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Black Sheep

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It was a normal night for the police in Musutafu City. The underground heroes where working hard, and the villganty Black Sheep was still sending in villains. The police would have liked it better if the vigilante was not being a vigilante, but as things were there was nothing they could do. It would be a miracle if they could get anything on who the Black Sheep was.

It was as if he or she was a ghost, or a folk tale. They couldn’t even get a positive ID on how tall the vigilante was. Some people thought that they were anywhere between 4’4 - 6’10. They didn’t even know why they called themselves the black sheep. The only hero that had seen them was eraserhead and even then he couldn’t identify the person very well. Eraserhead said that he thought that the person sounded young. It was like everything about the person was a blur. It was suspected that it was the vigilantes quirk.

The heroes were arresting a man that the vigilante had taken care of. It was long since the police had given up on finding the person responsible. After literally hundreds dead end leads. They even put our a wanted poster in the underground to see if anyone would come forward with information. If there was even the smallest chance of catching a glimpse of the vigilante then they would take it. It had been two years of hard work with nothing to show for it.

That was until this night when they got the villain known as shark tooth. The villain said that they couldn’t remember who they had fought just that it was a long fight. He also said that he could remember tasting blood in his mouth. Leaving the police to believe that there was an injured person that may be bleeding out. Detective Tsukauchi called Eraserhead who had caught a glimpse of the vigilante. It was the closest they have gotten to finding them. There was a tension about if the vigilante was safe or dead from blood loss. Shark tooth had a quirk that allowed his mouth to become a sharks. That kind of bit would be fatal and extremely dangerous. The police stations around the city explode in trying to find the victim/ Vigilante.

It was an hour before Eraserhead found a child sitting on a fire escape. “Hey have you seen someone bleeding recently?” He asked lowering himself next to the child. There he saw that the child was about ten years old.

“Haven’t seen anyone but you old man” The kid said looking at him. Eraserhead nodded and turned to keep looking. He didn’t have time to question the child more. He had to find and save someone from bleeding out somewhere in the city.

It would be another two hours with no sign that the vigilante was alive or dead. When the police found a large amount of blood in an ally that the villain said they had fought in. After getting forensics to gather evidence it was determined that unless the vigilante had a healing quirk they had passed away. That made the job for the police harder. Was the vigilante dead? Had someone moved the body? If not then where were they? There was to many question that didn’t have answers.

After a week of searching and forensic they found nothing. The forensic team commented that whatever the persons quirk was it was messing with there equipment making it unusable. All they could tell before the blood exploded was that the vigilante was male, and that the quirk was not a healing one. It reacted to any test tube that was held in either too much light or not enough light. If there wasn’t enough the quirk became violent and exploded. While if there was too much then it would dry and burn faster than a normal person's blood.

“A light quirk?” Eraserhead asked looking at the detective who nodded his head.

“They have been using their quirk to stop people from properly seeing them. At least that's what we think. Have you come across anything like that before?” he asked the hero in front of him.

“No, but I’ll ask Nezu if he has heard anything about that” Eraserhead said moving to leave. It was almost time for class to start and he had to talk to Nezu. This was going to be a long day. Especially with the fact that his class was showing less and less potential. He would most likely be getting rid of some of the students today. He was already down to 12 students in his class. Nezu didn't seem to mind him expelling students or getting them transferred to other classes when the hero course didn't work out for them. Heroes had to work hard to be noticed and if they weren't willing to work for it then they shouldn't be there. At lest that was his motto on the subject.

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My side burned with pain from where the villain bite me. He was a lot stronger than I had thought he would be. Thankfully I had been wearing protection tonight. His tooth only got two inches into my skin saving me from fatal wounds. I would be in a lot of trouble right now if not for my quirk quickly getting to work. It wasn’t going to fully heal the wound but it will stop the bleeding. I never had to worry about my quirk not saving me after father’s training.


 It didn’t take long for a hero to find me on the fire escape. My quirk was busy with my wound so it wouldn’t be able to disguise me from the hero. Thinking I was caught I just stared at the hero. Then he asked if I had seen someone that was injured. After I answered negatively he ran off. He said something about me going inside after I was done because it was dangerous. After a few more moments I left to get home. I had an entrance exam in the morning after all. If I wanted to follow my dream what better than to talk to the healing hero recovery girl. Being a doctor is an important thing for the victims of villain attacks. It's the Doctors and nurses that see save the victims lives. The heroes just fight the villains. They get the glory when it was the police and doctors that worked around the clock to save people and make sure that there is no way the villain can escape and hurt people again.


I walked into the run down flat and face planted onto my bed. It was on the other side of the city from… well everything. It was in the industrial side of the city. Where all the big factories where. Including the green energy factories. They many focused on reusing the older factories that are no longer needed. That way a building that once made a large footprint in the ecosystem become not only less harmful but helpful to the ecosystem.


It didn’t take long before I was asleep. I typically don't like sleeping in my after dark uniform. However, there had been more than enough times that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. The morning was going to come all too soon. There was no doubt that I was going to be exhausted during the test, but that was not something I was worried about. 


When the monster known as my alarm clock sounded off I groaned with hate. I really just wanted to lay around and sleep more. However, Along with my test I had to fill in more of my notebook. I was already on book 30 having wrote about all the quirks I have seen. It made things easier when both my parents are top villains. Mom runs the gang three cities over, while father owns half the country. Them being big in the underground gave me a lot of quirks to study when I was younger. 


Yawning I stood up and took off my uniform and took a shower. I watched as the fake hair dye rushed out of my hair. Just because my quirk helps hide me doesn’t mean that I can always hide behind it. If something happened I would need a back up plan. I have hundreds of fake hair dye. I would randomly chosen one every other night to dye my hair. 


After getting out I got dressed in some regular jeans and a t-shirt I started my jog to the UA campus. It was pretty far away but the run in the morning will help me focus. I haven’t gone to school in more than a few years. I was mostly homeschooled after all famous villains couldn't have such a weakness like a child. Especially one where people could pinpoints exact location for six hours a day. I learned a lot of extra stuff that children my age probably shouldn’t know. Like how to hide a body, or the best way to run a drug cartel and scare people into not skimming off the top. I also learned what the inside of a human body looks like and the best way to dismember it. Again villains as parents is not the best thing to come about. However, I have never been sexually assaulted or threatened in that way. Father and his goonies took care to make sure none of those villains where around me, and if one did see me and made an off handed comment they showed up on the news dead. I kinda looked up to those idiots, they were like brothers and sisters to me. Mom was more willing to teach me how to deal with them rather than protecting me from them. It really has a two way street with having villains as parents. Last year they came up to me and said that after turning 14 I would be on my own. After my 14 birthday they gave me a 30 day notice and said that I had to move out. It was a bit jarring but I was ready for it. They had been hinting about it. They said something about starting my villainy path. 


