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If Bakugou Katsuki could make a wish on a shooting star and have that shit actually come true, he’d wish for the ability to go back in time and drop-kick his 4-year-old self straight to hell.

Maybe then Deku would have no reason to look anyone else other than Katsuki. But right now, the class was gathering for their first Basic Hero Training class and everyone was suited up in their hero costumes.

Deku was decked out in a green bunny jumpsuit that was supposed to be some freaky imitation of All Might. While Katsuki looked badass AF. His mom had yelled at him when she first saw the design he submitted prior to the start of term.

She said it made him look like a thieving little gremlin. Excuse you, old hag, Katsuki looked like a fucking winner, thank you very much. These grenade gauntlets are gonna be next best thing since sliced bread once Katsuki goes pro. Kids everywhere are gonna want to have a pair of their own.

What a bitch. But she was his bitchy mom and he knew she meant well. Deep down. Ugh. He was getting sentimental.

But Deku was spazzing over the rest of their classmates and Katsuki was ready to punch that one idiot lightning bitch into the sun. If the black lightning bolt streak over his hair on the side of his head didn’t indicate electricity powers, Katsuki would eat his fucking gauntlet.

The lightning rod was blushing up a storm over Deku fangirling over his costume and Katsuku had had it up to here. What the fuck was so interesting about a black jacket and some headphones. Katsuki had actual and literal grenades on his arms.


Ugh. Fucking Deku.

Katsuki had been standing around for a solid ten minutes and the stupid nerd still hadn’t noticed him. When Deku’s attention was about to be stolen by the shitty Half and Half, Katsuki was already grinding his molars to dust. What the fuck Deku the guy just put ice over half of his body. That wasn’t cool or interesting at all.

“Oi shitty Deku!” Katsuki yells out stomping his foot before Deku could even open his mouth towards Half and Half. “Stop being a giddy fangirl and shut the fuck up!” Katsuki holds up a fist and lets of a set of small (harmless) explosions and Deku’s eyes actually widen when he finally caught sight of the blond Alpha.

“Wow! Kacchan! You look amazing! That’s so cool! Do they actually detonate? Can you take them off and they’ll blow up like a real grenade? That means they store your sweat right? Oh my god, that’s so much firepower! How much sweat can they hold at a time? Are they already full? They’re so big and they look good on you! They look heavy too, wow Kacchan you must have really been working out to support these weights!” Deku spazzed as he actually ran a hand down the grenades on Katsuki's arms.

When Katsuki said that he wanted Deku’s attention, he didn’t mean having Deku basically having an orgasm over Katsuki’s gauntlets was doing things to him that he didn’t need anyone else in this class to see.

“Aww Deku-kun, you’re so cute! Like a little bunny!” Round face interrupts before Katsuki could even say a word, stealing the omega’s attention in a split second.

Deku obviously was already turning red, not that you could see it since he was covered head to toe, but the stuttering, “I’m not a bunny!” the idiot protests, the body language was proof enough for the blond who had spent 10 years of his life observing his green-haired menace. Katsuki was just about ready to throw down before All Might finally announced his presence with his trademark catchphrase.

The class quickly quieted down after that, Deku though, the nerd was spazzing silently overseeing All Might and having the hero actually about to teach their class. Katsuki just watched as his idiot tried to physically stop himself from squealing. Katsuki also noticed the exact moment when All Might catalogued the similarities of Deku’s costume. It made the young blond Alpha chuckle.

Then All Might began talking about a Hero vs Villain exercise. All right, a fight right from the start. Katsuki could get down with this. All Might really did know his stuff.

The students had to draw lots and Katsuki prayed that he wouldn’t get Deku. He needed to show off his mad skills to the nerd.

Katsuki got paired up with Glasses and immediately the blond sent a glare towards the stuck up idiot who had now been admitted into Deku’s little entourage. He flipped Glasses off once more for good measure and the little shit actually took a step closer to Deku.

How fucking dare you.

Round face was already talking Deku’s ear off a mile a minute. The two of them were partners or some shit. Fucking great. Deku looked ready to pass out and the rest of the class were breaking off into their pairs.

Katsuki was prideful and stubborn so he stood his ground until Glasses finally grew a pair and stepped up to him. Slowly, cautiously, like a trainer to a dangerous animal. Rude. Katsuki could be civil. He could be nice. He’d be so fucking nice Glasses was going to choke on it.

