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Chapter 1

1 year later 


“Rachel, dear...what a pleasure to see you again.” Judy Fabray welcomed the brunette, kissing each cheek softly, like the perfect host she was. 


“Mrs. Fabray, thanks for having me. It’s a wonderful party.” Rachel had still vivid memories of the last one, hosted in the same house, but she hoped for a smoother night this time. 


“Any friend of my Lucy is welcome. Have you seen her?” The blonde woman looked around for her daughter, with no luck. “She’s probably in her room, taking a nap or with her nose stuck in one of those books she loves so much. Would you mind go check on her and tell her she’s requested downstairs with the rest of us?”


“Sure thing, not a problem.” Rachel navigated through the house, grabbing a couple of glasses on her way upstairs, towards what she supposed was the bedroom zone. The Fabray mansion was huge. Besides the ample backyard - that also included a pool - there were two floors, a basement and at least 3 bedrooms. Stopping in front of a wooden door, she pushed it open with her forearm and was surprised to find it empty. Where was Quinn?


“Is that for me?” The girl’s voice startled her. She turned around carefully, not wanting to spill her drinks, and stared at the blonde, emerging from the en-suite bathroom, wearing loose pants and unbuttoned silk shirt, that left her toned upper body exposed. 


“Your mother requests your presence downstairs.” Rachel handed her a glass and took a sip from hers. Her throat had gone dry, at that sight. It’s not really something she was unfamiliar with. She had seen Quinn naked, many times, yet the effect was always the same. 


“I’ll be there soon, I got lost in a chapter and lost track of the time.” Quinn downed her glass in one go. She was thirsty and hungry. “Is it crowded?” She set her glass down and walked to the mirror, to button her shirt up. 


“Less than last year’s.” Rachel set hers down too and walked up to the blonde, circling her waist from behind to chase Quinn’s hands with hers and to undo the shirt’s buttons. 


“Thought I was supposed to getting dressed.” Quinn smirked through the mirror at her. Turning around, she let the brunette divest her of the shirt, letting it pool at their feet. 


“We can tell your mom you were showering or something.” Her nails scratched along the defined muscles of her abdomen, sending shivers up and down the Yale student’s back. “You’re so hot…” Her lips pressed along the column of her throat, nipping and kissing the porcelain skin alternatively. 


“Pot and kettle, honey.” Quinn’s hands slid down her back, carefully bunching the fabric of her expensive dress higher, so she could grab onto her firm backside with both palms. “No underwear? Did you hope to get lucky?” She tilted her head back, out of the brunette’s reach. 


“You always end up ripping them off, I’m running out of underwear.” Rachel pushed her against the wall, beside the bathroom’s door. Her front pressed into the blonde, that was palming her bare asscheeks with both hands. 


“Your panties stand in the way.” Quinn moaned into her ear. Her lips nibbled on her tender lobe, sucking it inside her mouth. She couldn’t wait to get both naked and sheathe herself into the brunette, releasing her obvious tension. 


“So do your boxers, but I do not cut into them.” Rachel’s hands had finally managed to push her pants and boxers past her thighs, freeing her appendage. “God, do something…” She was whimpering with each slap on her backside. It seemed the blonde had found another way to make her beg for it. 


“My name’s Quinn.” She rolled them over and pushed them inside the en-suite bathroom, needing to find the nearest surface where to sit the brunette on. She kicked the door shut with her foot and walked back to the brunette, who was now perched on the marble counter with her legs spread and her dress riding high on her thighs. 


“Stop being a smartass and get inside.” She grabbed her by the hips, with her long legs, and pulled her in, enough to rub her tip against her outer lips and throbbing nub. 


“Always so bossy.” Quinn chuckled and rested one arm behind the brunette. She leveraged on it to direct her tip down to the girl’s entrance and sink herself into her heat, in one go. “Shit…” She kept on forgetting how tight she was. So tight she always had to hold back, not to spill it as soon as she entered her. 


“Fuck.” She rested her head on the wall behind her. It was cold. It was refreshing and in contrast to what her whole body felt like. She was on fire. She wished they had the time to just get naked and turn the A/C on, so they could fuck without worrying about the heat. But time was against them. 


“We should hurry up, before my mom sends a search party.” Leaning forward, she braced herself against the counter and started slamming into the brunette. Her face lowered to the brunette’s neck, licking the salty droplets of sweat off her bronzed skin. She tasted delicious. 


“Then, hurry up.” Rachel moaned in her ear. Her fingers got lost in her golden locks, tugging and pulling as she met each thrust with one of her own. How could she get better and better?


