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“Oi, Deku,” Katsuki barked as he burst into her room, startling her.


“Hi, Kacchan,” Izuku said, shooting her best friend a smile.


“You left your homework at my house again,” he huffed, dropping some papers on her desk. “Idiot.”


“Ah! Sorry about that, Kacchan! Thank you for bringing it over to me,” she thanked, nodding her head at him. “Would you like some food? I got some of those spicy hot chips you love, in the pantry.”


“Yeah, thanks nerd,” he said in an aloof manner as he ruffled her hair and stalked out of her room. “C’ya in class tomorrow.”


“Bye, Kacchan!” she called, turning back to her notebook. It was a regular occurrence for him to just walk into her room/apartment unannounced, and vice versa, although it did still surprise her initially.


They had known each other since they were babies, and had been best friends ever since. It had started with Izuku being fascinated by Kacchan’s confidence and pretty eyes. Katsuki had been dumbstruck by just how smart Izuku was, always seeming to know something about everything. Even if she wasn’t that athletic and couldn’t play all the games he liked very well, she was still fun and nice to be around. Something about her made his insides all warm and fuzzy. 


“Hey, Izuku!” Katsuki had called out to her when he got his Quirk, turning to her before addressing anyone else. “Look, I got my Quirk!”


“Wow! Amazing, Kacchan!” she had cheered, her green eyes sparkling in that way that made his belly fuzzy. “You’re so lucky!”


“When you get your Quirk, we’re gonna be the best heroes in the world!” he declared, grabbing her hand and pumping his fist up triumphantly. “Just you wait, Izuku! We’re gonna be the greatest!”


“Woah! You mean it!?” she asked, excitement dancing in her eyes as her cheeks turned pink.


“Yeah! No one’s gonna be able to stop us! No villain will beat us if we fight side by side. You’ll be my partner, right, Izuku?” he asked, seeking her approval.


“Of course, Kacchan!” she cried out happily with a nod, her smiling face blinding. He had laughed brightly at her answer before dragging her off to play heroes, beating up villains and coming up with hero names.


After Izuku had learned she was Quirkless, instead of him abandoning her like she had feared, Katsuki took it upon himself to become her protector. No one gave her any trouble unless they wanted to deal with her explosive best friend. He told her that he had to be the number one hero so he could protect her from anything and everything, and that she better support him. The only thing of relevance to be remembered from any interaction with the bullies was when they coined the name ‘Deku’ for her, meaning useless. It was Katsuki who told her it meant ‘you can do it,’ so now it was a name she wore with pride.


A lot of people, especially their parents, would always say how they would get married when they were bigger, but the two of them didn’t really understand what they meant, they just knew they were best friends. As they got older, Katsuki was still her protector, but they regarded each other more as equals. She was very thankful that their relationship remained intact despite her Quirklessness, and Katsuki would always chastise her for thinking less of herself for not having a Quirk. He would yell encouragements at her, saying she was just fine as she was, and support her in his own Kacchan-y way. She really appreciated it.


After the sludge monster incident, when she began to train with All Might, Katsuki had somewhat of a crisis. Izuku was getting one-on-one attention from their favorite hero, and he was a bit jealous, just a little. He also worried over her getting hurt during training, or of pushing herself too far because she had no sense of self preservation, the idiot. Part of him mourned the loss of the version of his friend that depended on him for protection, but another, louder, part was proud that she was becoming a kick ass hero with him, just like they had dreamt when they were kids. The fact that she could put him in check once in a while was pretty amusing too. Her newfound abilities and physique were also, uh, how to say it, it made him feel a certain type of way. He was still gonna be number one, but she would make a great number two.


When they got into UA together, they were both ecstatic, although Izuku was much more obvious about it than Katsuki. She was so nervous for the entrance exams that she had to hold his hand all the way to the school grounds. Katsuki tried his best to calm her down, warning her that she was going to pass out if she didn’t breathe properly. After the exam, he blew up at her for shattering so many of her fucking bones like a fucking dumbass, and how could she be so fucking stupid!?


He was mad at her about that for a while, because she made him really fucking worried, and if she did that again he would kill her. But, they both got into the same class, and she was so excited for their first day of school together. As the school year went on, they got more and more thankful for having one another to get through the trials and tribulations. In middle school, whenever Katsuki got too hot headed or angry, Izuku quietly soothed him, and whenever she was panicking, he pulled her from her thoughts and encouraged her.


It was a good system too, but their new classmates were not ready for them, especially when someone went too far with teasing Izuku. Well, more specifically, they weren’t ready for Katsuki’s wrath.


“Oi!” Katsuki snapped, towering over Mineta, a threatening and deadly aura emitting from him in dark waves. The purple haired boy had tried to be sneaky and grab her ass, but she had shrieked and kicked him in surprise. Katsuki had been on him in an instant, further terrifying the short student. “What the fuck  did you do to Deku, huh!?


“N-n-nothing! I swear!” the boy stuttered in fear, cheek swelling from where Izuku had kicked him.


“Don’t you fucking lie to me, you worthless piece of shit!” The red eyed boy roared, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and hauling him into the air, his other palm letting off small explosions.


“He groped me,” Izuku admitted shyly as Uraraka comforted her. Katsuki growled as his explosions grew larger.


“You did what!? he yelled in his face, causing the smaller boy to shake with fear. “You apologize to her right fucking now, you grape haired piece of garbage!”


“I-I-I’m sorry!” he pleaded, tears and snot leaking down his face. “I-I won’t do it again, j-just, please, don’t kill me!”


“You can put him down now, Kacchan. I think he learned his lesson,” Izuku said, placing a hand on the ash blond’s shoulder. He scowled but let him go, dropping the class pervert from the air, sending him crumbling to the floor.


“If I catch you doing that shit again, I’ll fucking kill you,” he threatened, setting off some warning explosions. “Got that, you purple haired shit stain?”


“Y-y-yes, sir,” the boy cowered, crawling away.


“Oi, Deku, are you alright?” Katsuki asked as he turned to his best friend, red eyes roaming across her form for any irregularities.


“Yes, I’m fine,” she giggled, smiling up at him. “Thank you, Kacchan. You’re my hero.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he brushed off, turning away as the tips of his ears turned pink. “Next time something like that happens to you, you beat the shit outta them, got that?” he instructed as he took his seat.


“Yes!” she nodded, beaming brightly at him as she took her seat behind him. The rest of the class shared shocked looks after the interaction, having never seen that side of Kacchan before. After class that day, on their walk home, Katsuki was still fuming and stomping alongside Izuku.


“Kacchan, it’s fine, let it go,” she sighed, bumping her shoulder into his arm, shooting him a gentle smile.


“It’s not fine !” he barked, baring his teeth angrily. “The little pervert shouldn’t even be in the same class as us. Not only does he sexually harass all the girls, but his Quirk is practically fucking useless! Damn him,” he growled, shoulders hunched.


“I know it’s frustrating, Kacchan, but we’ll deal with it.”


“You shouldn’t have to  deal with it, dumbass!” he shouted as he turned on her.


“I know, Kacchan, but he always gets what he deserves,” she reminded him, grabbing his hand between hers. “Now calm down, he’s not worth it.”


Tch , fine,” he muttered, turning back so they could continue walking, Izuku still holding his hand. “But if he pulls that shit again, I’m gonna fucking murder him. And you can’t stop me, okay?”


“Sure, Kacchan,” she smiled and swung their hands together between them, humming under her breath as he finally started to relax. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, smiling fondly to himself as he gently squeezed her hand.












“Kacchan!” Deku called out as he was standing in the arena with Todoroki. “Do your best! Don’t hold back, Todoroki!” she cheered on her classmates, watching them intently. Katsuki sneered as he stared at his opponent, studying Todoroki as he did the same to Katsuki. He glanced over at Deku, who was smiling widely and waving at him like an idiot. He smirked at his friend, giving her a little wave back.


“I believe in you, Kacchan! You can do it!”


“Damn straight, nerd,” he muttered under his breath, before turning his attention back to Todoroki. “You’re going down, you Half n’ Half bastard.” The two toned boy didn’t reply, which pissed him off. Their fight was long and frustrating, and in the end, although Katsuki won, he didn’t feel like he had truly earned it. As he thrashed around in his restraints, wanting to be anywhere but on the first place podium, he spotted Izuku in the stands. She looked at him with a strange expression on her face, one that looked suspiciously like disappointment, and that pissed him off more than anything else. After he had been let go, and he was contemplating how to get rid of the damn medal, Izuku walked up to him once he was alone.


“Hi, Kacchan,” she greeted softly.


“Fuck off,” he growled, setting off an explosion in his palm, not even tarnishing the golden medal.


“You looked pretty scary up there earlier,” she told him, standing a few feet away from him. He looked over at her, taking in her bandaged fingers and face, his anger building up again.


