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“Yeah, pup, right there.”

Mason growled, the sound vibrating into Nora’s core. His arms were wrapped around her thighs, holding her tightly to his face as he slid the tip of his tongue against her clit from beneath her.

“Suck my clit,” she commanded. “Harder.” He obeyed and sucked her clit into his mouth aggressively, nibbling at it. “That’s such a good boy,” she praised, one of her hands lowering to run her fingers through his hair lovingly. “Now put your tongue in me.”

The Alpha did as he was told, releasing her clit from his lips after flicking against it once more, then pushing her hips up his face and thrusting his tongue into her entrance. The tip of his nose rubbed against her sensitive bud, and that coaxed her into grabbing fistfuls of his hair to hold his head in place as she started rocking her hips back and forth.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, her legs trembling as she started rocking harder. Her movements began straining the muscles in his neck as they became more aggressive, sending shooting pains through them. But Nora riding his face so hard was too fucking hot that he just didn’t even care. The pain was fuckin’ worth it.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fucking cum. Don’t stop.” Mason groaned against her as she admitted how close she was, his cock aching impatiently against his stomach, just begging to be touched. He flicked his tongue inside her, shifting his head from side-to-side – as much as he could while she was grasping his hair and riding his face, anyway – to rub his nose against her clit a bit more.

And that fuckin’ did it.

Nora screamed his name, her legs trembling around his head as she tried to clamp them around it, but he held her open as he helped her ride through her orgasm. Her back bowed and she gripped his hair tighter, almost to the point of pain, but it only egged him on to keep pleasing her.

As soon as it became too much, she pulled his head back and looked down at him with glazed eyes. “You’re such a good boy,” she cooed.

Fuck yes, he was.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” she asked, one hand leaving his hair to wipe her slick from his face with two fingers.

“Yes, Boss,” he replied. God, did he ever want to fuck her.

Nora slipped her fingers into his mouth, watching him suck her cum from them. “Beg for the privilege to fuck me, Alpha,” she commanded after sliding her fingers free from his lips once he’d cleaned them.

“C’mon, Boss. Let me fuck you. You know I take care of you, do you right, make you cum over and over; you love takin’ my cock.”

“Mm. It doesn’t sound like you want it that bad, pup. It just sounds like you’re saying what you think I want to hear.”

That made him growl. He hated begging, but he loved begging for her. “Please let me fuck you, Boss.”

“Why should I?”

“Because I’m so fuckin’ hard for you and I’m achin’ and I want you so goddamn bad. Please, Boss.”

Nora grinned before sliding down his body, being sure to rub her dripping cunt down his chest and stomach, leaving a trail of her slick behind on his skin as if she were marking him with it. She stopped above his cock, then rubbed her folds along his length as it rested along his lower belly. “I don’t want you to wash that off for the rest of the day. I want everyone to be able to smell the sex on you. Do you understand, pup?”

God, that was so fuckin’ hot. “Yes, Boss.”


“Good boy,” Nora cooed before reaching down to grab Mason’s cock. She lined him up with her cunt, gently teasing the head against her entrance and watching him squirm impatiently beneath her before sinking down on him roughly, taking him to the hilt in one fluid motion. It made her yelp in a mixture of pain and pleasure; they hadn’t fingered her to stretch her out beforehand like usual. She didn’t want to today; not this time.

No. This time, she wanted to feel the sharp, burning pain between her legs. The pain of being stretched by his thickness as he slid all the way to the hilt and pressed against her cervix.

Mason had groaned when she sank down on him, but after her yelp, he seemed to feel the need to comfort her. The Alpha sat up, wrapping one arm around her body to hold her tightly to his chest, the other going between them to let his thumb rub gentle, slow circles on her clit; his lips placed gentle kisses to her neck, just below the leather collar that was wrapped around her throat. It matched the one around his own; they were almost identical. Handmade, leather, with chain-link metal designs around it. And only worn in the bedroom.

“You take me so good every time, Boss,” he whispered against her neck, dragging his tongue along the column of her throat. “So fuckin’ tight; so fuckin’ perfect.”

“Mm. God, pup,” she whined, wrapping her own arms over his shoulders and slipping one hand into his hair so her fingers threaded into the red locks. He continued kissing at her neck as she adjusted to his size, but as soon as the burning subsided and she felt more comfortable, the hand in his hair grasped a fistful of it and yanked his head back so he was forced to look at her.

Mason visibly winced at the pain in his neck, clearly having some soreness in it that was probably related to how hard she was riding his face earlier. She ignored it – she’d take care of him when they were done. Right now, he needed to fuck her. “I want you to fuck me as hard as you can; hard enough so I’m numb for the rest of the day. You can move me into whatever positions you want in order to do it, I don’t care, but I want you to take whatever pent up stress and anger you have out on my cunt.”

Nora watched a fire light behind his eyes. God, he was fucking incredible.

“But,” she added, “I want you to make me cum at least three more times, and you need to tell me before you cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Boss,” he growled, and the sound just shot straight between her legs.

Nora leaned in, her free hand cupping Mason’s jaw as she gave him a gentle kiss – something they still did every time they were sexual. Once it was broken, she bit her lower lip before giving him a smirk. “Well, what are you waiting fo—”

The Overboss didn’t even get to finish the rest of her sentence before Mason was on his feet, still inside her, with his mouth at her neck. His hands had traveled down to her ass, taking handfuls of it as he held her tightly against his chest. She sighed softly at the kissing, but just as soon as she tipped her head back, he used his grip on her ass to pull her hips away from his groin – pulling his own back at the same time – and slammed their bodies together.

