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The one with the omega in heat in a car

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He was putting light cream cheese in his cart when he felt it, the first wave of arousal. He was in the fresh shelves of the store but started sweating anyway. He was hot all over and it seemed like he was having a fever. His stomach contracted and he could have thought he was sick but he knew better. Jimin was at the grocery store and his heat was coming.

He had to react quickly, or else we would soon be dripping with slick in the streets. Alone. And everyone knew an omega alone in public was a horrible idea. Not that he would be in danger or anything. Just… with the mere thought of taking the bus in pre-heat his stomach was prickling with shame. It would be haunting him for years. His most vulnerable state was not to be shown to anyone (other than a trustworthy alpha).

He had to get home quick. He left his cart half full –something that he would never have done under any other circumstances- and got out his phone. He had to call someone to pick him up.

He stumbled into the parking lot and scrolled through his contact list. He had to call an omega friend who had a car. Jungkook? That was a good idea, Jungkook would do.

He looked for his dongsaeng’s name but just before he reached the letter “J” he froze when he read Hobi-hyung. Hoseok had a car. But Hoseok was not an omega.

Jimin’s thumb slid across the screen to make this name disappear from his sight but right when only half of the name was visible Jimin stopped again.

No. You can’t call Hoseok. You can’t do this to him. You can’t do this to yourself.

His friend’s smell was already torturing him under normal circumstances, but with his over-sensitive preheat smell it would be much worse. This strong, heady yet fresh smell with hints of citrus would be too much to handle.

Jimin felt a wave of heat course through his body and realized that his legs were trembling. He had to act now. His mind was already clouding. He felt that something was blocking his thoughts, deep down he knew what he wanted most. What his omega side wanted most. How destructive his omega instinct was. How much it wanted an alpha. Not any alpha. How much it wanted Hoseok’s smell. It lied, when it pretended it only wanted to smell the alpha, just once, just for a minute. Jimin knew what would happen if he saw the alpha (and what deep down he wanted to happen).

His omega instinct formed no words in his mind but it was there too. The words that his conscious mind formed were only covering the urging desire. The words were so weak: I am not calling Hoseok. I am calling Jungkook because it’s the best thing to do.

The wordless instinct was taking over. His vision blurred and he pressed the name.

« Yeoboseyo! » a deep and enthusiastic voice answered.

« Hyung? » was what Jimin attempted to say. It came out as a squeak. He checked the name on his phone. He had clicked on Hobi-hyung when he was sure he was calling Jungkook.

« Jimin? Is everything ok? »

Jimin panicked and ended the call. He tried to ignore how much his body was affected from hearing Hoseok’s voice. For merely five seconds. Over the phone. Heart pounding, Jimin scrolled down for real this time and checked at least four or five times if he was reading the name right. Jungkook. This is Jungkook I am calling.
Right when he was about to click on the right name, Hoseok called back. Every bit of determination that Jimin had gathered suddenly dissipated and he took the call in.

« Jimin? Where are you? What’s going on? »

The panic in Hoseok’s voice warmed Jimin’s chest. It was good, it felt right. Hoseok would take care of him.

« I’m ok. I’m ok, hyung. I’m at the mall. By the bus stop. I need someone to come and pick me up. »

« Are you sure you’re ok? Your voice sounds weird. There’s no more bus? Are you stuck there? »

« No… hum… my h- heat. It’s coming and I don’t want to be in public when it starts for real. »

There was a silence. During that pause, Jimin resolved to stop fighting against his basic instincts, he embraced it wholeheartedly. He suddenly had a very clear goal: to make this alpha come, to pick him, up. When Hoseok spoke again his voice was strained.

« So you’re in preheat right now? Ah, you shouldn’t be calling me. Can’t Jungkook come? »

Yes, I’m sorry, hyung. I’ll ask him just now and you’ll be my last resort.

