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Bloody Murder (A Count Mickey Dragul Fan story)

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Chapter I: Bloodlust

London. One of the most beautiful cities known to mankind, but not tonight, tonight it raining sideways, cold and dark. A female rabbit in a tan nightgown was running barefoot onto the empty streets, gasping for air as her black hair whipped with the wind.

"P-Please! Help me!" She screamed, her voice echoing the streets. Behind her, just a few inches, was a bloodthirsty vampire, with a wicked smile. The rabbit made it to a store and started banging on the locked door. "Please! Unlock the door! Help me! Help me! Ah-!"

With a tough pull of the hair, the female's head jerked back, and two sharp fangs entered her neck, she screamed, kicked, and punched. But in just two minutes, she stopped fighting and fell loose as her throat was ripped out, blood dripping down her lifeless body as she was slammed to the ground, her eyes now grey and dull. The vampire rat smirked as two other cloaked vampires approached behind him.

"Very good, Russell. You were very diligent. I suppose you know what must be done?"

"Very much so," Russell smirked and grabbed the arm of the rabbit, dragging her along the dark and rainy street, a dark look in his eyes.


In a snowy forest, a young light blue rabbit with a black hooded cloak was walking, her outfit consisted of brown trousers, a tan long-sleeved shirt with lace on the cuffs, a black belt along her waist, and black knee-high boots. She stopped and with her violet eyes she looked up to see a gang of black wolves snarling at her. She pulled back her hood, her long straight blue hair melting into the cold air, her bangs perfectly shaped and cut at her eyebrows.

She reached behind her, this made the biggest wolf of all roar and run towards her. Her eyes widen and pulled out her collapsible scythe. When uncollapsed, it was unbelievably bigger than her, yet with complete ease, she dragged it upwards, chopping the head off of the wolf, once the head dropped to the graceful white ground, it faded into dust. The rest of the wolves began to run towards her.

She hummed and swung her scythe once more, launching herself forward, jumping on tree trunks to make her have some height, even though it was only by a little. She swung downwards to stick the very tip of the blade into the wolves back, she then yanked back and landed on the wolves back, before it dissipated, she jumped off and spun around at lightning speed, make her blade cut and chop anything in her way, she landed on her feet and continued to run forward. However, a wolf pounced on her, snapping his jaws in her face, it had her pinned, she growled and jerked her face away, she kicked upward and the wolf writhed in pain as she kicked its stomach.

This gave her the chance to slice her scythe upwards, killing the wolf as she got back up, running a few more steps, she finally reached the clearing, a beautiful black castle standing proud and tall. She smiled and pulled up her hood, walking towards it. Growling was heard, and one last wolf stood, she jerked her head back as it was readying to pounce, her eyes became determined and she sliced sideways, cutting it in half, it crashed into the snow, and it finally vaporized.

She heard clapping and aimed her scythe towards the sound, she untensed once she saw her father; Oswald Van Helsing and the legendary Count Mickey Dragul, standing only a few meters away. Oswald was wearing his signature top hat, a black coat, brown trousers, and a tan shirt. The count was wearing a white shirt, red vest, and black trousers.

"You've done very well, Erica, and with only a few months of training." The mouse smiled, Erica dropped her scythe and leaned back, landing in the snow, letting it cool her off as she panted.

"So...does that mean...I completed my task?" She panted. The two men chuckled and walked towards her. "Yes, dear. That means you're done." Oswald said as he held out his hand to his daughter, who took it graciously. He pulled her up, dusting the snow off of her as she collapsed her scythe, strapping it to her back, they all headed back to the castle.

"How's mother and aunt Mina doing?" Erica questioned as the opened the dark oak doors.

"They're both fine, having tea in the dining hall I presume," Mickey responded as they hung up their cloaks. The trio walked towards the said dining hall, Erica's heels making small noises against the marble flooring, opening another set of dark oak doors, they were met with a nice warm smell of tea, two beautiful ladies were sitting down around a big round table with a white table cloth.

The cat was wearing a purple lace dress with a black corset and small hat, the dress perfectly complemented her violet eyes. The mouse was wearing a dark red dress with a black corset, her long black hair loose. They both turn and smile at the trio. "We were wondering where you three have gone." The cat smiled.

"Sorry, Ortensia," Oswald replied, kissing his wife's cheek and sat down, Mickey did the same, and Erica sat down as well. "How did your training go?" Mina questioned as she poured the three some gray earl tea.

"It went well. Erica is learning really well-" Mickey started off, but was interrupted by a monotone from the young huntress. "I got pounced on."

The table went silent as they looked at the young rabbit, staring at her cup with brows furrowed. Her ears drooping.

"It happens, darling. What matters is that you got out of it, right?" Her mother smiled and grabbed her hand. Erica didn't respond, she just nodded. Oswald sighed and got up from his chair, kneeling next to Erica. "Erica, look at me, sweetheart."

She does so, her violet eyes staring back into his pale blue ones. "What you did out there was the best you've done in three months, we're all so proud of you. Me, especially. Besides, what was rule number one of the scythe training?"

"...Never doubt myself."

"That's my girl." Oswald smiled, she gave a weak smile back, Mina then realized and her ears perked up. "Oh! Before I forget; this was addressed to you, Oswald." Everyone looked to the female mouse, she pulled out a white envelope with a red stamp, she handed it to Oswald. He grabbed it and with a flick of his wooden thumb, opened it. He skimmed through it with a dull face, until his eyes widened. "Holy shit."

"What is it?" Mickey asked.

"I've been called to London, there have been many female killings, people suspect vampires," Oswald replied shakily. The group remained silent as Oswald sat back down.

"Dammit. What am I going to do? I can't just pack up and leave everyone. Especially since I promised Erica to train her..."

"Take me with you!" Erica stood up proudly. "Out of the question." Oswald glared.

"Actually..." Ortensia thought for a moment. "What if you bring her and Mickey? That way, you have an advantage. I don't want you to get hurt, honey bunny." Oswald looked at his wife with a saddened look. "Come on, Father. You just said I've been doing my best. Come on, please!"

"We can both keep an eye on her, Oz." Mickey chuckled. Oswald huffed, closing his eyes. "Fine, Fine. I'll let you both come." Erica cheered, jumping up and down.

"When do you leave, love?" Ortensia peeked at the letter. "I have to leave as soon as possible. I'm just worried about you two being here by yourselves." Oswald said, looking at her, worried. Ortensia puffed out her cheeks. "Now don't you pull that on me, Ozzy. We're strong women who can take care of themselves."

"Are you sure?" Mickey held Mina's hand.

"I'm positive, Mickey." Mina nodded. "Alright then." Oswald smiled. "We're heading to London."