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Jeongguk is at the point of intoxication where all the shots and stolen sips from his friends’ drinks are starting to catch up with him. The lurid pink and green club lights are swimming, the bodies packed on the dance floor closing around him and gyrating with varying levels of raunchiness to club mixes of today’s biggest hip hop and pop hits. A strobe light casts everything into stop motion, Jeongguk catching glimpses of faces and bodies mid-dance around him. Feeling the room shift, Jeongguk trudges away from the heat and the musk of the dance floor, passing the crowded bar on his way to the men’s restroom. 


There’s a chronic stench of something icky in the bathroom that makes him daydream of Lysol and hand sanitizer as he doubles over the toilet bowl and promptly spills at least four of however many radioactive-blue shots he’d tossed back a short while ago. The bartender had dubbed them “cop killers” and Jeongguk and his friends had just thought that was the most hilarious thing (considering they were already five shots deep each at that point and Jeongguk hasn’t eaten since he’d fought Hoseok over half a bag of peanut M&M’s while they were waiting for Jimin to reach hairstyle perfection, and Jeongguk might know how long ago that was if he could trust himself to hold his cell phone to check the time without dropping it in the toilet). 


“Hey man, you done in there yet?”


Jeongguk’s eyelids peel back, head bobbing unsteadily on his neck as he distantly registers he’s currently a heap of too-tight clothes and regrets on the floor of a men’s bathroom stall at a dance clubbed named… cherry something. Cherry bomb. Cherry factory. Cherry cheesecake, Cheesecake Factory, damn he’s hungry. 


“Dude, can you get up or not? I’m gonna call someone in here to kick you out if you’re that fucked up.”


Jeongguk curses under his breath and drags himself to his feet. He doesn’t get quite so far as to actually evacuate the bathroom stall, but he does come to a passable seated position on top of the toilet lid. Everything is great when you’re drunk - you’re miraculously better at things (karaoke, dance-offs, flirting, rapid shot consumption) except basic motor function shit like operating a toilet handle. 


Another few raps on the door startles a delayed flinch out of Jeongguk as he peers through the crack in the bathroom stall door at the sliver of a dark figure shifting impatiently on the other side.


“Sorry, man, just a minute,” Jeongguk mumbles, swallowing hard at the sick feeling pushing up his throat as he drags himself to his feet. When he finally pries the door open and emerges, the guy regards him with a curled upper lip and a roll of his eyes before pushing past Jeongguk into the stall. 


Jeongguk stumbles up to the sink and leans over, blinking blearily at his reflection. He clumsily rubs his face down with some cold water and dries off before sway-walking back out into the thumping main floor of the club. 


Fresh air - he could use some fresh air. 


He manages to find the stairs. Did he come up stairs on the way here? He can’t remember for shit at this point, but his feet are already taking him downward, brain lagging behind at the top of the banister. He sees another bar, less busy than the one upstairs by the dancefloor but still heavily crowded by women in skin-tight minidresses and men in button-downs. Spotting an exit sign, he fumbles his way toward it and almost sighs in relief that it’s not an emergency exit. 


Failing on his first attempt at pushing through the door, he reels back a bit and then gives it a hard shove, metal creaking and cold air from outside blasting in as he slips out into a dark alleyway. 


The door slams shut behind him, and maybe he’d jump at the noise if he wasn’t plastered. 


Breathing out, he makes his way to the brick wall and leans against it, nose wrinkling at the smell of a nearby dumpster. He’s about to slide down and sink to his feet when he hears the scuff of a shoe and he realizes he’s not alone. 


Jeongguk looks up, squinting across the alley to the opposing building and tilting his head at the dark figure standing over there. 


“This seems sketchy,” Jeongguk comments, eyes narrowing. 


“Since when is meeting strangers in a dark alley behind a seedy nightclub sketchy?” 


Jeongguk flounders at the sound of the voice - dark, velvety. If he had to describe it with a color, he’d say deep maroon. Reeling himself back in, Jeongguk huffs a tentative laugh. “What are you even doing out here?”


At that, the man steps forward and the dark line of the roof’s shadow rolls over his person from his shoes, shiny and black in the dingy streetlight, over his dark ensemble. He steps fully into the ribbon of light splitting the alley and Jeongguk flounders for the second time tonight, because this is the type of man people don’t get to see in real life. Tall, broad shoulders hugged by a well-fitting dress shirt, long bangs falling with just the barest hint of natural wave around his face. Something sparkling on his wrist like Bvlgari and something glinting in his eyes like amusement. He lifts his hand and gives a small gesture to the cigarette caught between his index and middle fingers. 


“Smoking,” the man replies simply. 


Jeongguk tries not to gape, but his drunk mind seems to tell his mouth it’s okay to hang open. “That’s…” he tries, fails, pulls a face and then breathes out a confused noise, “perfectly reasonable.” 


A smile plays at the corner of the man’s lips as he regards Jeongguk with curious eyes that seem almost ink-black in the nighttime’s sparse lighting. “And you’re perfectly charming, aren’t you?” 


“What.” Jeongguk frowns, confused, and stares at the man, whose tiny little smile only grows a bit more mischievous. “I’m not charming.” 


“It’s a matter of opinion.” 


“Your opinion is wrong, then.” 


The man’s brow quirks upward testily and he gives a light shrug, ashing his cigarette with a flick of his thumb. “If I can’t call you ‘charming,’ what should I call you then?” 


Jeongguk smirks. “‘Stranger’ probably.” 


“Fair enough,” the man says, smiling easily as he drops his cigarette and crushes it out under a very expensive-looking dress shoe. He walks closer and Jeongguk presses against the brick wall of the building, but the man just heads for the door to the club and pulls it open. “Nice meeting you, Stranger.” 


Jeongguk is point-three seconds away from calling after hey wait , but the door has already slammed shut and his nerve is shot. He’s not sure how he managed to mess up a hookup that was presenting itself on a silver platter. 


But he is even less sure how to approach said silver-platter hookup when he wanders back into the bottom floor of the club and almost instantaneously spots the man leaning against the bar, folded cash in hand as he waits to beckon the bartender. 


He settles on walking straight up and pushing himself between the man and the guy next to him. He looks pointedly away, pretending to be more interested in pinning down the bartender than chatting up the man next to him, whose attention he’s definitely caught from the way he turns and looks at Jeongguk in his peripheral. 