I had arrived at the gates of the school an hour after I left. Which was a lot earlier than I had thought I would be. I thought that it would be an hour and 30 walk. I added the extra half and hour in case I got lost and to help me get situated for the test. I walked to the testing room. At least I thought was the testing room. It was the gym where a class was doing some sort of exercise. I turned to leave when I heard a shout. Something was flying towards me. I knew that my quirk would stop it but at the moment I may have but too much into it and cut a metal bolder in half. After it hit the ground I watched as the teacher ran up to me. I was more shocked at there being a METAL BOLDER that flew at me.


He was the painter hero Hue. He could make anything he painted come to life for an hour. He and my mother hated each other a lot. At least that's what she said about him. He was also one of the first trans heroes to hit the scene. If my mother hadn’t told me so many stories about him I probably would have never noticed him. He is well known for not liking the media. “Are you alright there kid?” He asked looking me over.


Shaking my shock off I said “Yeah I’m fine sorry for interrupting your class I just arrived early for the test is all”


“You’re testing to get into UA, huh? Trying out for the hero course?” One of the students asked and I just smiled at them. I was gonna answer but I didn’t get the time to before the hero spoke. 


“You should be apologizing for almost hitting her!” The hero said smaking the student on the back of the head. Was violence a natural thing for teachers? Because if it was then I guess my schooling wasn’t as bad a I had thought.


“OH YEAH!” the students said before bowing at me “I am sooo sorry”


I waved my hands in a dismissive way as I said “It’s okay no harm no foul.” It wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Sure I could have been hurt but my quirk was great about healing me. The only problem is that I would have to be in complete darkness. 


“You never said if your trying to get into the hero course” The student asked before laughter came from behind him.


“Of course she’s trying to get into the hero course. With a quirk like hers she’ll get in no problem” Another student said. He had spikes running down his back and reminded me of a porcupine. 


“Actually I want to become a doctor. I’m hoping to mentor under Recovery Girl” I said drawing the attention back to me. The course of yells that I should be a hero followed soon after. Thing is that I don’t have a good memory about heroes so I didn’t want to be one. It wasn’t that big of a deal.


“Hmm, Miss how about you at least try the hero test. I’m sure you can make an agreement with Principal Nezu about studying under Recovery Girl as being apart of the hero course for you” The hero said, But after seeing my face turn into disappointment he added “You have a good quirk and having a hero license would allow you to get to places that other doctors can’t.” Like that was going to make it okay to say ‘okay but you would be better doing this’ it was still insulting.


“That would be good but I don’t think that's what she wants to do” A voice said behind me. Turning I saw the man… er mouse himself Nezu. My father always spoke very highly of Nezu and his quirk. “I got notified about an intruder and saw everything” He added having both arms behind his back.


“You do have quite the quirk, let’s go and speak with recovery girl and see what she thinks about this. Does that sound alright with you?” Nezu asked reaching out a hand. Did he want me to shake it? I didn’t mind going and talking with Recovery girl at all. I would like to meet her before asking to become her student.


“Yes, I would love to speak to her” I said pretending to not notice that the students had a strange looks on there faces. They where going to do something stupid. Nezu and the other hero noticed and handled it by leading me away while the hero yelled at them to do laps around the gym. 

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The walk to the nurses office didn’t take very long. Along the way Nezu made small talk asking about why I want to be a doctor and how day was doing so far. During the silence I got to enjoy the structure of the building. On of my mother right hands was in charge of architecture of the base. I got to learn a lot from her about how difficult it was. It turns out that there is a lot more that goes into it than ‘four walls, a floor, and a roof makes a room’ as I had said. It sent her on a tangent about it. It was then something that I had to learn from then on.

I reached up to knock on the door when Nezu threw the door open saying “Recovery girl I have a student here looking to be your apprentice. She needs to know what course she should take and what helping you would look like”

“Um Hello I’m Izumi Midoriya” I said sounding shocked and bowing. I wasn’t ready for such an entry.

“You can stand up hunny. What does being my apprentice sound like to you?” She asked. When looking up I saw a little old granny sitting it a chair that was as high as it would go. I wondered for a moment how she got into it.

“Um well I want to be a doctor, I was hoping that you would let me help you around and maybe pass on some of your knowledge. I was just going to enter the general course but everyone wants me to join the hero one. I have no interest in being a hero though” I said quickly. I only know of one other Doctor and he is not one to take your time talking with. If you did you could end up on his operating table.

“Well going into the hero course would help with training and having connections like that would be better in the long run. Just because you have a hero license doesn’t mean that you have to give up being a doctor. It would just allow you to use your quirk and arrest people if something happened at your hospital” She said making it sound better than I had wanted it to. I knew all that but it sounded so much better from someone you respected a lot. She took a breath before continuing, “I think that you should go for hero course and if you get in we will work with your homeroom teacher and change hero classes to emergence personal classes. You will still be in class but you will treat it as if you were a doctor. Basically you will be your class nurse.”

“And if I don’t get in” I asked hating that this plan sound good. I would be breaking the rules thou because I wouldn’t rest the Villain I already knew about. However, If someone started causing problems with my parents I could tell them to leave with authority.

“If you don’t get in then we will work something else out. It’s just easier to work with the hero course because we have in the past” She said and I sighed in defeat. I don’t really want to draw so much attention to myself but there was nothing I could do. I would have to deal with the herolings and hope that mom and father understood. I told them I wanted to be a doctor years ago. They were fine with it, if not a little sad about it.

“Fine I’ll try the hero test” I said looking at Nezu who had been smiling the whole time. He already knew that I would take the test. At least he wanted it to be my decision than someone telling me to. It still felt like black mail to me though.

“I’ll go and set things up for you. However, because the test started in ten minutes you won't have time to look through the pamphlet for the hero course” Nezu said looking at what I assume was worried.

“I will be fine,” I said, knowing that nothing they had could beat the real thing. I had been a vigilante for years if you ask the heroes. If you asked my parents I was clean up crew, and got their competition arrested.

“Perfect I will walk you to the testing room” He said jumping off the chair he sat on. He walked me to the room where a lot of students were waiting. “Good luck Mis Midoriya” He said before leaving.