“Fuck yeah, whole thing pissed me the fuck off,” he spat, looking down at the loathsome thing. “I didn’t fucking earn this. It’s just mocking me. I hate it.”


“I know you do,” she said, walking up to him and gently placing her hands over his, covering the medal. “But, I think you should keep it.”


“Why the hell would I do that?” he snarled, grip around the gold circle tightening. “To remind myself what a fucking failure I am?”


“Katsuki,” she snapped, causing him to look up at her with a surprised expression. “You stop that right now. You are not a  failure. So you didn’t win the way you wanted to, you’ll do better next time.”


“Don’t tell me what to do, damn Deku,” he growled back, purely on principle.


“Then stop acting like an idiot,” she commanded, pouting in a way that was supposed to be intimidating but only came off as cute. “You’re going to be an amazing hero, Kacchan. I know you feel like this is a failure, but you need to look on the bright side.”


“Where’s the bright side to winning a thrown match?” he bit out, body trembling from barely controlled anger.


“A determination to be better next time,” she answered, smiling at him in that determined way of hers, the one that pissed him off because it looked so good on her. “Use this to motivate you, Kacchan, so that next time you really earn it.” He remained silent for a while, thinking on what she said, before sighing in annoyance.


“Fine, stupid nerd,” he relented, pocketing the medal and taking her hand in his. “If you’re fucking done lecturing me, let’s go. I’m fucking hungry.”


“Ah, careful Kacchan! My fingers!” she warned as he let up his grip.


“Oh, shit, sorry Izu.”


“It’s okay. What do you want to eat?”












“Hey, Deku, isn’t that Bakugou’s shirt?” Uraraka asked one morning when Izuku came down for breakfast.


“Huh?” Izuku asked sleepily, glancing down at the oversized black shirt with a white skull on it. “Oh, yeah,” she shrugged and shuffled into the kitchen to make a quick breakfast.


“So, Midoriya,” Ashido asked slyly, having also been in the kitchen. “How long have you and Bakugou been dating?”


“Wha?” she asked blearily, yawning cutely as she rubbed her eyes sleepily. “Kacchan and I aren’t dating. We’re best friends, s’all.”


“Oh, so you’re just friends?” the brown haired girl pressed in hopeful disbelief.


“Mm hmm,” she nodded, rummaging through the cupboards. Ashido and Uraraka shared disbelieving looks but decided not to press further at that moment.












“Hey, Bakubro,” Kirishima asked as Katsuki stepped out of the showers, fresh clothes on and an All Might themed towel draped over his head. “Nice towel. Don’t you always make fun of Midoriya for being a fangirl? You’re not exactly one to talk, haha!”


“Yeah, I am. This is her towel,” he scoffed, walking past the red head.


Eh!? Why do you have Midoriya’s towel?” Kaminari asked, looking at him with wide and curious eyes, to which Katsuki shrugged.


“Dunno, probably just got mixed in our laundry. It’s not a big deal though, she doesn’t care. We borrow each other’s clothes all the time.”


“You two do your laundry together?” Sero asked, mouth agape. “And borrow  each other’s clothes?”


“Yeah? Why?” he asked, glaring at the three boys. “Deku and I have always done that. I don’t know why you guys are making such a big fucking deal out of it. S’not like it’s weird or anything.” He turned and headed upstairs, not staying long enough for them to say another word.












“Bakugou! Over here!” Kirishima waved cheerfully at Katsuki, who was scowling as he walked over with his tray of food.


“Calm the fuck down, shitty hair, I’m right here,” he snapped, setting his tray down roughly and flopping into his seat. He looked over his shoulder to where the extras had dragged Deku off to, this being one of the few times where they weren’t seated next to each other. It felt weird, not having her close to him.


“Have you tried Lunchrush’s new item? It’s so good!” the red head beamed, taking another forkful of the food. “You should try it!”


“Is it spicy?” he asked, scowling when he shook his head ‘no.’ “Then it probably fucking sucks.”


“C’mon, Bakugou! Don’t be like that!” Ashido teased, to which the hot headed teen sneered. “You need to broaden your horizons! Try new things!”


“I don’t need to do shit,” he snapped, slamming his fist down on the table. “Fuck off, Pinky.”


“C’mon man, what are you, chicken?” Kaminari asked, knowing that he would get a reaction out of the ash blond. The affect was instantaneous, as his brows furrowed and he bared his teeth in a frown at the electric hero-in-training.


“I’m not a fucking chicken, you Pikachu wannabe!” he yelled, stabbing his fork into Kirishima’s food. “Gimme that!” His friends cheered as he shoved the bite of food into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. His face screwed up in distaste and he coughed. “Wh-What’s in that?”


“Huh?” Kirishima asked, cocking his head at the boy. “Uh, I think the main ingredient is peanuts and hazelnut.” Katsuki’s eyes widened as his face started turning red. “Bakugou?”


“Sh—shit,” the boy wheezed, falling out of his seat.


Bakugou!” Sero cried as the others got to their feet. The ash blond was on the ground, face turning redder as he was gasping and heaving, struggling to breathe as he clutched at his throat.


“Hey!” Kirishima yelled desperately, trying to get someone’s attention. Izuku was suddenly over to them in a flash with an epipen in hand, slammed it into Katsuki’s leg, and injected it into him. The red in his face began to go away as he coughed and wheezed, greedily sucking in air.


Kacchan! Are you okay!?” she fretted as she helped him sit up. A crowd of worried students had gathered around, all murmuring amongst themselves.


“Y-yeah, I’m fine, thanks,” he said lowly, catching his breath.


“Oi, everyone, back up! Give him some air!” Ashido yelled as she and the others shooed everyone away.


“Wow, Midoriya. It’s really fortunate that you had an epipen on you!” Hagakure exclaimed as some of their classmates hovered over them.


“I always carry one on me,” she explained, not taking her eyes off of her best friend. “Kacchan, why did you eat something with Hazelnuts in it? You know you're  allergic, what were you thinking!?”


“That’s kinda our fault,” Kaminari admitted as he and the rest of Bakugou’s friends gave her sheepish looks. “We wanted him to try this new food Kirishima had ordered, and kinda goaded him into eating it. We didn’t know he was allergic.”


“Yeah, we’re sorry, Bakugou,” Kirishima said, a look of concern still on his face. “That was super unmanly of us.”


“You didn’t know, quit with the puppy dog eyes, you damn idiots,” he brushed off, getting to his feet.


“C’mon, Kacchan, let’s go see Recovery Girl,” Izuku said, pulling on his arm.


“What? No, Deku, I’m fine,” he insisted.


“Kacchan,” she snapped, pouting at him with an angry and worried expression. “Please?”


“Fine,” he relented after a sigh, letting her pull him out of the cafeteria without further complaint as their classmates watched them go.


“You still carry an epipen on you?” Katsuki asked her as she led him to the infirmary.


“Of course, Kacchan,” she said, glancing back at him. “You never know, right?”


“Well, thanks,” he said, giving her a small smile. “You’re my hero, Deku ,” he mocked, causing her to giggle.


“You’re welcome, Kacchan,” she smiled at him, both of them chuckling as they walked together.












“Deku!” Katsuki shouted, bursting into her dorm room without a shirt on.


“Ah! Kacchan!” she shrieked, startled by his sudden entrance. “You scared me!”


“Where the fuck is my shirt?” he snapped, stomping over to her and standing over her menacingly.


“Which one?” she asked, unfazed, shooting him a confused look.


“My black t shirt,” he clarified as she got up and began to rummage around her drawers.


“The one with the skull on it?” she asked, glancing over her shoulder as she dug around.


“No, the one with the red ‘M’ on it,” he clarified again, looking around her room with disinterest. She looked around her drawers for it, brows furrowed as she looked.


“Mm, I don’t think I have- oh!” She let out a victorious noise and pulled out the shirt. “Here it is!”


“Cool,” he nodded, taking the shirt from her hands and pulling it over his head. Midoriya briefly admired the muscles moving on his chest but shook herself as his blond head of hair popped back into view. “Thanks,” he said as he smoothed out the shirt. “I still have your All Might towel, by the way.”


“Ah, I was wondering where that went,” she laughed, sitting back at her desk.


“What’re you working on?” he asked with mild interest, leaning over her, wrapping his arm loosely around her neck and resting his head on top of hers.


“Oh, that essay Present Mic assigned to us,” she explained, tilting her computer so he could more easily see her screen.


“You haven’t finished that yet? Seriously?” he scoffed with a smirk, causing her to puff her cheeks at him. “I finished that the weekend it was assigned. You ain’t slakin’ are ya, Deku?” he asked playfully, ruffling her curly green hair.


“No!” she insisted, grabbing at the top of her head and leaning out of his reach. “We still have a week to work on it!”


“Pssh, that’s how procrastinating starts, Deku,” he continued to tease, pulling at her freckled cheeks. “What were you working on when we last did our homework together?”