Jeongguk finally turns and gives a coy smile. “Have we met?” 


The man laughs, shoulders shaking a bit with the sound as he leans in a bit closer. “Don’t believe we have. Complete strangers.” 


“What a shame,” Jeongguk hums. His bold front is afloat on the alcohol, which might be the only reason in a thousand years he could possibly pick up someone who looks like the man standing next to him. 


The man is clearly not a student, and clearly not broke. Jeongguk isn’t familiar with brand names, but he knows money when he sees it. The way the man easily unfolds a few bills to hand over to the bartender, more than enough to cover two drinks and a tip, suggests he doesn’t really care how much money he just spent. 


Which is not something Jeongguk particularly cares about or seeks out, but it’s a bit thrilling. It makes Jeongguk wonder what kind of car he drives, what kind of place he lives in, how high the thread count of his bed sheets is. 


The bartender sets the two drinks on the counter in front of the man, who takes on it one hand and pushes the other toward Jeongguk. 


“You didn’t ask to buy me a drink,” Jeongguk states, but he’s taking the glass in hand, anyway.


“I thought we were trying to keep things vague and mysterious.”


Jeongguk tries not to laugh and ends up with his bottom lip caught between his teeth. “Thank you,” he says, lifting his glass in a wordless toast and taking a sip. 


“You’re welcome,” the man says, eyes seeming to wander over Jeongguk’s face for a moment just before he takes a drink from his own glass. Once he’s swallowed, he nods to Jeongguk. “Are you going to tell me your name or do you really want me to call you ‘stranger’?” 




“Jeongguk,” the man repeats, slowly, like he’s sampling the syllables on his palate. Then, just as he's about to ask his name, the man is leaning over into Jeongguk’s space, eyelids dropping and gaze gripping Jeongguk tight. “What do you want more than anything right now, Jeongguk?” 


Jeongguk falters, utterly confounded yet entirely enrapt. “What do I want… right now?” 


The man leans away, allowing Jeongguk a moment to process the question. “More than anything,” he clarifies.  


Jeongguk thinks it over. There are probably a lot of things he could say - a lot of truths and a lot of lies, a lot of things that would give this stranger the right idea about who he is and a lot that would give him wrong ones. But, he goes with a truth he is most confident in: “I want to dance.” 


There’s a beat as the man seems to ponder Jeongguk’s answer. 


“With you,” Jeongguk amends quickly. “I want to dance with you.” 


The man’s plush lips stretch into a smile as he brings the clear edge of the glass to his lips. He takes a slow drink and then sets his glass down. “Lead the way.” 


Mind possessed by some inexplicable and sudden-onset audacity, Jeongguk is taking a stranger’s hand and pulling him toward the stairs. Taking the steps slowly and assuredly, bass from the club speakers vibrating the floorboards under his shoes. One hand with his drink held close to his chest, the other outstretched behind him wrapped around a large, unfamiliar hand.  


Jeongguk kills the drink in his hand before they even breach the top of the stairwell, and he deposits the glass on a random table as he leads them to the packed dance floor. Closer to the speakers, closer to the dense, heated air swelling up from the massive crowd of bodies. Closer to the man trailing behind him when he finally turns around, dragging him in until their faces are close. 


“You never told me your name,” Jeongguk calls loudly over the music. 


“You never asked.” 


“I’m asking now,” Jeongguk states as he starts to move with the music, leaving enough space between them that his new friend will have to work to get more. 


“I take it you want a better answer than ‘Stranger.’”


Jeongguk hardly refrains from rolling his eyes, and the man just laughs. 


“It’s Taehyung.” 


“Well, Taehyung,” Jeongguk hums. “What do you want more than anything right now?”


“That is one thing,” Taehyung says, voice lowering as he takes a step closer, fingers sliding over Jeongguk’s waist, “that’s easier done than said.” With that, he flattens his hands down Jeongguk’s hips and jerks him closer, and in a string of moments melted together in Jeongguk’s conscious, they’re dancing together, against each other, in and out of time with one another. 


Jeongguk is drunk enough to roll his body without any real reservation, confident in the sway of his own hips and the slide of his hands over Taehyung’s chest. Taehyung’s hands are less clumsy, less wild, but no less consuming. 


Taehyung turns so his mouth is close to Jeongguk’s ear, close enough that his lips brush skin when he talks. “Are you starting to figure it out?” 


“What’s that?” Jeongguk asks, the picture of innocence as he lets his head tip back, body rolling fluidly with the rhythm of the dark, thrumming bass. 


Taehyung shakes his head, a playfully scornful look on his face. “Very cute.” 


Jeongguk gives a flippant shrug and turns around until they’re back to front without missing a single beat. He fits his ass perfectly back against Taehyung, body liquid with the music running through him and melting from the heat trapped between their bodies. He lets out a surprised gasp when Taehyung’s hand slides under the front of his shirt. He wishes he were less drunk because the sensation is too blurred by the alcohol. He cranes his neck back, letting it rest against Taehyung’s shoulder as he turns his head and makes sure only Taehyung will hear him when he speaks. “Easy, killer,” he says. “Shouldn’t you at least take me to dinner first?” 


Taehyung hums a laugh, turning his head and letting his mouth brush against Jeongguk’s ear. “I don’t know about dinner, but I could eat.” 


Something hot whips and coils in the pit of Jeongguk’s stomach at the words. He’s not even sure the needy little whine he let out was only in his head.


Taehyung’s hands are all over him, feeling along his waist and up his ribcage, across his chest and back down. They slide over his hips and down the outside of his thighs. Then Taehyung’s hands are back around his waist, wrapping around him and holding him tight. A sharp pang of desire rides down his spine as Taehyung’s mouth closes around his earlobe. 


“Did you get what you wanted?” Taehyung questions, breath curling around Jeongguk’s ear. His voice is deeper than Jeongguk’s intoxicated brain had even registered, a bit raspy and breathless. The thought of what that voice must sound like caught in a moan sends a hard throb between Jeongguk’s legs. 


“I changed my mind,” Jeongguk pants back. 


“About what?”