I found my seat next to a man with purple hair that stood right up. He looked as tired as I felt. I sat down and waited for the test to start. It felt like forever before the teachers that watched over the test walked in and handed the test out. It looked to be midnight, present mic, and a few others I couldn’t recognize outside their hero uniform. The answers to the test where easy and I didn’t have any problems finishing with an hour left. There had been A few others that had finished faster than I had. I didn’t have to worry about the teachers giving me a hard time. I waited with the people who wanted to be hero course students. It turned out to be a large amount of students. When they went over the presentation about what the second half of the test would be. It’s freaking robots, not just any robots but huge ones. The purple haired kid next to me sighed. Turing to see that he looked disappointed.

I reached over and wrote on his paper ‘What’s wrong? P.s I’m Izumi Midoriya’

‘What do you mean? Shinsou Hitoshi’

‘You look disappointed’- Izumi

‘My quirk isn’t made for robots’ -Shin

‘Oh?’ Izumi. He wrote something down but I was busy looking for something that would help him gain points. There had to be something, This test couldn’t be so one sided. They want to be heroes that save…

‘My quirk is more response based’ Shin

‘Just get the saving points’ Izumi

‘The what?’ Shin

‘You’re trying to be heroes, they save people so there must be points for saving people and helping people’ I wrote before a blue hair boy stood up and started asking questions about why one robot wasn’t seen in the overview. I was a little thankful about him saying something. I was in the dark here.

‘Okay I’ll try that. Not like I can pass any other way’ Shin said. I moved my hand back away from his paper. There wasn’t much else to say really. This was technically the perfect test for me. In a fake city with a bunch of hiding shadows to use. I should be careful about the count though, I want to leave enough for the others. After the presentation we were told to get up and find our testing area. I walked out to see Nezu waiting for me.

“Ah Mis Midoriya I have you’re testing number here” He said handing over a white piece of paper “If you need a spare change of clothing we could lend you-”

“No it’s fine I can work in this” I said walking back over to my new friend? That is how you make friends right? Well we didn’t have the same number for testing area. Maybe if I have excess points I can give them away.

I walked over to where I was going to be testing. There was already a group of people there waiting for the door to open. When none other than the blue haired boy that interrupted the presentation walked over to me. He looked a little mad at me for some reason.

“Jean’s are not an okay clothing to be running around in” He said and I felt the urge to flip him. I pushed it aside and smiled instead.

“Yeah, hey thanks for asking about that last robot” I said smiling. He looked a little shocked about my answer but didn’t say anything else. He didn’t get a chance when Present Mic started talking. The moment he said go I was off running to the open door. He said something about following my lead.

After I was inside I found the first shadow and used it to lift to the roof. There I found the first three robots down the street a bit. It didn’t take long to dispatch them. The three won me 8 points. I could see how this gets tedious.

At the end of the day I had a good work out. It wasn’t as intense as I would have thought. There was only a few more moments before the end of the test. When the ground started shaking. I looked back to see the zero pointer. There was a girl a few feet in front of it. I took off running towards her. I saw the building next her start to crack. I managed to get to her just in time for half the building to fall. We wont make it out of the way if I just run. I could use my quirk but I’m already injured from yesterday.

“ROLL” I yelled as I shoved her in front of me and started pushing her. I saw the blue haired boy turn to run back for us. I shoved her just right and she fell and started rolling. Just in time for the building to hit me. I heard the yelp I made. Luckily for me I only lost my legs a bit. It would be fine after resting in the dark for a while. The robots stopped and the girl turned to help me. The timer went off signaling the test being over.

“Well that was fun I said using my quirk to move the darby off me. My left leg out be bruised up.

“Are you okay?” Both the girl and blue hair boy yelled asking. Looking back to them I smiled. Then I saw a figure approaching us.

“Recovery Girl. I look forward to our classes” I said very proud of myself.

“I do as well. Try not to be so reckless in the future” She said giving my cheek a kiss. I didn’t think that she would heal me. That made the pain in my side easier and the bruise on my leg disappeared.

“Oh thank you” I said moving to stand up. I stretched a little bit while she looked over the others. I followed her closely. I know I got in so I could follow and learn a bit early right?

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I got some time to work on my vigilante work for a couple of weeks while waiting for school to start. The video letters came out about a week later. I wasn’t too worried about it to be honest. I had gotten about 60 points and I didn’t know what that the saver points got me until the letter came. I got 150 points all in all. I was an outlier in the test having gotten every question on the test correct too. It turns out I got First place and Shinsou got 10th. I wonder if that means we will be in the same class. I wish I could understand what the class assignments where. Looking at the scores again I saw than Shin got 40 saver points and 5 robot points. 


I received a message from the police in a villain repot. One of them had casually dropped it after arresting the villain I had taken down. It had only one sentence on it ‘We are glad you’re safe’ along with things that the public would already know. That way if someone other than me picked it up they wouldn’t be giving out information. It was kinda endearing. That they were so worried about me being hurt.


 I had gone home straight after the test to have a long conversation with my parents about what had happened during the test. They weren’t happy but understood that it was a means to an end. Father told me to be on guard because his group would be moving around during the school year. I wasn’t sure what he meant about that but I didn’t bother asking. If he wanted to tell me he would have. After that I knew I would have to cut off communication between us. I gave mom a hug goodbye. Because of fathers wounds I gave a softer hug from an angle as to not aggravate his wounds. With two doctors by his side he will get better, I know it. At the very least I could give the doctor a few days off to rest his brain.


It had been several weeks before the the classes actually started. Something about testing the people getting in on recommendation. But today was the first day of class. I was excited about learning from Recovery girl. The rest of the classes didn’t matter nearly as much. I walked into my class to see the blue hair boy yelling at a blond Pomeranian. Oh wait thats a human...I think. 


“HEYY Thank you for saving me during the test” A girl with short brown hair said. I remembered her. 


“You had an amazing quirk! And truly understood the subject of the test” The blue haired boy said having forgotten his fight with the Pomeranian.


“Thank you, And I didn’t do anything to gain your phrase” I said wanting to disappear into the background. I didn’t want to be here at all. 


“You were amazing! By the way I’m Uraraka Ochaco” She said smiling with a far to innocent smile. 


“I am Iida Tenya” Iida said moving his hand to shake mine when movement by the door caught my attention. There was a man on the floor looking half asleep.


“Good job at checking your surroundings kid. I’m Shoto Aizawa your homeroom teacher.” He said standing up and leaving his sleeping bag. He reached into said sleeping bag and pulled out the UA gym uniforms “Now everyone put these on and meet me on the field” He said as he handed out the Gym uniforms. 


We were then taken to the changing rooms. The first day was awkward so we didn’t say much as we all got dressed. There was a slight problem. I hadn’t realized that gym was today so I wore a regular bra. My chest has always been kinda big but so is my moms. The problem was that I couldn’t get my jacket to zip up. When I tried to zip it up It steached the jacket and smushed my chest in a weird angle. It kinda hurt so I left my jacket unzipped. I would talk to Eraserhead about it later.


