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To My World

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To say that Seungyoun is tired is an understatement.

He was exhausted.

And it really is not helping that you haven't replied in any of the texts he has sent for the last few hours and that was before he went for practice.

"Seungyoun hyung! The shower is free already, aren't you gonna use it?" Eunsang peered from the entrance area. Seungyoun mumbled an inaudible go ahead whilst scrolling for any replies he might have missed from you.

"Then I'm gonna wash up first, hyung!" Eunsang called out while walking inside the bathroom. Finding blue bubbles in his messages instead of gray ones, he released a deep sigh, released his phone from his grip and plopped his head back in his pillow. 

It was the third day in the training center and the trainers really drilled them into practicing the title track in preparation for their upcoming rank evaluation. Seungyoun did not mind that he was tired, he did not mind that he was sticky with sweat and grime from the practice room, ready to crash in his bed, not even considering on taking a shower anymore.

What he minded was, you, not replying for more than a day already. Don't take it the wrong way, Seungyoun was used to you not replying immediately. He's the type to reply right after you hit send, as if he's been watching the three dots while you were typing your message right before you hit send.

You used to reply in a few minutes, an hour tops and after practice, the only thing he was anticipating was at least a reply back from you. 

Seungyoun closed his eyes, choosing to rest through the ruckus happening on the bunker below him while he's waiting for Eunsang to finish his shower. 



Heya! Sorry, I was out all day in the water park with my cousins and I left my phone inside the lockers we rented. I am now: burnt. Like toast. 

After scrambling and almost dropping his phone in the process, a smile wormed its way on his face.

He almost forgot that you were in a totally different timezone since you were travelling with your family to chase the last beats of almost-summer in the Middle East, something about trying to avoid the inferno heat your parents were saying about the sandpit of a country you were in right now.

Its 5 hours late from where you are, that's why you were not replying to any of his message since the morning. 


I almost forgot you were out of the country. 


How's it so far with the new roomies?


I was just about to pass out with the grime, sweat, and all the hard work in my training clothes today. The kids are causing some sort of ruckus throughout the dorms looking for food after showering. 

How was Atlantis? Please tell me you at least wore sunscreen? >:(


Don't pretend as if you don't cause enough trouble yourself, Cho Seungyoun. I bet you chattered your roommates' ears off and managed to spill anything remotely related to liquid. 

I did! I'm still burnt though. >:( No amount of SPF can protect you from the sandpit's angry sun, unfortunately. Atlantis was amazing!! Literally a magical world lost in water. It was so much fun! Wish you were here :(

Seungyoun sat up and propped himself against the wall beside him. A full teethed grin appeared on his face as he typed back. The bathroom's door opened after he hit send. He clicked his phone's lock button and a picture of both of you stared back it him, taken a week ago before you left for your vacation. He slipped his phone under his pillow and climbed down to take a shower. 


I miss you too, ugly. Come back home to me soon.