“About what I want most right now.” Jeongguk turns back around, sliding an arm around Taehyung’s waist. They’re not even pretending to be moving with the music anymore, just standing in the middle of a crowded dance floor pressed flush at the hips. Jeongguk looks over Taehyung’s face, eyes woozy and heavy-lidded as he watches the flutter of long lashes, the glisten of wetness on a bite-swollen bottom lip. 


“And what’s that?” Taehyung asks, eyes low and watching Jeongguk’s mouth as he rolls his lips to wet them. 


“I think that’s another thing easier done than said.” 


Jeongguk leans in, and he’s going for it - he’s going to taste those lips, feel how they part against his and sink his teeth in. 


But Taehyung evades, and Jeongguk’s face ends up buried in his neck instead. Jeongguk is too drunk for the mortification to even set in, too confused to really register the rejection. 


“Let’s get out of here,” Taehyung suggests, hands smoothing over Jeongguk’s back, fingertips following the dip of his spine. 


“I was gonna kiss you.” 


Taehyung laughs. “You don’t say?” 


“Then why.” 


Taehyung withdraws, reaching up and taking Jeongguk’s cheek in his hand. “Let me take you somewhere else,” he says. “And then I’ll kiss you. Properly.” 


Jeongguk, entranced since the moment Taehyung had stepped into the light in the back alley, only nods, lets Taehyung take his hand, and follows without question. 

An hour later finds Jeongguk still very much lacking that alleged proper kiss. They’re sitting on the patio of one of the handful of twenty-four hour restaurants along the river walk, a condensated glass of water in front of Jeongguk and a pout on his face. 


Taehyung is across the table from him, legs crossed regally and menu settled in his hands as he willfully ignores the sullen sigh Jeongguk gives. 


“Why are we at a restaurant?” Jeongguk grumbles. He’s been munching on appetizers since they sat down, his buzz slowly starting to fade. Taehyung had wordlessly pushed his glass of water closer to him with little more than a vague hand gesture ordering him to drink. 


“I told you I could eat,” Taehyung hums. And Jeongguk might buy that if not for the nearly imperceptible tug at the corner of his lips and the amused flash of his eyes before his face returns to neutral, back to perusing the menu. 


“Didn’t exactly think you meant food ,” Jeongguk mumbles under his breath, grabbing his glass of water and taking a spiteful sip out of it. 


They place their orders and the food is ready in mere minutes, as there’s only two other occupied tables in the entire restaurant. Jeongguk can’t imagine many people crave overpriced Italian food at one in the morning. 


“Tell me about yourself,” Taehyung says, wiping his hands on a cloth napkin and setting it aside. 


Jeongguk finishes chewing the bite in his mouth and swallows, looking up at the man across from him. He can’t deny that he questions, even for just a microscopic fraction of a second, his decision to leave the club with this guy. He was really looking forward to getting laid, but somehow they’re having a nice dinner and getting to know each other at the dead of night. He wonders if this is some sort of date, or if maybe this guy is just the perfect gentleman. Either way, he feels the odds of him getting into this guy’s pants before he has to be at his mid-morning shift tomorrow growing slimmer. 


“Nothing much there to talk about.”


Taehyung shrugs, tilting his head curiously. “You seem disappointed.” 


“Well, I mean,” Jeongguk grumbles. “I was kind of thinking we’d be back at your place right now. Not contemplating dessert and deciding if we need a to-go box.” 


Taehyung laughs at that, leaning over to rest his elbows on the table and chin in hand. “And what is it that you had intended to do back at my place?” 


Jeongguk rolls his eyes, then realizes Taehyung is very intently waiting for an answer. He shifts in his chair nervously, casting a wary glance around the restaurant. “Are you, like, playing hard to get or something? Because I’m not super into that.” 


“Not at all,” Taehyung says. “I don’t actually have a place here. I’m visiting.” 


“Ah,” Jeongguk says, nodding slowly in understanding. “You’re not staying at a hotel?” 


“Afraid not."


Jeongguk pins him with a look. “So what the hell was your plan when we left the club?” 


“I don’t know if I had a plan per se,” Taehyung says. “But I don’t tend to sleep with people who won’t remember it the next morning.” 


“Well, aren’t you a good samaritan,” Jeongguk mumbles. “So, like, you’re paying for this, right?” He points a finger down at his half-eaten food, eyebrow raised. 


“Of course.”


“Good,” Jeongguk says. “‘Cause I’m kinda broke.” 


“College student?” 


Jeongguk’s eyes widen in surprise. “Yeah. How’d you know?” 


“Just a guess,” Taehyung replies. “How old are you?” 




Taehyung doesn’t have any visible reaction to that. “I’m guessing you don’t have your own place, then.” 


“No,” Jeongguk says. He has two roommates, but he’s not about to offer up that information. In fact, his roommates are probably still at the club and may or may not have figured out that Jeongguk ditched them for some random guy. 


“Well,” Taehyung breathes. “I suppose that leaves us no choice.” 


Jeongguk feels a minor flare of irritation, but it dies down. Now that he’s sobering up, he feels the tiredness seeping in and he’s coming to peace with the idea of just going home and going to bed. “Yeah, I guess so. But you dragged me out here, so can you at least get me a ride home?” 


At that, Taehyung does look surprised. “You want to go home?” 


“Uh.” Jeongguk’s mouth twists in confusion. “Was that - not what you meant?” 


“I meant that I was going to get a hotel room for the night.” 




Going back home and going to bed suddenly seems much less appealing. Anticipation jitters through him now as his brain starts supplying him with images of what a night in a hotel with this stranger might look like. Jeongguk can’t get enough of a read on him to figure out what he might like, what he might be like in bed. He wonders if that’s part of the thrill of this type of thing or if he should be concerned. It’s not like he does this kind of thing often. In fact, while he’s convinced he definitely knows how this kind of thing works, it’s starting to sink in that he’s never done this specific kind of thing ever. 


He could totally take this guy in a fight, anyway. Nothing about the guy’s build - not scrawny by any means, but not visibly built - or his outfit - neat dress shirt and iron-pressed pants - suggests any kind of physical threat. And Jeongguk lifts, so he’s pretty confident he’s safe to go back to a hotel with this guy. Which is something he probably should have thought about before he stumbled drunkenly out of the club with him, but hindsight has never done much good for him. 


Jeongguk sizes Taehyung up during this internal monologue. His brain can’t quite settle between stressing over the implications of a one night stand and imagining getting his ass pounded by the man currently smirking at him from across the table. 