After the boys joined us at the field we Aizawa sense told us about the quirk test he wanted us to do. He asked a person named Bakugou to go and demonstrate the test for him. It was actually impressive, but I have been using my quirk like that since forever. Neither of my parents told me not to use my quirk for gym, in fact they had reinforced the idea to use my quirk in new and interesting ways. I saw a familiar purple head move to stand next to me.


“Hello Shin I didn’t get the chance to say hello earlier did I?” I said lifting my hand to shake his. He turned but seemed to use his body to block someone behind him. 


“Yeah, nice to see you again. Um Midoriya why didn’t you zip up your jacket?” He asked. I guess that it was abouves because the other girls had their gym clothes all zipped up.


“Oh well mine is too small. I figured it would be okay for this class. I was gonna get it fixed later” I said smiling before I felt everyone's eyes snap to my chest. I pretended to not notice. It’s not like I can do anything about it. 


“I didn’t know that your gym uniform was wrong. I’ll send the correct measurement to after this class if you want to write them down for me” Aizawa said looking mildly annoyed at this. I wonder if he is mad at me for having weird measurements.


“Thank you, that would be a great help,” I said. Today started a bit rough but it was getting better. At least it was until Aizawa said that the person that comes in last would be expelled. I had to calm Shinsou down a bit and told him to just do his best to pass. That was all we could do.


 However, after we had really started the test it was obvious that Shin would have problems. His quirk wouldn’t be of any use here. He got a few points for the small rase for brainwashing his opponent into waiting for a moment.


During the grip measurement I got to meet another of my classmates. He had broken the grip reader like I did. I didn’t realize how easy it was to break the things. We both got chewed out for breaking school property. His name was Mezo Shoji. He had a really interesting quirk.


“Hey Midoriya” One of the girls said walking up to me. I turned to see what I could for her. She looked a little nervous for some reason “Your quirk is really versatile. What is it?”


“My quirk is called shadow control” I said looking at our class frog. She was cute and just a bit shorter than me. She had a good personality based on what I’ve heard her say so far.


“My quirk is called dark shadow? Are they related?” Another student said looking a bit confused. 


I smiled and shook my head “No, We aren’t related besides you can see that dark shadow is hiding from me. Its because if I use my quirk too close to you he will lose any ability to fight against my orders” I said pointing at the shadow that was in fact hiding. I had noticed and kept my distance from them. It was better if I didn’t make someone elses quirk help me.


“Oh I see” He said looking a little bit worried about what I had said. I moved to explain that I wasn’t going to use my quirk in that manner when Aizawa walked over to us.


“Midoriya you don’t even want to be a hero right?” He asked making the class gasped in shock. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't annoyed about his saying that.


“That's right I want to be a Doctor. Recovery Girl said that she would let me study under her if I got into the hero course” I said only half lying. I could still study under her if I got into General but it was implied that the hero course would be my best choice. Thinking a bit I turned to the other students. I bowed and said “Hello, I’m Izumi Midoriya I’ll be class 1A’s student nurse” 


There was a silence that followed after my introduction. I looked at the class to see there jaws either dropped in shock or conorted in anger.


“You got fucking first place with 150 fucking points and you don’t even want to FUCKING BE HERE!!!” the Pomeranian yelled walking up to me. He looked like he was gonna grab my collar when my body reacted. He reached out to grab me so I grabbed his wrist and flipped him.


“Sorry Pomeranian I can’t let you hurt me just because you’re mad” I whispered into his ear. I was trying to not embarrass him by not knowing his name. I realized how taunting it came off as after I said it. I let him go after a moment and watched his face contorted into furry. 


“Looks like I won't have to worry about keeping you safe” Aizawa said walking away from me. I guess that this is my own fault really. I should have known that it would only escalate things.


“Um Mido does your quirk heal or something? I mean why do you want to be a Doctor?” Uraraka asked while Iida and Shoji tried to keep the Pomeranian from attacking me any further.


“Yeah. AS long as there is darkness around I can use the shadows to block the wound on a molecular level, stopping the person from bleeding out. With time and complete darkness I can heal someone completely if I know how there wound on a cellular level. That's why I wanted Recovery Girl to guide me. With her help I could learn the human body to a greater degree” I said saying a small apology to the Doctor. It wasn’t that he was bad at his job but he kinda like taking bodies apart. That was the opposite thing to what I wanted to do. I needed to know how people heal from wounds. Strangely that seemed to calm the Pomeranian down a bit as well as explain some things. 


They were supportive of my choice and moved on to another topic. I was grateful that they would be so understanding towards me and my choices. It isn’t always like that when I tell people I want to be a Doctor.

Chapter Text

A few weeks passed without problems. I had gotten more than enough time with Recover Girl. I was missing the hero classes but that was fine with me. She had taught me a lot. We had gone over the body and mussels. She had told me that I was a fast learner. I told her that I had been studying this subject for a while. After that Recovery Girl gave me an essay project todo. The first part was really easy I just had to find name each vertebra in your spine. The second part was to come up with possible ways to heal the person. The reason was to see if my quirk would help someone that is wheelchair bound. If there was a way I could end up helping a lot of people around the world. The problem is that it was a lot more difficult than I had realized. My quirk in theory could heal them but it was something that I had never had the chance to test. Because of that I had to find another way to help heal them. I had been searching for countless medical journals for information about the healing process. I had about two all nighters before I found that the theory was the best thing we had access to.


“Midoriya would you like to answer the question on the board?” Aizawa said making me jump a bit. I looked up to see that we were supposed to be in math. I stood up taking my notebook with me. I was half going over the new information I had found. After I got to the bored took a quick look at it.


Reaching out with the chalk I wrote ‘x= -5’ moving to put the chalk into Aizawa’s hand he was looking annoyed. I was still going over the work that I had in my arms. At least I would have been if Aizawa hadn’t made such a funny face. He looked a little mad at me. It was always funny to make him a little bit mad. He never had to use his quirk on me like some other students, so I count that as a win.


“You are right but your muttering is disturbing the class” He said looking at my notebook over my shoulder. I moved it to make it easier for him to read. It wasn’t like it was something that I was hiding from anyone.


“OH! I’m sorry. Recovery Girl gave me an essay to finish by next week and I have run into a problem with it” I said feeling bad for interrupting the classes education. I hadn’t meant to bother anyone. I know that there are some people that need the help more than others but that didn’t change that it was rude.


“What’s the problem?” Iida asked from his seat. He wanted to help me? Well I could use some fresh eyes. Maybe he had some kind of insite that I didn’t know about. I was really stuck. May Be distracting one student wouldn’t matter. Iida was good in class and he had one of the top grades. That being said if they go over anything important I can always reteach it to him.


