUVE MIDI JUMPSUIT and black AQUAZZURA Palace 85 ankle boots. She stopped by the pool, she saw the swim team jumping in and out of the pool because they were all wearing the same swimsuits. Moana pulled on the door and took in the smell of chlorine.

She looked around to see Ariel climbing out of the pool with the help of Kida.

“Nice job girl, your breathe control has gotten better.” Kida said.

“Mmm, thank you. You’re still our champion.” Ariel said.

Kida giggled until Ariel looked over her shoulder.

“Moana!” she called out.

Moana smiled and started walking over.

“You know the new girl?” Kida asked.

“Yeah, she’s a swimmer.” Ariel answered.

“Good.” Kida said.

“Hey, Moana this is Kida. She’s our regional champion.” Ariel explained.

“Oh uh, nice to meet you. It’s an honor.” Moana said, shaking Kida’s hand.

Kida giggled, “Nice to meet you too.” She said.

Moana pushed back her black hair and looked down at the pool. She saw the waves move back and forth, the girls climbing out of the water and the feeling of being free.

“You swim right?” Kida asked.

Moana turned back to Kida and nodded, “Yeah, I did I just never swam for a team. Just for myself.”

“Oh well we have tryouts soon; you should try out for our swim team. We could use more people.” Kida said.

Moana faced them again and gave a gentle smile.

“Well I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, maybe this could be a start.” She said.

Ariel and Kida smiled.

“Oh well here comes my buzz kill.” Kida said.

Moana turned around to Jane walking up to them.

“Hi, um Kida can we talk please?” Jane asked.

“What’s there to talk about?” Kida questioned, crossing her arms.

Moana and Ariel shifted awkwardly.

“Kida please, you know I didn’t mean for all of this to happen.” Jane said.

“But it did, and you helped move it along. As far as I’m concerned, you and him can both can exit from my life.” Kida snapped, moving around Jane to leave.

Jane sighed, and looked up, “Ariel?”

“Jane I can’t tell you what you did wrong, because you know what you did wrong. Come on.” Ariel said.

Jane scratched the back of her head, and shook her head. Ariel walked around Jane, and Moana simply walked off.

Anna looked stylish in a white Alaïa Neutrals Textured Knit Mini Skirt, and a Blue Banana - Zip Up Stretchy Military Jacket. She stopped in the hallway once she noticed Phillip near the music room. She walked up in her black MALONE SOULIERS booties.

“Phillip?” she questioned.

He jumped a bit and turned to her, “hey Anna.”

“hey, uh how’s your day?” he asked.

“Okay, you don’t get to high ditch the conversation with those black stylish cargo skinny pants and expect me not to notice. I’m the fashion guru of my friends.” She explained.

He chuckled a bit, “Well good thing I’m not the only one who knows style.” He said.

“Mm.” she giggled.

He smiled and turned back towards the classroom.

“What’s that?” Anna asked.

“It’s the music room.” He answered.

She saw the longing look in his eyes.

“I’m guessing you like music.” She said.

“I did. Became difficult after awhile be myself....” he said.

“You shouldn’t hide your voice.” She said.

“I can’t always express it.” He said.

He looked over his shoulder to Gatson and his friends laughing at him again.

“Well,” she linked arms with him, “Sometimes you just need an ally.” She said.

He smiled at her as they both entered the music room.

“Kida, Kida! Kida stop and talk to me.” Milo shouted, pulling her by the wrist.

“I don’t wanna talk to you.” Kida snapped.

“Well we need to, you’re still my girlfriend.” Milo said.

“Am I?” she barked, “You cheated on me with Jane.”

Milo licked his lips and shook his head.

“I’m not ready to talk about this.” she sniffed.

“Well we need to talk about its Kida, you can’t just keep avoiding me.” He said.

“You and Jane both betrayed me. How am I supposed to trust either one of you? She was my friend and you were my boyfriend.” She barked.