“Bakugou-kun-” Glasses began, his voice was already grating on Katsuki’s nerves. Katsuki takes a deep breath and lets long tired sigh out. “Listen up Four Eyes,” Katsuki ignores the outraged sputtering, “Shut the fuck up and wait till we get our opponents.” There, he didn’t even threaten to blast his glasses off his stupid square face. See, Katsuki could be so fucking nice.

Oh, he’d be battling Deku and Round Face. Oh this was going to be great. Glasses said something about Katsuki’s smirk not looking heroic at all and the blond immediately turned to the square face robot and bared his teeth.

“We’re the villains, dumbass. Get your head in the game.”

“Of course, to win this exercise I must stop from thinking like hero!” The dumbass karate chopped the air and Katsuki rolled his eyes.


He didn’t even get to do anything before the scent of a distressed Omega filtered into his nose. Katsuki gave a quick glance to Glasses to make sure that he could scent it too. The pinched look on the exposed face and the tense posture was enough proof. The two of them nodded to each other and made their way out of the room as fast as they could without the use of their quirks. It was just a mild distress call, right?

The scent of distressed Omega got stronger and Katsuki could feel his metaphorical hackles rise. Deku was upset, hurt? In trouble? What the fuck was going on? But his Alpha side was forcing him to move, he needed to get to Deku. Katsuki was now running down the corridor, his heart pumping and his sweat forming on his brow.

He needed to. He needed to get to Deku.

He hadn’t scented a distressed Deku in his life but that annoyingly delicious scent was filling his nose, his brain, his lungs. Deku. His Deku. Deku. Deku. Deku. Deku.

A small tiny part of his brain forced him to stop. Allowing Glasses to overtake the blond and create a gap between them.

Why would Deku send out his scent like this, in all their years, Katsuki had never even gotten past a whiff of more than mild discomfort. But this was the scent of legitimate distress that was filling his nostrils and penetrating his pores. It felt like he’d never forgetten the scent as it burned itself into his memory.

The scent felt like it was taking over his body, forcing his muscles to move. Move to Deku. He had to.

What happened?

Wasn’t Round Face his partner? Did something happen to her that affected the nerd? Or did that bitch try something? Oh god, Katsuki couldn’t trust any of the extras in his class. He hadn’t realised it but his feet were pounding heavily on the concrete floors and he was racing down the stairs, just behind Glasses (who had fucking engines on his legs so he got an unfair headstart damn it) who was about five seconds ahead of him.

Katsuki’s eyes automatically shut as he exploded the door off its hinges, ignoring Glasses yells to ‘stop’ and ‘turn back’. What the fuck Glasses, couldn’t you smell Deku’s distress? He opened his eyes to see a smiling Deku waiting for them just outside of the building.

“And the Hero team wins!” Came All Might’s voice boomed over the communicator and Katsuki dropped his arms in shock. The scent of distressed Omega immediately disappears when Deku locked eyes with Katsuki.

“Deku, what the fuck.” Katsuki gapes. Deku had the decency to blush and duck his head in apology. “Listen, Kacchan, let’s talk about it later, alright?” Deku pleads and Katsuki wanted to rave and shout, ready to detonate that stupid smile off that stupid face, but Katsuki was only a man, he didn’t stand a chance against Deku’s puppy eyes.

“Fucking fine. Shitty nerd.” Katsuki shoulder checks Deku who looked hurt but then Round face came down and she was pulling Deku into a hug and Katsuki was about to blow her stupid visor off her face.

The four of them hustled to the control room where All Might and the rest of the fucks were waiting for them.

“That was so fucking manly!” Shitty hair yells, his eyes were fucking sparkling. “Uraraka! The way you scaled that building was unreal, so cool! So manly!” The idiot was actually crying. Katsuki clicked his tongue in anger.

“It was all Deku-kun’s idea! When I told him that I could make myself float, he just started talking a mile a minute. Coming up with ideas left, right and center!” She giggled, bumping shoulders playfully with Deku who looked nervous and shy at all the attention he was getting.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bakugou so serious in my life.” Jacks said as she leaned against a wall and smirked at Katsuki’s direction. Katsuki flipped her off and bared his teeth in challenge.

“You wanna go, you gangly eared bitch?” Katsuki growls in immediate response.

“I’m just saying. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” She held up her hands in surrender.

“Regardless, that was certainly an unwise move to release your scent like that, Midoriya-kun.” Glasses start, his hands doing the chop-chop thing that annoyed the fuck out of Katsuki. “What would you have done if your scent had affected the rest of our classmates or even All Might?!”

