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When Two Worlds Collide

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"Come on!!" Your voice cried out in rage and despair. With a huff, you tossed your PS4 controller off to the side.

'Stupid game..' you thought to yourself, crossing your arms like a kid and glaring at the TV screen. In big, red letters, printed in the middle was 'YOU DIED', along with the 'try again' and 'start over' selections under that. This is the seventh time you've died trying to save the stupid villagers from a boss!

"Whateverrr, I'll finish it later," you said, sighing in slight frustration. Why were games like those always so hard? Those villagers are lucky you aren't some blood lusting murderer or you would've killed them yourself. Buuut, you aren't like that. Besides that, you decided to quit for the night, glancing at your phone to check the time.

12:34 am

"I've been playing for five hours?..." you mumbled to yourself, glad you were off tomorrow. That means sleeping in, and dare you say ordering take out? Yes you dare, you haven't had takeout in a while. Usually you just grabbed something from your fridge or pantry and ate that. Considering you always got home late that is, but while you were working earlier, your boss at the resturant you worked at let you off early because of all the work you've been doing recently. You were extremely greatful for him.

Since then you've been lazing around, well, after you made sure you had done everything else you needed. You payed rent for the month, cleaned up the apartment, called your doctor for the monthly check up on your left leg, and a few more objectives like that.

Yes, you have monthly check-ups on your leg, and you're probably wondering why! Well, it was a touchy subject for you. But, a few years back, your home caught on fire and well, you lost your leg that day. Actually, it was really only your lower leg, from the bottom of your knee and down. It was something you'd never forget.. A whine from your stomach interrupted your sad thoughts, thankfully.

Ill just grab a snack before bed..." you peeled off the crimson red blanket that laid on your frame, tossing it to the side. You then swung your lower body to the side, facing the front, off of the couch you sat on. Grabbing your prosthetic leg and swiftly putting it on, you sighed and stood up. You were allowed to wear it whenever, but taking it off while not moving around was more comfortable.

Forgetting all of those bad memories, you made your way into your decent sized kitchen and over to your pantry. You opened it, quickly spotting something to eat and snatching it. Actually, you attempted to. Of course it had to be at the very top! Who even put them there?

"Damn you, short body!" You cried to yourself, huffing. You decided to jump, grabbing the snack with satisfactory. After that, you shut the pantry with a small smile. You waddled out with your snack and back into your large living room, glancing around. It was honestly, pretty plain.

There were light grey walls that surrounded you, connecting to a fake, red brick fire place. It sat on the wall, really only for decoration. Attached to it was your flat screen TV, which you adored. A dark red couch sat infront of an oval shapped glass table, held up by dark wooden legs. A black fluffy rug was under both items, looking clean as ever. It was a nice appartment.

You quietly turned off your consol and TV, also turning off the lights before heading down the hall to your room. You opened the door, turning on the light in there. A sigh left you as you turned your head to face the door across the hall from yours.

'It wouldn't hurt, would it?' You thought to yourself, continuing to stare at the door. After a few minutes, you snapped out of your thoughts and shook your head. You turned back and entered your room, closing the door behind you. You relaxed against it for a moment, collecting your thoughts.

You shrugged, glancing around your room. It was a fair size, perfect for your small self. Your bed was stuffed in the right corner of your room, half made. What was the point of making it when its just gonna be used again? Fairy lights were strung around your room, a few polaroids clipped onto them. The room was decorated to your liking, posters of different fandoms hung all around. There were even plushies of the fandoms, either on shelves or stuffed on your bed.

You began to get ready to sleep, grabbing an oversized (F/C) hoodie and loose, black shorts. Along with the soft black scarf that once belonged to your brother, that you wore everyday, no matter how hot it was. You changed into that while eating your snack, brushed your teeth, plugged up your phone,  finished the snack, turned off your light, took off your leg, and hoped into bed.

A small noise of content came from you as you snuggled deep into your comforter, closing your eyes. You thought all of the nothing you could do tomorrow with a small smile. Sleep slowly consumed you, your mind shutting down and entering a dream.

Of course, good things don't last long.


Sans stared at the six skeletons before him, breathless.(heh) He didn't know how, but it happened. The machine suddenly came to life, and exploded, revealing the skulls before him. They all stood in shocked silence, staring at eachother. No one moved. All of them looked similar to himself and his bro, in a way. Sans shifted, awkwardly coughing. All skulls snapped in his direction.

"Uhm-" he began but was cut off by the basement door swinging open. It slammed into the wall.

"BROTHER! I HEARD AN EXPLOSION AND THE HOUSE SHOOK! ARE YOU-"and that skeleton was cut off by a bone flying in his direction. He swiftly moved to the side, snatching the bone from the air effortlessly.

"SILENCE! WHO IN ASGORES NAME ARE YOU PATHETIC COPIES!?" Edgy Papyrus yelled, another bone in hand. Papyrus tossed the bone aside and jumped to his Sans side. All the skeletons looked ready to dust eachother. Sans grin was strained as a million thoughts raced in his skull per second.

The sound of magix roaring to life caught everyone's attention. A gaster blaster aimed for the edgy Sans and Papyrus, its ray of light brightening the entire room. Sudden shouts and insults erupted in the air, most of the skeletons fighting already. The edgy pair had been teleported away by the Sans from their universe, and attacks were shot through the air.

Bones flew past one another, shot up from the ground, and walls. Sans and Papyrus watched in shock, Papyrus turning to face his brother.

"We Have To Stop Them Brother!" Papyrus tried to whisper, looking worried. How the hell were they gonna stop this?! They probably wouldn't listen. More shouting, mostly from edgy Papyrus and swapped edgy Sans arose. Bones were everywhere, magic was high, the air was tense.

"I know Paps..." they even had to dodge oncoming attacks. This went on for what seemed like hours, but it was only a half an hour. Guess time slows when you're avoiding being dusted. The blue Sans tried many times to talk with the others, attempting to convince them to stop fighting. Of course, no one really listened.

Papyrus also tried that tactic, getting scratched a few times by attacts. Sans only fought back when an attack was aimed at him. Edgy Sans carelessly shot magic at his opponents, his brother being much more tactical and precise with his fighting. Swapped edgy Papyrus only fought when his bro ordered him to, or when he needed to defend himself and his brother. Swapped edgy Sans was just like edgy Papyrus, just slightly more aggressive. Swapped Papyrus basically defended himself and his brother. Other than that, he sat back while smoking a cig. So helpful of him.

It was when Papyrus saw a bone being plunged into the edgy version of himselfs shirt (?) that he had enough. He had yelled louder than he ever had before, shocking not only Sans, but the rest of the skeletons aswell.

"WILL YOU ALL STOP FIGHTING FOR ONE FUCKING MINUTE!?!" Yeah, he cursed! He never does that! Everyone stopped in place, all looking at the tall skelton. His hands were clenched into balls as he calmed himself. After a moment, he spoke again.


"MY, SANS. CAN YOU EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS?" Papyrus asked, seeing his brother shrink into his jacket. Sans started to sweat, glancing off to the side. Now all sockets were staring at him, waiting impatiently for an answer. Edgy Paps was tapping his foot, his arms crossed. Swapped Papy had his hands stuffee into his hood, waiting. Swapped edgy Sans had his arms to the side, his hands clenched. They all waited for Sans to speak.

Sans sighed, knowing there was no way he could pun his way out of this situation. He cleared his non existing throat, and shoved his hands into his pockets. He glanced at the skeletons once more, before speaking.

"Have you heard of the Multiverse Theory?"