She got up to leave.

“Were?” he questioned.

She stopped, closed her eyes, and tried to hold back the tears.

It didn’t work.

The girls made it home, and spent some of the night in the pool. They splashed around and laughed together drinking soda. They all smiled at each other while swimming around and listening to music as well. Merida looked behind her towards the huge cave on the plantation.

“Hey guys, did we ever figure out what was in that cave?” she asked.

“No no no no, come on. That’s the beginning to every horror movie. Can’t do it.” Rapunzel whined.

“I’m a bit curious though.” Moana said.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” Anna chimed in.

Merida, Moana, and Tiana decided to scurry across the green grass towards the cave. Merida placed her hand on the smooth texture of the cave.

“Feels polished.” She said.

“What’s inside?” Moana asked.

Tiana shrugged, as the girls moved closer to enter the cave.

“Hang on a second.” Moana reached for her cell phone.

“What’s that sound?” Merida questioned.

“Huh?” Tiana asked.

“I heard a low.... growl...” Merida said.

The growl picked up to panting.

“Here.” Moana said, she turned on the flashlight of her phone to shine a light on the inside.

When they shined the light, they only saw about five to six full grown lions. Real lions. Huge lions.

“Oh my god.” Moana gasped.

Tiana and Merida both backed up, while grabbing Moana to back up out of the cave. The girls immediately backed just as one of the lions rose up from the ground and started to charge.

“AH!” Tiana screamed so loud; her mother heard her from the inside.

“Oh no.” she muttered under her breathe.

The girls backed up more just as the lion charged for them. Moana fell back on the floor with Merida and Tiana pulling her back. However, one of the horses with the black mane, Spirit, ran up blocking the girls from the lion. The lion stopped and stared at the horse, while the horse huffed at him.

The girls cradled each other, completely shocked.



Esmeralda made it home that night, and placed her briefcase down on the counter of her apartment. A bit rundown, but small enough for her and her husband. She walked over to the bedroom.

“Baby? Honey?” she called.

She shook off her jacket and looked down at the bed. There was a stack of papers on it, and her husband was no where in sight. She reached down, picking up the papers.


She gasped, and gulped. She looked around for him. She opened up the closet doors, all of his stuff was gone. The clothes, his papers, everything.

He came out of the bathroom with a suitcase in his hands. Phoebus.

“Where are you going?” Esmeralda questioned.

“Esmeralda, come on. You knew this was coming.” Phoebus said.

“I thought.......I thought we could on this. Us.” She said, her voice broke.

“We’ve tried......we’ve tried everything. It’s not working.” He said.

“Is this because of her?” she questioned.

Tears poured down her face.

“This isn’t about her. It’s about the both of us. And this ends now.” Phoebus answered.

Esmeralda let her tears fall as she watched her husband walk past her, open the front door, and leave.

Leave her.

Chapter Text

“Lions! Lions! Are you serious?!” Tiana shrieked.

“Girls, please calm down a moment,” Eudora begged.

“Calm down? I was almost a snack for a beast!” Moana roared.

“Sssshhh, ssshhh. Okay, Ms. Eudora can you please explain?” Merida insisted.

“Okay,” Eduora sat down on the barstool, “The lions are part of the animals that we keep safe. Animals are good for money and protection. Great on the market, and with everything going on with this trial. All the enemies your families have made will come. You all will need protection.”

The girls stared at each other, starting to realize the possible danger they could be in.

Moana jogged up the stairs, with Merida behind her. She wrapped her fingers around the knob and pushed open Quasimodo’s door. She slipped in and looked at the poor guy. Still unconscious and hooked up to so many IVs.

Merida moved in behind her, making Moana walk in. They walked over to him and placed their hands on either side of the bed. His chest was slowly moving up and down, his mouth opened slightly, and an overwhelming look of sadness.

“Poor guy,” Merida whispered.