These are the words that automatically start forming in Jimin’s brain. This would be what normal Jimin would have said. Instead, pre-heat Jimin blurted out:

« He can’t. He’s busy. »

« I don’t know, Jimin. I’m not sure I should be the one to come. »

The more Hoseok hesitated, the calmer Jimin became and the more he wanted to convince his hyung.

« I don’t have much time, you know. And I’m only in pre-heat right now. I’m not that much different than usual. »

Again, that was a lie. Jimin was aware that his voice was different. Under normal circumstances, maybe Hoseok would crack a joke. Make fun of Jimin because he was obviously seeing through his bullshit. But apparently, Hoseok didn’t want to laugh it off. Jimin felt bolt and added.

« Please, Hyung. I need you. »

There was no way Hoseok did not know. It was now obvious that Jimin was trying to lure him in. Not just someone, not just anyone. It was obvious that he wanted Hoseok.

« I’ll be there in ten. »

And he hung up.

Jimin sat on a bench to wait. He was surprisingly calm for what was about to happen. It was not going to be the first time that there would be sexual tension between him and Hoseok. Whenever they drank alcohol, whenever they slept in the same bed and cuddled, there was ambiguity. Jimin had physical proximity with his other alpha friends too, he cuddled with Taehyung and hugged Jin all the time. But other alpha’s touches always felt soothing, protecting. Not Hoseok’s. When he touched Hoseok, he never seemed to get enough. He always wanted more. He sometimes craved Hoseok’s presence. Hoseok’s smell… it was the only alpha’s smell that would send shivers down his spine.

They had known each other for two years. Nothing had ever happened. They were very good friends. They had an implicit agreement that it should stay that way. Jimin tended to demonstrate his emotions very easily but Hoseok recoiled anytime feelings were so much as alluded to.

When Hoseok’s car was approaching, Jimin was sweating and panting. His lower stomach was burning with arousal, a bubble of heat always expanding and twisting his guts. The car stopped at his level and he saw Hoseok smiling and waving at him. Jimin took a deep breath, tried to collect himself and opened the door.

The second Jimin got in the car, they both knew that this was a terrible idea. Hoseok breathed once Jimin’s sugary smell and immediately tensed. He stopped smiling and looked straight ahead of him. Jimin did the opposite. Smelling the alpha’s scent eased his muscles. The warmth in his stomach spread even more and it was quite pleasant.

When the pheromones in Hoseok’s scent spiked, Jimin could not stop himself from grinning of satisfaction. His victory only lasted for a few seconds. Then Hoseok started speaking, and as soon as Jimin heard his hyung’s raspy voice he had to use all the restrain he had to not jump on him and hump his leg.

« Ok. We’re gonna get going. » Hoseok said. He didn’t move. He tightened his grip on the wheel and breathed deeply through his mouth. « Just a second. »

Jimin felt his boner grow more and more.

“I really don’t have that much time. » Jimin’s voice was abnormally high-pitched. When he caught his breath again, it came with a whimper.

« Fasten your seatbelt. »

It was not the ideal moment to give Jimin orders. Especially not with that voice. But Hoseok seemed to be doing his best. So did Jimin, he tried to focus on the seatbelt but it took him so much energy to focus on something that was not the alpha’s smell or his own boner. His arms were like jelly but he still managed to take the seatbelt in his hands. He pulled it at a painfully slow pace. Hoseok was now looking at him. That did not help me stay calm. The rough material sliding in his hands did not help him either.

Hoseok cursed under his breath and helped Jimin fasten the seatbelt.

Out of all the bad decisions they had made till this point, this was the worst of all.

Their heads were suddenly close, very close. Hoseok’s scent- Hoseok’s aroused scent- enveloped Jimin. But the omega was focused on Hoseok’s hands. The alpha’s long fingers curled around the metal end of the seatbelt and inserted it in the press button.

