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5 times Peter needed MJ’s help babysitting Morgan and one time Morgan needed her help babysitting Peter.

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"MJ, I seriously need your help!"
"What have you done, loser?"
"I gave Morgan 2 ice-pops and she's off her head! She's literally climbing the walls!"
"You would know, bug boy."
"Fine. I'll be 30 minutes."
"I owe you, MJ."


True to her word, MJ was around 30 minutes later and Peter couldn't have been more thankful. Morgan had apparently heard her from her place at the dining room table where she was eating vegetables like some rabid animal. "MJ!!!" Morgan screamed and abandoned her vegetables to sprint over to the door. Peter winced when she screamed and flinched. MJ saw and put a finger to her lips. "Sshh... Morgan! We're on a secret mission!" Morgan's eyes went wide and Peter eyed MJ trying to convey his message. 

Thank you.

MJ must've caught it because she nodded and smiled a little bit. "What mission?" Morgan didn't whisper very subtly. MJ lead her to the sofa and Morgan dragged Peter by his arm to sit down with her. She pushed Peter down and climbed onto his lap. She stared at MJ with wide eyes as MJ explained.

"Ok, so... Peter is going to take one of your toys from your bedroom and hide it. Me and you have then got to find it and put Peter in prison. Then, we'll swap roles. I'll hide one of your toys and Peter will be with you. Ok?" Morgan nodded and instantly lead MJ into the kitchen to wait for Peter.


Morgan took so long finding the toy that Peter had hidden in Tony and Peppers room that he fell asleep on the chair by the bed. MJ found him sleeping in the chair and instantly put a finger to her lips as they walked in. 

Peter's soft snuffling filled the room and MJ found herself grinning even though she didn't want to. Morgan had climbed under the bed and let out a high pitched yelp and crawled out of the bed. MJ glanced at Peter who had snored lightly when Morgan had yelped but ultimately stayed asleep. MJ grabbed Morgan's hands and pulled her up. Morgan showed MJ the toy and then pointed to Peter, "Petey hasn't been getting sleep. Daddy says he has lots of bad dreams and that they wake him up," She said, her voice quite sad. 

MJ felt guilty for some unknown reason and lead Morgan out of the room.


MJ had made Morgan run around the garden 3 times and timed her every time and made a big show of showing her the times. When Morgan's times began getting slower, MJ suggested that they go inside and have some toast. When they'd eaten and Morgan was situated in front of the television, MJ told her she was going to go and check on Peter.

Morgan made some sort of noise but otherwise gave no acknowledgements. 

MJ asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. to take her to Peter and the elevator obliged.

MJ walked into the bedroom and saw Peter still asleep. She gently shook his arm and watched as his eyes opened, clearly blurry because he rubbed them furiously. "Hey, there. Feeling better, sleepy?" MJ asked, her voice soft. 

She remembers that once they were at Ned's when Peter's powers were still slightly unknown. Peter dozed and MJ woke him up by yelling at him. He instantly had a bad sensory overload. MJ had learned that if you gently introduced him to the world after he was asleep, it reduced the risk of an episode quite significantly.

"Hey," Peter mumbled back, stretching. His shirt rode up a bit and MJ saw some abs. She felt heat rush to her cheeks and stood up. "Morgans looking for you," MJ said, "I've brought down her rush, she's a normal 6 year old now."

Peter gazed up at her with those damn adorble brown eyes. "Thank you, MJ. Morgan will murder me in my sleep if i dont ask... Do you wanna stay for dinner? I'm sure Mr. Stark won't mind."

MJ grinned, "Ok,"