“It’s like......will he ever wake up?” Moana implored.

Merida slowly shrugged, “I don’t know, I mean he lives here. He’s a house guest. So, I guess we’re supposed to have some type of relationship with him.” She explained.

“Well, where’s his family? His parents?” Moana questioned, angrily.

Merida shook her head, until they heard the creak of the door opening. The other girls slipped in to join.

“My mom told me that both his parents died, and he has a guardian named Frollo. The bastard judge hasn’t checked on him or even seen him since his accident.” Tiana stated.

The girls shook their heads in disgust. What a dick! To abandon him like this.

Elsa looked next to his bed and saw a slightly open drawer. She walked over for a closer look. There were a dozen of papers with pencil sketches.

“Elsa, what are you doing? What’d you find?” Anna inquired.

“Sketches. He likes to draw.” Elsa answered.
“Are they his?” Rapunzel asked, moving for a closer look.

“Yep,” Merida turned his hand over to show his palm, “There are pen marks all over his hands. He’s an artist. There are also some splinters.”

“Craftsman,” Rapunzel said.

She looked at him.

“In here.” Tiana declared.

She pulled out some small wooden sculptures from another drawer.

“My mom says he’s a sweetheart, and he looks like it. I remember him a bit.” Tiana explained.

“Childhood?” Elsa asked.

“Yeah, he’s a sweetheart who went through a lot,” Tiana added.

The girls straightened up their postures.

“I wanna find out who did this to him. And why?” Rapunzel announced.

The girls all nodded in agreement.

At home, Phillip pulled his Korea Retro Washing Frayed Embroidery Letter Patch Jeans Bomber Jacket Light Blue Ripped Denim Coat Daylook over his red t-shirt. He adjusted his dark blue skinny jeans and chocolate vintage leather biker boots. He jogged down the stairs and grabbed his satchel bag, ready to exit.

“Phillip!” shouted his mother.

“Mmm.” He grunted.

He dropped his bag and circled to the kitchen.

“Will you be home for dinner?” she asked, not even looking at him.

“Not tonight.” He answered.

“Got a hot date with an old man? I hear they love young boys.” Aurora said, getting up from the couch.

Phillip rolled his eyes at her.

“Okay, no more talk about this disgusting lifestyle alright?” his mother barked.
Phillip didn’t wanna cry again for the fourth time, “I have work tonight.”

“What? At a strip club?” Aurora implied.

“No, that’s your forte. Have you seen what you’re wearing?” he countered.

Aurora hissed in her revealing black Terri Moto Dress, Black Lace Up Over the Knee Socks, red Ericdress Rivet Round Toe Chunky Heel Women's Ankle Boots, and a Women's Camo Printed Denim Jacket.

“The both of you, stop. And where are you working?” his mother questioned.

“Eduora’s café.” He answered.

“With those girls?” his mother snapped, “No, no Phillip. Those girls are dangerous. Their parents are on trial for murder and- “

He cut her off, “Okay, well those ‘girls’ have been the nicest people to me in the last few days. So, when you all wanna act like a real family, let me know.” He snapped.

“Phillip!” his mother bellowed.

“Hey!” his father called, he slithered into the room with a set of keys in his hands.

“Aurora, here you go my child. There’s a brand new 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV outside for you in the driveway.” Their father relayed.

“AHH! REALLY?! OH, THANK YOU, DADDY!” Aurora bounced on her toes, happily.

Phillip shook his head and left the room. His sister gets a brand-new car, but he is stuck with his bike.

Jasmine shut her locker door as Ariel walked up to her with two coffee cups in her hands.

“Hey, got your fav,” Ariel stated.

“Thanks,” Jasmine said.

She looked behind her to a flyer that showed a new school sports team; Dancing. Ariel noticed.

“Why don’t you sign up? They work with the Music Club.” Ariel hinted.

“I’m nervous, you know my dad wants me to follow in the family footsteps.” She stated.