“Other stuff,” she mumbled, looking away.


“You were writing in one of those damn hero journals of yours, weren’t you?” he accused, crowding her against her chair as he pulled on her cheeks.


“Maybe. Okay, yes!” she exclaimed, crying out when he pulled harder.


“You plannin’ on publishing those things one day?” he asked, letting go of her face but not backing up out of her space.


“I dunno, maybe?” she said as she looked away in embarrassment, sounding unsure of herself.


“They’d be hella successful,” he told her, not liking the unsure look on her face. “Give yourself some credit, nerd.” He punctuated his statement by pinching her face again, causing her to giggle and whine.


“Haha, thanks, Kacchan,” she smiled at him as he turned and began to leave the room. “You’re still gonna come back later for movie night, right?”


“‘Course, dumbass,” he called over his shoulder as he closed her door behind him.












“Hey, Bakubro!” Kirishima greeted with a wave, causing the ash blond to scowl.


What?” he growled lowly, clearly in a more foul mood than normal.


“Geez, what’s gotten into you, huh?” Sero asked, smiling awkwardly down at the explosive teen.


Fuck off,” he spat lowly before looking away. The other two shared a look between each other, surprised by how genuinely angry he seemed that day. The walked over to Izuku once she walked into the room, chatting cheerily with Uraraka.


“Hey, Midoriya,” the black haired boy asked, “do you know what’s up with Bakugou?”


“Huh?” she asked, peaking around them at her best friend before looking back at them. “What do you mean?”


“He seems, like, extra mean  today. Did something happen to him?” Kirishima asked, looking at Katsuki worriedly.


“Hmm,” she thought, grabbing her chin in thought. “Not that I know of. He hasn’t told me anything, but I’ll go talk to him.”


“I dunno, Midoriya,” Sero cautioned as she walked past them. “He’s really mad .”


“I can handle it,” she said, shooting them a bright smile and a thumbs up over her shoulder. She turned back and walked over to Katsuki while Kirishima, Sero and Uraraka watched intently. She set her bag on her desk before shuffling over to him and sitting on his desk. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge her as he continued to look out the window, staring at the cloudy gray skies while she leaned down and whispered something in his ear. She placed a hand on his shoulder as he turned to whisper something back to her, and, after she whispered something back, he burst into laughter. This startled the rest of the students in the class, who had never before heard the explosive teen laugh so openly.


“Izu, you fucking dumbass,” he laughed as she giggled along with him.


“I dunno whut yer talkin’ ‘bout,” she said in a nasally voice, causing another wave of laughter to erupt from both of them.


“You’re such a fucking idiot, y’know that?” he chuckled, smirking up at her as she continued to laugh at the inside joke only they were privy to. She gave Kirishima and Sero a big, reassuring smile before going back to talking to Katsuki, happy that he was no longer in such a foul mood.












“Oi, Deku, you alive in there?” Katsuki asked as he cautiously opened up her door. When all he heard was a low groan of pain, he slipped in and shut the door behind him.  “Hey, you little monster, I’ve got your shit.”


“Mmmmn,” Izuku moaned from under her covers, poking her head out to reveal her messy bed head. “Kacchan, you’re my hero. Have I ever told you I love you?”


“You could stand to mention it more,” he snarked as he sat down on the bed next to her. “Here,” he said as he pulled out a bunch of stuff to help her feel better. A thermos of green tea, a large bottle of cold Gatorade, dark chocolate, Tylenol, a new package of tampons and one of those aromatherapy candles she liked. “There, think you’ll live now?”


“You’re my hero, Kacchan,” she praised again as she hugged him around the waist, rubbing her face into his stomach. “Yer so warm.”


“Heating pad not cutting it?” he asked, petting her head soothingly. She shook her head and buried her face into his side, whining in pain. “Alright you little monster, scootch over,” he instructed as he slid further into her bed. She crawled into his lap and leaned against his warm body, sighing in relief. “You gotta movie you wanna watch?”


“You can pick,” she waved off as he pulled out her laptop and opened up Netflix. He looked around for a suitable hero movie as Izuku popped a piece of dark chocolate into her mouth. He played a movie and set the laptop it on her lap, tucking her head under his chin, placing his hands over her abdomen and letting heat emanate from his palms. She moaned appreciatively as she slumped against him, clearly soothed by the heat.


“You feelin’ better, nerd?” he asked after the movie was done, being met with silence. “Izu?”


“Hmm?” she hummed sleepily, snuggling into him.


“You falling asleep on me, nerd?” he asked as he closed the laptop.


“Mmm,” she nodded softly, “comfy,” she finished, yawning cutely. He sighed dramatically as he gently rolled them over so that he was spooning her.


“Fine, go to sleep nerd,” he huffed, curling around her as he rubbed his thumbs against her skin.


“Mm, love you, Kacchan,” she sighed sleepily, causing his heart to jump traitorously in his chest.


“Yeah, I love you too, Izu,” he whispered back, placing a feather light kiss to the nape of her neck as he too fell asleep.












Kacchan!” Izuku cried out as she frantically burst into his room, her face red and flustered.


“What?” he asked in annoyance, glaring at her from his desk. She threw her arms around his neck from behind, burying her face and whining into him. “Oi, what the fuck do you want? I’m busy.”


Kacchan~” she whined, tightening her hold on him. “I need your advice! I don’t know what to do! I’m so confused and flustered and I need you to help me!”


“Oi, oi slow down,” he barked, placing a hand on her arms as he continued to write on his homework paper. “What’s your problem?”


“U-Uraraka a-asked me out!” she admitted in a high pitch squeal, face emitting waves of heat.


“Wh-what?” he asked in disbelief, looking over his shoulder at her as he set down his pen.


I know !” she squeaked, bouncing on the balls of her feet. “ What do I do!?


“Uuuhh,” he drawled, trying to process what she had just said. “Well, do you want to go out with her?”


“I-I dunno! Maybe!?” she exclaimed, letting go and pacing around his room anxiously. He turned around in his seat to watch her pace around, her face pink as she anxiously wrung her hands together, muttering under her breath.


“She’s really nice, I like her a lot, and sh-she’s really cute. B-but I don’t know if we went out and it didn’t work, w-would that make us not friends anymore!? What if I just want to stay friends afterwards, and she wants to be more!? I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship!”


“Well,” he began, resting his arms across the back of his chair, “if it didn’t work out romantically, would you still want to  be friends?”


“Of course!” she insisted as she whirled to face him. “I really like Uraraka, I’m just...  not sure.”


“You really think  Pink Cheeks would stop talking to you over an awkward date?” he asked, pointedly cocking his brow at her.


“Well, no,” she said, thinking on it as she stared anxiously at the floor.


“So, go for it,” he shrugged.


“Y-you don’t mind?” she asked shyly, looking up at him.


“What do you mean?” he asked, furrowing his brows. “It’s not my business who you go out with. Besides, Round Face isn’t the worst you could do.”


“I know, just, I didn’t know if me going out with a girl would be, I dunno, bad?” she finished, sounding unsure of herself. “I-I know you don’t care that I’m bi, a-and I’m not saying you wouldn’t be accepting of me, cuz y-you’re a good person, i-it’s just, it’s still nerve wracking, y’know?”


“Izuku,” he said, causing her head to snap up to look at him, green eyes wide and glassy. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”


“Of course, Kacchan,” she laughed, walking over to hug him around the shoulders again. “I know that, and you can tell me anything, too.”


“Yeah, I know,” he smiled, wrapping his arms around her torso. “So, you gonna go for it?”


“Y’know, I think I will,” she said, pulling back and shooting him a confident smile before squealing and throwing her arms back around him. “Thanks, Kacchan! You’re my hero!”


“Yeah, yeah,” he said, rolling his eyes and smiling at her. “Now get out of here, dumbass. Good luck.” He watched her leave his room, a smile now on her face as she went to find Uraraka. Katsuki felt his smile fall as he turned back around to work on his school work, although he found himself unable to focus. He should be happy for his best friend, because she did like the anti-gravity hero, but something in his chest hurt at the idea of them together. He growled to himself in frustration as he shook his head, forcing himself to work on his homework and resolutely not thinking about Izuku on a date with someone else.












“Kacchan? I’m so nervous!” she cried, waving her arms frantically as she entered his room to let off some last minute anxiety before her date with Uraraka.


“Why? It’s just fucking Round Face,” he said as he rolled his eyes, not looking up from his book as he continued to lift his dumbbell.


“I know! It’s just, I’ve never been on a date before! What do I do? Do we hold hands? Do we kiss!? Oh no, what if she thinks I’m bad at kissing!?”


“Oi, calm down,” he barked, pulling her from her ramblings. “She’s your friend, relax. Just, I dunno, pretend that you’re out with me, or something.”


“Out with Kacchan?” she repeated slowly under her breath, clasping her chin between her fingers. Her face heated up as she smiled softly to herself and nodded. “Okay, okay I think I’m ready.”


