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Experiences of a Dead Man

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My name is Yoshikage Kira.


I'm 33 years old.


I don't know how or when I died.




All I know is, I'm definitely not going to heaven.


And the fact I live in the unseen alleyway, where it's rumored by others to be the old home of a young girl. Her name is fairly recognizable, but I seriously have no record of knowing her in the past. Her name-
Er. What was it again...? Ummm....

Right! Her name was Sugimoto Reimi. Apparently she forced her murderer to turn around in the alleyway, causing him to die. I don't turn around. It's a mere fact that you shouldn't turn around here. I don't know what happens when you turn around here.. erm. It doesn't seem to be a necessarily bad idea to do it, but I don't recommend it if you don't wanna end up like the last guy who came here.

I don't do it much, but I work as a hitman in exchange for money. Weird, right? A ghost working for people... Hmm..?
Tch. What am I saying. Of course those who don't work as hard as I do would think that a ghost killing people for money is strange- peculiar, if I must?
It's not bad to think it's strange, of course... but you need to get your mind a little straightened up. If I'm not going to heaven-- or hell, then what the fuck could I be ding in L.I.M.B.O other than killing people?! Nobody can see me, y'know!

That's really all I have to say.. for now. I'll keep thinking some stuff out tomorrow.

And Just like that, my eyes snap open. I'm sitting there, my legs crossed. I'm in the back of my 'home'-- ehm. The alleyway. And just before I notice it, I hear.. footsteps? The sound of more than just two people, though. I had feared this moment, since it was my turn to warn people to not turn around- or else.. they'll die. I don't want anyone anyone dying, unless I'm ordered to kill them. What looks to be 2 men and.. a- Wait, what? That third person they have looks like a toddler. He walks and talks fine, though. Weird. He may just be a midget, or I'm hallucinating. There's no way they brought a defenseless child with them. Idiots. I finally notice their faces, with my eyes widening.


It couldn't be. Unless..?

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God damn it.

I know these faces, I've seen them many times before.

I believe these three were somewhat related to my death, yet I'm unsure. The voice of what appeared to be the eldest here suddenly chimed in, breaking me out of my thought process.

"Hey, you." He says with a low growl in his voice. It's a bit charming, to my surprise. Yet it's also strong and intimidating, and it felt like a kick to the stomach.

I looked up. Cocking a brow anxiously, I come out of the dark corner. "W-Who are you..? Why are you here?" I try to sound strong and confident, but it breaks as soon as I get a voice crack, my quivering voice clearly showing some type of fear. Fuck. I was never gonna get treated seriously like this.

"..Hmph. I must ask the same. The cowardly stance is making me wonder if you're someone who was trapped here, or just a random homeless." Cowardly?! How dare he fucking say that to me! I'll show him a piece of my mind!

"Hey! You have no reason to be calling m--" I get cut off by the much older looking man, who towers atop me. He looks about 6'5, or 6'6. "Stop. I need to know who you are. I need to know if you know about the murder of Sugimoto Reimi." The man growls, looking me in the eye. "..Fine. My name is Yoshikage Kira. I've only heard stories about this 'Sugimoto Reimi' lady. I've heard that she used to live here. Wh-" I'm cut off once again, by the same man. "Hold it. You're the one who killed her..? You look nothing like him, except for the blonde hair, of course."

"Whaaat?! I didn't kill that girl! I don't kill people unless I have to, doofus. I don't enjoy doing it, but at least it gets me money!" And yet, I come with another outburst. What the hell is he thinking?! I'm a hitman! I don't kill people *that* much!

"Then I'll be damned. Are you sure you didn't kill her?" He asks, kneeling a little to look at me. I didn't know why he did this, since- wait. I'm 5'7.. Yep, I completely understand now. It's his fault for being so tall. "I'm 100% sure! I swear on my life, I would never kill someone to my own free will. I only do it sometimes because I have to." I argue back, looking like an angry child to him. He's silent for a minute, before he leans up.

"Alright then. Since you don't want to cooperate, I guess we'll have to do it the hard way." He's seemingly frustrated, rubbing his temples angrily.

You have to be fucking kidding me.