“What do you want though?” Ariel asked.

Jasmine sighed and put her head down. Ariel wrapped her arms around her friend, as Jasmine sniffed into Ariel’s jacket until they both felt their phones vibrate. Ariel reached into her black Zadig & Voltaire Sunny Nano Bag while Jasmine reached into her Ivory white multi Coach Women's Whipstitch Colorblock Dreamer Shoulder Bag.

They read the message, and then looked at each other in shock. They looked over their shoulders to Tiana and her friends entering the school.

“You think they’ve seen this?” Ariel questioned.

Jasmine shook her head back and forth.

Moana and Merida walked into the bathroom together. Merida adjusted her Venus multi blue PRINTED MESH HIGH LOW DRESS in the mirror, to cover her chest a bit. She pulled on her Strategia Women Flower Embroidered Over the Knee Black Boots. She shook out her hair and then turned to Moana. She looked good in her brown long sleeve blouse, black Dual Pocket Self Waist Utility Shorts, red Hysteria Sophie Tights and black Ericdress Peep Toe Stiletto Heel Slip-On Women's Ankle Boots. She spread some lip gloss across her lips and fluffed her hair.

They made sure they were alone and then spoke.

“Have you.... have you heard from your father?” Moana implored.

“No,” Merida replied, “Neither has Anna,”

“I wish they would call,” Moana said.

“Yeah, least let us know they are okay,” Merida added.

They each sniffed and moved awkwardly until they heard something on the other side of the bathroom door.

“You need to talk to me.” Milo’s voice sounded.

“I don’t want to. I’m not ready to talk about this.” Kida’s voice then came.

“Well I am, so here it is. Yes, I cheated with Jane. I am sorry about that; I’ve told you that multiple times. I am sorry. But now it is time Kida. It’s been a month. You need to tell me right now if you want this. Do you want to work it out, or are we over?” Milo asked.

She sucked in a deep breath and sniffed.

“I don’t know, a part of me wants to, but another part doesn’t want to because you hurt me.” She explained.

Milo sniffed and looked down at the ground.
“You know I love you Kida, and you know where I stand. I wanna work it out, but if you don’t want to.” He stated.

“I can’t.” she cried.

“Then it’s over?” he questioned; his voice cracked.

She shook her head and put her head down. Milo walked off, and now...

Their relationship was done.

Kida covered her eyes and made a quick break to the bathroom. Merida and Moana kept watching the door until Kida busted in. She ran right past them and into one of the stalls. Moana and Merida looked at each other and then moved closer to the stall door. Moana lifted her hand and knocked.

Kida gasped, looking up from her legs. She gulped, but she didn’t want to open.

“Kida,” Moana tried, “Are you alright?”

She sniffed and shook in her brown Plain Flat Round Toe Date Outdoor Knee-High Flat Boots. Moana licked her lips and leaned on the door. She wanted to reach out to Kida, a girl, hurt. A future teammate. Maybe a........................future friend.

“Kida.” Moana tried again.

The white-haired beauty finally relented and opened the stall door. Moana squeezed inside and knelt at her feet, rubbing her knees. Merida leaned on the side of the stall, listening in.

Phillip entered the school, but when he saw Gatson’s clique, he immediately detoured straight to Anna. She looked over her shoulder towards the clique and then threw up her middle finger. He laughed a bit and gave her a high-five.

“Thank you,” he said.

“No biggie.” she giggled, “Is it still hostile at home?”

He nodded, just as Tiana and Rapunzel walked up behind them.

“Oh, uh I’ll leave you be.” He said.

“Ah, no. You’re staying and telling me where you got your jacket.” Tiana said, linking arms with him.

He laughed at her. Then they felt the entire hallway perk up for some odd reason. Phillip turned around to the front entrance.
“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” He muttered.

The girls turned to see a bad boy dreamboat entering the school. The classic boy who knew a little something about everyone, or who could be a slight drug dealer on the side. Flynn. Flynn Rider.