“Should I ask for the check?” Taehyung questions. 


“You should definitely ask for the check.” 

Taehyung seems to have an idea of exactly which hotel he’s planning on taking them to, because he’d rattled off the name to the driver as soon as the car door was shut behind them. Then there was the awkward lull of silence in the short drive to the hotel, and then an even awkwarder wait while Taehyung checked into a room. Jeongguk had busied himself watching fish swim around in the hotel lobby’s giant tank, trying to seem preoccupied and not like he was sneaking glances at Taehyung the whole time and failing miserably. 


Taehyung is finishing up at the front desk, sliding the room key cards across the counter top and then holding them up to show them to Jeongguk. 


Jeongguk taps his two fingers to the top of his wrist with the clear message for Taehyung to hurry this shit up. 


Taehyung’s chuckle is audible across the empty hotel lobby. He turns back to bid the woman behind the front desk a good night and then turns away, hands sliding into his front pockets as he crosses the lobby toward the fish tank. 


“All set,” Taehyung says. “Unless you’d like to stay and watch the fish a bit longer.” 


“Isn’t that what we came here for?” Jeongguk says with a cheeky half-grin. 


Taehyung’s laugh is a deep hum caught in the back of his throat as he keeps walking past Jeongguk and heads straight for the elevators. 


The ride up to their floor is uneventful. He spends the thirty or forty second ride swinging back and forth between his heels and the balls of his feet, a safe and respectable distance between their shoulders. 


It’s not until they’re inside the hotel room, the light switching on to brighten the expanse of the room and the stark white linens, that Taehyung finally breaks the silence. 


“You’ve never done this before, have you?”


“What - had sex?” 


Taehyung bites back a smile at that. “I meant in this context.” 


“Why? Do I seem like I haven’t?” Jeongguk asks carefully. He watches Taehyung’s back as he walks across the room and removes his watch, setting it on top of the nearest dresser. 


“I don’t think I was particularly experienced with this when I was a twenty-year-old,” Taehyung says as he turns back around, hands working at the first few buttons on his shirt. 


“How much older are you?” Jeongguk asks, watching Taehyung’s hands closely and feeling his pulse kick up as his shirt parts to reveal his neck and a glimpse of his collarbones. Then he wants to let out a frustrated groan because Taehyung pauses, fingers still on the next button. 


“I’m a lot closer to thirty than you,” Taehyung states and pauses to gauge Jeongguk’s reaction. 


Jeongguk had already been assuming, so he takes the information with little more than a flippant shrug. He notices Taehyung’s hands have dropped away from his shirt to hang idly at his sides. He looks pointedly to Taehyung’s shirt then, nodding toward it. “Want some help with that?” 


There’s a smirk on Taehyung’s face as he spreads his arms out in invitation, and Jeongguk doesn’t hesitate to cross the room and stop in front of him. His hands come up to Taehyung’s chest, spreading wide across the smooth fabric of his shirt and thumbing along the row of buttons. He undoes the buttons patiently, downplaying his eagerness and making sure his hands don’t shake. It wouldn’t matter if they did, though, because when he looks upward, Taehyung’s gaze is trained on his face.


Jeongguk doesn’t say anything or hold the eye contact much longer. He has other things to worry about as he finishes with the last button and the sides of Taehyung’s shirt fall open. He indulges then, not waiting for permission or an invitation to flatten his hands over Taehyung’s stomach, sliding them around his waist and up his sides. Taehyung seems content to let him do this, the slight catch in his breath the only indicator of what he’s feeling as Jeongguk takes in the smoothness of his skin under his hands. 


“You’re not very shy, are you?” Taehyung questions. 


“Sometimes when I’m nervous,” Jeongguk says. “It just depends.”


“You’re not nervous now?” 


Jeongguk’s hands slide upward, over Taehyung’s chest to his shoulders to push his shirt down around his arms. “A little.” 


Taehyung gives a soft smile at that. “You hide it very well.” 


Jeongguk pauses with his palm at the center of Taehyung’s chest, feeling the steady beat of his heart underneath. “You’re not nervous at all, are you?” 


“It takes a lot to make me nervous.”


Jeongguk makes a noise of understanding. He steps a bit closer, the tips of his toes bumping into Taehyung’s. “So are you one of those adrenaline junkies or are you just a sociopath?” 


“High sensation seeker,” Taehyung states simply.


“Does that mean I’m boring you?” Jeongguk asks, feigning an indignant frown. 


“Absolutely,” Taehyung says with a playful smile. “Can’t you tell I’m bored out of my mind right now? I’m practically falling asleep standing up.” 


Jeongguk catches his bottom lip under his top row of teeth, holding back the giggle that bubbles up from his chest. He moves his hand up to wrap behind Taehyung’s neck, pulling him in and leaning in until their noses are close enough to bump with the slightest movement from either of their bodies. Now that it’s just the two of them, Jeongguk can pick up the scent of Taehyung’s cologne or maybe his aftershave. “Is there any way I can help you find that high sensation you’re seeking?” 


Taehyung’s hand comes to his neck, thumb running a firm line from the point of his chin to the hinge of his jaw. “It’s worth a try, isn’t it?” he mumbles, and then he’s using the hand on Jeongguk’s jaw to tilt his head to the side and closing the distance, eyes falling shut. 


Jeongguk had expected some urgency. Gnashing teeth, lips slick with spit and mouths crushing together. What he gets is Taehyung’s mouth, soft and warm, slotting almost carefully against his, taking one tentative taste and then withdrawing. Jeongguk waits for more, eyes shut and lips parted readily. Taehyung seems to hesitate, only breathing into the short space between them. Hesitation seems so at odds with the confidence Jeongguk had thought was some innate part of Taehyung. At the pang of insecurity he feels as the moment draws too long and too thin, Jeongguk opens his eyes to see Taehyung staring at him. 


“Aren’t you breathtaking?” Taehyung says quietly, offering a smile. 


He’s not willing to admit what that remark does in the way of sweeping him off his feet. He lets out a laugh in an attempt to shrug it off. Maybe he’s never had a real one night stand like this before, but he doesn’t think people who do this compliment each other like that . “Um,” he stutters, clearing his throat, “thanks?” 


