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The Collector's Path

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Katsuki didn’t know how he’d escape the sludge villain. He’d come out of nowhere, after all. Not even the pros are coming to help! Katsuki is stuck here, held hostage by a bloody sewer monster! It’s idiotic, it’s shameful!

So, when Deku, of all people, runs out of the crowd towards him, it doesn’t help his shame. Then, something that no-one could’ve thought of, happens.

When Deku touches the slime, it actually glows! The slime turns into light, and starts morphing, changing. In place of the slime is a naked man crumpling down behind Katsuki.

He looks back at Deku to find him just staring at his hand like an idiot. Then, out of nowhere -yet again! - Deku’s hand changes into slime momentarily. The same slime that was just encapturing Katsuki moments prior!

“What the fuck, Deku! What was that?!” Katsuki runs at Deku, and tries to grab him… but Deku pushes him back from the chest, afraid.

Katsuki clenches his fists in anger -knowing he can’t do anything without it getting on his impeccable record- but he’s surprised to find a distinct lack of firecracker noises.

Katsuki looks back down at Deku, who clenches his own fist… and sparks appear. “What. The. Hell. How’d you do that, Deku! Give me my fucking quirk back!” This time, Death Arms holds him down.

“Young man, calm down. We’ll sort this out, you’ll get your quirk back.” The Punching Hero says.

“Let me go! Give my quirk back, DEKU! I’LL KILL YOU! GIVE IT BACK!” After some holding down from the pros and reassuring comments, Katsuki calms down enough to wait.

How the hell is this happening? Katsuki glares at Deku, who’s currently having a conversation with Kamui Woods and that other Baseball Hero, probably Kamui’s side kick.




Izuku doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s supposedly got a quirk, and his quirk supposedly allows him to take other’s quirks.

“Young man, what’s your name?” Kamui Woods -The Kamui Woods, ohmygosh- asks.

“M-Midoriya Izuku, s-sir.” Izuku says after a few moments of awe at the fact that I’m talking to a pro-hero!

“Do you know what your quirk is, Midoriya?” Kamui Woods’ sidekick, Slugger, talks to Izuku like a little kid, but Izuku doesn’t mind. He has no idea what’s going on either.

“Before today… I was quirkless, but it seems like I’ve got some sort of give and take quirk? Calling it ‘Transfer’ sounds fitting, I don’t know.” Izuku’s too busy in awe of the fact that he has a quirk to really ponder the implications of this very powerful and complicated quirk.


Unknown to him, inside the crowd is one very stressed out Yagi Toshinori.


“Kid, I want you to try giving your friend here his quirk back, ok?” Kamui Woods resolves.

“O-ok. Here g-goes nothing.” Izuku walks over to Kacchan as he makes his way towards him. “Y-you ready, Kacchan?”

“fucking just give me my quirk back, Deku.” Kacchan sounds a little upset and defeated, probably because he’s missing something that he considers a large part of himself.

Izuku takes Kacchan’s hand without another word and begins attempting to transfer his quirk back.

Inside himself, Izuku feels two different energies. He can tell what they are. One is a mutant quirk, the other an emitter, so it’s pretty easy to tell which one he needs to move.

He pushes the explosive emitter back into Kacchan’s empty slot, returning the quirk to its rightful place.

“Ok, y-you should have your q-quirk back now.” Izuku stammers, praying it worked because he really doesn’t want an angry Kacchan going after him in public. Moments later, he hears a familiar crackling noise; Kacchan’s firecracker sparks.

“Huh, good. Don’t fucking do that again, or we’ll have problems, Deku.” Kacchan walks off, shoulder-decking Izuku on his way off, nearly tumbling him over from the force.

Now, Izuku is alone with 4 pros and 2 sidekicks, along with a lot of reporters in the background. He feels like crawling into a hole and sleeping forever. Too much attention and there are 6 actual heroes around him.

“Kid, we’ll get you to the police station and get your quirk registered, and hopefully deal with the media.” Death Arms suggests. “Mt. Lady, Backdraft, you two distract the media. Kamui Woods, our sidekicks and I will escort the kid, stop any unwanted people away.” Izuku doesn’t notice the heavy and nervous looks between the heroes about to escort him, too busy fanboying and trying to maintain some formalism.