“Cool, now get out of here,” he dismissed, still not looking up.


“Wish me luck!” she called as she left the room.












“Hey, how’d it go?” Katsuki asked as she came back into his room a few hours later.


“Uh,” she began, rubbing the back of her neck.


“Not well?” he asked, getting up and walking over to her.


“Well, yes and no,” she said as they walked over to his bed and sit down. She leaned against him as he wrapped an arm around her, rubbing her arm affectionately. “The date was fine, but I think it, it wasn’t right. We both decided we were better off as friends.”


“That’s... good? Right?” he asked, confused as to why she seemed upset. “So what’s wrong?”


“I-I don’t know,” she sighed, tucking her knees up to her chin. “I guess I’m just a little disappointed? I-I just, I got really anxious about everything, and I guess I’m just coming down from the high. Y’know?”


“I think, yeah,” he said. “But, hey, it’ll be okay. You’re still friends, right? It’ll be alright.”


“Yeah,” she sniffed, still looking somewhat upset.


“Wanna watch a movie or something?” he asked, looking down at her. “We can watch one of those cheesy All Might movies you love.”


“You love those movies as much as I do, Kacchan,” she teased with a half smile, nudging him with her shoulder.


“You’re still a bigger nerd than I am, nerd,” he shot back as she giggled. They spent the rest of the day cuddling and watching All Might movies until they fell asleep together, with Izuku feeling much better, and for that, Katsuki was glad.












“So,” Monoma’s voice flitted over, causing Katsuki to drift his teeth in annoyance, “I saw that 1-A’s favorite student was out on a date with another girl. Who knew the darling of 1-A was a dyke?” He finished with a haughty laugh as the utensil in Katsuki’s hand exploded.


You . Shut the fuck up, right now,” he snarled at the blond, shaking with rage.


“Don’t feel too bad, Bakugou,” Monoma continued with a smirk on his face. “You can’t help that the girl you like would rather whore herself out to other women rather than you.”


Oi!” he barked, grabbing the boy by the front of his uniform. “Not that it’s any of your damn business, but for your fucking information, Deku’s bi, and even if she was gay, there’s not a fucking thing wrong with that. What the fuck kinda game are you trying to play, hah!? You homophobic cock wad?”


“Oh, that just makes it worse, doesn’t it?” the blond asked snidely, cocking a brow. “So she’ll bang anything that moves and she still chose someone else over you? Honestly, I feel sorry for you.” Katsuki was about ready to set the boy on fire but he promptly went limp in his grasp. He looked up and saw Kendo standing there, looking more pissed than he had ever seen her.


“I’m sorry about him,” she apologized darkly as she pulled Monoma back by the back of his collar. “I’ll give him a talking to about how not to be a homophobic jerk. Again, really sorry about that.”


“Whatever,” he shrugged as he went to walk off his anger. At least someone was trying to keep the idiot in check.


“Damn Bakugou,” Kirishima commented, him and everyone else looking mildly surprised.


“What?” he asked, brows furrowed in irritation and confusion.


“I guess none of us really expected that of you,” Ashido commented, to which everyone nodded in agreement.


“Haah?” he asked, sneering angrily. “What, you idiots think I’d just put up with that homophobic and biphobic bullshit? Hell no,” he finished, angrily taking a bite of his food.


“Well, it was really manly,” Kirishima praised, to which everyone laughed and nodded again.


“We would’ve said something, but you looked like you had it under control,” Sero said.


“If I ever find out you idiots just let that shit slide, I’m killing all of you,” he commented offhandedly.


“Well, I think now is a good time to come out,” Ashido announced. “I’m bi.”


Same!” Kirishima said enthusiastically, reaching over to high five the alien queen. “Hell yeah! Bi buds for life!”


“Can you two just shut the fuck up and eat?” he asked, rolling his eyes in irritation.


“Awe, party pooper,” Kirishima whined, pouting at him, to which Katsuki just flipped him off.












“Yo, Bakugou! What’s up?” Kirishima greeted as he and the rest of the BakuSquad walked into the classroom. Their smiles all dropped when they noticed the explosive boy looked oddly nervous and bothered, brows furrowed in concern. “Hey, what’s going on man?”


“Deku’s mad at me,” he admitted, causing everyone in the room to gasp.


What!?” Ashido asked, black eyes wide in disbelief.


“Midoriya’s mad at you?” Todoroki asked, even his voice mildly tinted with surprise.


“Yeah,” he groaned, sliding his hands down his face. “Pissed.”


“What the hell did you do to get Midoriya to  be mad? Especially at you ?” Kaminari asked, shocked that their laid back and easy going classmate was apparently upset.


“Well,” he began, but stopped himself when the Devil herself walked into the room, to which he shot out from his seat and walked over to her. “Hey, Deku. Good morning.”


“Good morning, Bakugou,” she answered coldly, resolutely ignoring him as she walked past him and set her stuff out on her desk. Everyone in the room was in shock, having never seen this side of the greenette. Her cold demeanor was scary enough to send chills down everyone’s spines, and the room suddenly felt as if it dropped a few degrees.


“Look, Izu, I’m sorry,” he said, desperation clear in his voice and on his face.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she answered stiffly, refusing to look at him. Katsuki opened his mouth to respond but what interrupted when Aizawa came in to tell them to sit down and shut up. Everyone kept glancing at the two nervously, mildly afraid of how eerily calm Izuku seemed. Katsuki kept looking over his shoulder at her, which she ignored, and he bounced his leg anxiously. Throughout the day, Katsuki would try and corner Izuku to speak to her, but she would just get up and leave.


“Yo, dude, what did you do to  her?” Kirishima asked as Katsuki laid his head on the lunch table, defeated. “I have never seen her like this! It’s scary,” he shivered as everyone nodded in agreement.


“Kill me now,” Katsuki bemoaned quietly, hiding his head in his arms.


“Dude, what did you do?” Sero pressed as everyone leaned in. “We still don’t know what happened!”


“Tch,” he scoffed as he sat up, staring down at his untouched plate of food. “I... shit, I...” he trailed off as his cheeks turned pink, lowering his head.


“Did you walk in on her changing or something?” Kaminari guessed, causing Ashido to elbow him in the side. “Ow!”


“Nah, she wouldn’t care if I did that,” he shrugged, to which the others gaped.


“O-okay? So, what was it!?” Kirishima hissed as he leaned in closer to his friend.


“I,” he sighed. “I was borrowing one of her All Might hoodies, it was one of her favorites, and I may have accidentally set it on fire,” he admitted, still looking down. Everyone at the table sat in stunned silence, blinking in surprise.


“That’s, that’s it?” Ashido asked.


“What the hell do you mean, ‘ that’s it’!? ” Katsuki barked, slamming his fist on the table as he shot the alien girl a death glare. “It was one of her favorite hoodies and I ruined it , because I was careless! It meant a lot to her,” he tapered off, clearly upset and angry with himself.


“Well, I’m sure she’ll come around eventually,” Kirishima reasoned awkwardly, trying to lighten the mood. Katsuki stayed quiet the rest of the lunch period, which wasn’t exactly out of the realm of ordinary, but was brooding silently to himself. After lunch, Izuku was still ignoring him, and his mind raced with ways to fix this, when an idea came to mind. After class was dismissed, he cornered Momo and asked to speak to her privately.


“What do you need, Bakugou?” she asked, a curious expression on her face.


“I need you to make something for me,” he told her, face serious, worrying Momo.


“Does... does this happen to have anything to do with Midoriya being mad at you?” she ventured a guess, causing the boy to scowl.


“Never you fucking mind,” he snapped, crossing his arms over his chest. “I ruined her favorite hoodie, and I need you to make a new one for me.”


“Ah! I see, of course, Bakugou,” Momo smiled with a nod. “Do you have a picture of it?” He nodded, pulled out his phone and scrolled through his photos until he found one to show her. He held up his phone to her, revealing a picture of him and Izuku wearing matching hoodies. They were pressed together with their arms wrapped around each others’ shoulders and her face pressed against his as they smiled at the camera. Their faces were both flushed from how cold it was, with snow coating the background, and they looked blissfully happy. It was an adorable photo, and Momo found herself holding back an ‘awe.’ He then slid his thumb across the screen to a new photo, showing the two of them in an ‘All Might’ pose, showing off the backs of their hoodies which had each other’s name on them, wide smiles on both their faces as they glanced at each other. It was almost too cute to handle.


So? Can you do it or not?” he asked harshly, growing impatient.


“Of course, Bakugou,” she said as she turned away and opened her shirt to make the hoodie he had shown her. After she had finished making the hoodie, she handed it to Bakugou, who proceeded to carefully fold it up and fit it in his bag as best he could.


“Thanks,” he grunted, much to her surprise. Her heart warmed at how much he cared for Izuku, finding the gesture sweet.