Taehyung just smiles, shaking his head. “About that proper kiss I promised.” 


“Yeah - about that - ”


Before Jeongguk can finish whatever remark that was going to be, Taehyung’s mouth is covering his. And this , this is more like the kiss Jeongguk had anticipated, but it’s better than the frenzied making out he’d had in mind. This is heavy lips dragging together, tasting for the first time. A searing, open-mouthed kiss that blurs from one right into the next, heads tilting further until their tongues can delve deep inside. Desire rolls off Taehyung’s tongue, echoes in the insistent press of his body. It leaves Jeongguk almost buckling with need, breath effectively stolen right from his lungs and knees feeling a bit wobbly.


And, oh god , if Taehyung is this good at kissing, how is Jeongguk about to survive the next hour or so in bed with him? 


Jeongguk’s imagination already has them stripped naked, horizontal on the bed and skin to skin. A small, helpless moan escapes from his mouth and into Taehyung’s at the thought, and not just a possibility but an inevitability. Taehyung’s tongue slides along to lick the seam of his lips before he takes Jeongguk’s bottom lip between his, sucking with the kind of perfect pressure that makes Jeongguk’s back arch under Taehyung’s hands. When the standing situation becomes unsatisfying to the point that he’s practically yanking Taehyung backward toward the bed, Taehyung lets out an amused noise and lets himself be tugged right along. 


They fall onto the bed in a mess of limbs, Taehyung catching himself on his hands on either side of Jeongguk and Jeongguk groping, grabbing, pulling at him to get rid of the ridiculous amount of space between them. 


“Shit,” Jeongguk breathes. “We should’ve undressed first.” 


“Eager?” Taehyung teases. 


Jeongguk doesn’t even dignify a response to that as he pushes against Taehyung’s chest to get him to sit back. Then he sits up and pulls off his own shirt, hands scrambling at his fly and struggling to get it open. 


“Maybe next time wear pants with less buttons,” Taehyung hums as he watches Jeongguk fumble. 


Jeongguk lets out a frustrated huff and flops back on the bed. “You do it, then.” 


Taehyung laughs. “Cute.” 


“Cute?” Jeongguk parrots incredulously. Then he gestures pointedly at his own chest. “Do you see this body? You don’t call this cute .”  


But Taehyung’s laughter only continues, even as he undoes the buttons on Jeongguk’s pants with steady hands and gives his waistband a tug. “You’re not making a good case for yourself,” Taehyung muses as they work together to rid Jeongguk’s thighs of the clinging tight pants. 


Jeongguk kicks his pants off from around his ankles. In the cloud of his lingering buzz, he’s hardly even nervous at being naked underneath this stranger he met at the bar. Although Taehyung is beginning to feel less like a stranger with each kiss he presses into Jeongguk’s skin, leaving a wet trail down the column of his neck and over his collarbones. He seems to take a moment to revel at Jeongguk’s body, which does make Jeongguk preen and send him cocky smirk. 


“Like what you see, baby?” Jeongguk hums. He might regret that audacity tomorrow when he remembers he’s actually a stammering introvert with only slightly greater than zero experience at actual flirting and hookups. Right now, though, confidence burns through his bloodstream, lust licking at the pit of his stomach. 


Rather than answer, Taehyung only groans and ducks down, sealing a mouth over the swell of Jeongguk’s chest. The further down Taehyung goes, leaving smoldering wet kisses along his ribs and stomach, the more Jeongguk arches and writhes, throbs with anticipation. His cock is heavy between his legs, bobbing at the surges of pleasure that rack through him each time Taehyung sucks a kiss into his skin. 


Taehyung withdraws and moves back up, fitting their chests together and dropping another kiss to Jeongguk’s mouth. When he pulls away, he tugs on his bottom lip with his teeth and then darts a tongue out to lick away a glisten of saliva. Jeongguk is utterly mesmerized, trying and failing not to openly stare at Taehyung’s mouth, his dark eyes, the square line of his jaw. He’s gorgeous, made to be admired, born to make people stop and stare. Jeongguk is unsure how Taehyung can so easily call him breathtaking when he wakes up every day and looks into the mirror with a face like that. 


“Do you want to know what I want more than anything right now, Jeongguk?” Taehyung breathes, and Jeongguk can only let his eyes fall closed as he nods. Taehyung presses another lingering kiss to Jeongguk’s lips, letting them part with a soft noise. “I want to take my time with you,” he continues. Another kiss, followed by a deep, thoughtful hum. “I want to take you apart on this bed. Make you come completely undone. And then I want to make you come harder than you’ve ever came before.” 


Jeongguk entire body thrums hard, hands making fists in the back of Taehyung’s hair. The only answer he can articulate is a broken groan. 


“How does that sound?” 


“God, yes ,” Jeongguk moans. 


“Turn over for me,” Taehyung says, sitting back on his heels. 


Jeongguk wastes no time flipping himself over, elbows digging into the fluffy white comforter as he brings himself up to his knees. Maybe if he was stone-cold sober this position would be jarring, because he doesn’t know if he’s ever done it exactly like this before. That vague thought only serves to send a shiver through his body, goosebumps breaking out on his skin where he feels Taehyung’s hands ghost down his back. 


“Do you want me to take you from behind like this?” Taehyung asks, hands finally committed to settling on Jeongguk’s lower back, spreading out wide enough to cover the entire expanse from one hip to the other. 


Jeongguk swallows back another moan at the suggestion. He doesn’t even see the point in Taehyung asking, because he would gladly spent the entire night bent over on his hands and knees like this. Taehyung can’t possibly know that yet, but he thinks the way he needily cants his hips backward and arches under Taehyung’s hands gets the point across well enough. 


Taehyung’s hands glide down the dip of his back, thumbs needing into the hills of his muscles and stopping under his shoulder blades. He gives a subtle push, and Jeongguk doesn’t hesitate to obligingly drop down until his cheek is pressed into the mattress. Then he’s completely at Taehyung’s mercy, ass up and face pushed into the comforter, eyes pinched closed as he anticipates whatever Taehyung’s next move will be. He hopes for anything , anything that involves Taehyung’s hands, mouth, cock. Everything would be better though, all of the above in every possible way. 