“No pressure.” Quinn bit down on her pulse point, not hard enough to leave a mark though. Her left hand dropped between the girl’s thighs, rubbing her bundle of nerves with the pad of her thumb while her shaft pumped into her, faster and harder with each thrust. 


“Oh…” She tilted her head back. Her mouth fell open, to moan out in pleasure as Quinn moved inside her, with more intensity. She was tightening impossibly around the girl, as minutes rolled by. 


“Ah yes…” Her mouth trailed up her throat and finally landed on Rachel’s. Their lips collided in a hard bruising kiss. Her hips pushed forward, rotating her way into the brunette who had both legs locked around her waist and kept her in place. 


“Quinn…” She moaned into her lips. She was so close…


“Cum for me, baby.” Quinn barely used the word, when they were at it. But when it slipped, it always managed to trigger the girl’s release. She could feel her walls tighten impossibly around her, before suddenly unclenching with a warm feeling surrounding her. She was coming hard. 


“Mmmm” she dropped against the wall. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body. She hadn’t had a bad orgasm in more than a year. The last one had been before Quinn came around. 


“Shit…” Quinn kept on grinding into her. She looked down between their bodies and the mere sight of their intimate parts joined together, made her follow after the brunette. She shot it deeply inside the girl’s core, that tightened around the warmth filling her up. 


“You’re warm…” Rachel whimpered. She loved getting the feeling of being filled by Quinn. It made her want more of it. 


“You too.” Quinn pulled out and dropped against her lover. They were a mess. “My mom is going to be so pissed…” She chuckled and grabbed a wet wipe, to clean the mess she had made inside Rachel. 


“I’ll find an excuse.” She let the blonde tenderly caress her wet lips, cleaning her up. “Do you need a shower?” 


“I’ll be fine.” She wiped her own shaft and threw the wipe away. “I’ll put some perfume on, hoping they won’t catch the smell of sex on us.”


“Nothing to be ashamed of.” Rachel got to her feet and embraced the blonde from behind, kissing she skin between her shoulders. 




“I was about to send a search party, where were you?” Judy was tipsy. She had her 4th glass of champagne in her hand and seemed to be oblivious to what was going on between her daughter and one of her clients. 


“I took Rachel for a tour around the house. We lost track of the time in Dad’s former studio.” Quinn stayed by the brunette’s side, a little closer than she would be with any other guest. 


“You have a wonderful house Judy.” Rachel played the game. “Your China collection is remarkable…”


“Oh dear, someone that finally appreciates our furniture. Russell bought it for our 10 years’ anniversary...such a shame he ended up fucking the skank selling it, to get a discount.” Judy said nonchalantly. 


“Mother!” Quinn was surprised. She had never heard her talk like that before. 


“Oh Lucy, it’s the truth.” Judy took another glass from a tray and sipped half of its content, with one gulp. “I’ll go mingle some more...make yourself at home, honey.” She winked at the brunette and walked past them. 


“She’s drunk.” Quinn shook her head. “She’s never so straightforward…”


“She’s fun.” Rachel chuckled. She turned to the blonde and reached discretely for her hand, holding it behind her back. “What time are we allowed to get out of here, without drawing suspicions?”


“I think that in less than an hour, we’d be fine.” Quinn smirked at the brunette. “I just gave you a shattering orgasm, you’re still hungry?” 


“As much as quickies are fun, I prefer doing it in my comfy bed with the window open and with no lights on.” She stepped up into the blonde. “I also want to feel you naked against me…” She whispered in the blonde’s ear, knowing she could get a reaction out of her. 


“Maybe we should leave now.” Quinn whimpered. She could already play the scene in her head and the anticipation was killing her. 


“We should…” Rachel checked her watch. “In 55 minutes…” She pulled back from the blonde with a smirk. She got her right where she wanted her. 


“You love teasing me huh?” Quinn growled and went to move forward, in the woman’s space, when someone across the pool caught her eyes. She stayed rooted in the spot and just kept looking, staring back at the woman who was looking her way, with the same intense gaze. “Marley?” 




What...when…” Quinn was at a loss of words. Her ex-girlfriend of almost 3 years and probably first love was standing right there, in front of her. 


“Quinn, are you alright?” Rachel stepped around the blonde and looked between the two exes. It was clear the blonde had a type, even if Marley was taller than her and had a paler skin complexion, compared to her tanned skin. “Hi, I’m Rachel Berry.” She extended her hand. 


“I know who you are. I came to see one of your shows, you were amazing.” Marley shook her hand and then looked back at the silent blonde. “You’re not going to say hi to me?”


“Hi.” Quinn groaned and looked away. “What are you doing here? Thought you were still in London, drinking tea with the Queen.” 


“That’s not for anyone, Lucy.” Marley chuckled softly. 