Jimin’s eyes widened and his breath hitched when he saw the metallic end disappear under the alpha’s fingers. Hoseok quickly jerked away but Jimin’s gaze stayed focused of the seatbelt end. He unfastened the seatbelt just for the pleasure of clicking it in again. And again. And again.

« Jimin! For fuck’s sake! »

Jimin looked at Hoseok and he felt the last strips of his clarity dissolve at the sight. Hoseok’s eyes were unrecognizable. They threw the darkest shade. Exhilarated by the dark glow in the alpha’s eyes, Jimin moved his hands to unfasten the seatbelt once again. Just for the pleasure of feeling the pressure of the end sinking into the slit. But Hoseok stopped him by slapping his hands. The omega could not stop the whimpers coming out of his mouth. He squirmed in his seat and only then did he feel it. The slick pouring out of him and draining his underwear. His heat had definitely begun. Hoseok groaned.

« Stop. Moving. » he greeted between his teeth.

Jimin didn’t listen. He squirmed so much that the seatbelt blocked him and he threw himself onto it until it blocked.

« Omega! Stay still! »

Jimin immediately froze. Hoseok had just used his alpha voice. The urge to obey the alpha took over his desire.

Hoseok started driving. It was a ten minute ride - the longest ten minutes of their lives.

For the first five minutes, Jimin kept still. He tried to stay silent too but every time Hoseok changed gears he had to hold back yelps. Ignoring his boner and his slick-drenched hole was a torture: tears were forming in his eyes.

Hoseok was not doing better. His jaws ached from clenching them. He tried to focus on the road but he had never struggled so hard to avoid an accident. He unintentionally ran a stop sign and almost knocked a pedestrian over. The white lines were blurry half of the time and he missed his turn. He internally cursed himself because it added two or three minutes to their trip and each minute was passing agonizingly slowly.

Three minutes or so from their destination, Jimin could not hold back the noises coming from his mouth anymore. Nor could he stop himself from looking at Hoseok. The alpla’s profile was a divine sight. Jimin had a perfect view of Hoseok’s well-defined jawline. The alpha was wearing a white T-shirt, Jimin could drink in the sight of his tanned arms. The more he looked at him, the more Hoseok’s muscles were contracting. It was exhilarating.

Jimin almost lost his self-restraint again when he looked at Hoseok’s hands. The alpha’s fingers were gripping the wheel so hard that his knuckles whitened. An urge to lick at those fingers took hold of Jimin and the omega began leaning in.

« Jimin! » Hoseok’s voice was imploring. He truly sounded pained and it hurt Jimin’s omega instinct. It made him whine loudly.

« Jimin, I’m so sorry. We’re almost there. Just… hold back for a few more minutes. You can do that for me, right? »

Jimin gulped and weakly nodded.

Hoseok was hopeful again. They were truly almost there. They would get out of this situation without any major incident. He was truly believing that this would not affect their relationship. (too much). Now he would never be able to forget the intoxicating smell of Jimin’s slick. It was a miracle really that he could drive at all with a dick so painfully hard.

He stopped at the last red traffic light before Jimin’s apartment. Another car stopped at the lane next to them. Jimin looked at the other driver for barely one second but the effect was immediate.

Jimin was a very beautiful omega. Any alpha could see that. People looked at him when he was walking in the streets.

Right now, Jimin’s fluffy hair was ruffled. His plump lips were swollen because he had been biting them to try to block his whimpers. He was still trying not to move, but the least uncomfortable position for him consisted in arching his back and throwing back his head against the car seat.

In short, Jimin looked like any alpha’s wet dream.

The other driver was an alpha. She lowered her pane and ordered Jimin to do the same. She did some obscene sexual gesture. Hoseok saw red. For a second, he forgot that he was in a car, in public. He forgot that he was with Jimin, his omega friend who needed help getting home. He forgot that provoking other alphas was bad and that conflicts should not be resolved with violence.