Taehyung, as promised, is hellbent on making Jeongguk come completely undone. He doesn’t dally any longer, doesn’t tease anymore other than a few kisses down Jeongguk’s back, across his tailbone and over the meaty swell of his ass. Without much preamble, Taehyung is gripping Jeongguk’s asscheeks in each hand and spreading them wide, the mattress creaking slightly under his weight as he shifts downward. His gives a singular, long lick over Jeongguk’s aching hole, dragging a depraved moan from the confines of Jeongguk’s chest. Taehyung echoes the moan with one of his own before diving back in for more, sealing his mouth around Jeongguk’s fluttering hole and swirling the flat of his tongue in insistent circles over it. 


“Oh god,” Jeongguk wails. God, he’s never been eaten out like this before. He’s never been bent over like this, cheeks spread, tongue buried in his ass like this. He’s going to be desperate for this again, god he’s going to be ruined for this after tonight. It’s so good, hot and slick, and Taehyung knows exactly what he’s doing with his tongue and lips, sucking and lapping and grazing his teeth just slightly. He lets the tip of his tongue slip past the tight ring of Jeongguk’s rim only to draw back out, eliciting an aggrieved grunt from Jeongguk before soothing it over with another well timed swirl of his tongue. 


Taehyung hums something unintelligible but doesn’t stop. He keeps going, mouth working into a rhythm that Jeongguk begins rutting his ass back in time with. Jeongguk’s cock aches and drips, a rope of precum trailing from the tip to the soft fabric of the comforter between his knees. He wants to touch himself, wrap the tight ring of his fingers around himself and get some relief, but he wants Taehyung to keep his promise. He wants to come undone at Taehyung’s will, wants to teeter along the edge until Taehyung gives him that. 


Taehyung’s mouth parts from between his cheeks with a loud, wet noise and Jeongguk sighs in conflicting relief and dismay. Relief because the white-hot pressure at the lowest part of his belly is building to an almost unbearable peak, burning at the edges and smoldering inside him. The sentiment is temporary, though, because Taehyung returns with a finger pressed to Jeongguk’s rim, kneading gently into the tender skin before giving an experimental push. 


“Mm, yeah,” Jeongguk grumbles, nodding eagerly. “Do it. Please.” 


“I was wondering where your manners were,” Taehyung muses lightly, finger dipping in slightly and punching a gasp out of Jeongguk’s chest, followed by a resentful whine when he pulls back out. 


Jeongguk refrains from any other embarrassingly needy sounds for the moment. He gives a bratty huff instead. “Thought you said I was charming.”


“First impressions can be mistaken.” 


Jeongguk turns to throw a harsh look at Taehyung over his shoulder. 


Taehyung lets out a laugh, probably because Jeongguk’s supposedly harsh look is more of a boyish pout. “You’re very charming,” Taehyung says with a placating lilt. “I almost like you like this even more, though.” 


“Do all people your age talk this much during sex?” 


The finger teasing at his rim disappears and Jeongguk’s eyes pop open wide as he sends a panicked look over his shoulder. Taehyung has only gotten up off the bed to take off his pants, though, and Jeongguk sags back onto the mattress. He watches as Taehyung fishes a small packet of lube out of his pants pocket - god, he hopes that’s enough - and a condom. 


Taehyung crawls back onto the bed behind Jeongguk, depositing the lube and condom off to the side at arm’s reach. 


Jeongguk waits for a moment, chewing at the inside of his cheek impatiently, and then he realizes Taehyung isn’t making any move to continue. 


“What’s wrong?” Jeongguk questions, wide eyes flashing up to Taehyung, whose face is unreadable. 


“Oh, did you want something?” Taehyung asks casually. 


Jeongguk lets out a noise, half a laugh and half a groan. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I’ll behave.” 


“Somehow I doubt that.” 


“Come on,” Jeongguk says, pushing his hips back to make his point. “Keep going.” 


The look Taehyung sends him is dark enough to make Jeongguk’s jaw go slack with mildly intimidated surprise. “Are you asking me for something?”




“Do you want something from me, Jeongguk?” 


Jeongguk clamps his mouth shut, swallowing the spit that had welled up in his cheek. Realization hits him, and he feels his cock give a hard throb at what he thinks Taehyung is getting at. His face burns hot as he works up the nerve to say the words, brain stringing together possibilities and thoughts diving into chaos. 


“Well?” Taehyung questions. “Are you going to tell me what you want or not?” 


“Taehyung,” Jeongguk pleads, eyes squeezing shut. “Taehyung, will you - will you…” his words drift off, muffled in the comforter. 


“I didn’t catch that.” 


Jeongguk’s cheeks must be bright red by now, the flush possibly spreading all the way down his neck to his chest. His ears are burning, stomach fluttering with nervousness and the sharp edge of thrill. “Finger me open,” Jeongguk finally moans all at once. “Finger me and stretch me out so I can take your cock. Please.” 


“Mmm,” Taehyung hums, deep voice vibrating in his chest. “And then what?” 


“Fuck me,” Jeongguk groans. “Fuck me into the goddamn mattress. Fuck me hard. I don’t even wanna be able to walk tomorrow.” 


“Then what, baby?” Taehyung purs, hands finally, finally sliding over Jeongguk’s ass again, fingertips kneading into his flesh.


“Make me come, please , make me come,” Jeongguk whines, voice coming out so fast his words are jumbled. “I’m so hard, Taehyung. God, I’m so fucking hard, please , just do it already.” 


Taehyung gives Jeongguk’s ass a firm squeeze. “That’s better.” 


Jeongguk barely has time to let out a relieved moan as Taehyung kneels back down behind him, finger finding his hole and then sinking inside. He makes a strangled noise and clenches his fists into the comforter, bunching it up and messing up the neatly made bed. Taehyung’s mouth follows right after, tongue hot and circling alongside his finger as he starts pumping in and out, using spit as temporary lube to ease the slide. Jeongguk’s body goes from wound tight, bucking and straining with every movement to pliant and soft, back dipped low and knees spreading wider. He loses the will to control the noises coming out of him, instead letting them pour from his parted lips with abandon. He’s perfectly content to stay like this and let Taehyung devastate him with his mouth and fingers for hours, days even. 


