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Neo Communication Technology

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[11:33] Mama and bois

Doie is online


Doie: Yukhei you wanted me to get something? I’m at the store now.


YuckHay is online


YuckHay: a coconut


Doie: and why is that


YuckHay: Yang dared me to try and break a coconut


YuckHay: he’ll buy me a bubble egg waffle if I crack it


Doie: …


OwO is online


OwO: Baby no!


Mooseboy is online


Mooseboy: Yukhei no


Doie: Child no.


YuckHay: but I want bubble egg waffle!


Doie: you could’ve asked me for one then!


YuckHay: NO


YuckHay: (English) want a sense of accomplishment


Mooseboy: (English) since when could you spell words longer than eight letters?


YuckHay: (English) since supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was a word


YuckHay: (English) and since we met Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul


Mooseboy: (English) oh.


OwO: baby please don’t break a coconut


YuckHay: okay baby I won’t


YuckHay: for you :)


YuckHay: still want the bubble egg waffle though :(


Doie: I’ll buy you the fricken’ waffle then


YuckHay: but they’re street food


YuckHay: and in Hong Kong


YuckHay: how are you gonna get it?


Mooseboy: …


Doie: …


OwO: …


Doie: Yukhei.


YuckHay: yeah?


Doie: YangYang lives in Korea like us, how would HE get it?


YuckHay: …


YuckHay: oH


Doie: I swear, Kun will find YangYang dead one of these days.


Doie is offline


OwO: if baby breaks a bone because of this


OwO: I will find YangYang


OwO: and threaten to destroy all of his games


OwO: no one


OwO: and I mean no one


OwO: touches my baby


OwO is offline


Mooseboy: …


Mooseboy: bro


Mooseboy: just


Mooseboy: don’t break any coconuts


Mooseboy: okay?


YuckHay: but I still want bubble egg waffle!


Mooseboy: next time we visit Hong Kong we’ll get you as many bubble egg waffles as you want


YuckHay: yay! :) :)


Mooseboy: okay bro see ya


Mooseboy is offline


YuckHay: hope we go to Hong Kong soon!


YuckHay is offline