Hoseok growled like he had never growled in his life before. He didn’t even know that his throat was even capable of making such a sound. He growled loud enough for the other driver to hear through the closed panes of the car. It worked. The woman growled back. He barely heard her though: Jimin’s response was even louder. The omega let out a long moan. He was touching himself.

« Stop! No! Jimin, don’t! »

Jimin only answered with incoherent noises. Hoseok thought he recognized the word alpha several times.

Hoseok had to close his eyes to contain a wave of arousal. Jimin gave him a smug look through his lashes. He was about to come already. And a terrible, criminal thought rose in Hoseok’s mind. He could help him do that. He could help Jimin come. But the alpha woman was still looking at Jimin. She had no right to see Jimin in such an intimate way.

Hoseok was ready to speed up and dent the other car.

A car honked behind. This was enough to bring him back to reality. The realization that he was about to intentionally cause a minor accident like some kind of pseudo-brainless machist gave him his voice and clarity back. The light was green. He had to go now before it turned back red and they got stuck into this nightmare five more minutes.

« Jimin, listen to me. We are almost there. Now do me a favor and stop moving. Stop touching yourself before I kill somebody. Ok? Jimin? Did you hear what I just said? Answer me. »

« Yes, Alpha. »

Hoseok set the car moving while he still could but he grumbled, looking at the road in front of him.

« And don’t… call me that. »

The car was filled with Jimin’s incoherent moans for the last few meters.

Hoseok finally stopped the car in front if Jimin’s building.

They exchanged a look. Both looked completely ravaged. Jimin finally -finally!- authorized himself to drop his gaze on Hoseok’s crotch. Unsurprisingly, he saw a boner tent the fabric of Hoseok’s pants. He licked his lips and opened his mouth to speak but now that they were there, Hoseok couldn’t, just couldn’t deal with it.

As quick as lightning, he unfastened his seatbelt, got out of the car and started running like a wild man. He had left everything in his car: his phone, his wallet. The keys of his appartment.

But he couldn’t bring himself to go back there. He ran, purposeless, dick still hard. The only place he could show up to was Yoongi’s place. His best friend was another alpha, it was safe. It was a one hour walk but it didn’t matter. It felt quicker than any of the minute he had spent in the car with Jimin.

« What the fuck? What the fuck, man? What the hell happened to you? »

Yoongi was still in his pajamas when he opened the door for a very confused and very tired Hoseok.

« Jimin. »

« J-Jimin? What did he do to you? »

« Slick. Everywhere. »

« What? Ok. Explain. »

Hoseok couldn’t. He did not decide to move but all of a sudden he found himself sitting on Yoongi’s couch, a glass of water in his hands.

« Did you too have sex? Why do you look like you’re about to throw up if you finally banged Jimin? »

« It wasn’t… I couldn’t… wait, what do you mean, finally? »

« Well, I mean... »

« Not you too. Don’t imagine things. I treat Jimin like any other omega. »

« Yeah, but he doesn’t respond like any other omega and you don’t react like any other alpha either when he’s with you.” Yoongi’s voice was monotonous as if he was reciting the same thing for the thousandth time. “He affects you… a lot. More than he affects me anyway.”

“Then he should have called you. Why didn’t he call you?”

« What for? »

« To pick him up. Yoongi, he was in pre-heat. »

« In his pre... » Yoongi paused and then burst out laughing. It pissed Hoseok off.

« What’s so funny about that? It was a nightmare. »

« Slick everywhere, hum? »

« Shut up! »

Hoseok took his head into his hands and pulled his hair.

« Why are you acting like it’s such a tragedy? What are you afraid of? Did you too talk about it afterwards? After sex, I mean. »

« We didn’t have sex. »

«You didn’t… what do you fucking mean you didn’t have sex? He rubbed his omega slick all over your car and you said no thanks, see you later dude? »

« I can feel a lot of judgement in your tone. I feel bad enough as it is for running away. »

« You ran away? You left him there? Hoseok you can’t seriously be telling me that you went to see him when he was in heat and then left him alone. You’re the worst alpha. »

« Thanks. Now I feel better. »

« What about your car? Can you still use it? »

« I don’t know… can you help me get it back in like, three days from now? »

Yoongi is a good friend. He was a bit too blunt and honest but once he had a clear understanding of the situation, he stopped making fun of Hoseok and let him crash at his place for a few days. They figured out four days would be okay for Jimin’s heat to end. They preferred waiting not to risk running into Jimin.

