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Stray Fire Flower

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~!š“œš“¾š“¼š“½ š“”š“®š“Ŗš“­ - š“˜š“·š“Æš“øš“»š“¶š“Ŗš“½š“²š“øš“·!~

Ā Ūµā€Ūµ


š“£š“—š“˜š“š“–š“¢ š“Øš“žš“¤ š“š“”š“”š““ š“£š“ž š“šš“š“žš“¦

Okay, you, as a reader, need to read this to get what I'm going to be throwing at you!

Okay, here:

š“š“«š“«š“»š“®š“暝“²š“Ŗš“½š“²š“øš“·š“¼ (?)

(Y/n)- Your name
(L/n)- Last name
(F/c)- Fav. color
(F/c/2)- Second Fav. color
(H/c)- Hair color
(H/l)- Hair length
(F/f)- Fav. food
(F/f/2)- second Fav. food
Ūµā€Ūµ - Time Skip/Page Divider

~More will be added when they happen....~

š“£š”‚š“¹š“®š“¼ š“øš“Æ š“¢š“øš“¾š“µš“¶š“Ŗš“»š““š“¼

š•Šš•”š•™š• š•£š•šš•œš•¦š•¤-

Pron: (SH- ore- EE- kus). Very Rare.

-The highest rank in society
-Designs cover an entire body part (Largest size compared to other marks), like an entire arm. The mark can also spread to other parts of the body in spots too.
-Displays one's soulmate's soul trait color(s) and their spirit animal or Demyn.
-If one's soulmate is a Monster, the mark will display their 'Special Attack'.
-Mark glows when soulmate is near.
-Considered Royalty.
-Assigned to live with, learn with, and act like Royalty.



Pron: (KEES- kuhs). Common.

-Next rank in society.
-Mark displays one's soulmate's full name in black with swirls of their soul trait color(s). As well as the spirit animal or Demyn.
-Designs are kept in a circular shape, no markings going over the border.
-Mark size is no bigger than one's entire hand/paw/talon/etc.
-Mark glows when near soulmate.



Pron: (paynts). Very Common.

-Third rank in society.
-Mark displays the first initial of one's soulmate's first name.
-Designs include a wide range of color and kept in a triangular shape. No markings going beyond the border of the shape. Designs show the spirit animal or Demyn.
-Since there is so much color, only one or more soul trait colors glow, identifying the soulmate's soul trait, when soulmate is near.
-Mark no bigger than one's palm.



Pron: (blank). Rare.

-The lowest rank in society.
-Mark is a dot/spot that is colored black. Often mistaken as a birth/beauty mark.
-No bigger than 1 inch.
-Blank's soulmark will glow around any potential blank who may be a soulmate. It's unclear and hard to identify so many blanks go through life without a Demyn or soulmate. (Blanks are compatible with any soulmark type).
-Though since they are rare and are compatible with any soultype, they are often kidnapped and sold to those who have lost their soulmate in death.
-Often take the lowest jobs and work as maids/butlers for Schorikus' homes.



š“žš“½š“±š“®š“» š“˜š“·š“Æš“ø

**This story takes place in a medieval time with mythical creatures. If you have seen the movie "The Golden Compass", the setting of this story is like that.**

If someone fakes a soulmark is to be arrested or put to death, the decision is up to the faker's victim.

If someone steals (or tries) a Demyn is to be arrested or put to death, the decision is up to the thief's victim.

Note: The glowing when near soulmate can glow, even more, indicating a stronger bond when/if soulmates "Soul-Bond".

((Warning!- This book is based on a Soulmate AU story, and I put it into a hierarchy. So this book may contain racism and prejudice. I will not imply anything for I am against those two things. And personally, I wish they could just die in a hole (they can't since they're intangible things but I digress). So just a warning.))

The process which a Demyn and its master fuse and become one form. The fusion will create a physical and emotional bond closer than a bond of that of siblings. The Demyn is like an extension of its master. (See more in the Demyn section).Ā 
A pact can stay together safely for 3 to 5 days. Beyond that, the pact becomes feral, or animal-like, and forgets who/what they are. Like the Demyn absorbed the master completely, and become Corrupted.

When a pact stays together for too long and becomes feral. The Demyn absorbs the master completely and cannot un-fuse, yet can fuse again.Ā 
The Demyn becomes stronger when it corrupts.Ā 

A Demyn, also known as a 'Familiar' or 'Spirit Animal', is a mythical creature or animal that forms a bond with practically anyone.
To gain a Demyn, one must perform a ritual at a competition (which tests a person to figure out what Demyn would be best suited for them). Depending on effort, rhythm, and timing of the ritual/competition, or age, sex, and type of soulmate mark you are, change what you "receive" as a Demyn.
Once the pact process is complete, the Demyn forms telepathic abilities that enable it to see/read their master's thoughts as well as have newfound strength and determination.
The Demyn can feel/sense it's masters emotions/feelings and pain.
A Demyn has its own thoughts and mind but can't talk to any person besides its master or other Demyns.
If a Demyn is big enough, it can be mountable (you can ride around on it).
Some types can shrink or grow in size.

Types of Demyns:





**They come in all different shapes, sizes, color, and species.**


Ā Ūµā€Ūµ