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Without A Second Thought

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The girl panted heavily as she ran as quickly as she could. She had no idea how she got here or where she was. She looked at all the blood and dead bodies around her. Children her age, younger even, all mutilated beyond recognition. And she would be next if she didn’t get away. In the dark room, she could make out one thing. A single strobe of light. Freedom maybe? Safety? Maybe it was an angel leading her out of this demonic darkness? She wasn’t for sure. But it was a chance she was willing to take. She ran for the light, the closer she got; it seemed the further it got away. She reached out towards the light; as she always did. But before she even made it through the door was pulled back by an unfamiliar hand... and then she’d wake up.

The young ginger jumped up with a startled gasp, and she looked around the room panicked.

“Hey, hey…” A familiar had reached out to caress her cheek and comfort her. “It’s okay. You’re alright… Did you have it again?”

She nodded as she looked up.

“It was just a dream. Nothing more.” He smiled. “And what did I tell you about bad dreams?”

“They can’t hurt you…”

“That’s right. They can’t.” He smiled caressing her hair. “How does a story sound? Maybe it’ll help you get back to sleep, huh?” Chuuya said grabbing a book off the shelf. He laid in the bed next to his daughter and she snuggled up closely to him as he opened the book and started to read. Soon enough she was lulled to sleep by the sweet sounds of Chuuya’s voice and the story. He smiled as he moved her head on the pillow, and tucked her and her stuffed teddy bear in. Chuuya turned off the lamp and he cracked her door slightly on his way out.

“Is she alright?”

“She had another bad dream. She was a bit shaken, but I got her back to sleep.” Chuuya said kissing his husband softly.

“They’ve become more frequent… maybe we should get a therapist.”

“It couldn’t hurt… But I do think she’ll grow out of them.” Dazai reassured. “It’s just a small phase. Our girl is strong. She’ll make it through.”

“Glad you can be so sure.” Dazai tightened Chuuya in his embrace and rubbed his back.

“I am. And you should be too.” Dazai said kissing his head. “C'mon, let's go to bed.” Chuuya nodded as he followed behind Dazai.


Chuuya shook his head as he looked at the grotesque scene. He and Dazai had both seen their fair share of dead bodies. Teenagers, adults, elders, friends, even family. But it was always something about children that made the scene unbearable to look at. Even more so now that Chuuya and Dazai had two of their own.

“This is the third body sent here this week of a child.” Yosano said sighing.

“Is there an epidemic?” Dazai asked. “Any linked natural causes?”

“No. These children according to their parents, and their medical records were perfectly healthy. But every single body we’ve picked up has been completely drained of blood. We’ve ran for prints in every household, looked tile by tile. And nothing. Not a single strand of DNA.”

“Kunikida was telling me the only thing they all have in common is an open bedroom window, and a wilted rose left on their bedroom pillows, the parents also all stated they could hear a flute being played.”

“But it’s odd… if they could open the window, and they slightly brushed the pillow. Why no fingerprints?” Chuuya asked.

“Maybe they wore gloves?” Atsushi stated.

“Even then. To put on the gloves they’d have to touch them, and while pushing open the window or touching the window seal a print would be left.” Dazai stated factually.

Atsushi’s eyes widened. “You’re right… So what are we going to do?”

“For now nothing. Let Yosano really get an understanding of what this is, maybe reinterview the parents; see if they noticed anything since then. And once that’s done we can really dig deeper into the case. Agreed?”

Everyone nodded. 

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“I love you both, with all my heart.” Kouyou said hugging Arsene and Violetta.

“We love you too Grandma.” They both said.

She smiled as she looked down at them both, and they smiled back at her before walking over to their parents.

“Both of you please be careful.” 

“I promise I’ll take care of them Kouyou-san.” Dazai said smiling. “This ship should be the safest option. We both agreed it’d be safer if the children were both away from here. At least until this case is over.”