“Uhm, actually,” Deku had lowered the hood of his suit and his face and curly fluffy hair was in full view for the rest of the classmates. Katsuki stole a glance towards All Might and noticed the hero smiling (but he was always smiling) fondly at the green-haired nerd. “I actually have perfect control over my scent,” Deku admits softly, the tip of his ears were pink.

“Everyone has control of their scent-” Birdhead piped up, who the hell invited the fucker to the conversation but it seemed like the entire class was now a part of the Deku explanation party. Even Half and Half was curiously glancing in their direction.

“Yes, but I have perfect control.” Deku interrupts, and his nerd looks Katsuki in the eye. “My quirk is called Instinct. I have perfect control on my scent and that includes sending out my pheromones in a way that it doesn’t affect everybody in the vicinity. But if I use it too much I actually use up all of it, so it needs time to replenish.”

Perfect control of his scent. That was why.

It explained everything.

Deku had a quirk.

Katsuki felt betrayed (Deku kept his quirk a secret for all these years), and upset (why didn’t Deku tell him?), and so disappointed in himself (Of course Deku wouldn’t have told him). He had been giving the nerd hell for years but Deku actually had a quirk. He made Deku’s life hell for nothing. It was all for nothing.


Katsuki was waiting for the idiot by the school gate again. This time Glasses and Round face weren’t flanking the idiot.

“Thanks for waiting, Kacchan.” Deku says with a soft smile (Deku was still so soft no matter how much muscle he gained from training), but Katsuki couldn’t really come up with something to say, so he just started walking to the station.

He’d always had a million things to say to Deku, wanted to apologize for all the shit that he’d done to the Omega. If it were anyone else he would have lit his palms and demanded an explanation but this was Deku.

And now he knows that he had hurt the nerd for absolutely no reason. God how could he live with himself. Is that why Deku rejected him all those years ago. Because Katsuki was a fucking bully who hurt the weak and helpless for absolutely no reason.

God, he was a mess. This. This was a mess.

He must have been spacing out the entire time because he felt a hand (so warm and so soft) in his and suddenly he had to blink because the view in front of him was Dagobah beach. The beach that Deku cleaned up. Man, he had really been out of it.

“I’m sorry Kacchan. I lied to you.” Deku begins, his voice was shaking and he swallowed his nerves to look the Alpha in the eye.

“I was a horrible friend to you. I didn’t know what to do and I did the only thing I’m good at. Running away.” .His eyes were full of tears and Katsuki reached out to wipe them off before they could fall. Deku looked like a mess like he was so so sorry.

“I’m sorry Kacchan. God, I understand if you hate me and never want to talk-” The nerd was about to go into one of his rants and Katsuki could only stare blankly at the idiot’s crying face.


When Katsuki was the one who burned the soft skin and pushed and yelled and was just the one who made a huge mess.


“K-Kacchan?” Deku whispered. “W-what are you-” Deku sounded so confused as if he couldn’t understand why Katsuki wasn’t trying to scream his ears off or blowing the Omega up. And Katsuki hated that. He hated that Deku had only associated the blond with pain.

Not anymore. He’d fix this, he vowed to himself. They both would.

“You stupid nerd.” Katsuki whispered.

Katsuki had mercilessly bullied the idiot in front of him for years. Pushed him down, told him to jump off a roof, exploded his hero notebook. Did things to the kid as if he were lesser than dirt just because Katsuki thought he didn’t have a quirk.

Because the nerd had kept it from him.

“My quirk came in late, o-or more like, we d-d-didn’t know it was a quirk. There was an accident when I was eight, a-and that’s how w-we knew.” Deku tried to explain, big fat tears falling from his pretty green eyes that looked so fucking beautiful and precious in the light of the sunset.

If it had been the Katsuki from last year, he would have exploded, literally and figuratively, at Deku for even hiding it from him. But Bakugou Katsuki was on a journey of self-discovery, of self-improvement, and he knew enough sense to know that even he wouldn’t have told himself anything had the roles be reversed.

“God, Deku.” Katsuki breathed in the scent as he pulled the Omega into his arms for a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry.” Katsuki whispered. And Deku just knew. He didn’t have to say anything more. It was enough. Deku understood what Katsuki was trying to say and it was enough.

Katsuki rubbed his face against Deku’s hair, scenting the Omega, and pleasantly surprised that the nerd allowed it without protest. He felt his nerd nuzzle the side of his neck, could feel the nerd take in a deep lungful of Katsuki’s spicy-sweet scent.

They would fix this. Repair a friendship that had been stomped and ruined and beaten.

The tears that fell that late afternoon marked the end of a chapter of their lives.

The hug they shared the beginning of a new one.