“And who’s the hottie with the leather obsession?” Anna questioned.

He gulped, “Flynn Rider.” He answered.

Tiana and Rapunzel both noticed Phillip’s shift.

“I’m guessing you know him?” Rapunzel asked.

“More than I should.” He answered.

Flynn looked over to Phillip and made his way over to him.

“Oh god no.” Phillip panicked, he tried to make a feline.

Flynn grabbed him by the wrist, “You gonna ignore me?” he questioned.

“Let go," Phillip demanded.

The girls grew a bit alert.

“Are you not gonna talk to me?” Flynn questioned.

“Talk to you? You’re the reason I was outted! You and your cruel friends.” Phillip barked.

He yanked his wrist away from Flynn and quickly walked towards the stairs to getaway. Anna, Rapunzel, and Tiana followed after him.

On the second floor, John was putting up flyers all over for the ‘Homecoming’. Which included three things; a football game, a small float parade, and an afterparty.

John turned around to see the second John, John Rolfe walking up to him with their mutual friend, Thomas.

“Hey, where’s your sister? She’s supposed to be helping me with this.” John stated.

“How am I supposed to know? I don’t keep a GPS on her.” John R responded.

Thomas rolled his eyes, “You guys argue like your brothers.” He said.

“Mmm, we might be. This town has so many secrets.” John said.
“Yeah, and six of them just rolled into town.” Thomas continued.

“Has anyone even talked to those girls?” John asked, stopping a flyer.

“Phillip is talking to them, Kida and Ariel are growing on that girl with the long black hair and the athletic build.” John R stated.

“That’s Moana,” Thomas remarked.

“She’s beautiful.” John R said.

“Good, maybe you’ll finally get a girlfriend.” John joked.

“Thank you, Captain Dick-head.” John R hissed.

He turned and started to walk away.

Thomas groaned in annoyance, “John.” He snapped.

They both followed after John R, who stopped abruptly. He was peeking over the corner. John and Thomas came up behind him to see what he was staring at.

“So, when are you coming over?” Vanessa (Ursula, Human form) asked Gatson, with her hands wrapped around his neck.

“After I drop Belle off, she’s been ackey at me lately anyway,” Gatson answered, with his hands on her hips.

“Then maybe it’s time to leave her.” Vanessa purred.

“Maybe it is,” Gatson replied.

He leaned in pressing his lips on hers. John R backed up from the scene and pressed his back on the wall with his friends surrounding him.

“What’s wrong?” Thomas asked.

“I just saw my little sister’s jerk boyfriend making out with Queen Bitch, Vanessa.” John R explained.

Thomas and John licked their lips in concern.

“What are you gonna do?” Thomas asked.

“You gonna tell Belle?” John questioned.

“I’m her brother, I can’t keep this a secret.” John R responded.

Elsa walked into her chemistry class in her blue Knot Back Knit Halter Top, white High Waist Buttoned Bell-Bottom Pants, and black Journee Collection Women's Loxley Heels. She sat down near the door. She looked ahead of her to a group of guys, where one had almost snow-white hair and just an all-around hottie. Jack Frost.

She placed her purple Brahmin Purse Crossbody Leather Bag on the floor. The teacher, Mr. Hook, was writing stuff down on the chalkboard. When the bell finally rang, he smacked his desk to get everyone’s attention.

“Alright, everyone pulls out your homework from the night before.” Mr. Hook demanded.

He then turned to Elsa.

“Well all except our newbie here.” He snapped.

Elsa raised her eyebrow in confusion.

“Not everyone has their ‘parents in prison’ to use as a homework excuse.” Mr. Hook snapped again.

She raised her eyebrows in sudden shock. Some of the students either snickered or whispered.

“Uh, Mr. Hook kind of pushing on ‘bad territory’ right now.” Hiccup interrupted.