“I agree. Are you sure Ji-a is alright with it?”

Dazai nodded. “My sister is excited to have them. They be safe with her in New York.”

Kouyou nodded. They all looked up at the ship as the heard the horn.

“All aboard!!” The man yelled.

Chuuya smiled and he hugged Kouyou and kissed her cheek. “We’ll be back in a few days Mama. Until then please stay safe as well.”

“I will.” She smiled.

Chuuya, Dazai, and the children boarded the ship. The man at the front smiled and he took their tickets.

“Welcome Aboard. I hope you enjoy your stay in our all exclusive first class. If you want to leave your bags right to the side we will get them sent to your sleeping quarters while you enjoy some of our fine lunch this evening.”

“Thank you.” Dazai said and the man nodded. Dazai left their bags to the side just as the man instructed and he lead his family to the dining area.

“Wow! This ship is so big!” Violetta said truly amazed as she walked inside. She couldn’t help but gawk at the beautiful decorations, the red and gold sparkle through the room. Making the white walls of the ship seem not so plain compared to the beauty everything inside held. Violetta ran over to a tall white vase, that held an arrangement of red and white roses. Arsene kneeled down beside her and he smiled. “They’re beautiful aren’t they?”

Violetta nodded. Dazai and Chuuya chuckled. “Hey you two. Are you ready to eat?”

“No!” They said in unison. “Mama can we explore the ship?! Please, Please!”

Chuuya sighed as he gave up. “Alright. But after you say one last goodbye to Grandma from the decks.”

Both children nodded enthusiastically, and they both ran back outside and onto the decks. Chuuya and Dazai followed after them. Both Violetta and Arsene stood on the white railing and the ship was slowly starting to set sail. They could see Kouyou in the very front. They both were waving goodbye. “Goodbye Grandma!” Arsene yelled.

“Bye, Bye!” Violetta yelled after him.

Dazai and Chuuya waved as well.

“Goodbye my loves!” Kouyou waved and blew the children a kiss, to which they both closed their hands as if they caught her kiss. Her heart melted at that and she smiled happily.

“Boss, are you ready to leave?” Akutagawa asked Kouyou.

“I suppose so.” She sighed. Kouyou looked up at a man in a hat, that nodded at her and she closed her eyes before turning around. “Alright, let’s go.” 


As promised, the children ran off to explore the ship. From playing tag on the decks, to asking the cooks millions of questions, and playing with other children their age. Violetta soon became bored of all the antics. She left her brother to play with another boy that was eleven as well. She went back inside and she checked on her parents who were still eating. Dazai smiling and talking, and Chuuya laughing at something he said. She smiled. Violetta loved seeing the pure love between her parents. She hoped one day when she was older someone would love her as much as her parents loved each other. Violetta once she peaked in on her parents went to go look at the desserts, she was having a sweet craving. Violetta walked over to the dessert table, and she scanned them all thoroughly before making her decision. She picked the strawberry shortcake, but it was snagged from her hand and she turned around angrily until she saw who it was.

“Uncle Oda!”

Violetta hugged him happily and Oda chuckled as he hugged her back. “What are you doing here?! I thought you had to stay in Yokohama.”

“I was able to make it in time.” He smiled. “I’m here to watch over you and your brother as well. I couldn’t just not say goodbye to my two favorite rascals.” He said rubbing her head.

Violetta giggled. Oda picked her up with one arm, and her cake in the other. “Let’s go find a table to eat your cake hm?”

Violetta nodded and smiled.


The air was heavy and hot. Moans and pants filled the rather big room, as the sound of skin slapping each other could be heard throughout.

Chuuya moaned loudly as Dazai thrust up into him. When he thrusted again he hit his sweet spot making the ginger whimper and shudder.

“A...ah…! F-Fuck…! Don’t stop Dazai…!” Chuuya said meeting his thrusts as he dug his nails into his shoulders. “Y-You feel s-so g-good…”

Dazai groaned into Chuuya’s neck, and he pulled his head back by his hair. Marking Chuuya’s neck with a small hickey.