When they get back there, the car is still there, which is surprising because the car keys are still in there, in plain sight. It could have been stolen so easily. Hoseok is too afraid to open the car door so he asks Yoongi to do it.

« Holy fucking shit! Hoseok, do not come near this car. Stay right where you are. »

« What? Does it still smell like Jimin? »

« Dude, you have no idea. No wonder no one stole your car. »

Yoongi sees Hoseok approaching and hastily closes the car door.

« We can’t do anything about it right now. Get back » Yoongi’s scent had just spiked.

« Did you smell his slick? »

« Hoseok, let’s go back. We’ll come back with omegas to disinfect the inside. »

They started walking away when a voice coming from Hoseok’s instinct told him that he was forgetting something very important.

« My apartment keys. My phone. I need to get them back. »

« Just stay at my place for a few days. I don’t mind. »

« I’m gonna go crazy without my phone. »

« Just use mine. »

« Maybe Jimin has tried to reach me. »

Yoongi sighed.

« Hoseok, you are not getting into that car. If you want your phone that much I’ll go get it for you. »

Hoseok doesn’t know what exactly pushed him to grab Yoongi’s arm to stop him from going anywhere near the car again. His friend peers at him questioningly. Hoseok forces a smile and he knows that there is no logic whatsoever in his actions and that his plan will fail. Yet somehow, when he says it, he still believes in the lie.

« It’s okay. I’ll do it. It will only take two seconds. It’s fine. I’ll be fine »

He starts walking towards the car without really thinking twice and distantly hears Yoongi yelling:

« Listen man, I am leaving right now. I am taking my car so I guess I’ll see you tomorrow after you shame walk back to my place. »

Hoseok opens the door and of course he was never going to be able to resist this smell. This very smell that had haunted him for days. He drew in one breath and unintentionally moaned. A second breath and he was in the car. Before he knew it he was full hard, rutting frenetically against the seats that smelled like Jimin’s slick.

« You should definitely text him. »

« That’s easier said than done, what would I write? Hey hyung, finally finished my heat, was fun without you, thought about you every second, so are we still friends? »

« Jimin, don’t be like that. » Taehyung gave him a compassionate look.

« He’s right, don’t beat yourself up for what happened, you had no control over it. » Jungkook said.

« Bullshit. I could have had control! There’s this thing called restraint. I should try it some time. »

« Yeah but facts still stand. You had the power to resist to your urges but you didn’t want to.»

Jimin didn’t answer. He sipped the hot chocolate that Taehyung had made for him. Jimin always felt like home at Taehyung and Jungkook’s. He envied them for being mated already. They were happy, in a functioning relationship. He sure needed comfort and advice from people who had made it.

« How did you do it? Taehyung, you’re the one who voices out your feelings. What did you do when Jungkook freaked out? »

« Hey! I never freaked out! » Jungkook protested.

« Oh, hon’, that’s sweet. The trick is, you don’t let them time to freak out. You have to speak a lot so they can take time to process what you said. »

“I’m still there, you know.” Jungkook said. Jimin ignored the other omega.

« Yeah, but I don’t think that applies to us. Maybe that’s because I’m an omega, but when I try to speak and he doesn’t want to hear, he finds a way to not listen. I mean, he literally ran away from his own car. »

Taehyung and Jungkook start laughing and Jimin pouts in reaction.

« Sorry, sorry. » Taehyung began again. « It’s just… hilarious. That is pretty unexpected from hyung. That sound more like something Namjoon-ah would do. »

« Oh! I could see him do that! » Jungkook said.

