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Weiss's Fetish

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She couldn't sleep. Her mind was blurring, swirling. Her legs clenched in an anticipation that was never satisfied, and her cheeks grew close to a hot blush. She knew what she wanted, but couldn't see it in what she tried to dream.

Weiss Schnee quietly peeled her bed covers off of her petite frame and slowly swung her slender legs onto the soft carpet of her Beacon Dorm room. Silently tip-toeing across the room as to not wake her teammates, she made her way towards the dorm bathroom.

She closed the door shut, her heart jumping at every "creak" and "eek" that escaped the old hinges. She locked the door, satisfied in her stealth mission to the bathroom.
Her legs shook in anticipation as she gently placed herself onto the edge of the shower-bathtub and pulled out her scroll. Weiss licked her soft lips as she scrolled through the thumbnails on her favourite site, each one more enticing than the last. She made a decision, and waited impatiently as the video buffered, a grey circle spinning on a black screen, her dainty foot lightly tapping on the tile floor. Her eyes darted to the door, making sure she remembered to lock it.

The video started, and Weiss jumped in panic at the sudden noise, screechingly loud compared to the utter silence she'd endured the past hour or so. She quickly held down the volume key, listening to the loudness becoming fainter and fainter before silence arrived.
"Dammit, I forgot the headphones!" Weiss muttered quietly through her teeth.
Weiss looked back up to the door, her heart thumping from excited fear again. Still closed, still safe, still private. "Oh well, I'll be fine without it."

Weiss let the panic and fear leave her as her eyes became glued to the spectacle on her screen. She bit her lip and smiled, the hand holding the scroll tightening it's grip, and her free hand gently making it's way down her nightgown.

The image on her screen was a platinum-haired beauty, half-naked, giggling as her foot stepped on, and slowly crushed, a model replica of a building.
It looked low budget. It looked silly.
But to Weiss... It looked like fantasy, her dream come true.

Her exploring hand lifted the hem of her night gown, and slowly slid itself into her powder-blue panties.