“Well I having trouble figuring out if My quirk can heal bones. I haven’t ever broken anything nor have I tried to heal someone with a broken bone. The problem at hand is even if I can heal bone’s what are the side effects, if there are any.” I said walking over to Iida. I showed him my work and started to ramble about everything that I had found in the last couple of days. It was only after I looked back up to his face that I saw he was just as lost as everyone else. “I’m sorry Iida, I didn’t mean to overload you” I said taking my notebook back. I smiled at him before apologizing to the class.


“Midoriya why don’t you go and ask Recovery Girl about this?” Aizawa said before I could walk back to my seat. I thanked him and left the room. After I closed the door I heard a groan from the class. I must have really bothered them with my research.


“Recovery Girl I had a-” I said as I opened the door to the nurses office. There sat All might in his weaker form. Sitting there was the man that hurt my father. The man that took everything my father had to give. He almost killed my father, and left him for dead. It was only because my mom had heard about the fight that she managed to save him in time. HE left him cripled for the rest of his life. He was the reason I sat with mom outside the Doctors operating room waiting for the worst news. HE ALMOST TOOK MY FATHER FROM ME. I wanted to run in fear or hit him over and over. I could hear my heart start to pound in my chest.


“Oh, Dear did you have a question?” Recovery Girl asked looking at me. I didn’t want to leave her alone but I didn’t want to talk around him . So I nodded my head but kept my eyes on All Might. I inched my way over to Recovery girl not turning my back to the man. He was a hero that would kill you if you put up too much of a fight. How he got the title hero was beyond me.


“Um Recovery girl do you know how I can test a theory without actually hurting someone?” I asked watching as All Might got up and bowed a goodbye before slipping out. I know that he must have felt uncomfortable. I felt better and I didn’t want to talk about it. 


“Midoriya I think that you should go and join the other students for heroics” Recovery Girl said. I didn’t understand why she would want me to go. I have told them that I don’t want to be a hero. I have no interest in doing that.


“Why?” I asked. I had done everything that they had asked of me. I joined the hero course. I didn’t want to be here doing this I just wanted to be a doctor.


“Well it’s important for you to get to know the others in your class more” She said looking over my notebook at the report I had. I had handed it to her when All Might was still in the room. I watched her as she flipped through the pages of the notebook. 


“I do know them” I said confused. Why did she think I didn’t know them? I had been honest with them when I told them about my dreams of being a doctor. I told them why I had to enter the hero course. They had been nice to me and I had acted in kind to them. Shin was one of the best friends that I could have. Todoroki let me look at his scar and talked with me a bit about it. Bakugou let me ask him questions about his sweat. Because it wasn’t normal water I wondered if it clogged his pores more than other peoples. He said that it did and he and his mom had a strict routine to help their skin with it. Menta was very interested in the female body. We had long discussions about how the female body could be toned and what workout was the best. He was creepy but he was watching the female heroes for a long time and memorizing there workout routines. Why he did I’m not really sure but it held great insite.


“I mean really know them. What are their favorite foods? Where do they like to do for fun?” She said before sighing and adding “This isn’t up for discussion join them for heroics classes from now on” she put my notebook down on the table. Why did knowing that kind of thing matter? I knew what everyone's allergies where.  I memorized the girls cycles and predicted the changes in them. I carried medication for headaches, and E Pens for those with bad allergies. I knew what medications worked for who. I knew that if Bakugou was feeling bad to give him lots of water and no medication or he’ll feel worse. Hagakura couldn’t tell if she was feeling bad like the rest of us for a while. I had long since made it a point to ask to feel her head. I backed up feeling betrayed about this. I don’t remember if I had said anything before leaving the nurses office. I walked down the hall for a while. I knew that I passed my class but I was gonna go home. I wasn’t in a good frame to do anything right now. I needed to figure out what had happened just now. 


I walked out of the school and headed home. I kinda felt like crying but that would have to wait until I was home. Crying is fine just not in front of people that you can’t trust. I tied my jacket to my hips so that it added extra length to my skert in the back. The walk home was always a little dangerous but with my head stuck in the clouds it would be worse. Any extra protection I could get would help me in the end. Not that I couldn’t take down anyone who attacked me. It was a long walk home though.

Chapter Text

Anyone had to admit that Izumi Midoriya was so cute. It was a challenge for class 1A to not say anything. If one of the, said anything then the others would take them out. Even the other teachers loved just how sweet she was. Aizawa loved to make his class embarrassed and just on this side of jealous. Today was the same as any other day. The class was barely focused on the subject. Izumi was looking more and more upset at whatever she was doing. The class was becoming ancy the moment she started taking out more books. She already looked really tired when she entered the classroom, which was not helping matters at all. 


Seeing the opportunity Aizawa asked for her to come to the front. After she stood up the class stopped pretending that they weren't looking at her. There was one pair of eyes that where unclean but Izumi was safe. She could handle herself if it was needed. However, the class 1A had been protecting her from the shadows for a while though. After she answered the question on the bored Aizawa learned in looking at her notebook. He knew that his class wanted to take his place. Being close to her was something they kinda fought over. It got a bit out of control during Heroics class. It was becoming a serious problem that they hadn’t found a way to fix yet. The teachers would make them run laps before going to the heroic class but that didn’t stop them. They would go all out and the injured got to go and see Izumi who was in the nerses office. If you got ingered enough then she would baby them while they heal. 


Shinsou got a broken nose once and the class almost killed him. Izumi told him that he needed to lay down and elevate his face to help with the healing process. During gym Izumi had vetoed him actually participating. Then she let him use her lap as a pillow. Shinsou got her to talk about what she was learning about. It would have been quite the heartwarming scene if it wasn’t for the daggers that were being glared at him.


After having a private talk with Todoroki she took care to make sure that he was mentally in the right place. She would comment on his quirk every time she saw it putting emphasis on it being his quirk. She would sometimes eat soba noodles with him and make them tea away from the kettle. She took great care of any fears that her classmates had. It was after Todoroki shared that he shared a fear of his that caused the change towards him. He wouldn’t tell them what it was that he was scared of. Not that him saying anything would have mattered. After that no one kept any secrets from her. Well except one that is, the whole class agreed to keep it secret.


Uraraka told her about her parents money troubles and Izumi took over buying her meals at school. Whispering that it was better to save what money she could at times like these. If Izumi heard about a great sale she would run into the class and tell Uraraka about it. They would go to the store together. Izumi would mostly go to help carry the groceries. Not to mention that Izumi would give her as many coupons as she could to try and help ease the burden that was being caused. It wasn’t much but with Izumi's quirk she could carry about 20x her weight, and that was saying something. If Uraraka lightened them then she just hand to hold them with her quirk.


