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More than a mission ▹ Iron Widow

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Natasha Romanoff ran fast through one of the many gears of the Helicarrier. She stared at the display of her smartphone, on which Director Fury's message was still flashing. Completely headless, she rushed around and ran straight into another person.

The redhead raised her head and looked right into the face of a man she knew so well. "Clint," she said a little surprised: "Sorry. I didn't saw you." "That's something completely new," Clint laughed: "What's bothering you so much that you don't notice me?" She sighed and held the cell phone in his face: "Fury. Who else?"

"Oh God, what have you done again that he wants you to come into his office?" he joked, but a breath of real interest resonated in his voice. "Nothing at all", Natasha gave him an offended look: "I never do anything bad". "Sure", he rolled his eyes laughing: "As for that, we both know that it's not quite true." Caught!, Natasha cursed inwardly.

"It doesn't matter," she tried to distract quickly from the subject: "I really have to go now, otherwise Fury's anger at me will only be bigger than it probably already is." Then he nodded and she could feel his gaze resting on her as she continued to approach Fury's office.

Arriving at his door, she took a deep breath. Although she really had no idea what she has done, but she knew it probably wouldn't end well for her.

When an "In" sounded, she pushed down the handle and entered. Nick Fury sat at his desk. As soon as she opened the door, he lifted his head and looked directly at her. But strangely enough, his facial expression didn't darken against her expectations. Instead, he nods her to sit down: "Agent Romanoff. Here you are at last. Have a seat. We have something to talk about."

Then she slowly let herself sink onto one of the two chairs in front of Fury's desk and looked at him expectantly: "All right, why am I here?" As she spoke, she skilfully overplayed her nervousness. "I have a new mission for you," he told her soberly, moving a little back on his chair to open the top drawer of his table. He pulled out a light brown folder and placed it on the tabletop in front of her.

She really hadn't expected a new mission, since he usually announced something like this before meeting her. That's why this news came as a surprise to her, but somehow she was happy. A real mission was in urgent need of her again. That was just something different than the boring one-day missions. And maybe it would become quite interesting.

She stretched out her hand to the file and pulled it over the table to herself. Then she opened it and took a look at the first paper. "I should be a S.H.I.E.L.D. Shadow?" "Exactly," confirmed the man whose left eye had a black eye patch: "You're supposed to work at Stark Industries indefinitely to have a look at Tony Stark and end up writing a review of him." Her eyebrows contracted slightly. What the hell did he want with an evaluation of this man?

"It might do you good to ask fewer questions, Romanoff," he advised her, but she could read in his face that he didn't blame her for being curious. Instead, it almost seemed as if he appreciated that she wasn't just naively following his orders. Although at times he probably cursed her for being so stubborn and sometimes even ignoring his words because she thought it was better. "Well, it's too late for that," she simply replied and tilted her head slightly: "Now I've already asked the question."

"Didn't you see the news?" Fury actually added to a statement Natasha hadn't reckoned with at all: "He announced live on television all over the world that he was Iron Man. I want to know if he could become a problem." She looked at the man in front of her for a few seconds and grinded thoughtfully with her jaws: "They want to see if he has potential, don't they?

But this time Fury blocked: "You have to leave a few things to me, Romanoff". But for her his words sounded like a clear 'yes', which she didn't tell him. Instead she just nodded: "Of course, Director Fury." "Do you accept the assignment?" he drilled to finally get his answer.

She nodded without even a second's hesitation: "Yes, I suppose so." But if she had known at that time what this job would hold for her, she probably would have thought longer about it.