The Overboss screamed from a mixture of surprise, pain, and amazing fucking pleasure. Her cunt spasmed around him almost immediately as she came, but he never let up, instead just brutally pounding into her by pulling their hips apart in opposite directions and then slamming them together over and over again. Nora’s nails dug into his back, leaving red welts that sometimes overlapped and even broke the skin at some point.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Mason!” She pressed the side of her face against his, both leaders panting into the other’s ear as he kept fucking her, never letting up. One of his hands pulled away from her ass and swatted the same spot he once held, the sound echoing in the small room, before he grabbed there again to continue holding her up.

But just as she started getting close again, the Alpha turned and began moving toward the bed, then dropped her on it haphazardly before going to his knees in front of her. He reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her to the edge of the mattress and spreading her thighs so he could slowly slide his tongue up her folds. Nora moaned and arched her back, hands balling into fists with the sheets in them.

Mason sucked her clit into his mouth and nibbled on it as two fingers slid into her wet cunt, then a third. He pumped in and out before crooking them and pressing the pads against the bundle of nerves hidden in there; it forced a loud moan from her chest and her legs trembled once again. Considering she was already so close moments before, it didn’t take much for her to cum again – tensing around his fingers and wiggling against his mouth from sensitivity as she moaned his name.

He greedily lapped up her cum before standing. Strong hands grabbed her hips again, this time yanking her a bit closer to the edge of the bed before Mason’s cock sunk into her once more, retrieving another moan from her. The Alpha straightened her legs to be against his chest, closed them, and then set them against one of his shoulders. There was a difference in tightness with her legs closed – she could feel it. And by the look on his face, so could he.

Mason eagerly began pumping in and out of her, slapping their hips together as one of his rough hands reached down to grab one of her breasts, squeezing, while the other swayed with each thrust. “So fuckin’ tight,” he growled.

“You about to cum, pup?” Nora asked, her breathing heavy enough that she had to speak between pants.

“Not a fuckin’ chance.”

God, the things this man did to her.


Mason arched her hips up a bit, angling himself differently inside of her so he could get deeper, drawing more moans from the woman beneath him.

But he slid out of her after a few more thrusts, then grabbed her hips and pushed her further back along the bed, prowling onto it with her. Nora bit her lower lip, which made his cock pulse between his legs because that was just so fuckin’ sexy, but he grabbed her hip and roughly flipped her onto her stomach.

She seemed to assume he wanted her on her hands and knees because she stuck her ass in the air, but that wasn’t his plan. No, he had a new idea for tonight. The Alpha pressed a large hand onto her lower back, shoving her flat against the mattress again, and then pushed her legs closed. As he straddled her thighs, just below her ass, she looked back at him with raised eyebrows.

Her gaze was first on his cock, watching him stroke it a few times just above her ass, his fist occasionally touching her as he did. But when she raised her eyes to look at his face, she seemed almost startled that he was already staring down at her with nothing but lust behind his irises.

Mason leaned over to place gentle nips and licks to the back of the Overboss’ shoulder as she shuddered beneath him. His body was so much bigger than hers, he could very easily take every ounce of control she had and dominate her, but he never did. Instead, he always waited for her to give him whatever amount of control she wanted – like now – and he would greedily eat it up.

But only what she gave him. Never more.

He pressed his cock between her legs, prodding a few times before finding her entrance and sinking into her with a smooth, fluid motion. A moan left his lips, the tightness of the new position even more than the last one. Another swat was made on her ass cheek, harder than the last time, and it left a red handprint on her pale skin. Looked so fuckin’ good.

The Alpha dragged one of his hands up her spine and then back down before he grasped at her hips and started fucking her – hard; the slaps of skin where their bodies met over and over were loud but nearly drowned out by Nora’s moans. He slid a hand from her hip, back up her spine again, and to her shoulder, fingers curling around the bone for leverage to help him drive into her harder.

“Oh, god, Mason. Don’t fucking stop.”

“Gonna cum soon, Boss.”

“You better not cum before me,” Nora threatened with a growl.

Mason grunted but kept pushing into her, using the hand that was left on her hip to swat her ass cheek again.

But the buildup was getting overbearing. It was becoming too much.

He needed to cum. He was gonna cum.

“Boss,” he growled, “I’m gonna cum.”

“You better – fuck – hold it in, pup. I’m so close.”

The Alpha gritted his teeth, his fingers digging into her hip and shoulder hard enough to bruise her pale skin. He could feel the pressure in his balls, ready to release – begging for release – but he was trying his hardest not to cum yet. He wanted to be a good boy for her, and good boys didn’t cum first.

“Fuck, Mason,” she screamed; and the second he felt her cunt tightening around him, he couldn’t hold it in anymore. Mason groaned, thrusting as far into her as he could go when he found his release. The buildup of pressure was gone, and he not only felt the post-orgasm high, but also a sense of relief from not having to fucking hold it anymore.

Both leaders were breathing heavily, and Mason leaned forward to place his forehead against her spine, just below her neck, mixing the sweat on his face with the sweat on her body. His hands slowly slid up her sides, rubbing the soft, prewar skin beneath his calloused fingers and palms.

This woman was fucking incredible.