When Iida asked about the project she was working on. She had gotten over to his desk faster than the others would have expected. She was going on about how she could potentially make it so that the people that are parealized can walk again. Iida was trying to look anywhere that wasn’t her. She was leaning into his space. Aizawa wished he had a camera to capture the classes faces. Everyone else looked annoyed at him and he looked more embarrassed than he could ever mention. Aizawa thought about how chaotic it would get if they got a transfer student that also knew about medical stuff. He would most likely be there for a day before disappearing.


Then when she apologize with her large green eyes. The class practically died just looking at her. Those eyes alone had been about 50% the reason that she earned her the nickname Angel. The other part was that she was unwilling at the very least to judge people. She always found a way to make people feel better about the situation. When she was asked about that her answer made her more of an angel. She looked at the class in the eyes and said ‘well after a traumatic event people are more likely to talk about it to a doctor. That being said Doctors don’t have the proper training to read out situations like that. I want to be a great Doctor so reading all I can find on mental health books is my part in that’ all while smiling. Aizawa decided to help his class out a bit. He told her to go and ask Recovery Girl about the problems with the project. 


After that the day seemed to be going better. All Might came to ask Aizawa about something with Izumi. All Might never got to meet her until today. She didn’t take his class and was usually gone before his entrance.


“Wait, wait, wait, Izumi looked scared of you? Why?” Aizawa asked after hearing the story. This was not good in terms of asking her to join the Heroics class. 


“I don’t know. I was in the nurse's office talking with Recovery girl when she walked in. She looked like she wanted to grab Recovery girl and run far away from me” He said looking more sad about the transaction. All Might took it quite tough when he saw that he scared her. He was a hero and the top hero no one but villains were scared of him. 


“Okay I’ll talk to her” Aizawa said needing to find out why she reacted that way. If there was some kind of psychological reason he would help he get to a good place. If it was something else then he would try to keep them apart until they can work it out. At least that was the plan until Izumi never came back to class that day. Recovery girl said that she had told Izumi about her joining Heroics class. When Aizawa asked about how Izumi acted when she saw All Might. She said that it was strange for the girl to react like that to anyone. However, she figured that the need for Izumi to become closer with her classmates was better than being slightly uncomfortable by All Might. Aizawa wished that he could explain that the moment Izumi acts scared around him is the moment the class will turn on him. That would also involve him explaining the classes obsession with her that he never brought up before. He let this become a problem and would have to talk to Nezu about it. It was too bad because he really didn’t want to do the paperwork on it. Walking to the Principal's office he saw that Nezu was there waiting for him.


“Ah Aizawa would you mind explaining why one Izumi Midoriya just ran out of the school a few minutes ago?” He said looking upset. Ever since the robotic test that Izumi took part in he was on edge. He had told the teachers of her reminding him of a villain that he had gone head to toe with on several occasions. The fighting style and the brains where only one of a few similarities between the two. He had told them to be careful around her. He admitted to not noticing before she took the test. 


“She is scared of All Might and was told that she has to join Heroics class” Aizawa said closing the door behind him. There they talked about what they were going to do to fix this. His class had gone to lunch and would be back in his class waiting for him to start gym. Aizawa told All Might to make his gym class an extra long Heroic lesson. 


“Shall we try and find a way to fix this mess now” Nezu said after pouring them two cups of tea. After going through the footage that held Izumi Nezu got a full understanding about why it was fun to watch the class squirm. If he was being honest, he would have said that he thought it was funny too. However, now there is a student that left school grounds to do who knows what. That being said he should have told Nezu about it beforehand. 

Chapter Text

The next morning I woke up and got dressed. I managed to be out the door on time. Even though I was missing a couple of things I had to take my sports bra with me if I was joining the heroics class. Recovery girl was right I should get to know my patients better. Not to mention that I need to get to know there fighting styles so that I can recommend better ways. After all after Heroics a lot of my patients had been in the nurse's office a lot. They must be using their quirks wrong or they have bad fighting styles. That was why I was told to join the class. I was going to make use of being an on field Doctor. If I wasn’t so thrown off by All Might being there I would have seen that earlier. 


The jog to the class room was easy I said my usual hello to the people I saw in my neighborhood as I passed by. One group yelled out for me to have a good day and if they mess with me to tell them. I laughed and thanked them for there conseren. Today was going to be a rough one. I knew that All Might was in charge of the Heroics class and I wasn’t looking forward for that bit. As long as I kept my distance then it would be okay. I would tell him at the end of class to keep his interactions with me to a minimum. 


After arriving at the school I jogged to the gym where I placed my clothing into my locker. That way I didn’t have to carry it around all day. Then I made my way to the nurses office to apologise for my behavior yesterday. I had overreacted and didn’t think resonaly. Then it was off to class for me. There was already a few people there. 


“Izumi your okay?” Uraraka said hugging me. I smiled and hugged her back. I smiled she loved to hug people.  I was more than okay with the touching. Mom was just as touchy freely with me, and father became like that after he lost his sight. 


“Yeah I was told to go home because I hadn’t slept in two days. I guess I was really tired, because I didn’t even realize that I left my things here” I said, hoping that it was a good enough of an explanation for them. I didn’t want to bother them with my problems it would only cause stress. In teens that is a common thing that can do more harm than good. As there Doctor I had to keep their health up.


“Well we are glad that your back” Iida said looking a little worried about me. We had talked about the healthy lifestyle for them to follow. He took my place when someone needed to be nagged a bit. I smiled and mouthed a ‘I know I was bad’ at him before turning back to Uraraka. 


“So what was happening before I got here?” I asked hoping to jump into the conversation that they were having. Uraraka looked to Asui for something. I wonder if it was something about the other students. They know that I won't stand the mistreatment of the other students. They didn’t get to answer before more students walked into the room. They said hello and asked how I was doing. These guys are so nice. They will make great heroes, it's too bad they just want to beat people up and get victims to my hands. They would be great Doctors and nurses. 


“Midoriya good to see you here” Aizawa said as he closed the door behind him. “Are you doing better?”


“Yes I am, thank you. I guess I was just tired that I couldn’t think straight I’m sorry for causing you problems. I already told Recovery Girl that I understand and would be joining the class for Heroics from now on.” I said smiling. It was only natural that Aizawa would know that I ran off. He was in charge of me while I was here at school. Running off because I was upset was irresponsible of me. I felt bad that he probably got yelled at about it.


