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As they prepare dinner that night, each occupying themselves with a separate task, Tasha Zapata and Edgar Reade sing
along with the music on the stereo; as he finishes chopping veggies for their salad Sean Paul’s monster dance club hit GET BUSY
is the next song up on the CD:

[Shake that thing Miss Kana Kana Shake that thing Miss Annabella
Shake that thing yan Donna Donna Jodi and Rebecca Woman Get busy
Just shake that booty non-stop When the beat drops Just keep swinging it]

“Oh yeah, Oh yeah!”, chortles Reade, starting to sway to the pulsing “Reggaeton” beat, a big grin on his face.

“Don’t TRY IT, with those lame ass moves from the 90’s!,” Zapata laughs.

Moving to the middle of the living room, Reade issues a challenge (in a surprisingly passable Island accent: “I hears the SHIT
Youse talking; ’ let’s see what you got., Girl”

The sexy Latina joins him, retorting, “Ha! Let’s do it then, Big Boy!”

With her back to him, Tasha wiggles her shapely hips and lithe torso, leaning to, then fro; Reade gets in close behind her, keeping
his hands respectfully on her sides, as they sync their moves with only a few stanzas:

[Woman Get busy Just shake that booty non-stop
When the beat drops Just keep swinging it
Get jiggy Get crunked up Percolate anything you want to call it
Oscillate you hip and don't take pity Me want fi see you get live among
the riddim when me ride]

They switch places: now Reade is in front, gyrating and grinding expertly; Zapata rests her hands lightly at his waist,
pressing close, as he did to her previously, as he lowers his stance, legs spread, trunk rotating in time with the music's incessant

[Woman don't sweat it Don't get agitate just gwaan rotate
Can anything you want you know You must get it
From you name a mentuin Don't ease the tension just run the program
gals wan pet it Just have a good time]

As they continue dancing (with Reade in back of her again, his arms tight about her waist, her plush bottom tight against his
groin), he kisses her gently on the cheek, then her neck, followed by her shoulder…she turns her head enough to peck him
companionably on the mouth. They are both enjoying this renewed intimacy, the ability to laugh and dance together, to be
comfortable in each other’s presence.

"Hello, you," Tasha murmurs softly, resting her head on his muscled shoulder. Her scent is intoxicating, and even as a tingling
in his groin signals arousal, Reade is content to enjoy the moment, without pushing for more.

"Hey, You," he responds.

"I FEEL YOU...I want it too," the Latina beauty whispers. Can it be soon? It's all I can do to not creep into your bed each night."

"Soon," Reade echoes.