“The formula is wrong.” She barked

“What?” Hook questioned.

“The formula on the board isn’t correct, for that chemical, that’s not right.” She said.

“Now listen-“He started to say.

“She’s right,” Jack chimed in making Mr. Hook turn to him, “That formula is wrong. We’ve gone over this now five times, and it’s still wrong...Mr. Hook.”

The entire class laughed, and Jack turned to Elsa. He gave her a slight grin, in which Elsa bit her bottom lip and looked away hiding her pink cheeks. Just then, the intercom came on with the principal’s voice bellowing over the speaker.

“In the news today, it looks like the trial for the murder of Jafar is being drawn out a little longer. With the parents of six of our beloved new girls, still behind bars. Looks like they could be there a little longer.” He announced.

Elsa felt her throat tighten up, it was hard to swallow. Her head and heart were pounding against her skin. Her palms felt itchy. She felt something coming on. Sweating, pain in her chest, too much. She stood up quickly, grabbed her bag, and bolted out of the classroom.

She ran into the hallway, looking all around for her friends. They each appeared in the hall; Anna, Rapunzel, Tiana, Moana, and Merida. They all looked at each other and then they all joined together in a tight hug. All sniffing and holding hands tightly. To calm down.

Once they pulled apart, Moana pushed her hair back.

“Has anyone even.... heard from their parents?” she asked.

Each girl shook their head.

“I miss mom....” Anna said, which came out as a whimper.

“I wish my dad would just call me,” Moana said.

“I hate the principal. Why did he have to announce that?” Merida hissed.

The girls all sighed as the other students came into the hallway. All stares. All whispers. Etc.

“I’ll say it again; I hate this place,” Tiana said.

“Need some way to get the anger out.” Merida hissed.

“Hey,” Phillip shouted, running up to them.

Rapunzel and Anna pushed their hair back and smiled at him.

“Are you guys alright? I’m so sorry the principal did that. He’s a jerk that way.” He said.

The girls shook their heads at him.

“So new girls, you managed to be the talk of the school. Can you tell me how you’re doing? You know being the daughters of felons?” said Queen B, Vanessa.

Her posse was right behind her; Aurora, Megara, and Snow White.

Tiana turned around, along with Moana and Merida.

“Hmm I don’t know, I’m guessing you’re Queen Bitch around here.” Tiana snapped.

“Mmm, you know,” Vanessa said.

“Great, so when daddy doesn’t buy you the car you want, I’m guessing I’ll see an entire tantrum going up and down the hall right? And I thought I was sad.” Moana snapped.

Vanessa’s face angered as some students whispered. Wowza!

The front doors opened from the front of the school, and the students’ faces all dropped to shock.

“Ohh my god,” Phillip said.

“No way,” Kida added.

Ariel licked her lips, clearly nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Tiana asked.

From the front of the building, two male teenagers emerged from two cop cars. The police released them of the cuffs on their wrists and they started walking forward.


And Adam (Beauty and the Beast – The Beast’s Human Form).

“Who are they?” Merida asked.

“Um,” Phillip scratched his head, “That’s Tarzan and Adam, they are older boys who went here for a bit, but they have been in police custody since summer.”


Phillip looked down at his feet.

“Phillip.” Merida pressed.

“Um over the summer, there was a prank that got outta hand. The person was severely wounded and beyond damage was done to his back/spine. Um, those two are the ones that did it. Or so they say. The guy has had I don’t know, a hunchback.” He explained.

“Hunchback?!” Merida barked.

Everyone turned their attention back to them.

“Qua...Quasimodo?!” Tiana barked.

The entire hallway was now listening. Tarzan and Adam looked up, but they were quickly pulled away by guards.

“Ye....yeah. How do you know him?” Phillip questioned.

“Know him?” Tiana looked around in irritation, “He’s staying in my house!” she declared.

Phillip gasped, along with everyone else in the hall.