“That’s good” Aizawa said ignoring the gasps from the class. I turned to look at everyone. They looked shocked at the news. I thought that Aizawa would have told the others about it. I guess I was wrong about what they were told. Aizawa slapped his papers on the table and said “Okay everyone to their seats” and with that class begone. I was able to keep my attention on the class since Recovery Girl said that the theory was enough. The project was over and I would be starting Heroics. 


I won't pretend that I was happy about the change. I did however, already call my mom to tell her about it. I wish I could have seen her in person, but there was only so much I could do on short notice. Mom and I talked about how stupied they were and how I could use this to my advantage. That was the key to life. If something happens that you don’t like than see if there is a way to make it good for you. It was the reason my mom was the worst villain for the Nezu was that every move he made would help my mom. She looked at things differently than most people. 


Heroics class came quicker than I had been ready for. I knew what was waiting for me and I had to hold my ground. Mom saw Nezu once while Pregnant she had to stand her ground and fight. Lucky he likes to fight using his mind over actual fighting. I took a deep breath and rubbed my hands in an attempt to calm my nerves.


“You be fine you fucking nerd” Bakugou said hitting the back of my head. He was a lot nicer to me than the others. Well minus Kirishima that is. The two of us got to see how nice Bakugou could be when he got to know someone.


“Thanks kacchan” I said. It was a nickname that I picked up after he told me his full name. I had realized that he was the kid I would sometimes play with as a kid before moving. After I had realized I had gasped and said the nickname I made for him as a kid. He looked just as shocked as I did.


“Tch whatever” He turned away from me a bit. He was probable embarrassed at my nickname, but he never says anything. I smiled until All Might swing the door open in his large form. I kept the smile on my face but I tensed. I hoped that no one noticed that. I saw past him to see Aizawa standing there. I let out a breath That I hoped no one noticed. This was truly was an awful time I was having. I had to keep the knowledge about his smaller form a secret if they found out I would have to leave the school. I just kept repeating a sentence in my head saying that I got this. This wasn’t going to be a problem right? It was going to be okay, I know it. He couldn’t do anything to me while the others were around.


“Ah I see we have a new face” He said and I stood and smiled at him. I felt a little sick at the thought of being nice to him.


“Hello I’m the class student Doctor. I will be joining” I said keeping my smile and light tone. It felt fake to me and I’m sure my mom and father would say the same. If Tomu was here he would just get rid of the problem for me. Speaking of I would have to visit him soon to help heal him.


“Well it’s nice to meet you” He said then got to teaching the class. Aizawa looked like he relaxed a great deal from me talking to him. I did it, he must think that I don’t know the two forms of all might. That was all that mattered at the end of the day. The class was a lot more vicious than I had thought. He was putting the students against each other. How could he do that? Doesn’t he know the dangerous that he is creating? I saw red when Todoroki hit Sero too hard.


“SERO!” I yelled running forward. They looked shocked at my sudden interference. This was too much. I checked Sero over who kept saying it was okay. Todoroki said that he was sorry. I however was too mad to say much. Sero got out of this with a large bruise forming on his midsection. He was lucky that he jumped or he would have broken ribs. 


I stood up and turned to look at all might. I stormed straight over to him with all the heat I could muster “What kind of class is this?! This looks like some kind of tourcher event! Is this how you have been teaching them! How did you even get a teaching license? Really I would like to know. This has been the most outlandish event I have ever seen. You are a terrible teacher if you think this is helping them!” I said pointing my finger at him. He was putting them in serious risk. They are lucky that they haven’t gotten seriously hurt. All Might took a few steps back looking more scared and worried as I continued to talk about the injuries that zero and todoroki could have just gotten. What did he think would happen. 


“I had not realized” was all that he could muster to say to me. I almost screamed at him. 


“Ughhhh I don’t even know how to tell you how bad this could have been” I said gesturing my hands up in the air making a ‘w’ shape “If you want to teach them then do it with out almost killing them” 


“I um was just doing it like how I was taught actually” He said rubbing the back of his neck. 


“WHAT?” I yelled. I couldn’t believe this was how my life was going right now. “Okay, okay I’m gonna go and take a small walk to cool down. Why don’t you not teach and leave that to the professionals while I’m gone. Then I’ll help you go over a program that won't kill them” I said walking away, and passing Aizawa on the way. I was far too angry to deal with this right now. Aizawa looked kinda shocked at me. I didn’t care though. After I got far enough away that I could talk without being heard. I sent a text to father. It was a voice text say what I had just witnessed. I kept walking to work off the energy that I had. After a moment he sent one back.


‘Honny, I’ve told you that he was an idiot before. I’m glad that you were there to set him straight. Just make sure you aren’t overworking yourself. I know that you are working at night too. And if he so much as touches you I’ll tell tomura to take him out I promise’ I smiled at his message. I could only see how that would go. Tomura would appear out of nowhere and yell at them for a while then disnagrat the stuff around him before Aizawa stopped him. I sent him back a message that I felt better after talking to him like always. Then I walked back to the where the others where.


Once I got back to the group I saw that Aizawa had in fact taken over the class. All Might stood up a bit straighter when I got close “Okay show me how you make your plans for the day” I said calmly. This was gonna be a longer day than I had ever thought possible.

Chapter Text

“No you can’t do that they could dislocate their shoulders. Then they would be out of class for a full month.” I said scratching out big portions of his plans. They were truly awful. I could not believe that the US was so lenient on their teachers.


“That’s dangerous to? How am I gonna be able to teach them safely and prepare them for the hero world?” All Might said looking over the plans that I had marked as a no go and the reasons why. It was harsh but if he continued this kind of teaching then the students wouldn’t make it in the real world either.


“Here's the main problems I’m seeing: You are forcing too much at one time, and not enough change in those exercises” Picking up two papers with the same plan but that's just it they didn’t have much changed about them “These are to similar in style they would learn to adapt if they can expect what the training would look like. I want you to go to the police school and ask them to help you understand there training system. Then go over there teaching plans with them. Then I want you to ask the other teachers about this. It’s your first year you are supposed to mess up and ask questions. That's probably why no one has said anything to you yet” I sighed at that last part. They were trying to make him see that his training was a bad thing but didn’t want to make him feel like they where over steeping. Social edditce was a real mean one sometimes.