“Guys? Can we come back to my problem? How do I both apologize to Hoseok and tell him I want to be with him without freaking him out?”

« Ok, ok. You two definitely have to talk. The first objective is to have him stay in the same room as you. »

Jungkook added:

« And it’s not because you are an omega that it gives him a right not to listen to you, that’s bullshit. If you wanna tell him something, you tell him! »

« Ok, so what do I tell him exactly? I need precise wordings. I don’t trust myself. »

Taehyung cleared his throat.

« Hobi, honey... »

« Tae, please. »

« Hyung. I am sorry for what happened but I like you so let’s be together? »

« That’s all? Isn’t that a bit too simple? »

« But it is a very simple situation. You like him, he likes you. People just complicate things. In fact, we’re making it complicated right now. »

« But what if… maybe he doesn’t like me back? »

« Jimin, cut the bullshit, you drive the dude crazy, I bet your sex face has been haunting him ever since. Now you just have to be brave and prepare yourself to the possibility that he might not be entirely ready. But he’ll come around. You’re Park Jimin. No one in this earth has the power to resist you. »

A few minute of pep talk later, Jimin felt brave enough to text Hoseok. It was a simple text, he tried not to overthink it too much:

Jimin: Hi hyung! I am sorry for what happened, can I see you? I think we need to talk (:

Hoseok never answered. It hurt. At first Jimin checked his phone every hour or so. Two days after, still no answer. He decided to text Yoongi instead of insulting Hoseok directly.

Jimin: Wtf is up with Hobi? Tell him to answer my text at least!

Yoongi: *hyung.
I already told him. He just saw your text 2 hours ago. He’s freaking out.

Jimin: He didn’t look at his phone before?

Yoongi: It was still in the car.

Jimin immediately blushed and wanted to be done with this conversation right away. Of course Yoongi knew.

Jimin: k, thanks, bye

Yoongi: I’ll tell him to talk to you. Give him time.
Take care.

Jimin did, in fact, give time to Hoseok. He did not try to contact him again even if it was a constant struggle since he thought about the alpha all day long.

Three more days passed and soon Jimin found himself wanting to talk to Hoseok not even to sort things out but just to see him. He really missed Hoseok’s presence.

He finally got to see Hoseok again by chance at Namjoon’s place. The beta did not know of their incident and invited them both to the same party. Jimin got there first. He was chatting with Jin when Hoseok and Yoongi came into the apartment. Jimin froze when he heard Hoseok’s voice greeting Namjoon. He sounded happy and enthusiastic as always, but also pretty exhausted. He was making small talk with Namjoon when he saw Jimin and froze. There was a general silence and Jimin waved at Hoseok.

The alpha looked tired indeed. He had dark rings under his eyes despite still being stunningly beautiful.

« Hum… I have to go. »

And just like that, he left. Again.

Everyone in the room avoided Jimin’s gaze. The omega just laughed. That was ridiculous. He couldn’t stand it anymore.

He followed Hoseok home. When he opened the door and saw Jimin he looked like he was having a heart attack.

« You fucking idiot of an alpha, Jung fucking Hoseok are you fucking kidding me? »

Without looking at him in the eye. Hoseok answered with such an unusual tiny voice for him.

« Jimin… I’m so sorry. »

« I miss you, you stupid donk can you get your shit together already?! » Hoseok startled at this. Jimin pushed him aside to make his way into the apartment.

« Jimin! I, I missed you too… So much.”

“Then what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Hoseok answered so quietly that Jimin barely heard him.

“I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore. God, Jimin, I’m so ashamed.”

“Then what do you think I feel like? I’m the one who has the right to be ashamed here. You don’t get the right to be ashamed.”

« What? »

They finally looked at each other in the eyes for one beat to long. Jimin felt dizzy by the time Hoseok broke the silence.