He gives up after a little and manages to get all of their autographs. After that, he remains quiet on his trip over to the police. Inside his head, Izuku’s mantra is ‘Don’t freak out. You are surrounded be pros, and supposedly have a quirk. Scream later, not in front of heroes.’ on repeat.


As the group of 5 head towards the nearest police station -not too far considering they’re in a commercial district- Izuku recognises a very distinct man heading towards them.

“Young Midoriya. Are you ok? Must’ve been a scare for you!” All Might looks at the escorts. “Hello, you can call me Yagi. I’m a personal assistant of All Might.”

“Sure, got any proof of that?” Death Arms scoffs and raises an eyebrow, feigning protection of the child, but truthfully more worried about the citizen’s safety.

He doesn’t want anyone losing their quirk accidentally because the kid freaks out. Especially him. He likes his quirk and job a lot and would like them to stay where they are, thank you very much.

“Yes, here’s my personal business card, as well as All Might’s one. His isn’t personal though, it’ll go through me and I can redirect it to All Might.” All Might explains. Izuku is struggling to hold it together, but the heroes around him pay him little mind.

“Very well, you may speak with him. We’re still headed over to the police station. So, you’ll have to follow us if you have anything to say. We’ll try not to listen.” Kamui Woods negotiates.

“Thank you, I appreciate it.” All Might smiles before falling into footfall alongside Izuku.

“What did you want to talk to me about, Yagi?” Izuku looks up at All Might.

“I wanted to congratulate you on going out there and being a hero. You’ve got that natural spirit!” All Might faces away from the horizon and looks at Izuku. “You ran in there while the pros stood idly by, being useless bystanders.” Izuku pretends to ignore the way the four heroes around them grimace in either annoyance or guilt.

“I also have things to discuss with you in regards to your quirk. A friend of mine at the police station will join me. We can find some quirks that would be helpful for you in your path to become a hero, and get you some good quirk counselling. There is more I wish to discuss with you but I’ll wait until we get to the station, as it is highly classified.” Izuku only nods, not trusting his voice.




They make it to the station, and the six of them head inside. “Naomasa? Good to see you, old friend.” All Might makes his way over to one of the detectives’ desks, waving at a plain-looking officer. 

“Good to see you Toshinori. How can I help you?” The detective asks.

“I’m assuming you’ve seen the news?”

“I have. Is this about Midoriya Izuku?”

“Indeed, I have him with me, along with four other heroes. We need to have his quirk registered, and we could help him find some good quirks to use from people that don’t want them, or criminals that don’t need them. You, him and I also need to have a more private discussion.”

“Very well, thank you Toshinori. Death Arms, Kamui Woods, Slugger, Bird; you are good to go, Toshinori and I will deal with Midoriya here.” The four heroes bow and head out of the station, returning to patrol once more.

“Young Midoriya, let's head into an investigation room for some privacy while Naomasa registers your quirk. Do you have a name?” All Might begins walking over to the closest investigation room but pauses to ask his question.

“Umm. I thought of Transfer as the name of the quirk?” Izuku suggests, heading towards the investigation room All Might was heading to.

“I’ll place that in. I’ll join you two in a moment.” The detective says, turning to face his computer as the pair enter the room.

“Uh, what did you want to talk about, All Might?” Izuku is confused and nervous, but only a little.

“Sit down, this is gonna be a long conversation.” Izuku complies, and All Might joins him on the other side of the table. “Young Midoriya, your quirk is almost identical to the one that placed the very hole you saw earlier, in my chest-”


Izuku lands on the rooftop with a visibly annoyed All Might. Izuku doesn’t notice the annoyance, too busy trying to ask his question. All Might cuts him off multiple times before he manages to ask the question. “Can I be a hero even if I don’t have a quirk?”

Izuku starts mumbling an explanation for his question under his breath, so he doesn’t notice the smoke that forms around All Might’s form. “-but I want to be a hero that smiles and makes people feel safe, just like you!” Izuku looks up to find a bony tall man instead of All Might’s boisterous form. “uh, WHAT! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHERE’D ALL MIGHT GO?”