“He’s hooked up to IVs and unconscious! Bandages all over his body! And his hunchback is severely damaged so he could never walk again! And you’re telling me that those two did this to him!” Tiana barked.

Phillip stuttered for a moment, “Uh, it’s what they were arrested for.”

“So why are they here?” Moana exclaimed.

“They got off, probation,” Phillip answered.

Moana and Tiana turned to each other in anger. Merida circled Phillip, but he grabbed her.

“Merida don’t!” he begged.

“Why?” she barked.

“Cause, I don’t think they did it.” He said.

She paused.

“Both of them were friends with Quasimodo, they cared about him. They protected him. I don’t think they did it.” He explained.

“Maybe you’re saying too much, Phillip.” Gatson butted in.

“You would know.” John R snapped at Gatson.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Gatson questioned.

“Wait a second, Phillip were you.... were you involved?” Rapunzel asked.

“NO! No no no no-no. I wasn’t even there. I just heard about it.” Phillip said waving his hands.

“That’s sick. This place is sick.” Anna said.

“Hey, don’t dump on our school because of a prank.” Belle defended.

“Well if I’m supposed to attend a school where possibly the wrong or the right students beat someone to a coma, then I hope this school burns to the ground.” Anna snapped.
The students stared at her in disbelief, but then started to remember the events of the summer.


He’s in the hospital.

This went too far.

I didn’t beat him almost half to death.


Outside, a huge black BMW pulled up, the driver stepped out. He turned around to face his brothers. The driver, Derek (Swan Princess), faced his four younger brothers. Sinbad, Eric, Aladdin, and Mowgli.


Later on, the girls were all over the restaurant’s floor serving tables, and helping customers to forget what happened at school and the news.

“Here ya go sweetie, last round,” Eudora said to Esmeralda, who was seated at the bar.

“Okay thanks, I’ll get your check for you,” Phillip said to a table.

He reached into his two-pocket apron for his notepad. He reached over the bar to the cashier.

“Hey, can I get table 27’s check?” he said to the staff member.

He waited for a moment until someone came up behind him.

“Can I get a table for one?” the person asked.

Phillip turned around, but his face instantly dropped. Flynn.

“Someone else can help you,” Phillip answered.

He moved away, as Flynn sighed.

“Phillip honey, can you get the trash from the back?” Eudora asked, patting his shoulder.

“Yes, ma’am,” Phillip answered.

He grabbed two of the garbage bags, went out the backdoor, and tossed them into the dumpster. He turned to go back inside, but someone shoved him against the brick wall. Flynn, again.

“Flynn!” Phillip shouted.

“You can’t avoid me forever Phillip,” Flynn said.

“Why? So, you can play me again?” Phillip barked.

“I didn’t play you; I didn’t know what Gatson was doing. I liked you!” Flynn explained.

Phillip calmed down and sighed.

“I liked you,” Flynn said, getting closer.

Phillip backed up into the wall, as Flynn joined his fingers with his. Phillip didn’t back down though. He locked his fingers around Flynn’s as he leaned closer towards his neck. His hot breath on Phillip’s neck made him shiver in pleasure. Phillip grunted a bit until he felt Flynn’s lips on his. He reached up cupping Flynn’s head, as they started to kiss a bit more passionately.

Anna and Merida opened the door to drop off more trash, but when they saw the grope fest, they giggle and hurried back in.

“You didn’t drop the trash off?” Elsa asked.

“Uhhhh, someone’s a bit preoccupied back there,” Anna said, playing with her eyebrows.

The girls all giggled until Elsa felt her phone starting to vibrate. She reached into her apron and pulled it out.


“Who the?” Elsa questioned.

All the girls circled Elsa’s phone.

“Could that be?” Moana started to ask.

“Would it?” Rapunzel questioned.

Elsa paused.

“Answer it,” Merida said.

Elsa gulped and hit the green button.

“Hello?” she said.