Damn Dazai was close. He switched Chuuya’s position and his, and he laid Chuuya on the bed shoving complete inside of his body. Chuuya wrapped his legs around Dazai.

“Ah…! Y-Yes…! Right there…! Oh god…  I- I’m gonna…” Chuuya whimpered as he came viciously, shuddering as he did. Dazai fucked Chuuya through his orgasm, and soon enough from over stimulation that had Chuuya’s insides tightening, Dazai came inside of him.


Yosano’s eyes widened as she read the results of her tests on the death of the child from a few days ago.

“I know who’s doing this…”

Yosano ran out of her office into the main office. “I know who’s doing this!”

“You figured it out?!” Kunikida said looking at her.

“It is an ability but the person who is doing the killings is a familiar. Connected to the person who actually has the ability.”

“So like how Mori was with Elise?”

“Exactly. The woman who is the ability user is Bathory Elizabeth, she was a woman who in the eighteenth century killed several of woman to keep herself young and alive. Her familiar Poupelin used to go out and pick the woman for her. If he failed to do so she’d punish him for his sloppy work. That woman must be getting around the time when she’s starting to age again. So this time she must be taking child to make sure it lasts longer.”

“My god…”

“We need to find out where she is now! Warn everyone, call the Port Mafia. We need to keep a lookout. I don’t want another child dying.”


Violetta giggled as her and Arsene threw a ball back and forth with the other children. Arsene through it a little too far and Violetta went to go grab it, but it a woman in a pretty black and white victorian dress picked up the ball. She had long black curly hair, a flat beauty mark mole on her chin, and scarlett eyes.

“Oh my. You best be careful now. You don’t want to accidentally throw it overboard.” The woman smiled at Violetta.

“I’m sorry… We just threw it a bit too far.”

“Well now.” The woman handed her the ball. The woman opened her umbrella and walked past her. “Do be careful… little Violetta.” She smirked.

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“Ow ow Mama! That hurts!” Violetta complained as the brush was getting caught in her curls. “I’m sorry baby girl. Beauty is pain.” Chuuya reminded her. Chuuya tied her hair into a ponytail, and tied a blue ribbon in it. “Alright, all done.” 

Violetta and Arsene waited patiently on their parents to get done getting dressed. Violetta and Arsene smiled as they watched Dazai tie the ribbon on Chuuya’s waist coat. Dazai slipped Chuuya’s jacket onto him, and Chuuya finished off tying his hair in a ponytail with a dark blue ribbon. Dazai smiled at Chuuya’s reflection in the mirror and he kissed his cheek.

“Alright kids let’s go!”

Violetta and Arsene walked out first and they raced down the hallway. Chuuya grabbed Dazai’s hand. 

“What? What is it?”

Chuuya opened his mouth to speak but then he decided against it. “...nothing.” He smiled. “Let’s go.”


“Wow!” Arsene said in amazement. “Is this really what a ball is like Dad?”

Dazai nodded. “The Port Mafia used to have the most extravagant balls when me and Chuuya were younger.”

“And do they always have this much food?!” Violetta said reaching for a cookie.

“They do.” Chuuya answered. “But you young lady. Sweets in moderation.” Chuuya said handing her the cookie.

“Okay!” Violetta said as she started eating her cookie.

Dazai chuckled at his children as they started eating food. Dazai grabbed Chuuya’s hand and he smiled. “May I have this dance?”

Chuuya laughed and smiled. “You may.”