« You were in heat! You had no control over what you were doing. I did. I was- I am- supposed to be the one who has control. And I fucked up. »

“What do you mean you fucked up? You dropped me home successfully, didn’t you? You didn’t do anything.” Then he muttered under his breath. “You didn’t touch me.”

« Yeah, But I… I... »

« You what? »

There was another silence.

“Hoseok? You what? Say it. Please?”

« I wanted you so much. » Then he closed his eyes and whispered. “I wanted to touch you so badly.”

Jimin savored the words. He already knew that, of course, but hearing rational Hoseok confirm it was comforting. The alpha continued:

« I shouldn’t think of you that way. »

Jimin laughs. He can’t contain it any longer. When he speaks again, his voice is heady.

« Well…I think of you that way. »

Hoseok’s eyes snapped open.

« You cannot possibly be surprised. Yes, I was in heat… when I was in the car. Not when I called you. I never called Jungkook, you know. »

There was another silence. Jimin took a step to shorten the distance between them.

« I’m sorry for what happened. I shouldn’t have called you. But also… I’m glad I did because I had things to express and it has to show in a way or another, and... »

He was near Hoseok now. Their noses were almost touching and Jimin had to stop talking just to take in Hoseok’s scent. It was a bit acidulated, sign of the alpha’s uneasiness but it still made Jimin’s taste buds fizzle. He hummed.

« God, I missed your scent so much. »

Hoseok does not move so Jimin leans in and smells the crook of the alpha’s neck. The scent shifts: hints of citrus appear. The alpha grips Jimin’s arms to stop him from scooting closer.

« Jimin, I don’t think we should... »

« Shut up. Stop being stupid. »

Hoseok groaned.

The omega’s small hands slowly gripped at Hoseok’s shirt. Looking at him right in his eyes and mouth still inches from the alpha’s, Jimin said:

« Hoseok-ah, what do I have to do for you to look at me like you did in that car? »

Without a word because he truly had lost the ability to speak at this point, Hoseok brings his fingertips to Jimin’s lips, these full lips that have always fascinated him. He caresses Jimin’s lower lip and the omega let out a short breath. Soon there is a flicker of tongue and Jimin begins licking the long fingers that he loves so much.

He holds Hoseok’s gaze, even when he begins sucking the fingers, taking them in his mouth and begins to give a bob of the head. The alpha feels a pool of heat explode in his lower stomach. Jimin must be seeing the look he asked for in Hoseok’s eyes because he starts whimpering and closes his eyes. Hoseok instantly recovers the use of speech but his voice is more like a croak.

« Jimin, kiss me. »

Their lips collide: Hoseok feels softness, wetness and heat. When Jimin breaks the kiss to mark Hoseok’s neck they burn him. It still feels cooler than the heat of arousal spreading in his lower body.

Jimin’s hands were in Hoseok’s hair and he whispered in the alpha’s ear, detaching every single syllable:

« That day… when you left me. I wanted to die. Don’t ever do that to me again. »

Hoseok shivered. He had goosebumps all over his body. He tightened his grip on Jimin’s hips.

“I won’t.” Hoseok lowered his hands to grope Jimin’s ass. Jimin moaned against the skin of Hoseok’s collarbone.

“You, in heat. In public. Never again. I was not kidding when I said I could have killed someone.”

Jimin keens at this. He shouldn’t but when he sees how much he can affect this alpha he feels adrenaline shot through his veins. He sucks at Hoseok’s scent gland harder.

“I was not… in heat… when I called you.”

“And I was only picking up my keys and my wallet.” Jimin screws his eyes at Hoseok.

“Forget it. I’m sorry I was not there for your heat.”

“It’s okay. I spent almost half of it in your car with your smell anyway.”

“Half of it? Damn, that’s why it smelled so much.”

“You went in there? It still smells?” Jimin grins and runs his fingers on Hoseok’s cheek.

“Jimin, the seats were impregnated with slick. I don’t think I can ever use this car again without having a boner.”