“I assure you, I am All Might.”

“That can’t be true…”

“I flex my body up, similar to those guys you’ll see at the pool from time to time.” All Might sits down. “I can only be like this for 3 hours each day… rest of the time I look like this.” He pulls up his shirt, revealing a red and welting weblike scar. “5 years ago, I got this injury. Lost my whole stomach along with half of my left lung. I can’t be fixed…”


“-I’m not saying that you yourself is a villain or that your quirk is villainous, but be aware: your quirk developed and was shown in public on television, meaning that followers of that villain -All for One- will very likely be coming after you. If All for One is alive, he almost certainly would.”

“That… is a lot to process.” Izuku is less confused, but has more questions. What happened to All for One? What do I do now? Do my mother and I have to move houses for our safety? Izuku doesn’t ask these questions yet. After a moment’s silence Izuku asks, “Who is All for One?”

“That is a big question to ask. For that, you must learn of my quirk. My quirk is called One for All. It is moved from user to user like an Olympic torch. The eternal nemesis to whoever hosts All for One’s original quirk. I am the eighth user of this quirk. It cannot be taken by All for One nor your quirk without consent, however. It can only be given willingly.”

All Might sighs for a moment.

“There’s an important story that explains this battle; you could call it the ‘Origins of One for All’. It starts with two brothers. The first user of One for All was All for One’s younger brother. This brother was believed to be quirkless. All for One had power throughout the country at the time, during the dawn of the quirked world. He took pity on his brother, who believed that everything he was doing was wrong. All for One gifted his brother an energy stockpiling quirk. 

As it turns out, the older brother did have a quirk. A useless one that allowed him to pass on his quirk to someone else. The transferring quirk and stockpiling quirk merged, producing One for All! All for One has been alive since then, likely using a combination of de-aging quirks and the like. We fought five years ago, giving each other fatal injuries.

As I am still alive here, despite that, it is -unfortunately- possible that All for One is also alive. I would appreciate a comrade in this endless fight against evil. Hopefully, you can become The Symbol of Peace, and guide the future holders of One for All when they have it. I originally planned to pass One for All on directly to you, but I think this is a better plan.”

“Indeed, I have to say I agree.”

Izuku was too busy listening to All Might’s story that he failed to notice Naomasa entering.

“If your quirk really is similar to All for One, having you work with the host of One for All would be a much better plan than just hosting One for All yourself.”

“Um, I… ok. Sorry, this is just… a lot.” Izuku thinks he’s gonna have a heart attack with all this heavy information; and the fact that he’ll be a hero! Wait, no. focus on that later, Izuku. Right now, All Might needs you. “What If All for One is dead? What would the host of One for All do? What would I do?”

“You’d go on as the symbol of peace, and the host of One for All would go on as a symbol too, hopefully. If All for One is defeated, you may take One for All for yourself and hold it until you think it is needed again.”

“I am questioning why you’re acting like I’m immortal. I don’t have a regeneration quirk and/or age-halting one, unlike All for One.”

“But you will. I have already got a list of quirks you can get from villains that we’ve captured and quirks that you can get from civilians that wouldn’t want them, or wouldn’t need them in reference to quirks that we’ll be picking up at retirement homes.” Naomasa says. “There’s a pretty powerful one that you’ll definitely enjoy having: Distil. ‘Allows user to send a beam of energy at a living thing. If this beam hits a living thing, it majorly slows down movement for a short period. Emitter class.’ And another: Crystallised. ‘Allows the user to change their body into a crystal-like substance. Transformation class.’ To be honest, you’ve got a good chance with everything here. U.A. would very likely be willing to assist in control over a range of quirks. I think we should get started on getting you some quirks and training you up for U.A.”  

He stands up, giving All Might and Izuku a small bow before walking over to the door.

Before he walks out, he turns around, “I’ve got to go; other things to do. Good luck, to the both of you. We’ll get you and your mother moved into a safe facility and I’ll start looking for quirks that can be donated. Goodbye, Midoriya, Toshinori.”