“You’re very welcome, Bakugou,” she beamed as he walked away. “Good luck!” He flipped her off over his shoulder as he hurried back to the dorms, assumingely to reconcile with Izuku.


“Hey, Izu?” he knocked on her door before opening it slowly. He saw her sitting at her desk in her casual clothes, not acknowledging his presence. “Hey,” he said again, causing her to pause what she was doing. She looked lazily over at him, brows furrowed uncharacteristically, clearly still upset with him.


“Do you need something, Bakugou?” she asked aloofly, folding her arms over her chest. A pang of sadness shot through his chest at her tone, but he took a deep, steadying breath.


“Look, I know you’re mad at me-“


“Oh? What gave you that idea?” she snarked, causing the vein in his forehead to pulse in irritation.


And  I’m sorry, I fucked up,” he pressed on, looking down. “I was careless and ruined something you loved a lot, and I’m really sorry. So,” he unzipped his bag and pulled out the hoodie, unfolding it out to show her, “here.” Izuku’s eyes widened in surprise as she got up and shuffled over to him, running her hands over the fabric.


“I-I had Momo make it for you. I know it’s not the same, and I’m still really sorry, but I figured this was better than nothing.”


“K-Kacchan,” she breathed out, tears welling in her eyes.


“Sorry, I’m shit at this sort of thing,” he said, cheeks turning pink. “Not that you don’t already know. Tch, don’t fucking cry, you stupid nerd,” he chastised as tears began to streak down her face.


“Oh! K-Kacchan! Thank you!” she wept, clutching the fabric to her face and snuggling into it.


“So, are you not mad at me anymore?” he asked, half teasing, causing her to gasp and look at him with sad eyes.


“Ah! I-I’m so s-sorry, Kacchan! I was so m-mean to you!” she cried as she buried her face into his chest. “I forgive you! I-I’m sorry!” she bawled as he wrapped his arms around her, rubbing his hand up and down across her back.


“Yeah, yeah, thanks you big crybaby,” he teased, relieved that she wasn’t angry with him anymore. After she composed herself, she buried her face into the hoodie again, before pouting with a sigh. “Oi, what’s wrong?”


“It doesn’t smell like Kacchan anymore,” she pouted, unaware of the blush that streaked across Katsuki’s face as his stomach swarmed with butterflies.


“Tell ya what,” he said, placing a hand on her shoulder as she looked up at him curiously. “You can borrow my hoodie for the time being and I’ll wear yours for a while. Sound good?”


“Yes! Thank you, Kacchan!” she beamed, smiling happily. He nodded and they walked to his room so he could change and she could grab his hoodie. They decided to hang out and watch TV in the common room, leaning against each other as they wore their matching hoodies. As people came in and out of the common area, they all sighed with relief when they realized that the Wonder Duo had made up. The BakuSquad teased him about the fact that they had matching hoodies, to which he flipped them off over his shoulder as Izuku giggled.












“Izu?” Katsuki called out softly as he quietly padded into her room.


“Huh? Kacchan, what are you doing here?” she asked as she looked up from her book, glancing at her bedside clock. “It’s one in the morning, you’re normally asleep. Is something wrong?”


“No,” he grumbled, crawling under the covers and settling between her legs. He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and hid his face in her stomach, body trembling ever so slightly. “...yes.”


“Another nightmare?” she asked gently, petting his spiky hair in a soothing fashion.


“No,” he barked, before adding, “...yes.” She waited patiently for him to find his words, never once pressuring him to speak, just offering a comforting presence for him.


“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked, moving her legs up so he felt less exposed.


“Not really,” he said, shaking his head against her. “Jus’... jus’ wanna keep you here, n’make sure you’re okay.” That clued her in to what his nightmare may have been about.


“I’m right here, Kacchan,” she promised him, choosing not to bring up the sudden damp patch on her shirt. “You want to stay the night?” He nodded against her and she set down her book after marking the page she was on before turning off her bedside lamp. The two of them maneuvered around until they were on their sides, with Katsuki still pressing his face to her stomach. They did this often once he started suffering from these horrible nightmares, just needing her presence to feel safe again. Having the peace of mind that his best friend was safe and unharmed generally allowed him to, eventually, fall asleep.


She continued to pet his head, even as his breathing evened out, signaling that he had fallen back asleep. His hot breath puffed against her stomach as she looked down at him, his hair looking silver in the light of the moon. She listened to the sound of his breathing, finding herself relaxed by his presence and smell. His face was so calm and gentle in his sleep, for the time being completely undisturbed by the outside world, and hopefully his nightmares would be staved off.


She didn’t suffer from nightmares nearly as much as he did, but he was plagued with them ever since the sludge monster incident. It broke her heart that her best friend was suffering so much, but knowing she could help in some way made it a little easier. She contemplated just how lucky she was to have him in her life, unable to fathom a life where they weren’t friends. The very thought of not having Katsuki was enough to bring her to the brink of tears, before she gently shook her head and took a deep breath. But she couldn’t help it, he was so important to her, she loved him a lot.


She shook her head again, a little more vigorously this time, trying to fight the blush on her face. No, she was not in love with her best friend, no matter how much her heart fluttered at the thought. She loved him, yes, but she couldn’t be in love with him, he’d never see her that way. She needed to get over these stupid feelings; their friendship was more important.












Achoo! ” Katsuki sneezed, groaning in anger; he hated getting sick. His head was stuffy, he couldn’t breathe, his throat was painfully dry, and he felt overall disgusting. Not only that, but he was missing out on opportunities to improve and surpass his classmates, plus, he couldn’t keep an eye on his accident prone best friend. Yeah, she didn’t need him to protect her anymore, but old habits die hard, as they say. It was just ingrained in him to watch out for the curly green haired girl, as he had done it for so long that it was a hard habit to turn off. He wanted her there to keep him company and distract him from how shitty he felt.


“Hello~? Kacchan?” Speak of the devil, Izuku cheerfully popped her head into his door, a smile on her face. “Hey! You’re awake.”


“Wish I wasn’, ‘feel like shid,” he groaned, coughing pathetically. He had coughed so much that day that his abdomen hurt, and his head ached too.


“Well, I have some more medicine for you, as well as some soup, tea and cough drops,” she explained happily, setting a bunch of stuff on his nightstand. He huffed and sat up in his bed, clutching his head as it pounded. “Hey, does your head hurt?”


“Feels lige Athena’s gonna pop oudda my sgull,” he complained, causing his best friend to giggle at the reference. “You god any Dylenol?”


“Mmhmm,” she nodded, rummaging around for the bottle of pills before pulling it out for him. “Here, and I’ve got a thermos of soup. Don’t worry, I didn’t make it.”


“Fuggin’ good,” he snapped, taking the thermos from her, not nearly as threatening as he wanted to be due to his stuffy voice. “You can’d coog for shid.”


“Haha, you’re welcome,” she laughed, pulling out the other cold supplies and setting them out for him. “I also have the homework you missed today. Want me to stay and work on it with you?”


“Nah, don’ wan’ you d’gatch my gold,” he said with a sniffle, taking a sip of the hot soup, despite how warm he felt. She pressed a blessedly cool hand against his forehead and gasped.


“Kacchan! You’re burning up!” she exclaimed worriedly.


“Shu’up, ‘m fine, sdupid Degu,” he slurred slightly as he took another swig from the thermos. She stood up and rushed out of his room, leaving the door slightly ajar behind her. He looked down at his soup and continued to eat until she came back a few minutes later with a damp cloth in her hands.


“Here, for your forehead,” she said, placing the cloth on his forehead. He sighed in relief at the cool cloth against his skin, not having realized how hot and shitty he felt. “There, better?” He nodded. “Good. Do you need anything else?”


“Nah, d’nks,” he said, taking another sip. “Y’should go, don’ wanna ged y’sig.”


“How about I just do my homework at your desk, yeah?” she suggested, pointing to his desk. “That way, if you need anything, I’ll be right there.”


“Tgg, fine, knog y’rself ou’ ,” he huffed loudly as she smiled. She hopped off his bed and set her stuff up at his desk, a companionable silence washing over them. After he finished the soup, he set the thermos aside and laid back down. He felt a lot better now that he had taken medicine and eaten some food, and was suddenly very sleepy. He watched Izuku’s back as she worked, eyes lazily tracking the movements of her hand flying across the page before slowly drifting closed.












“Hey, Deku,” Katsuki greeted as he jogged over to her. “Sorry I’m late.”


“It’s fine,” she smiled as they began to walk back to the dorms together, hands casually linking together. “What held you up?”


“Tch, just another damn extra trying to confess their feelings for me,” he bit out, looking irritated.


“What!? A confession!?” she exclaimed, eyes wide and mouth agape. “And, wait, another!?


“Yeah, it’s annoying as shit,” he shrugged , looking disinterested.


“What!? Kacchan, that’s amazing!” she declared, looking at him with a smile as she squeezed his hand. “Someone has feelings for you! Isn’t that beautiful?”