“Do you even know what I did with seatbelts?”

Hoseok gripped Jimin’s wrists and pinned him to the couch.

“You’ll be the death of me.”

Jimin bent his neck to show the white skin there.

“Mark me?”

And he complies. Of course he does. How can he ever refuse Jimin? The taste of Jimin’s skin is heavenly and Hoseok is quickly overwhelmed by the sweet scent and the high-pitched noises the omega makes. Hoseok bites Jimin’s neck as an attempt to keep him still but the effect is the opposite: the omega thrusts his hips to rub their crotches against each other.

“Hyung? Hung, please, I won’t last very long, can you touch me?”

“I am touching you.”

Jimin whines. He decides that actions would be more effective than words and takes Hoseok’s hand to guide him to his butt again. Only this time it was soaked with slick. Hoseok could feel it even through the fabric of Jimin’s pants.

The effect is immediate. Everything is very fast from there. Hoseok does not remember taking off Jimin’s pants. In fact, his mind goes blank as soon as his tongue gets a taste of Jimin’s slick. He only recovered his ability to think when Jimin climaxed. The omega’s thighs closed on the alpha’s head. Hoseok felt Jimin’s muscled convulse against his hears, as if he could feel the pulse of his pleasure coursing through his body.

When Hoseok came back to himself, he had three fingers deep in Jimin and his face moist with slick, up to his eyebrows.

Jimin’s body went limp as Hoseok sat up. They were both panting and Jimin could barely process Hoseok’s words.

“Shit, I’m sorry I didn’t even have time to…”

“Don’t tell me you’re apologizing for giving me the best orgasm in my life.”

“So far.”

“Jimin tried to sit up to look at Hoseok’s expression but his body refused to cooperate.

“What did you say?”

“Best orgasm of your life so far. I didn’t even knot you.”

“Knots are overrated. I’m not in heat, I don’t need you to put babies in me, one self-confidence deprived alpha is enough to take care of.”

“Hey!” Hoseok made a lame attempt at hitting Jimin but it flooked more like a caress.

“Just… give me a minute and I’ll be taking care of you.”

Hoseok took a few seconds to understand what Jimin meant: he was still painfully hard.

“You don’t need to if you don’t feel like it.”

“Shhh. Take off your pants, how are you still dressed?”

Hoseok had a new wave of excitement rush through him.

He thought he had already reached the peak of devastation when he was buried deep in the smell of Jimin’s slick. But nothing could have prepared him for the sight of Jimin’s sinful lips around his cock. He instinctively buckled up his hips.

Jimin’s hand came to clench around the base of Hoseok’s cock. He gave small, teasing licks at the head and Hoseok couldn’t think of another moment in his life when he had been as aware of his body as this one.

Jimin felt so hot and tight around Hoseok’s cock, it made the alpha lose his mind. When he felt the tip of his cock touch the back of Jimin’s throat he could not hold back any longer.

“Jimin, I’m gonna…”

Jimin gets the message and instead of pulling out he sucks Hoseok’s cock even faster and tightens the grip of his lips to not waste a drop of Hoseok’s cum.

“Wow, we suck at stamina.”

Jimin laughed with this wonderful laugh of his and Hoseok forgot where he was and what he was supposed to do on this earth.

“Give us time. We’re coming back from months of sexual frustration. Wait till your smell stops making me want to instantly cum in my pants and I’ll give you some stamina.”

“No! I want my little Jiminie to forever be flustered by my alpha smell.”

“You’re the one to talk. I have never seen you so desperate as when I opened your car door that day.”

“These were extreme circumstances! And shall I remind you, you were in heat! Just wait till you see me in rut.”

“I guess we’ll just have to see. Cuddles?”

“Wait, can we, like go to my bed instead? The couch is soaked.”

“From now on, I promise, I’ll stop ruining your furniture. I mean, I’ll try. How much do value your mattress?”