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Blood, sweat and tears. That was what stained not only yours, but Doppio’s face. Today’s escapades were absolutely insane, and both of you seemed relieved that nothing too bad happened. 


The boss had arranged the two of you a beautiful room in the city that overlooked the ocean. There was a king sized bed with a huge dresser and a full sized kitchen, not to mention the huge and luxurious jet bath in the washroom. If anything, you just wanted to soak forever and get the horrible smell off your body.


Doppio seemed to notice the smell that was emanating from his body as well, scrunching up his nose in disgust and wiping it. He sighs, removing his sweater and tossing it aside. You approach him, giving him a kiss on his cheeks and sit next to him. You take his hand and squeeze it, before lifting it and kissing his hand.

“Darling…” He whispers, moving to sit in your lap. “... do I smell bad?”


“You do.” You say to him, scritching his hair. He whines really upset and you chuckle, kissing him and rubbing your hands on his ass. Your hands find their way to the hem of his pants and your hands grope his ass through his boxers. “Don’t worry, dirty boy. I’ll clean you up.”


You stand up, propping him up and carry him to the bathroom. You begin to strip the rest of his clothes off, putting him in the huge shower and turning it on so it was nice and warm. You kneel beside the shower and begin to apply the liquid soap to his milky skin. You run your hands through his hair, undoing the braid in it and leaning in to kiss him. “Do you want me to get in with you?”


“Yes, please.” He says hurriedly, and you take off your clothes. You hop in behind him and begin to lather his body with the lavender smelling soap, making sure to be gentle on his sensitive skin. Your hands move to his chest and you big to grope and play with his pecs, lathering soap on them.  


Dolcemente, per favore …” He whimpers as you tease his sensitive nipples, kissing his beautiful neck. He shivers and your motions slow, moving down to cup under them. Your hands move down to his hips and you start to rub them. He leans back into you a bit and you start to move your hands to his lower belly. 


Your hands move lower until they are massaging his inner thighs, moving upwards to his groin. You pepper kisses on his neck as he whimpers, hands moving higher until they reach his core. Before you do any more, you look at him with knowing eyes. He nods and you smile, kissing him one last time before you spread him open. You find his cock and start jerking him off, your free hand rubbing his leg. His hips roll as you do it, turning back and looking at your hungry expression. It was that face that made him so horny, that face that made him so damn hard. 


“Cute boy… you’re so needy right now, aren’t you?”


“Yes…” He whines, grinding crotch into your hand. Doppio closes his eyes and moans louder, the movements on his cute dick was too much to handle. The pink haired man closes his eyes and you move faster, listening to the cute moans that he releases like its music. You can tell an orgasm is coming, his hips bucking and his chest rising and falling in a perfect rhythm. 


“Good boy, good good boy…” You say, stroking him until he’s on the verge, his legs quaking and his mouth wide open… and then you stop jerking him off.


Doppio looks back at you, catching his breath while you remove your hands from his crotch. Your hand is covered in his slick, and you lick it clean. You stand up, moving in front of him and turning the shower off. 


“W… What?” He says, staring up at you in complete confusion. The almost-orgasm got to his brain, his mouth was a bit open and you pick him up. 


“I want to fuck you in the bath, baby. You run it and I’ll finish you off, alright?”


Doppio nods and starts to stand, his legs wobbling as he gains his balance again. You make your way over to the luggage case and find the strap that Doppio loves so much. You can hear him start to run the bath, his legs still shaking as he ran his fingers through the warm water. On the lip of the jet tub was a small bottle of bubbles, which he then dumped inside of the bath. 


 You can hear him get in as you tighten the straps around your hips. You come over to the bath and see him, chin down in bubbles. Doppio smiles and you can see his spread legs from under the water. His body was so irresistibly beautiful, you had to get in the water and fuck him until his legs stopped working. 


You jump in, laying in between your boyfriend’s spread legs as he wraps his arms around your back. Doppio wraps his legs around your waist and pins you in, whispering into your ear; “Give it to me, my amore .” 


So, you do.