“They have feelings for my face, but not the rest of me,” he snorted, scrunching up his nose at the thought. “It’s superficial.”


“So, you don’t like any of the people who confessed to you?” she asked curiously, cocking her head at him.


“Nah,” he said with a shake of his head. “I’m not gonna get with someone I don’t fuckin’ know, nevertheless get with someone who sees a pretty face and nothin’ else.”


“I guess that makes sense,” Izuku agreed with a thoughtful nod. “I wouldn’t want someone to like me just for shallow reasons alone.”


“Heh, see?” he asked, poking her in the side, causing her to squeak.


“Ah! Kacchan, stop!” she giggled, causing him to chuckle as they walked together, hands swinging together. As they walked, the spotted another student standing by a bench facing away from them, fidgeting nervously.


“Ba-Bakugou-kun,” the girl stuttered once they approached, clutching her hands to her chest. “H-hi! I-I was h-hoping t-to see y-you.”


“Heh?” he asked, practically glaring at the girl. “What do you want?” She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.


“I-I was, wondering, if,” she opened her eyes, “if you... oh...”


“Haah?” he prompted.


“I-I’m so sorry!” she stuttered, face turning bright red. “I-I didn’t realize y-you were in a relationship! Forgive me!”


What!? ” Izuku and Katsuki shouted at the same time, cheeks turning pink as they shared a look.


“Rumors said that you and Midoriya weren’t actually dating , but I see that they were wrong,” she explained, gesturing to their conjoined hands. The two friends looked down at their hands and quickly let each other go, putting a bit of distance between themselves.


“For fucks sake, we’re not dating! ” he barked, looking away.


“I-it’s true,” Izuku stuttered, cheeks still pink.


“Oh, I see,” the other girl nodded, a smile spreading on her face as she turned to Bakugou. “S-so, then, w-would you l-l-like to g-go out with me!?” she asked nervously, a hopeful smile on her face.


“Hell no,” he said flatly, walking around the girl and down the sidewalk. “C’mon, Deku!” he yelled over his shoulder at her.


“Ah! C-coming, Kacchan!” she cried out before looking at the heartbroken girl. “S-sorry, I’m sure you’re a nice girl. Better luck next time, right?”


“Yeah, I guess,” she mumbled sadly, looking down at the ground before shooting Izuku a shaky smile. “Y-you’re a really lucky girl, Midoriya.”


“Huh? What do you mean?” she asked, brows furrowing in confusion.


“Today, Deku!” Katsuki yelled again, sounding even more irritated.


“In a moment!” she shouted back before turning her attention back to the other student, who was chuckling to herself.


“He really likes you,” she said, causing a blush to reappear on her face.


“W-well yeah, he’s my best friend, so, of course,” she stammered, her grip on the straps of her bag tightening.


“I think it’s more than that,” the other smiled softly. “Anyways, sorry for taking up your time. Have a good day, bye.”


“Oh, bye,” Izuku said as the girl walked off before racing to catch up with her best friend. “Ah, sorry, Kacchan,” she apologized when she came across the boy, who was leaning against a chain link fence.


“‘Bout time, shitty Deku,” he groused, still looking pissed. “Why’d you even bother with her? She’s just another shallow extra.”


“Well, she didn’t seem so bad,” she argued gently.


“Tch, whatever,” he huffed as they walked in awkward silence.






“Does... does it bother you that people always think we’re dating?” He choked on his spit and coughed awkwardly, startling her. “Oh! Sorry!”


“Whatever,” he coughed before glaring at her, the tips of his ears pink. “What the hell brought that on?”


“Well,” she began, looking down at her feet nervously. “E-everyone seems to think we’re dating, and it seems to come up quite often. Does that bother you at all?”


“What bothers me is that people think that two close friends who happen to be the opposite sex must be  in love with each other,” he scoffed, looking annoyed. “Like fuck, we’ve said we’re not dating, people need to let it go already.”


“Hmm,” she hummed in agreement, thinking on it.


“Oi, stop that,” he barked, causing her to look up at him.




“You’re overthinking shit again, stop that,” he clarified, throwing an arm across her shoulders. “It’s not a big deal.”


“Yeah...” for some reason her chest felt funny.


“B-but,” he stuttered before coughing into his fist, “y’know, I don’t hate the idea of d-dating you. That’s not what bothers me. I... I just hate people making assumptions about us, y’know?” he asked, looking away from her.


“Y-yeah, th-that makes sense,” she nodded, face turning pink. “Um... I-I feel th-the same w-way, i-if you were wondering.”


“Cool,” he said as they lapsed into an awkward silence. It wasn’t often they had moments of awkwardness and uncertainty, especially since they had known each other since, well, as long as they could remember. Everything about their friendship just felt natural, and they didn’t bother to question it. But lately, unbeknownst to the other, new feelings had begun to surface, although they had started to realize that these feelings had existed even before UA. But, they didn’t know what to do with these feelings, too afraid to ruin their amazing friendship, so they both remained silent.












“Uraraka?” Izuku asked as she huddled on the girl’s bed, hugging a pillow to her chest.


“What’s up Deku?” the anti-gravity hero asked cheerfully. She was happy that her and Izuku’s relationship remained intact, and that the awkwardness had left them. A part of Ochako was still secretly upset that they couldn’t work out romantically, but she also wasn’t too surprised.




“I, I want to ask you for advice,” she murmured quietly, looking up at her with big, pleading eyes.


“Sure, what is it?” she asked, worry seeping into her voice at Deku’s strange behavior.


“I.. hah,” she huffed a laugh, looking away in embarrassment. “This is so hard, y’know? Haha.”


“Take your time, Deku,” she said, coming over to sit next to her and rub her back gently.


“I... I think I’m in love with... with someone,” she admitted, her face turning pink.


And there it was, the final nail in the coffin for Ochako’s hopes. She knew instantly what this was about. She was talking about Bakugou-kun. Ochako had a feeling that that was the reason their relationship didn’t work out, not that she held it against either of them. It didn’t make it hurt less, but she had come to terms with it. And now, she had to be there for her friend.


“Oh?” she asked, trying to feign ignorance.


“Y-yeah,” she said with a nod. “And, and I don’t know what to do. I’m, I’m afraid that I’ll ruin our friendship if I do...”


“Did you have that fear when you agreed to go out with me?” she asked, leaning into Deku as she did the same to her.


“Of course,” she huffed a laugh. “I was terrified. The last thing I want to do is loose good friends. But..” she tapered off and took a deep breath. “I can’t keep these feelings quiet, it hurts too much.” Ochako could relate to that, big time.


“I think you should go for it,” she said, to which Deku snapped her head to look at her. “Really, you should. I think you’ll be happier for it.”


“B-but, wh-what if he says no?” she fretted, tears pricking at her eyes. “What if he hates me? What if I loose him forever!? What if-”


“Izuku,” Ochako interrupted, causing the greenette to go silent. “He won’t do any of that. Promise.”


“How can you be so sure?” she asked quietly, looking up at her with her beautiful green eyes. She knew why Bakugou-kun was so in love with her, she was in the same boat. He sure was lucky. He better not mess this up. 


“I just am,” she shrugged, forcing a smile, even though her heart was breaking. But this was good; Deku would be happy, and she could get over her senseless fantasy. It wasn’t ever going to happen, and it was just torture to try and convince herself that she had a chance.


“You should tell him,“ Ochako said, to which Deku nodded solemnly.


“Yeah, you’re right,” she said with a sigh. “Yeah, I-I’ll do that. Thanks, Uraraka, you’re a good friend.”


“Good luck,” Ochako called out as Deku left the room, looking soothed. Ochako was a good friend, according to the greenette... that was enough for her.












“Hey, you wanted to talk to me?” Katsuki asked as he met with Izuku on the roof of their school, worry evident in his tone. She took a deep breath, finding herself feeling more nervous than she had ever felt before. Her discomfort must have shown on her face, because he was suddenly right in front of her, hands on her shoulders. “Hey, what’s wrong?”


“Nnh! I’m fine!” she squeaked, backing out of his grasp, looking down nervously. “I just, I-I really needed to talk to you.”


“Did something happen?” he asked, brows furrowed in worry.


“Well, y-yes and no,” she mumbled, anxiously fiddling with her fingers and still not looking at him. “I just, there’s s-something n-need to tell you,” she stuttered, heart hammering in her chest. “I-I’ve been w-wanting to tell you this f-for a while... but I was s-scared.”


“What are you afraid of?” he asked, irritation creeping into his tone. “Is someone bothering you? Just tell me who it is and I’ll kick their damn ass,” he promised, igniting small explosions in his palm.


“N-no,” she assured with a nervous laugh and a fond shake of her head. “No, it’s not that, I promise.”


“So, what are you scared of?” he asked softly.