With that, Izuku starts visiting many different places, gaining quirks from nearly every visit. 




He’s no longer bullied at school for being quirkless, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t bullied; now it’s for the villainous capabilities of the quirk; thankfully, this is only at school; social media has been extremely supportive of his powers.

He’s started working with All Might to clear a large beach filled with rubbish in order to build up his strength and make the enhancer quirks more affective. With the quirks he’s gained, it should be finished about a week before U.A.’s entrance exam.




Seven months after his quirk developed, three months before the entrance exam, he has near endless unique quirks.

The ‘immortality quirk’ is a work in progress. They have found one component for a form of immortality; a vitality stockpile quirk, but it’s in use with keeping a coma patient alive, currently. The other part, a simple regeneration quirk would do, is yet to be found and willingly given.

In total, he has 30 quirks. 12 ‘unique’ and 18 ‘simple’ quirks. With the two mutant quirks he has, they act like transformation quirks but without a time limit.

Dagobah beach is almost completely cleaned by now. It seems Izuku will finish it a bit early. 

The public, thankfully, has taken well to Izuku’s quirk, for the most part. He became a celebrity pretty fast, which was not preferable to Izuku. Thankfully, they were able to get away with only having his name revealed and his face remaining a secret for the most part; only becoming known to those who know him personally or those who were there at the Sludge Villain Incident.

At school, Kacchan has barely looked in his direction since the sludge villain attack and most of the other kids just pretend to ignore him, knowing he has a very strong quirk and will near certainly get into U.A.




The morning of the exam is here, and Izuku is ready. He now has 31 quirks, having gained a surface connection quirk, and is about to head towards his dreams. “Move, Deku.” Kacchan shoulder-shoves Izuku, tripping him into another person.

“Oh, s-sorry! Here let me help you up.” Izuku grabs the brunette girl by the arm and pulls her up. “I’m Midoriya Izuku, n-nice to meet you!” Due to all his visits to different places, Izuku has gotten quite a lot better at greeting people but only if he’s prepared himself, he can still get across as nervous if caught too off guard.

“Oh, I’m Uraraka Ochako! I know who you are! You’re that famous boy with the transfer quirk, aren’t you?” The very bubbly girl asks.

“Yeah, I guess I am. It’s not always fun being famous, but it does sometimes have its advantages.” Izuku gives a little nervous laugh. “Well, good luck on your exam! Hope to see you in the same class!” Izuku walks on to the written exam locations after giving Uraraka a quick wave.




Izuku thinks he did pretty good in the written exams if he did say so himself. Now, he’s in the auditorium with the other examinees in preparation for the practical exam and Present Mic’s on stage. “Welcome, little listeners! Are you all excited? YEEAAAH!” No-one was willing to reply to him; they were all too nervous.

“Keeping it mellow, huh? Oh, that’s ok. I’ll just get straight to the point, ok? In this exam, you’ll have three different point levels. Three different robots, each assigned a different point value depending on their difficulty!”

On the screen above, silhouettes of the robots appear with their appropriate point value right below them.

“Your goal is to shred through these faux villains like a nifty guitar solo, sound good? Also, I should add. Midoriya Izuku is one of our examinees this year, and we’ve been given a notice that you should not take other people’s quirks during the exam if it can be helped ok?”

Oh, just great. Getting called out by a teacher and he’s not even a student yet. “Ok! All good, Present Mic.” Izuku’s voice carries down the auditorium and many people’s faces turn to him. He does his best to just ignore them, using Glacier to prevent -hide- his blush. 

Most of them are probably wondering why he wasn’t going through recommendations to get in; he was a famous celebrity figure after all. Izuku had refused any recommendations as he wanted to prove his place in the Hero course. So that’s what he’s doing.


Moments later, he’s outside the Ground Beta faux city for his entrance exam. Ok Izuku, let’s do this. He breathes in and out slowly, preparing himself. “Start!” Anyone that blinked would’ve missed it. One second, Izuku was standing there at the back of the crowd, the next, he’s in front of everyone already inside the city. Let’s get started.