“Yes Ma’am I’ll do that” He said picking up the papers that I had vetoed. Before he left the room he turned and said “Thank you by the way” I smiled and waved goodbye. I have been at the school for an hour longer than I would have liked. I missed all the sales today. I had about an hour to get home change and get to work. My schedule was really killing me on this. I got up grabbed my things and started running. I could make it if I hurried. Hopefully he would take a few days to get the information that he needs. Of course he was trained like a madman he had one for all. It had enough strength that it would make it hard for him to train normally. I knew that I was being followed but I didn’t have the time to bother with my class right now. I had to get to work, I was on shift today. Opening my door I threw my stuff on the floor yelling an apology to the neighbor below me. I changed and ran out the door. I passed my class was. I yelled a quick “hi bye” before passing them. I had ten minutes to get to work that was a 20 minute run. I had to book it, if I wanted to make it. I made it just in time to work and clocked in. 


“Nice job there. Almost thought that you had died or something” The cook said. I worked in a cute 24/7 dinner. I usually got the late shifts because of work but I didn’t mind.


“I thought I was gonna be late too Sal” I said putting on an apron and grabbing my notepad. I heard the bell to the front door. I saluted Sal and walked to the front. My class apparently could keep up with me. I smiled and said “Hello and welcome to the little garden. Would you like a booth or table?” I could put them in the large booth in the corner. They would have to squish together but that was fine.


“Table please!” Mina said faster than the others could. I nodded and asked for a moment so I could put a couple of tables together. After that I showed them to there table and handed them menus.


“Um Izumi why are you working here?” Uraraka asked looking at me from behind the menu.


I smiled at her “Well I’m living on my own completely. My mom and dad said that learning how to live in the world is something you can never learn to early. So when I turned 14 I was shown how to find an apartment and given the challenge to live on my own with no help. If something comes up I can call them but for the most part I’m all grown up” I saw that they were shocked and wanted to ask more questions when Sal called me.


“Table 6!” He yelled hitting a bell. I waved at my class and walked over to take the plates. From there it was an easy day. My class ordered and said that they would pay in smaller groups. I was glad to see them not abusing Yaoyorozu or Todoroki’s money. 


Sal was having a blast making fun of my classmates. It wasn’t anything harsh or mean just ‘so who’s the lucky man in that group?’ or ‘if I were you I’d chose the one that could support ya’ making me laugh a bit. He might come off a bit rude but he asked that question about every cute person that walked in the door. He was mostly excited because of how they knew me. He had met his wife while working here. It was her family's dinner and he loved the place so really it was only good things. He got a dinner and a wife that he loved to the bottom of his heart. She and him had 20 years of happy marriage before she passed away. She had gotten cancer and that was all there was really. Nothing anyone could do about it.


 This wasn’t the first time that I brought in customers. However, my customers paid with stained money. What it was stained with was always the question. Sometimes it was coffee, other times it was food. If it was stained with something that would get the dinner in trouble I told them to switch it and wash the money.


“Just because you had a love story here doesn’t mean that I will Sal” I said carrying the plates of food to the large table. Sure they where my classmates but that didn’t change how much work it was for big tables. I was the only waitress on staff right now. Most people that eat late are alone or in small groups.


“So Izumi how long have you been working here?” Yaoyorozu asked as I set down a plate in front of her. I hmmed but before I could answer the door was slammed open. I turned to see Adem.


“Hello and welcome” I said walking away from the table. Yaoyorozu was the last plate of food that was needed to be given to them. 


“Hey there beautiful. I have come to take you away from all this” He said moving in close. It was not the first time that he offered to marry me.


I took a step back and smiled “Adem the usual break up dinner? It’s okay, I’m sure you’ll find the one” I reached up and patted his shoulder. Everytime he got broken up with he would get really drunk then show up at the dinner. He would eat our homemade pie and a bit of ice cream. I would let him tell me what had happened and he would ask me to marry him. 


“Who is gonna know me like you~” she slurred and sat on the floor. He was already crying which means this one was a bad break up.


I knelt on the floor and rubbed his back a bit. “Why don’t you tell me what happened? Then I can give you a number to a wonderful person that needs a boyfriend like you.” I said rubbing his back a little more. I wasn’t lying I knew a few people that would come in and cry on my shoulder that wanted to date people.


“I just don’t understand why he dumped me” He cried harder and curled up. He was curling up and while I would love to let him cry in peace Sal hated when the door was blocked. It didn’t matter if it was a person crying or not. They could stay and cry all they want if they weren’t on the floor.


“I know come on let's get you in a booth” I said lifting his arm up a bit. Adem followed after me. I lead him to the break up booth as it’s been called. There people would cry and I would sit across from them. “Okay, I’m going to put in the order.” I walked over to Sal. I told him the break up special. From there I would tend to the customers here and there but mostly stayed with him. 


“Midoriya we are gonna go head and leave. Thank you for the food it was dilishious” Kirishima said as he and the others left. I waved goodbye and cleaned up there table. Uraraka was still there she looked like she wanted to talk. 


“Uraraka what's wrong?” I asked as I cleaned up. She looked at me then took a few moments. 


“I would like to work here too” She said sounding more confused than she should about this conversation. I took her hand and led her over to Adem. I sat her in the seat and told Adem her name. There she sat talking with him being uncomfortable as possible. 


“That was a cruel thing to do” Sal said when I put the dishes in the sink. I tuned to look over his shoulder. She was looking out of her league.


“Yeah well she would have to have this shift with me. If she can’t handle it then she shouldn’t do it” I said turning back to the dishes. Usually I would have to wash them once the next girl got here but that meant I would be here for a long time. I usually got a few hours of sleep before partroll. Sal worked this shift with me almost all the time. He didn’t like how busy it was during the other shifts. When I was done I saw that she was still talking to him. I nodded at Sal and muttered she’ll be here tomorrow I’ll get her the uniform. 


“Okay Adem get sober and have some fun. Then I’ll set you up with three people. So go home and get some sleep” I said patting his back. I knew that he would go home. They all got home safely because I would make them as innocent. It was just a lipstick mark on their back with a sheep. If anyone messed with them then I would know about it. The fun part about my quirk is that I can search and find any one. I know who is who and what they are doing. It makes my second job much easier. I can keep up with the amount of people that I get arrested in a smaller amount of time. It also confused them at how I was in three places at once. It made them stay off my tracks and away from who I really am. Who I get arrested only matter to the people that go against my father and mom. After all I was clean up crew. I know that the police thought that I was just some vigilante. They couldn’t place me with any villain groups or anything. I never killed my victims which lead them to believe that I was a good guy. They had nothing to lead them to me. I didn’t have any problems.


“Okay Uraraka you start tomorrow at 7. Where this and the shift ends at 3am so make sure that you eat and finish your homework before arriving.” I said handing over a bag that held her uniform, notepad, and apron. It was going to be a rough day for her tomorrow. “Now go get some sleep” I said pushing her out the door marking her with the same sheep that I did Adem. The best part about the lipstick was that it was gone with the wash. People hardly noticed it and if they did, they didn’t know where it came from.