“I’m,” she choked, “I-I’m a-a... I’m afraid th-that y-you’ll hate me if I tell you,” she admitted, tears welling in her eyes.


“What!? Izuku, I don’t think I could ever hate you,” he assured, causing a small, wet smile to appear on her face. “You can tell me anything, you know that.”


“I k-know, I trust you, Kacchan, b-but...” her body trembled as she struggled to find the right words. “Y-you know I love you, right?”


“Huh? Yeah, I love you too, nerd,” he huffed a laugh, ruffling her hair. His smile fell when she shook her head and took a step back, bangs falling in front of her face. “Izu?”


“B-but it’s more than that, Kacchan,” she insisted, clutching her fists at her side. “K-Kacchan, I... I,” she took a deep breath and looked up at him, her face bright red but full of apprehension and determination.


“Katsuki, I’m in love with  you. I-I want to be with you, as more than your best friend.” Katsuki’s eyes slowly widened as she spoke, shock washing over his face.


“Y-y... what?” he asked in disbelief, cheeks turning pink.


“I’m in love with you, Bakugou Katsuki. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. I-I can’t help but want to be more with you. I want to  tell people that we’re dating, a-and kiss, and do couple things with you. When I’m with you, my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest, a-and I-I,” she cut herself off as she took in a deep breath. “I love you!” she shouted, screwing her eyes up tight as tears finally fell down her face. Silence stressed between them. The longer the silence went, the more nervous Izuku became, and tears began to fall heavier down her face.


“I-I’m sor-mmph!” She was cut off by Katsuki grabbing her face and pulling her into a deep kiss. She slowly wrapped her shaking arms around him as she kissed back, her heart pounding so hard that she felt it was going to break her ribs.


“Stupid Deku,” he growled as he pulled back ever so slightly, “I-I’m in love with you, too.”


“Kacchan,” she sniffed as tears continued to fall down her face. “That... that makes me so happy.”


“Yeah, me too, nerd,” he murmured, petting her head affectionately. He dove back in to capture her lips in a kiss, licking her bottom lips as he did so. He moved his hands up so that he was cupping her neck, his palm brushing her jawline as his fingers tangled in some of her hair. She nervously reached up and grabbed the lapels of his school uniform, pulling him closer and attempting to ground herself somehow. Their kisses were somewhat desperate, but still gentle and tentative, testing the waters together. Their kisses remained open mouthed as the slotted their lips together, but they quickly became heated. Katsuki slipped his tongue into her mouth and tangled them together, turning the kiss messy and hot. They broke apart with a gasp, a thick strand of saliva connecting their tongues until it broke apart. They both then had drool on their chins, causing the two of them to break out into a fit of giggles.


“Y-You’ve got a little something there,” Izuku laughed, her cheeks pink as he wiped the drool off on the back of his hand.


“Yeah, back at ya, nerd,” he told her, smirking behind his hand as his cheeks also turned pink. She wiped off her chin as well, leaving the two of them standing there, staring at each other with flushed cheeks and elated smiles. They broke down into giggles again as they stared at each other, illuminated by the light of the setting sun.


“We should probably head back to the dorms, huh?” she laughed awkwardly, anxiously playing with a lock of her hair.


“Yeah, let’s go,” he said, pulling her hand from her hair and interlocking their fingers together. She let out a surprise bubble of laughter as she looked down at their hands, because while this was far from the first time they’d held hands, it was different now. He brought their conjoined hands up to his lips and pressed a kiss to her knuckles, startling another laugh out of her.


“I love you, Kacchan,” she beamed, her eyes a little watery from how happy she was.


“I love you too, shitty nerd,” he whispered back, kissing her knuckles again.


“S-so,” she stuttered nervously, her blush spreading across her face. “Wh-what do we do n-now?”


“Hmm, probably sleep together,” he said casually, to which she turned into a sputtering mess.


K-Kacchan! ” she shrieked, steam rising from her red face.


“I’m joking, dumbass,” he chuckled, cheeks tinged pink. “Kinda. We should probably go on a date first.”


“W-well, wh-what kind of date?” she asked tentatively, giving his soft hand a squeeze.


“I dunno, as long as we’re together, it doesn’t really matter, right?” he asked awkwardly, rubbing at the back of his head.


“Kacchan, that’s so cheesy,” she teased, squeaking when he pinched her cheeks. “Ow!”


“Shut up! Stupid Deku!” he growled, pulling on her freckled face. “I’m trying to be romantic here!”


“Ow, ow! I yield, I yield!” she cried out, giggling in his grasp. She was so happy, so happy to have entered into this new phase of their relationship. She felt on top of the world, as if she was never going to stop smiling. 


Chapter Text

“Oi, Deku,” Katsuki barked at her from his spot on her bed. “Izu, Izuku? Deeeekuuu? Stupid nerd? Deku!”


“Hmm?” she asked distractedly, not looking up from her work.


“C’mere,” he grumbled, a scowl on his face.


“In a minute,” she dismissed, still focusing on her papers. The boy huffed in irritation, crossing his arms over his chest. He glared at the back of her chair, and no he was not pouting, wishing she would just come over to him so they could cuddle on her bed. He was not about to beg, not even to his girlfriend, but damn he really wanted to hold her in that moment.


“Oi, c’mere already,” he snarled after a few more minutes, getting even more irritated as time passed.


“Kacchan, I’m busy,” she said patiently, still not looking at him. He growled under his breath and huffed again, stewing in his anger. He heard Izuku sigh before turning to face him, giving him an exasperated but fond look.


“What is it, Kacchan?”


“Nothing, don’t mind me,” he spat, looking away from her so she couldn’t see his face.


“Really?” she asked, and he could just hear the smile in her voice. She got out of her chair, shuffled over to the bed and knelt down beside it, poking Katsuki in the back. “Quit pouting, Kacchan.”


“I’m not pouting !” he shouted, whipping around to glare at her. “Fuck you.”


“C’mon, Kacchan, use your words,” she giggled, kissing the tip of his nose in a cheeky manner. He scrunched up his nose in irritation and scowled at his smiling girlfriend, annoyed by her entire stupid face.


“Fuck off,” he said, although Izuku was undeterred by his grumpiness.


“What do you want, Kacchan?” she asked, folding her arms on the edge of her bed to rest her head.


Never mind! It’s stupid,” he dismissed, the tips of his ears turning pink.


“It’s not stupid,” she insisted, to which he let out a sigh. She ‘eep’ed when he dragged her onto the bed with him and hugged her to his chest. She stayed still on top of him, waiting for Katsuki to do something, but relaxed when she realized that he wasn’t going to do anything. “K-Kacchan?”


“Just shut up, and keep still,” he mumbled into her hair, still pouting.


“So, you just wanted to cuddle?” she asked slowly, smiling into his collarbone as she wrapped her arms around him. “Kacchan, you could have just asked.”


“Fuck off,” he grumbled, hugging her tighter to him. “It’s fucking embarrassing, okay?”


“Kacchan, we always cuddle,” she pointed out gently, nuzzling into him.


“I know, but it’s different now that we’re dating,” he reasoned, his cheeks turning pink at saying it out loud. “It... it sounds really fucking stupid when I say it out loud.”


“No, it’s not stupid,” she assured him, kissing his collarbone.


“I hate you, you know that?” he grumbled, causing her to giggle again.


“I love you too, Kacchan,” she smiled, leaning up and kissing him. He adjusted their positions so he was slightly propped up. They exchanged lazy kisses, with Izuku giggling between each kiss. Katsuki rolled his eyes at her, but smirked against her lips regardless, finding her extremely endearing. He brought his hand up to cup her jaw, caressing her cheek with his thumb as she splayed her hands across his pecs. She fisted his shirt in her hands and gasped when he nipped teasingly at her bottom lip. He licked into her mouth, causing her to sigh against him as they began to move against each other.


“Ghh, fuck,” Katsuki grunted, moving his hands to her waist. He began to play with the hem of her shirt, slowly working up to her rib cage.


“Nnhm, Kacchan,” she sighed into his mouth, tugging on his shirt. The two of them continued their open mouth kissing as they managed to wrench each other’s shirt off, leaving Katsuki bare chested and Izuku only in her bra. Katsuki’s hands roamed down her back to her ass, groping her as he rolled his hips up into her. Izuku gasped at the action, causing Katsuki to break the kiss.


“Fuck, sorry, was that too much?” he asked worriedly, afraid he had gone too far.


“N-no, j-just surprising,” she assured him, her face flushed pink. “B-but it was n-nice. Y-y-you can k-keep going,” she told him, going back to kiss him.


“Hey, Deku-kun! We’re going to- oh!” Uraraka had burst in, startling the two apart as the anti-gravity hero turned bright red. Izuku had been so startled that she tumbled off the bed and Katsuki roared in anger.


What the fuck!? Haven’t you fucktards ever heard of knocking!? Get the fuck out! ” he bellowed angrily, launching to his feet and forcing Uraraka out of the room.