The water around your bodies begin to lap, Doppio’s fingers digging into your skin. The stimulation of the vibe on your clit only added to the situation, fueling you to go faster and faster.  You kiss his neck, whispering sweet nothings into his ear as his senses begin to overload with pure pleasure. Love bites decorated his soft skin, his beautiful freckled face dusted with pink blush.  


Di più, di più per favore… ” He moans, clenching around the toy. You smile, stroking his cock while his head laid back. “ Sì, per favore, vai più veloce~!


You knew you were doing something well because he was reverting back to his native language. After knowing him for so long he’d speak only english around you, unless he was extremely overwhelmed. Which of course, he was. 


And then the ringing started.


This wasn’t the first time this had happened, you’d be in the middle of an intimate moment with Doppio and the boss would call. During your first time, almost as you were about to cum, your ‘phone’ (it was really your discarded panties) rung and you had to hand Doppio your soaked panties as he tried to fuck you through the call. It didn’t work out that well, the boss found out and didn’t contact Doppio for a while, which upset him greatly. 


Yet still, as you pondered the thoughts, the ringing continued.

“Where’s the phone?” You ask, still thrusting into him. His relaxed expression turns into a slight scowl and he blushes harder, grabbing the strap that was still half inside of him.




You take it out of him as he continues ringing and then hand it to him, blush still dusted on his face. You can almost read his mind, ‘ Who the hell puts a phone inside of a dildo? ’ As reluctantly as possible, he picks it up and begins to talk.


Doppio seems very upset as he talks to the boss, and you are thinking of what to do to keep his pleasure going. A smirk crosses your face and your hand reaches under the water, rubbing his sopping core. The pink haired man clenches his jaw, rolling his hips into your hand. Your fingers curl up into his hole and you listen as he moans, making a come hither motion inside of him. His walls clench around your intrusion, his face squeezing up. 


“B-Boss…” You hear him utter, limbs quaking. “C-Can you please- Ah… Call back later?” Doppio covers where the receiver would be on the ‘phone’ and lets out a soft moan, pushing you in deeper with his legs. You speed up the motions in your wrists, finding his sweet spot and rubbing up against it. 


“... Yes boss…” He says, covering his face with his arm. “I ah… I am.”


You can see Doppio’s left eye twitching, and then his pupil turns green. Ah, the boss is watching you through him. The pink haired man whimpers and mumbles into the phone, “it’s really good” or something along the lines of that. His mouth is going faster than he can think.


You lean in and kiss Doppio on the cheek, his legs quaking around your body. The boss’s eye is focused on you while Doppio’s rolls back into his head.

“Please boss, please later…” He begs,  “I’ll call back as soon as we’re finished, pl- OH…”


Doppio’s walls start spasming around you. You bury your face in his neck and he can’t take it anymore, letting out moan after beautiful moan. He squeezes around you, letting out one last beautiful moan before his body turns limp. Once he’s finished, you can see the eye the boss possessed fade away into Doppio’s beautiful brown eye. It seems like the boss wanted to enjoy the sight of Doppio cumming too. 


You continue to finger him through his orgasm until he nods at you, a clear signal to stop. Afterwards you spend a few minutes hold him close, making out with him until the bath water turns cold.

You get out of the bath first, picking Doppio up and wrapping him up in the towels like a burrito. His legs are so wobbly, he can barely stand up by himself. And so you lay him down on the bed, rubbing his baby soft skin and kissing his cheeks. 


“Do you want me to uh…” He says, holding your hips. “finish you off?”

You smile and nod. Doppio moves you over so you’re positioned over his face, his hands holding your hips. You sit on his face, running your hands through his long pink hair while he works at you.

“Good boy…” You whimper, his tongue lapping up your juices. His hands trace over your hips, squeezing you while you ride his face. 


You didn’t even have to do that much to cum hard, watching Doppio cum and the stimulation from the vibrator on your clit had turned you on so much that you only had to have Doppio play with your clit a few times to cum. You came hard, moaning his name like a mantra. You sit up from his face, watching him lick his lips clean. You get off his face, leaning down and kissing him again.

“I love you.” He says, kissing your cheek. You lay down next to him, getting under the blankets and cuddling close to him. He leans into your body, nuzzling into your neck with his head. He kisses you, eyes fluttering asleep. You giggle, kissing him one last time before you fall asleep in his strong arms.