“Don’t call me like that, you know I hate it.” Quinn ran a hand through her hair. “How long are you staying in town for?” 


“For a few weeks. I’ll be going back to Yale when summer is over.” Marley tried to take a step closer, but the blonde retreated. “We should talk, Quinn.” 


“About what? It was pretty clear that your academic achievements were more relevant than our relationship. You left and I stayed.” Quinn turned to the other brunette, who was witnessing the exchange. “We should go, Rachel.”


“I can go home on my own, if you two need to...catch up?” Rachel looked at the blonde, who shook her head. 


“Nonsense. It was nice seeing you Marley, you look well.” Quinn nodded and disappeared back inside, leaving the two brunette women on their own. 


“Give her time, she’s just taken aback by your presence here.” Rachel smiled at the other girl, who stared after the blonde with a longing gaze, “She’ll call you…”


“Maybe…” Marley sighed and looked back at Rachel. “Just take care of her, ok?” With that said, the brunette walked away. 




“What was that?” Rachel sat at her vanity, removing her earrings and necklace. Quinn had been silent for the whole ride home, lost in her thoughts. 


“What?” Quinn sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at her feet. “What are you talking about?”


“Your exchange with Marley. It was awkward…” She turned to look at the blonde. “You’re still in love with her?”


“No, of course not. She left me almost two years ago, I moved on.” Quinn reclined back and watched the brunette. “I’m serious, I don’t have feelings for you have feelings for Finn?”


“What does Finn have to do with this? We’re talking about you.” Rachel stood and unzipped herself, letting the dress pool at her feet, leaving her in all her naked glory in front of the blonde. “You were tense and hurt, so if you’re no longer in love with her, what’s wrong?” 


“Nothing.” Quinn stood and walked to her lover. She circled her back with her arm and buried her face in the crook of her neck, peppering it with slow kisses. “You smell good.” 


“You’re ignoring my questions, Quinn…” Rachel tried to push the blonde back, but it was hard to when those hands were palming her breasts so well. 


“You want to talk about another woman, when I could be making you come?” Quinn sighed and dropped her hands, looking at the brunette. “Really?” She raised her eyebrows in puzzlement. 


“We had sex just a couple of hours ago and I don’t want you to take an easy escape, just because it will make you feel good soon.” Rachel grabbed the blonde’s shirt from the bed and slipped it on, not to distract her any further. “If you convince me you’re okay, I’ll shove you on my bed and ride you until you pass out.” 


“What do you expect me to say, Rachel?” Quinn dropped back on the bed, stretched on her back. 


“Why don’t you tell me what you’re thinking?” Rachel rolled on her stomach beside her. Perched on her right elbow, she used the other hand to stroke the blonde’s hair, slowly. 


“We never got closure, you know? We...she got the news about this international program and she was so happy about it, could I keep her away from that? We fought and we made up and then we let each other go.” She sighed, recalling that memory. “We just gave up and went our ways…”


“You could’ve done long distance maybe?” Rachel stroked her cheek with the back of her hand. 


“We would’ve ended up fighting more, ruining the good memories we had built together. We were one of those physical couples, you know? We needed to stay close, to work.” She looked at the brunette and rolled on her side, almost curling. She nuzzled in the woman’s neck, breathing in her strong perfume.


“You didn’t say goodbye to each other?” Rachel kissed her forehead. 


“We did...the night before she left…” She closed her eyes, remembering how they spent hours rolling around in her dorm’s bed. They had barely caught one hour of sleep, before they were due to the airport for her flight. “We kissed at the airport and we hugged…it was a mutual breakup without really saying it, you know?”


“That’s why you should talk to her. Get the closure you never had…” Rachel leaned down to kiss her lips, gently. “Can I ask you something?”


“Sure…” Quinn nodded against her lips and drew her closer. 


“We kept on seeing each other for the past year, even if we are not in the same city…” She nibbled on her lip and bunched her shirt in her hand, pulling her closer. “Why?” 


“I can’t explain that…” Quinn’s hand slipped under the hem of her shirt, to caress her bare hip. “You’re different...what we have is different.” 


“‘Cause we’re only fuck buddies?” Rachel smirked and pushed her on her back, straddling her. 


“Maybe…” Quinn sat up and tugged her shirt off. “Or maybe because we don’t need to be attached to the hip to trust each other? Even if we’re not technically dating…”


“We are not.” Rachel tugged the blonde shirt and bra off and held onto her, smashing their chests together. “But we are exclusively fucking one another…” 


“Oh yes…” Quinn nodded and rolled them over, so she could discard the rest of her clothes. 


“Come here…” Rachel opened her arms and legs and welcomed her younger partner on top of her, who didn’t waste any time to just settle against her.