The finger inside him delves deep enough, crooking in the right direction to give a subtle, persistent pressure on his prostate. It sends full body waves of pleasure coursing through him, makes his mouth fall open in a long groan as drool starts to pool at the corner of his mouth, leaking out onto the pure white hotel comforter. He starts to rock shamelessly back against Taehyung’s mouth, trying to get him deeper, trying to get more. Taehyung’s other hand is gripped tight around his thigh, sliding up to palm the underside of his ass and sink his fingertips in. 


He can’t decide between wanting to keep going like this, wanting to wrap a hand around his cock, and wanting Taehyung to get on with stretching him. His moans sound like begging and pleading but his mind is too fogged over to know what he’s even asking for. He wonders if Taehyung is going to try to make him come like this, keep rubbing at his prostate, fucking his finger in and out for as long as it takes to push Jeongguk over the edge. He doesn’t even know if he could come like that, cock untouched and throbbing so hard it’s bordering on uncomfortable. He’s never been with someone so enigmatic, so unreadable. And the positioning doesn’t help. He can’t see Taehyung, can’t even try to get a read on him. He can’t even tell if Taehyung is hard - though he’s assuming so by the occasional moans he’s been letting slip. 


In the middle of this train of thought, Taehyung pulls away and leans back on his heels. Jeongguk takes the opportunity to catch his breath and to twist around enough to get a look at him and oh - he’s definitely never taken a cock that big, only really done this a few times when he was a teenager and neither him nor the dumb closeted jock he’d been with had a clue what they were doing. And oh god he’s nervous he’s going to mess this up but fuck he’s ready to feel that inside him. 


Taehyung wipes his forearm across his mouth as he appraises the various microexpressions flitting across Jeongguk’s face. “You alright?” he questions, hand settling along his thigh and then moving almost unconsciously upward to wrap around the base of his own length.


Jeongguk blinks, tearing his eyes from Taehyung’s hand on his cock and looking up to his face. “Yeah. M’good. So good.”


Taehyung nods, tossing his wavy bangs out of his face. His eyes trail languidly down Jeongguk, eyeing his handiwork with the barest hint of a smirk. “I’m not your first, am I?” 


Jeongguk shakes his head. “No.”


“Just checking.” 


“You don’t have to baby me or anything.” 


Taehyung reaches over to pick up the lube from the bed, tearing the packet open and squeezing some out onto his hand. He rubs his fingers together to spread the lube before pressing two fingertips to Jeongguk’s hole, blunt pressure reminding Jeongguk to relax. “I wasn’t planning on it,” he states, and then plunges both fingers inside. 


Jeongguk catches a gasp behind his teeth, body giving a surprised jerk at the sudden stretch. He adjusts quickly, though, because Taehyung really isn’t going overly easy on him, fingers sliding in and out just as quickly as when it had only been one. Jeongguk is turned on enough and just on the tipsy side enough still that any burn is completely dulled. Within just a few thrusts of Taehyung’s hand, he’s already rocking back his hips, getting them in as far as they’ll go and grunting in frustration that it’s not enough. Not fast enough, not hard enough, not thick enough. He wants more, he wants Taehyung’s cock, but even in his fucked-out state he knows to be patient. 


“I’m good,” Jeongguk grunts, making his point with a needy arch of his back. A small, shocked noise escapes him when Taehyung doesn’t even hesitate to add a third finger, going much slower to accommodate the uneven stretch. “God,” Jeongguk pants, turning his face to bury in the mattress. Three fingers he can handle by now. After enough long, hot showers when he has too much time on his hands. Or when it’s late at night, sometimes drunk and sometimes not, but the itch gets too much to bear and he spreads himself wide on his bed to practice how hard he can make himself come. 


Before long, Jeongguk is hissing expletives and seriously questioning his decision not to touch himself yet. He’s almost afraid he’ll blow his load the moment he gets a hand around himself, too keyed up from this prolonged foreplay Taehyung seems intent to torture him with. It’s the most welcome form of torture he can think of, though, and he'd probably happily let Taehyung drive him insane like this all fucking night. But even Taehyung’s resolve seems to be growing thin as he pulls out his hand, carelessly dries it on the blanket and then goes for the condom packet. 


Jeongguk hears rather than sees the condom packet being opened. His breath is jagged now, and loud even if he tries to stuff the bunched-up comforter over his mouth to muffle it. His chest still heaves, thighs quivering and knees starting to give a dull ache in protest at being in this position for so long. He shivers, nerves igniting under the surface of the entirety of his skin, as Taehyung’s hand smooths over his lower back. He feels Taehyung shifting behind him and widens his knees instinctively. 


“You look so good like this,” Taehyung says, and Jeongguk pretends like the praise doesn’t affect him as much as it does. Jeongguk knows he looks good, has never been ashamed of his body, but hearing the words Taehyung’s mouth makes him feel almost high with satisfaction. 


Riding on that same wave of cockiness, Jeongguk sends a bedroom-eyed look over his shoulder to Taehyung, making sure their gazes meet as he says his next words. “I’ll look better with your cock inside me.”


Taehyung gives a gratified hum and sucks his bottom lip into his mouth. “I had a feeling you’d be good in bed.”


Jeongguk smirks. “Lucky you.” 


“Lucky me,” Taehyung agrees easily, and then the blunt head of his cock is pressing at Jeongguk’s entrance and Jeongguk regains his grip on the sheets for dear life. 


Just as before, Taehyung wastes no time in pushing past Jeongguk’s rim, sliding in and giving a shallow thrust. Jeongguk lets out what can only be deemed a broken whimper, sucking in air like he’s finishing a marathon. Or more like he’s taking a cock for the first time in years and he’s desperate for it, groaning in overwhelmed relief and positively trembling at the feeling. Nothing else is like this - nothing can quite measure up to the sensation of being stretched further than he’s ever been, fucked deeper than he’s only ever daydreamed about until tonight. 


Taehyung pushes in to the hilt, the fronts of his thighs settling flush against the underside of Jeongguk’s. He does give Jeongguk time to adjust then, no doubt noticing the beads of sweat Jeongguk can feel trailing down his back, breaking out in a thin sheen on his forehead and matting his hair to his skin. Taehyung takes longer than Jeongguk’s liking, though, and Jeongguk lets him know with a strained, frustrated groan and an impatient wiggle of his hips. 