“I’m sorry!” the girl cried as she fled from the room, running into the other girls that had followed her.


“What’s going on?” Ashido asked as Uraraka scrambled past her. “Oh my God! You and Deku were making out, weren’t you!? I knew it! You are dating !”


Fuck off! ” Katsuki shouted, slamming the door in their faces so hard it rattled the walls, locking it right afterwards.


“Try and keep it down in there!” Ashido’s voice pierced the wall, accompanied by muttering from everyone else.


Piss off, you damn nosey extras! ” Katsuki bellowed, explosions going off in his palms as the crowd seemed to disperse. Izuku whined and covered her face which was now bright red.


“Oh dear,” she whimpered into her hands, too embarrassed to say anything else.


“Damn bastards,” he scowled, stomping over and flopping down onto the edge of the bed. “Oi, you alright? You didn’t hit your head, did you?”


“Hmm? Oh, no, I’m fine,” she assured him, getting up to sit beside him on the bed. The faced each other awkwardly, still shirtless and unsure of what to do next.


“So, uh, this is fuckin’ awkward,” he grumbled, causing her to giggle to herself.


“Yeah,” she said, searching around for a shirt, finding Katsuki’s, and slipping it on.


“Heh, y’know, I dunno what I like more; you shirtless, or you in my clothes,” he teased. He surged forward and began nibbling on the juncture of her neck, causing her to let out a squeak of surprise. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him, trapping her against his body as she tried to escape.


“Ka-Kacchan! That tickles!” she giggled, shrieking when he blew a raspberry into her neck. “Ew! Kacchan! Stop!”


“Never,” he growled with a smile, kissing and tickling the struggling girl. “You’re mine, Deku, don’t you ever fucking forget.”


“I can live with that,” she beamed, pecking him on the corner of his mouth.


“Gah, you’re too fucking cute, y’know that?” he complained, pecking her freckly cheek. “It fucking pisses me off.”


“I can live with that, too,” she shrugged, earning a pinch to the side. “I love you, Kacchan~” she cooed, kissing his temple and then his eyes.


“I love you too, shitty nerd,” he replied, flopping over onto the bed, pulling her down with him. “Sorry that, y’know, the mood got ruined.”


“Hmm, it’s fine,” she assured him, nuzzling his jawline. “There’s always next time, after all.”


“Mm,” he hummed in agreement, fingers playing across her body. “... let me know if, y’know, if I do something you’re not okay with. No matter what it is, I’ll stop.”


“I don’t think I’ll ever want  you to stop doing anything, Kacchan,” she teased, tucking her arm against his chest. “ But ,” she cut off as he opened his mouth to object, “if I really want you to stop, I’ll tell you. Don’t worry. And same goes for you, by the way.”


“Good,” he sighed with a nod, closing his eyes and leaning into her. “I don’t ever want to make you uncomfortable. I just, I want to make you feel good, and loved. That sounds so fucking cheesy when I say it out loud, but it’s true. I want to be the fucking best boyfriend ever for you. Okay?”


“That is cheesy, but it’s okay,” she said with a giggle, pecking his chin. “I really do love you, Kacchan.”


“I like hearing you say that, Deku,” he sighed, a small smile on his face.


“Good, cuz I like saying it,” she smiled, nuzzling against him too.


“Fuckin’ nerd,” he grumbled, pressing a kiss to one of her eyes.


“You love me,” she teased.


“Fuck yeah.”












“Good morning, Kacchan,” Izuku beamed, walking over to his desk before leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek.


“Mm... Mornin’, beautiful,” he drawled, shooting her a lazy half smile. Izuku’s cheeks turned bright pink and a goofy smile spread across her face. He tucked his hand under her chin and pulled her into a lazy kiss, causing the girl to squeak.


“Damn, Bakugou,” Kirishima teased, walking over to them. “You’re affectionate this morning.”


“Yeah, what of it?” he asked irritatedly, shooting the redhead a tired death glare. “Piss off, shitty hair. I’m, fuckin’, too fuckin’ tired to deal with your bullshit.”


“Are you not getting enough sleep?” Izuku asked, shooting her boyfriend a worried look before leaning down and whispering, “have you been having nightmares again?


“Nah, just couldn’t sleep,” he shrugged, a ghost of a smile on his face. “‘S just, fuckin’, one of those nights. I’m fine, baby, don’t worry.”


“W-well, if you’re sure,” she stuttered, cheeks turning pink.


“Awe!” Uraraka cooed, appearing at Izuku’s side. “Bakugou-kun is so cute when he compliments you, Deku-kun!”


“Deku turns a fucking adorable shade of pink when I compliment her dumb ass,” he said. “Actually,” he said after a pause, “she’s damn adorable all the fuckin’ time, it pisses me off.”


“So you’ve said,” Sero laughed, appearing next to Kirishima. “But it really is sweet to see Bakugou be so nice to Midoriya. It’s a completely different side of him!”


“He’s like a completely different person with Deku-kun,” Uraraka commented, earning nods of agreement from those around her.


“Kacchan has even less of a filter when he’s tired,” Izuku laughed brightly, causing a fond smile to appear on his face.


“You have such a cute smile, Deku,” he said, causing her to blush.


“See what I mean?” she asked, looking down at her hands in embarrassment.


“You’re not complaining, are you?” he asked teasingly.


“W-well, no,” she said, smiling shyly. “It’s just, I dunno, it’s embarrassing.”


“Tough shit,” he snarked, pulling on the front of her uniform so he could kiss her again. 


“Oi, you two, stop sucking face, time for class,” Aizawa said as he shuffled into the room.


“Jealous you’re not getting any, old man?” Katsuki asked, much to everyone’s shock and Izuku’s embarrassment.


Kacchan!” she screeched, face red. “Aizawa-sensei I am so sorry!”


“Whatever,” he sighed, a tired expression on his face. “Just sit down.”












Izuku was downstairs in the common room studying with Uraraka, Iida, Tsu and Todoroki when Katsuki suddenly vaulted himself over the couch to sit behind her.


“Ah, hi, Kacchan,” she greeted as he molded himself to her back and rested his head against her shoulder.


“Hey nerd,” he greeted, pressing a kiss to the juncture of her neck and shoulder.


“Bakugou, do you mind?” Todoroki asked, looking unamused. “We’re a little busy here.”


“No, I don’t mind at all, thanks,” he snarked, flipping the bicolour haired boy the bird.


“Kacchan, I really gotta get this done,” she giggled, not looking up from her work as she reached her hand up to pet his hair.


“Good for you,” he said, leaning his body against hers. “I’m not fucking stoping you.”


“Language, Bakugou,” Iida chastised, also being flipped off by the explosive teen. He buried his head back into her shoulder and seemed content to just stay there. Izuku was unfazed, used to his behavior, and continued on as normal. Save for a few whispered comments and snide remarks, Katsuki didn’t really disturb their study session. He even reached over to point out mistakes she made in her equations, helping her every so often if she needed it.


“Are you done yet?” he whined an hour and a half or so later. “I’m tired.”


“Kacchan, it’s only nine o’clock, you old man,” she teased affectionately, kissing his temple.


“I don’t give a shit,” he snapped, yawning immediately after. “I wanna cuddle.”


“Are we not cuddling now?” she asked softly, giggling when he pinched her sides.


“I wanna go to bed,” he said. “N cuddle with you there. Wanna look’it your cute face.”


“Fine, you needy baby,” she laughed, beginning to put her stuff away. She tried to get up but her boyfriend stopped her. “Kacchan, you need to let me up.”


Nnnnn,” he whined, causing her to snicker.


“Do you want me to carry you?” she asked teasingly.


“Mmm,” he hummed, hiding his face in her shoulder. She looked down as she saw him wrap his legs around her lap. She chuckled in amusement as she stood up, her boyfriend clinging to her back easily.


“Well, I guess I’ll be going now,” she said with a laugh as the others gave her amused looks. “Goodnight everyone,” she bid them farewell as they wished her goodnight, beginning to walk up the stairs to go to bed. “Your room or mine, Kacchan?”


“I don’ care,” he mumbled, yawning against her neck. She smiled fondly as she decided to let him crash in her room that night. She walked in, set down her stuff, and set her boyfriend down on the bed.


“Kacchan, babe, you need to let me go so I can change,” she laughed as he refused to let her go. “Haha, Kacchan.”


“Stay here,” he said into her shoulder, rubbing his face against her. She sighed as she rolled her eyes fondly, flopping over onto the bed and maneuvering them under the covers. She ‘eep’ed when he flipped her over and pressed his face into her chest, sighing in content.


“Comfy?” she asked with a smile, petting his head as he settled against her.


“Mmhmm,” he hummed, sighing again as he seemed to drift off to sleep. “Love ya’, Izu.”


“I love you too, Kacchan,” she smiled fondly, their legs tangled together. “Good night