Dazai led Chuuya to the ballroom dance floor, the orchestra in the ballroom started to play The Second Waltz. Dazai put his hand on Chuuya’s waist, and took one of his hands in his. Dazai started by leading with his left foot, Dazai and Chuuya gently swayed to the rhythm of the music. Violetta and Arsene stopped to watch their parents dance. Chuuya followed Dazai’s lead perfectly without any mistakes, they were in perfect rhythm, as if they had this dance personally practiced. Dazai smiled as him and Chuuya danced and he pulled him closer as they danced around the ballroom. Dazai spun Chuuya one full spin and he continued to sway between other dancers with Chuuya. Dazai spun him two more times and he gently dipped Chuuya down just as the song was ending and he brought him back up, and he looked deeply into those ocean blue eyes and he kissed him. Violetta and Arsene were amazed and they clapped for their parents. And the whole ballroom ended up clapping. They didn’t realize they had attracted such an audience. Chuuya and Dazai smiled and they bowed. After the dance Dazai went to go get them some wine. Chuuya thanked him and when Dazai turned his back, Chuuya poured it in the plant. “Mm. Was delicious.”

“Do you want more?”

“No. No. I shouldn’t drink too much.”

“Huh… Okay.” Dazai said not pushing.


Violetta and Arsene giggled as they played on the ship. 

“Hey! You kids shouldn’t be down here!” One of the workers yelled. “Oi! Hey!”

Violetta and Arsene ran from the man, and they ran down the hall and hid together. They both laughed when the man passed them up. But there fun was soon over as Oda grabbed them.

“Hey you both! I’m pretty sure your parents don’t want you causing trouble.”

“Aw!” They both said in unison, and mopped.


“Isn’t this more dangerous MiLady?” Poupelin said.

“Are you questioning me?” Elizabeth said in an annoyed tone.

“N...No… I just… Do you think this is what Fyodor-san really meant? When he said he wanted to rid the world of sin? He got killed because he failed to capture that boy Arsene.”

“I know that… and I also know what he would have wanted. He would have been happy. We are going to collect a lot of abilities tonight, along with me consuming those two little brats especially that girl… she is special just like Nakahara Chuuya. The boy is quite useless in comparison.”

Elizabeth grabbed Poupelin. “Do it now.”


One of the structures to the ship became weak and broke, the water started to slowly leak. The workers tried to get it under control but couldn’t the water flooded in quickly on the boiler room level. Water rushed out and it swept Oda and the children forward. Oda wiped his face and his eyes widened. “Oh shit…”

“It’s water… Did something break?” Arsene asked as he kept Violetta close.

“I- I don’t know.” Oda could hear water rushing again. “We have to get up to a higher level! Now!” Oda said getting them up and running.

“What the hell is wrong with the ship?” Chuuya said. “Why did it rock so off balance like that…” Chuuya noticed water by his feet. “What the hell…”

Chuuya saw water rising from a staircase. “Oh my god… Violetta! Arsene!”

“Chuuya!” Dazai said running back to him. 

“Dazai where are the kids?!”

“I don’t know. They were eating and when I went to go check they were gone.”

“The ship is sinking! And Violetta can’t swim, and what if her and Arsene are all alone!” Chuuya said in panic.

“Okay… Okay… Calm down… We will find them. Come on!” Dazai said pulling Chuuya with him.

The elevator dinged and it was already halfway up on the floor above. Violetta started to cry as Oda pulled her. “No! I’m scared!” She cried. “I can’t swim… I can’t do this…!”

“Yes you can!” Arsene yelled. “You can! I promise I’ll protect you and I won’t let you drown!” He said cupping her cheeks. Arsene grabbed her arms and put them around his neck. “Put your legs around my waist! I’ll carry you!” Violetta nodded and he did just as he said. Arsene walked through the water with Oda and they could see people running and trying to get off the ship, and to a lifeboat.

“C’mon… we have to find your parents!” Oda said keeping them both close and moving at a fast pace.

“Everything is flooding, we have maybe 2 hours at most before the whole ship sinks!” Dazai said worried. “Damn it! Don’t worry I am going to get you and the kids the hell out of here if it’s the last thing I do… let’s go find them.”

To Be Continued...