Taehyung’s hands slide around Jeongguk’s full hips, anchoring himself for leverage with fingers splayed around the front curve of his hip bones. He pulls out and then, jolting a sharp gasp from Jeongguk, slams back in and starts up a breakneck pace that renders Jeongguk instantly incoherent. The moans stutter out of Jeongguk, loud and uneven and embarrassingly high in pitch, but he’s so far gone he barely registers the sharp sounds reverberating in the room’s open air. He can’t even get the words oh god out, only a string of half-uttered pleas and inhuman whines. 


For a long stretch, there’s only the obscene slap of skin, Jeongguk’s ragged chain of moans, and the occasional deep groan from low in Taehyung’s throat. Just time, passing in a haze in Jeongguk’s mind, with only the redundant jolt of his body from each of Taehyung’s thrusts and the bowstring tight pressure building in his lower belly. The only lapse is when Taehyung repositions, shifts Jeongguk’s hips downward and leans over his back with a fist shoved into the mattress to support his weight. Then the pace resumes, but his moans grow long and deep because the angle puts mind-melting pressure on his prostate. 


He aches so badly, cock pulsing with a heartbeat of its own and leaking a mess onto the blanket beneath him. He needs to come soon, he’s got to come soon, he can’t possibly hold out much longer. Not with Taehyung’s thick cock surging in and out of him at a fucking sublime angle, fucking him hard and fast and ruthless. He’s not sure if Taehyung thrusts faster because his moans get louder or if his moans get louder because Taehyung starts thrusting faster. And he can’t even be bothered to feel embarrassed at the way he looks right now - jaw hanging open and lips spit-slick and a crease between his brows, blush-stained cheeks and sweat-damp hair. They’ve made a mess of the fancy comforter, wrinkled it in their fists and defiled it with drool and precum and sweat and lube. 


“Mm uh  - T-Taehyung,” Jeongguk splutters. “God - I’m, I’m so close.” 


Taehyung shifts even closer, chest bumping Jeongguk’s back with the increasingly chaotic motion of their bodies. The hand on Jeongguk’s hip uproots and slides around, and Jeongguk practically sobs as it closes around his length and starts to jerk him off. 


“Oh god - oh god ,” Jeongguk pants, feeling the muscles in his body contract as his hips start to roll in helpless circles. He sucks in a breath, and it’s right there , god he’s right there. He can feel how hard it’s about to hit, hands and feet clenching and body vibrating. And then it snaps, washes over him in devastating waves, humming through every nerve cell in his body as he spills onto the blanket, all over Taehyung’s hand. 


Taehyung lets out an unfairly beautiful moan as Jeongguk’s walls tighten around his cock. He thrusts a few more times, riding out Jeongguk’s orgasm until Jeongguk squirms from the overstimulation. Then he pulls out, shifting back on his knees as Jeongguk twists around to look at him. 


“You can keep going,” Jeongguk says breathlessly. 


Taehyung pushes insistently at Jeongguk’s waist, urging him to turn over onto his back. Jeongguk complies, rolling over and watching with widening eyes as Taehyung removes the condom, tosses it somewhere on the hotel room floor to be forgotten. “Sit up,” Taehyung says, voice surprisingly gentle despite the command behind it. 


Jeongguk lifts up onto his elbows, chest still heaving as he works to get his breath back under control.


Taehyung beckons with two fingers for Jeongguk to come closer, his other hand pumping quickly along his own length. 


Finally catching onto Taehyung’s intentions, Jeongguk repositions himself as quickly as he can on his hands and knees in front of Taehyung. He leans in close, reaching up and replacing Taehyung’s hand with his own. He flutters his eyes up to meet Taehyung’s, taking in the pinched look of pleasure on his face, the white ridge of his teeth digging harshly into his lip. 


Taehyung pushes Jeongguk’s bangs to the side as he reaches around to bury his hand in the back of his hair. He lets his head tip back, neck craned so the muscles strain artfully under his skin as Jeongguk pumps his cock faster in his hand, smears the precum at the head. 


“About to come,” Taehyung says through gritted teeth as his hips start to stutter, grip tightening in Jeongguk’s hair. 


Jeongguk lets his mouth drop open, eyes falling shut. He listens intently as Taehyung lets out a strained groan, part of him wishing he could see his face. But then hot come splatters across his mouth, landing on his tongue and lips and cheeks. He licks it away from his lips greedily and swallows it down, brows slightly furrowed at the taste in his mouth. When he opens his eyes and looks up, he feels a swell of satisfaction at the fucked-out look on Taehyung’s face. 


Jeongguk leans inward then, pressing his mouth to the hard curve of Taehyung’s hip bone. He lets his lips drag across as he moves up, hands coming to Taehyung’s sides and feeling every inch of overly warm skin. He comes to his knees to mirror Taehyung, breath still coming in soft, exerted pants. 


Taehyung leans in to kiss Jeongguk, tasting his lips and making a muffled, content noise against them. He pulls away, a faint smile tugging at one corner of his mouth. “You wouldn’t happen to have any other plans for the night, would you?” 


Jeongguk gives a pensive hum and pretends to think it over for a moment, eyes rolling up to the ceiling. “Why? You trying to take me on another late night dinner date?” 


“Not tonight,” Taehyung replies, dark eyes catching sparkles of white hotel lights. “But I can take you somewhere in the morning.” 


Jeongguk resists a smile as best as he can, breathing a soft ahh in understanding. “So you’re asking me to stay the night tonight?” 


“Tonight, tomorrow night, the night after that,” Taehyung says through a laugh. 


Jeongguk can’t hold back his giggle at that as he moves over to the side of the bed and stands up. “That good, huh?” 


“Is there really any doubt in your mind?” Taehyung questions, sinking down to stretch out on bed and watch Jeongguk move across the room to the bathroom door. 


“Nope,” Jeongguk replies, turning and leaning against the doorframe. He gives a toss of his head, bangs falling back across his eyelids. He crooks his fingers in a come-hither gestures as he holds Taehyung’s gaze with what he knows is a seductive look in his eyes. “Wanna know what I want most right now?” 


“Does it have anything to do with the suggestive way you’re beckoning me toward the shower?”


“Maybe.” Jeongguk turns, backing through the doorway and disappearing from Taehyung’s sight. “How ‘bout you come find out?” 


He hears the bed creak and the rustle of the blanket and knows he’s got Taehyung hook, line, and sinker.